OK.. WHO THE FREAK SENT ME THIS!? | Opening Birthday Mail/Gifts

OK.. WHO THE FREAK SENT ME THIS!? | Opening Birthday Mail/Gifts

Enrique why you send me this clown a Swedish fish dream catcher look at this Enrique why you send me this clown a swedish fish dreamcatcher look at the individual line o For all of you that have been wondering hey Cory where’s Sam we ever seen Sam As you know my birthday was November night all right Kept reminding you guys over and over birthday, November 9th And I said if you sent me something then I will open it on November 17th That is not correct because according to the encyclopedia now I just woke up as you can see from my triangle, so I’m [music] Anyway a couple of days ago. I went to the post office open it up. Okay. Oh, okay? Oh snap man They actually sent me a bunch of stuff Guys must really look me huh take your pills? Finally after 30 minutes of unnecessary on-camera bullcrap, Minah hey, I gotta add video link somehow you know put the Mads in there YouTube hasn’t been friendly these days and oh Don’t mind the tripod in the bag alright He’s keeping track of the pile because you can’t see this from this camera you see I’m switching. I’m switching I’m switching there. We go trusty a male opening knife It’s been a while since I’ve used this so this is from Quinton first gift Got a Freddy Pop-pop figure no matter how many of your games I beat somehow you still managed to crawl into my life Got a little fan out here. It’d be impossible to read every single letter I get but I’ll read like a little bit I’ve always loved your videos, and I always will my favorite video is happy was 26 It was so funny Corey roll the clip from that But was it worth it My mom does not like it when you say freak, but I’m not the boss. I mean it’s freak or Thanks so much, Quinton for the birthday gift, man. It means a lot next up. We got a big one We got a biggie one big one – Cory be careful opening yo What yo? hold up Oh It’s a swedish fish we got a yellow one well this red one is clean though I’m gonna put this light up here and there’s a note here from Breanna worried happy 25th at my new hope you enjoy my Interpretation of a big box Oh bento box it was made with all the love in my heart I’m not too Good at explaining my feelings But you inspire me and your similar humor in Comparison to my own has made me a happier person your videos do that bring it in girl give you? My hand went a little oh, thank you so much for Jana next up. We got Collin from Santa Rosa, California Okay, so we have a little katana drenched in lye made here I don’t know if this is a house or a present, but there’s limeade spilling out a corn My name is Collin, and I’m 10 years old. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year a shout-out to that boy Colin knows next up we got em Jones from Ken Oh can’t Michigan is like 15 minutes away from me we got, Michigan What’s good, Michigan semi stand up? Stand up Mikayla Something on the sleeve, you’re a Civilized slice they’re like button oh My Michaela, are you dead serious with me right now yo? Hey hey Mckaela told y’all to do it Brutus sure is clean at a Google Play $10 mckaela mckaela Happy birthday to someone who was is it will always be cool York? Or me and my bro made a shirt for you. Do I have to remind y’all every time I have to remind you how much teach on what it is like oh, yeah? Did you do it though? Yeah whah what Thanks for everything you’ve done for us when we’re sad you make us happy you’re editing is amazing Thanks for the time and effort you put into these videos overall you’re pretty much the best youtuber out there peace I can’t draw people but Happy birthday Oh this one didn’t even have a name on the box. Oh, it did this is from Zimbiel from Shout out to the symbols from Maryland next we got something from statue source oh Now y’all know how I feel about even within Especially the first one. I hated fighting his duel. I hate it whoever ordered and sent me this from statue source I love you Atticus That’s a cool name from Richmond, California this dude. Atticus really made me some Cory O’s My own and first cereal made from 100k likes Tell me this ain’t the most lit cereal you wouldn’t ever seen whoa You got games on the back of the cereal box Atticus. This is one of the more creative gifts I’ve ever gotten but I’m gonna enjoy a bowl of Cory O’s who else on YouTube is getting sent they own cereal for mail time Okay, somebody got a sense of humor happy 72nd birthday Hey Cory you’re a great friend. I’ve been watching your videos for seven Years very fun to watch and have a big impact on my life My