Novedades en YOUTUBE y GOOGLE IMÁGENES | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Novedades en YOUTUBE y GOOGLE IMÁGENES | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Hello! Curious and inquisitive social networks.
Like every Monday, we make a summary, with the best news of Marketing, Social Media
and Technology across YouTube. And eye, news this week are very interesting. For example, we will tell you as are the new
Super Stickers on YouTube, a new way to make money for creators. And
I tell you, new advertising formats again both YouTube and Google Images.
We also discuss the new social network that is sweeping among the young.
And I’m not talking about TikTok, no no, but F3 You know her? Because look at the video … We also discuss the striking purchase
of Google, it is that the multinational has bought the mega famous Fitbit. In addition, we will tell you that Facebook also
wants to give away your facial data which it has launched specific groups to
co-workers or, their new three functions for companies on Facebook Messenger.
In addition Twitter comes with many new features , some new topics that will keep you
soon. And eye, LinkedIn added more features automatic translation Come on , you see, these and other news that
I will explain, they will not remain indifferent to nobody. So I recommend that ye see
to the end … and if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give it
to the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! INTRO These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. F3, sweeping the social network among
young F3 is a social network that is succeeding,
especially among the younger ones. And the add to other networks used by
teenagers such as TikTok or Snapchat. This new application available for both
iOS and Android combines functions Instagram or Snapchat, tools
platform question and answer So this is the great feature of this
social network, send questions to friends or anonymous … And users can
respond through photographs or videos. We’ll see how it evolves, but already situated
above all in the Apple app store and Google. 2. Google buy Fitbit Google just bought the firm wearables
Fitbit, popular especially for its bracelets intelligent sport and health. Thus, the technology company has paid
2,100 million, to compete with other manufacturers with their own
watches and smart bracelets. And it is that Google has made progress over
many years with OS Wear and Google Fit, and are many devices using your system
operating for health wristbands and smartwatches, but the company lacked the ability
to successfully develop its own hardware. And that’s what we achieved with the acquisition
of Fitbit. 3. Facebook also wants to give away
your face data As he has informed the expert engineering
reverse Manchun Jane Wong, an assiduous in this channel, known for discovering functions
in test social networks, the company It is testing a new verification technique,
based on face recognition of the user. This verification system asks
users to conduct video “selfie” inside a round frame displayed on
the screen of the phone, so that you collect a full picture and from all angles
of the face of the user. According to Wong, Facebook says that this video
will not be seen by anyone and that deleted after 30 days. This system is not necessarily linked
to facial recognition technology, as indicated by the researcher, but uses
the identification of the user’s face, he himself provided with a video, which
the company will extract the data for verification to ensure that, which
is a “real person”. The researcher also mentioned another
form of identity verification, requesting to the user, take a picture of your driver’s
identity in order to ensure that the account belongs. 4. Facebook launches Specific groups
for co-workers According to the social network, the idea is to ensure that
employees of the same company, they can It is connected more easily, as long
as you do not already use their collaborative tool corporate environments, the tool
Facebook Workplace. Ultimately, employee groups,
are nothing more than the Facebook version of the WhatsApp classic group with co
-workers, although they have some functions That are interesting. For example, all members of a group
of coworkers on Facebook, is You can send messages to each other, but not
be friends. Also they allow information to the
profile of a user on their work (as its title, company or location) only
you see within these groups, if so It wishes clear. 5. Three new functions for companies on
Facebook Messenger Facebook has added three new features
to Messenger in order that companies can use new tools
of conversation with consumers. For example, users can start
a private chat with a company from Instagram clicking on “Click to Messenger.” Also, from now on , companies
that use Facebook Messenger, may add questions to your profile, so other users
can start a conversation so Fast and break the ice, they will also have
the possibility to react to messages through emoticons. Also, as I have said, Facebook will allow
posting publications to start a conversation through Facebook Messenger in other applications
as Instagram. Users now when they are
in a business profile before starting a private conversation, may send a
default question by the platform, among those who have chosen the company.
