Online Marketing Strategy That Works! (5 STEPS)

Online Marketing Strategy That Works! (5 STEPS)

Stop prospecting and hustling so hard
for leads each month! What if I were to tell you that there is a
way to attract clients that can actually afford you without you having to spend
long tiring hours prospecting? what is up my beautiful Souls and welcome back
to my channel now in today’s video I want to show you my four step process on
how exactly I attract people with my marketing and messaging so that I don’t
need to worry about clients each month now
if you’re someone who is sick and tired of chasing after leads each month and
what a finally dropped the freaking struggle and start attracting clients to
you then this video is for you so make sure you keep on watching
now before I started my business I had a door-to-door sales job selling teeth
whitening I was taught by my event boss to talk to a hundred people a day and
basically he said it would guarantee that I would have 10 sales his favorite
line was it’s all in the numbers Cristen now my commission at the time was $30
per teeth whitening package sold so if you do the math right and if he was
right that means that if I spoke to a hundred people a day hundred people a
day that would mean ten people would buy my teeth whitening package and I would
basically make you know thirty times ten is three hundred dollars a day
approximately let me tell you talk to a hundred people a day is hard and it’s
not even guaranteed that they will buy so you got to pitch them you got to
build a relationship with them upon meeting them I mean I hated that job but
what it did teach me was you know snåsa tea and having a really thick skin
lena had no idea how many knows I’ve heard in a day compared to the average
person so you know a new girl came into our team one day and I was shocked to
learn that she magically sold 30 to 40 teeth whitening packages
a day without having to speak to a hundred people I was so mad and jealous
that I just had to ask her what the secret was and she straight-up told me
that I was trying too hard and that I needed to work smarter and not harder
mic drop now that’s also why in today’s video each step that I’m about to share
with you is really going to help you work smarter and not harder in your
marketing so that you no longer need to prospect you’re reaching out to so many
people per day and before I dive into the steps I think it’s actually crucial
for you to understand what marketing even is I mean my personal definition of
marketing is that really at the core of marketing it’s really creating belief in
the minds and hearts of your customers that means that if you are not creating
belief in your messaging and you’re just trying to sell and selling doesn’t work
as effortlessly if you don’t have the marketing down right so how would it
feel like to not have to sell and instead attract first with your
marketing with that said let’s just dive right into step number one and that’s
that is to have a strong hook now with anything you are creating whether that
is content for your business a sales page or websites speaking at a live
event or even just meeting someone in person it’s so important for you to hook
them in so you might be thinking well what is a hook so a hook is your ability
to get someone’s attention in a way that has them stop the scroll some people may
call it a juicy headline but I like to go even deeper than that and call it a
change in belief so you’re basically shaking someone’s belief about something
and changing it with your belief right now there’s a lot of noise in the online
space I mean a lot and how can you stand out with your message that will make
someone pay attention to you right you do this with a strong hub so a great way
to come up with a strong hook is by asking yourself well what does it come
belief that my niche or my industry has and how can I be buck that believe with
whatever it is that I’m trying to sell now I think the best way for me to
explain what a hook is is by actually showing you an example so here’s one of
my favorite hooks of all time okay so one day I was scrolling on Pinterest
okay and basically I came across this like pin this is Pinterest by the way it
says do you yell at your dog for barking try this instead now this is a great
hook because basically the belief is that if you’re I’m a dog mom okay
like I have two dogs right now and my dogs one of my dogs barks all the time
right and I do yell at her every time she barks it gets me so freakin mad okay
so when I saw that I’m like yes I do yell at my dog for barking that’s the
belief that I have in this hook they’re literally saying try this instead so I’m
instantly hooked and curious like what is what do you mean try this and set
isn’t the only way to stop my dog from barking is yelling at her right so if I
click on this that’s a strong hook by the way that’s basically what the hook
is it leads me to this and we’re gonna get to the story later but I want to
share with you again how good this hook is so the hook is I finally figured out
how to get my dogs to stop barking after watching how a woman on my flight kept
her dogs bite the whole flight so again same thing if I was someone that oh I am
someone that owns a dog I understand the pain in the struggle of getting my dogs
to stop barking without me having to yell at them so that headline is it
already hooking me so this is what I mean by it’s a belief that someone has
so my belief is that I have to yell at my dog for barking and it’s basically
turning that on its head and saying that hey you two actually don’t need to
believe that anymore because here’s a new belief and then this new belief is
that you don’t need to yell at your dog so this is what hooks are these are what
strong hooks are okay this is one of my favorite hooks because
again I’m a dog mom and this instantly caught my attention and I wanted to find
out more so the whole point of hooks is that you want people to be like wait
what like I want to find out more like I need to find out more because if I don’t
then I can’t scratch this itch that I got basically okay now that you’ve got