name is Ryan, and I’m 14. Hope you have a happy birthday and Ryan said this was a white version of me, so Thanks Ryan Kimberly from Jacksonville, Florida, Oh a gift inside of a gift gift section Hey Cory cut that out of there cut that off is wrapped so nicely Kimberly like hmm, Oh Kimberly How much did this cost oh It’s like y’all I start crying. It’s like y’all actually know me Bro are you kidding? Look at the box Look at the legend let me introduce myself, my name is Kimberly I’m 29 from Jacksonville, Florida This was super exciting sending you this gift because even though I’m a stranger I care about you so much It’s important for me to share this with you Your impact on my life and tell you how much I appreciate you I’m at work writing this trying to rush so sorry It’s kind of sloppy and actually just better handwriting the nine But this year has been really rough watch your channels brought a lot of laughter own bad days Samurais stand up bro. Oh bro this is I’m dead serious right now. I feel like Y’all are I feel like I’m at a birthday party with two million people bro. Kimberly, These are some of the sweetest words Combo of one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever gotten shout out to Kimberly from Jacksonville, Florida Cereal what’s good Luke from Germantown Tennessee bet y’all know who this is I hate you I I hate you so much. Happy birthday, bro. You should check out stranger things. Thanks for the bindi plushy Luke This is from Jason. Happy birthday Hope you’re enjoying this special day of opening gifts now off to the deep stuff when I first saw your channel I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked your latest video I was blown away by how creative talented and energetic you were and I felt I fell in love With your content almost immediately that same day I laid in my bed watching your videos for two hours straight every time I watch when your videos I can’t help, but think about the things in life sometimes. I have days where I just want to sit in my room and Isolate myself when I turn on your videos. I forget what is making me sad to begin with you. Have a magical effect I have dreamt of finding if a youtuber Never let anything stop you because you make so many people happy Decent and everlasting samurais Jason bruh at the end He was talking about enjoy these two pounds of goodness what? Again with the videos cheering you guys up when you’re sad like that’s that’s more than any content creator can ask for like To know that I am making something, that’s gonna make someone else Temporarily even forget about their problems you Can’t put a price tag on that this is from Jacob from Livonia, Michigan Rah drop the gold coupe. I figure on my head. I love you. I Really like your channel and love your hello neighbor. It’s the most I found your turn on while I was watching geometry dash videos, and I’ve been watching ever since thanks Jacob from Livonia, Michigan old from events then brother stone cold bought a big bag of Jolly Ranchers proceeded to dump the whole bag in a grocery bag from Village Market and melt this junk at the post office. I dig it next we got somebody just bought something from Amazon cool Ya’ll no me yeah It’s a five-pound bag. No big whoop. Hey Cory. Happy birthday. I’m here no one fan. I watch your like button *clears throat* You’re literally my favorite person whoever at Purdue come hang out from Jenn. I’m ever at Purdue first Uh I so he accomplished part of yourself. Thank you so much. Jenn you you already know somebody is a real fan You are not like big fan she knew forget that five pounder we got a Pearson from Miami Beach, Florida Swedish fish on deck yall already know got a fan on Cory. I love your videos Thanks for not cursing from Kyle Oh, you don’t have to thank me for doing something that I already don’t do I do not cuss in real life some of y’all being a freakin comments with your conspiracies I think when Cory turns on the camera this sucka changed Cameron from Hinesville, Georgia Like they thought lovely blouse Cory kitchen the best youtuber with somebody ask you what they thought they thow low cee lo it true true Cory kitchen trans nor that reference Marlon from Moreno Valley, California It is clown face dude. Happy birthday Oh, this dude is like a graphic artist your artwork is clean my boys. He does a moan I think from Jeffersonville, Indiana oh No, you’re doing again I got so many fish right now One of these little katana daggers guys This is the second one of y’all that sent me this exact same dagger this was like I opened this in like samurai mail number four or something and I