You may ask: Where is your local? What is your work schedule? Could you
learn more about your product? In this way, users can start
a conversation faster and simple. The company said, that will integrate
gradually you these new features. 6. Twitter allow you to follow shortly topics Twitter it is very close to launching an improvement
important, which is sure to delight of the users. If until now we have been able to follow users
in particular, after months of testing, network social microblogging, will allow monitoring
of full tracks. A similar movement is that Instagram
held in his day, so we could follow, not just specific accounts, but
we could also follow hastags. Now Twitter, makes a similar movement,
with which they want to further enhance the use of the social network. And the company has announced it will begin
to implement it soon, so that it is available worldwide from November 13. The objective of the issues, is to help
people use Twitter as a tool Moreover, to be informed about what happens
on the day. Twitter users may choose to
input from over 300 topics, so that users will have access to topics
specific, without the need to follow separate accounts, publish
related content. 7. The operation of Twitter could change
radically in 2020 As we read in The Verge, Dantley
Davis, vice president of design Twitter, mentioned functions of Twitter that the
social network should be added in 2020. While He noted that the development team is
exploring these features, in no time would say they went to add
to one hundred percent. Among the new features that Twitter could
add, highlight the fact prevent a tweet is retweeted, perfect if you want
a tweet yours go viral and that no he hears what you post on your timeline,
and also prevent you mention without permission. As you can see, are features
designed to enhance user privacy the social network. 8. LinkedIn more functions translation
automatic LinkedIn, as its user base
grows worldwide, with more than 660 million users, will include new options,
so users can use the platform in the language commonly used. In this sense, the professional social network,
owned by Microsoft, has released two new automatic translation features to
enable users to communicate with others. For example, if you live in Spain but your language
maternal and where you communicate is Chinese, when you publish content in Chinese and choose
the post translates, LinkedIn will offer automatically translated into Spanish, given
that this is the territory in which you live. But also, now, if you click on the button
“Rate this translation” found at the bottom of each translated content, in
addition to its accuracy rate, too you’ll find settings in
the new section “Setting the language”. Hence, the user can manually select,
what language you want to be the default in their translations. For example, in the case
above, the user may not want its contents are automatically tradujesen
to the Spanish while living in Spain, and could select, for example, be translated
automatically to English as their first choice. By the way, just a few days ago,
Google also launched new products as the translation of the contents of Google
News, which now allow users, receive news highlighted in two languages
different. That if, in other countries to Spain, where Google News service
brings inaccessible since 2015. 9. Super Stickers YouTube launches a new
way to make money YouTube has just launched a new feature,
the Super Stickers. These stickers, which users can
buy to show their support for the creator of content during the broadcast of a
live video and donate so small amount of money thanking him for his effort. So, from now on , they are now available
to all creators who have a channel with more than 1,000 subscribers, they can
monetize and reside in a market where Super Stickers are available. The Super Stickers are a functionality that
is well attached to the Super Chat, which launched three years ago, and the creators
of content, and earn substantial sums money with their fans, especially in chats
live and live broadcasts of events, premieres games games … In this way, users can buy
a “Super Chat” and draw the attention of the creator of the message, which is highlighted
in another color on top of the stream, so it gets more visibility. 10. New advertising formats on YouTube
and Google Images to facilitate the purchase Google has integrated two new features
ads for YouTube and other advertising option New in Google Images, aiming
that advertisers can provide greater visibility to their products and that
users have easier access to purchase of the same. In the case of YouTube, the first news
that Google has launched are the Shopping Ads, that is, ads that have a link
that directs the user to the online store, where they can purchase the product. These ads appear with the title “Products
suggested , ” where a section is shown It is presenting the products framed in
card format and users can go sliding for more items. This section of suggested products can
appear in the main feed or results search. The potential impact of this is unknown
section ads on the platform, and the frame occupies, as you can see
in the picture below, includes enough space YouTube interface. YouTube also provides new options
for advertising, called for ads TrueView, which are advertising videos that
the user can ignore the few seconds later . When one of these ads on the
platform, a menu is displayed on the part bottom of the player, which will have
different functions among which is “Buy now”. If users click
there, YouTube directs them to the page product to purchase. But Google has also added a feature
new, which is called Showcase Shopping in Google Images. So, if users are looking for a particular
product on Google images to doing click one of the photo, the platform
displays branded products and the link to purchase the seller. Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
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    De peronas).
    Así mi enemplo: nunca he jugado a mierdas juegos de de estrategia de montar una civilización….
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