the hook down the next step in your messaging is your story so have you ever
heard of the quote facts tell but stories sell
well I’m sure it is quote with you again because it’s so dang
I mean stories are the movers and shakers of getting someone to actually
pull out their wallets to buy your stuff so why are stories so powerful it’s
because stories have the ability to bring out the emotion that people need
to have in order to buy your stuff I mean the truth is people buy you too
emotion and back it up with logic right think back on the last time you bought
something how much you wanna bet it’s because of an emotional reason so the
last thing I bought were these hair supplements from Jays health do you
really think that I want hair supplements no right what I really want
is long hair and to me long hair makes me feel sexy and beautiful and confident
they act so what I’m really buying is confidence so what are you selling in
your business I want you to think of what emotion you’re selling the next
time you create content for your business right emotion is also energy in
motion and the number one mistake that I see a lot of people do is try to educate
their audience instead of telling great stories right educating is is a good to
a degree really but you want to save the bulk of your education when that person
has already invested so their monetary commitment will make them more likely to
pay attention to what it is that you have to say wow if you were educating
them right finally telling stories makes you relatable and because we are human
beings that long for connection when someone connects with you on a deeper
level through story right they see that you understand
that and that is when they can fully fully trust you okay so story the story
here okay as you can see this person kind of like
created this as like a blog post I guess you’d say or an article and it’s just so
good because it says I knew it was gonna be a long fight as soon as she walked on
with her two chihuahuas so you see how she’s literally telling the story about
how she saw this woman bring on her Chihuahua on the flight and it’s just
such a good story she’s telling the story with so much emotion
I’m literally reading this like oh my gosh how it stopped
it’s our yapping she pulled up his device quietly clicked it at the dog and
the dog instantly stopped barking right I’m like what I keep in and this is one
they said that it’s like this thing called barks buddy which is a dog
training device right so it’s again it’s the story and you see that she’s she’s
using her story to sell this product basically and she’s using images or
whatnot but the point is that it’s a story right and her story resonated with
me so much that I literally bought this like on the spot so again this is the
part where it talks about like kind of educating people on what the product is
but they led with the story right because the story is what actually
continues to captivate their attention makes sense and what’s cool about this
is that it’s in an article and it basically like captivates the story in
such a great way because I don’t feel like I’m being sold to which by the way
I did pull out my credit card and buy it so I did get some sold too but it didn’t
feel like I felt like I was reading a story I resonated with it and I gave my
credit card okay the third step that I have for you is to
create belief around your offer so belief in marketing goes both ways right
not only are you creating belief in the eyes and the hearts of your customer
you’re also creating belief within yourself right you need to believe in
your own product and our service before anyone else can believe in you right
enough to hand you their credit card so this is probably the most
common pitfall I see a lot of my clients and people go through is creating belief
within themselves and what it is that they have to offer now all of this boils
down to having a good money mindset and if you want to discover how you can own
your worth and what you charge then make sure you check out this video over here
because it’s gold and you’re gonna love it
yeah finally the fourth step that I’m going to share with you is exuding great
energy now I feel that not a lot of people talk about energy within
marketing but if you don’t have good energy how do you expect people to be
attracted to you right everything around us is energy even money and all money is
is energy exchange so when you don’t have good energy you are actually
blocking money from coming to you so for example this past Father’s Day I went
fishing with my dad and we watched a guy next to us literally catch 16 fish in
one hour and we were honestly shocked I mean he was using the same hook and bait
as us remember what I said earlier about hook but the only difference was that
before he casted his line in the lake he sprang his bait with this garlic scent
and the fish were so attracted to this garlic smell that every time he cast it
on his lion he was able to catch a fish so I want you to think of this garlic
scent as basically your energy right how can you become so irresistible to your
ideal client that they keep coming back for more
right but you spray it with your garlic perfume just kidding so what you can do
is make yourself irresistible and that’s exactly what I talk about in my new book
stop chasing start attracting now I’m gonna start taking pre-orders for this
book so if you want to discover my secret garlic sauce on how to attract
not only clients but opportunities into my life
business then make sure you preorder my book I can guarantee you that the
secrets I shared in this book are not your average secrets that you can find
lying on the Internet yes now if you love these 4 steps that I
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hacks and tips that will help you in your business and your life and if you
want to learn more about money marketing and metaphysics then make sure
you check out these two videos right over here anyways guys I love you I
appreciate you so much and I cannot wait to bring more goodies for you in the
future videos I’ll see you the next one see ya

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