open all my packages with this now. I got to you’ll Corey. What’s up, so I heard It’s your special day and with the help of my mom we got you something our names are Josette and Lina from peaceful Archers we are huge fans. We’re 11 years old twins. Whoa you inspire us to do YouTube but we’re not gamers We found you through yandere simulator and have and have been hooked ever since About every week we sit and binge watch your vids mom is writing this for us right now notice the pitman ship Shout-out to Lina in Josette man I appreciate you my samurai twin sisters Enrique from Miami, Florida Henrique why you send this me clown What you send me this clown skelly for my birthday? Oh and it supposed to be a Christmas ornament, hahaha like send me a fitted spinner no another frigid spinner. Hey Cory I love your vids, and I’m brazilian my name is Henrique. I love your videos. You’re the best Congrats on two, mil Thanks so much Enrique got some from Down Under now. This is from Kelly. I don’t know what this is But I’m already 99% sure I’m not by the like this Oh Now this is looking more of my flavor. Oh look katana keychain This is nasty dear Cory first of all happy birthday. My name is Taj, and I want to fear many samurai I’m only 5 years old, but my mom and dad me watch your videos because you don’t swear and you are so funny They didn’t like when I watched you play Friday the 13th They do like they didn’t like it when I watched you play Friday the 13th Because I had to sleep in their bed that night because I was scared Oh Friday aye, I was scared of Jason – all right I’m from Australia so for your birthday I spent my pocket money on getting you some Australian things. Oh, this is this is him guys This is this is this is our little tard samurai dawn from Westminster, Colorado to that ankle breaker himself me and my grandma made a swedish fish dreamcatcher Oh Swedish fish at the bottom a Swedish Fish dreamcatcher look at the individual lines Look at the individual lines. My dude it says Swedish fish and then Cory Kenshin like are you serious right now? Oh? So Blaze I guess he went on a website dawn specialties and in him and his grandma like gave Don this design to go out of your way to freakin go to a store and to do something like this is Incredible, and I am not worthy of like like dude like I will be hanging this up Wow Shout out to blaze and his grandma ivo from latvia. Yes Well, I’ve never gotten anything from you. I got some Taga. Got some vanilla Zephyrs and of course They have a birthday without selgas got some art here hi Cory I live in Latvia, and you’re my my sister’s favorite youtuber like if there will be a gun pointed towards my head I wouldn’t say otherwise *chuckles* Let’s hope never get to that point They savage and be sure to always break dem ankles from Carl and zelma Thank You Jonah from winfield tennessee or attention for Corey Kenshin on a disc happy birthday Cory Kenshin the game Okay So it looks like I’m a circle here, and I gotta get to the end. I think my game corrupted default from Fiedler Pennsylvania Oh Got some art here or a thank you for making me laugh, and being the best samurai ever I think my sister for introducing me to you, and it was the best thing. She’s ever done for me Good angle you and your sister Thank you. Got a package here with a bunch of fish on the box Angela from new Cambria Kansas whose fish candy canes. They’re racking up deer Cory You’re by far my favorite youtuber, and I have sliced many like buttons as you all should have done by now I would get you some swedish fish, but the stores I went to only have the sword impacts, and I know you don’t like those I like these sort of ones but not nearly as much as the old fresh sincerely summarizes this Katherine and I’m amariah amariah And they do the art from my sweetest fish commercial you thought this was a game Mike from Augusta, Georgia So we got a package from Ellie and miles dear Cory happy birthday I made you a clay figure and ps4 controller me and my brother Love your vids at this ps4 controller made out of clay, and then we got me There we go I’m back to normal. It was good job Got my Astro a40 zon that Adriana from Salt Lake City, Utah Yep, I already knew what time it was what’s up, Corey just thought you need some more swedish fish in your life Ayyy, so I got you so anyway summarize slice that like button and also what’s your favorite meme in the universe? Oh, I got you Hayden from Utah oh My men’s my men hunter from carrot Virginia i’m bout to turn these boys up up tool boxes got some art here whoa what? how to make a youtube channel samurai edition This is a real Freaking book I wanna give a big shout-out to Cory Kenshin cool this guy I know Bro What this is a freaking real book? Man shout out hunter King on YouTube was good. Dude is a bonafide author me to book how to be a youtuber pick it up Now there’s only one that’s ever gonna exist and it’s mine Debra from Randolph, New Jersey, so we just face him like y’all really Sent me swedish fish this time the courrier videos are the best you inspire lots and lots of people today awesome From Samir, New Jersey, thank you my brethren got Lisa from Bowling Green, Kentucky Minecraft story mode brand. Hope you get this gift and remember you having a series of minecraft story No, but now you can play it, but with episode 1 through 8 and there’s a season 2 sincerely Jaden thanks for the minecraft my brother Jaden. Yes, I remember the minecraft story mode series listen up girl You wanna run my world I? Buy you diamonds pearls You’re my favorite girl. Who is awesome evan from Michigan thanks for the gift Evan that silver samurai. Oh, what’s this? Oh? Oh oh? Oh the plush bear part, and I was like oh oh Freak are you doing in this house you hear me I hate Y’all don’t know what this dude, put me through when I was playing flat 4 Why don’t you go ahead and take a seat over here that I took a real ones like me who actually remembers your birthday? I’ve been sub since 900k. I really love your jokes and so does my sister from William William William William I appreciate that you and your sister boniva, Illinois, I quarry my name is Ryan And I love your vids. Hope you read me and my little sister’s letters. Well. I’m reading them Ryan Happy birthday after I saw your video. I went straight to writing he dedicated. He drew me right there guys That’s me I got another letter from his sister Marissa who drew me playing cuphead I look miserable another letter from their sister Kiera, so we got Ryan, Melissa and Kiera I love y’all Jonathan from Springfield, Oregon Jonathan is 9 years old And he’s watched every single one of my videos. I love how you don’t swear and that is why you’re my favorite Yes, don’t give up the samurai Got You family. My parents are hard right now because my parents are divorced And you make me feel better and laughs to get through the hard times It’s very profound Jonathan especially for your age He’s attached some Oregon souvenirs. He’s got a patch from somewhere. I don’t know where You ripped this off a police officer’s uniform. Got me a little green cross Thanks, my man Albert Perez from ASEA or Mesilla, New Mexico. Oh With the clean art. No you have a great bday my man Albert a happy birthday Cory I hope you had a great one, and I hope you love the gift you deserve it from Harris yellow necklace I say the cool part of this necklace are these stones especially these crystal looking ones. Thanks Harris It was in fact a great birthday Ben from lien, Dallas, Texas. Oh This do got some skills yeah Goku I don’t know that is we are mu kidding and and of course the legend himself Yes, sorry. I can’t say it enough But you’ve been such a great inspiration to my youtube career and making me want to get better with my art and skills happy birthday noctus, Kohi You got skills sprayed in from Big Lake? Arkansas already knew what time it was wanted to write this letter for your birthday. It might be a little bit emotional But at least everything I say in this letter is honest I want to thank you for being an impact on my life You inspired me to start my own YouTube you are in my opinion one of the funniest youtubers out There as a token of thanks take the bag of swedish fish in the envelope means a lot Braden keep it up 75 subscribers man from Daniel alright he wants to shout out Roderick I lured briar ryan aten couple other people. I can’t read this Andy hook me up with some Legos Gideon Phaedra from mine Hill New Jersey so sniff pillowcase five nights at Freddy’s pillowcase, bro Who got these you got some art of Eve me sow in? I like saying it and mad father cor we love your vids You’re really funny cheer us up when we’re mad or sad Sam races so Phaedra same right brother keen Thank you, my samurai family Chris from Colorado Cory X adventures Thanks for a letter Chris that Mesa 49er Sox I do Maxwell ball me some socks Put a little piece of paper in the sock and on the little piece of paper You know you’re gonna Iraq hide it in my back Tears from Eatontown new dirt, I know what time it was You’re one of the funniest youtubers of all time I love how you don’t curse keep up the awesome work from Devin my brother Devin We got a pin pin from Toronto hello there. Hope you like the drawing It’s weird because I just watch your video with the katana You have it my favorite gaming youtuber since I found you you crack me up And that one time I watching your videos with my friends I laughs like a media can’t love Pimping me when I went to the post office and saw y’all got me Otto’s birthday gifts max from gross Isle Michigan need I say more. Hi Corey. I wanted you to know you’re the best youtuber ever 8 years old Thank you so much max from gunner in no one Oh Steve that’s up ankle breaker my name is gunner, and I’m a huge friend every day I get on YouTube I check for an upload I’m 11 and I’ve been the samurai for a little bit after 1 mil subs my friend Noah is also from Kentucky Introduced me and it helps me a lot, so I thought I should paying back by asking you to give him a shout-out Thanks so much gunner and Nolan Jorge from and Panama City I can see of Goku gameboy advance So I’m out dude Jorge has been around for a couple years now since ATK subs, which you don’t know is me and my dad Bondage so much over this game dragonball z legacy of goku for gameboy advance This is the game also my friend Louise or Lewis or Wiz one of those loves your channel to? them boy Gabriel from Burleson, Texas whoa Gabriel this is probably the most The most realistic Planar I’ve ever gotten that is me What and then they give me my lime a picture do you got some freaking talent alright? big time this art is Incredible you know I got a frame miss Alex from centerline michigan Swedish fish on deck happy bday corey. I love all your vids enjoy the fish my dude Alex Caleb from Cypress, Texas hey Cory my name is Caleb, and I’m happy to write you Congrats on to me Thanks for the legos Caleb sigh Cory Kenshin. Happy birthday I’m 10 years old and my name is Fallon when I’m down. You always make me feel up. I hope you like my books Sorry ball pie was not in it and big fan. I have a great birthday This book is sick family. Thanks so much man Brooke from, New York. Oh Got some katanas that have seen some action got a little plushy version of me black man fan Are you know the inquiry? I’m a big fan My name is Brooke, and I want your vids all the time so I decided to make you a few things for your birthday I got a bunch of pictures if you drew this I saw it and I loved it this is from Cyprus. Oh Samurais and uh got a whole bunch of pictures of me, this one’s cool this one’s cool is also cool our names are ratio and Zayed we live in Cyprus or when we are sad we watch your videos and smile And a smile comes to our faces we appreciate you doing good videos when our day is not good We watch your videos and we cheer up that means so much you guys all the way in Cyprus to this samurai are out here literally just I Just want to say that you guys made this one of my best birthdays ever I had no idea you guys were gonna send me so much stuff Like literally like y’all was not playing guys I’m definitely not worthy it means so much to hear from you guys personally And not not only personally like I can hear from you personally in the comments. I just mean that You went out of your way to physically make or write or draw something for me and to send it to me everybody who sent me a letter or Something that I didn’t get to I’m so so sorry. I will be going through every single Piece of envelope letter paper everything that’s over here. Thank you for getting through all of it I’ve been opening mail for three hours. I don’t know how long the video is gonna be I don’t know I don’t know anything all I know is I need to get up from this chair and go do something else right now But like the shirt says If you’ll slice that like button you got no excuse my new Swedish king has spoken so hopefully you guys enjoyed if deep Slice there like started a tattoo in the same right and it’s an extra brother sisters


  1. Ever since I started to watch your vids about 6 years ago, I have gotten more and more out of depression, you made me laugh during tough times. please come back my boi my boi

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  7. Hey Cory this is for your 2019 birthday please come back we love you and will never leave you but come back I saw your YouTube channel when my sister and me were looking for something to watch when we found your channel and videos. We choose one to watch and then watched like 20 of your videos from that day on my sister and me had saw their favorite YouTuber and now here I am watching every single one of your videos waiting for you to come back I love ya and come back -Kayley From Orlando FL

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