Opening your Fan Mail

Opening your Fan Mail

Hey Guys, so i just want to make a video saying Thank you for all the fan Mail You send me and my team Not just this fan mail I am talking about That fan mail You guys send us a lot of stuff i will show you what you send My entire bed is covered right now You Guys are crazy so i tried to open up as many letters i can add you start my day by reading a few of them I have already opened some of these letters some of the packages like you guys sent me some cool drawings and watercolors, but i have saved a few packages to go through with you today I am gonna go to take the pile This is camera oh that caught break it It looks like a camera so i will test out that camera later this dope upside down This is from a fan who actually came and visited me at my office and he sent me, oh cool with like the mouse, the journal, oh yes, got my chinese pen now I am actually half chinese, so this is great and this was in there I usually will not eat any food that you guys send me people send a lot of edibles, But I am going to try this hoping it isn’t spicy Yeah, okay I’m trying, I’m trying so should begin That’s interesting I love chinese food but I’ve never had that Yeah, Someone send me a phone! a phone I’m getting it’s up with a wood block that’s hilarious through use this phone to make a cool video you are awesome I’am personally signing a bunch of postcards, photos when they send this mail this year so i will this in a pile to know to respond to you The responses here won’t read all the letters out loud for privacy or show their pictures that a lot of people do send pictures of themselves yes, jedi kittens made a drawing jedi cartoons lifetimes of lime chips I think Razor scooter sent us this it’s actually a battery which is why beeping the company I think it’s called wind pouch set sent us all, oh my chinese pen think that we are supposed to do is blow them up with a fan be sure you’re supposed to do this outdoors let’s try this That’s what you have to do when you don’t have wind Make your own fan You’ve got a little bed Now I can sit here all day Read the fan mail I’m gonna see if I can build a tower with Ramen And built this three times that already falling down So we’re just gonna call this is the Tower Of ramen, we have this company called king tech I think it’s called send us a ton of these I am gonna shoot the tower down why did they make them so you can never get them out Right, we’re gonna use this and fire oh, shoot , fire..! Yeah, the kingdom of Ramen is down Ramen You kidding me? Alright, so Next up i think is This was we opened a bunch of lifetime supply of 7up We do get a lot of lifetime supplies from companies which is awesome This one was from watching thing But when we get lifetime supplies You know we usually do give those away or to people that work on my team They’ll take them home So we try to never waste that was given to us Because obviously I’m not going to eat all that suit by myself will actually probably will but, you know I won’t be able to drink this duffer use all these stuff by myself we get some cool any boards which are awesome we write these around all the time I have gone through these yet nickelodeon get this bag of goodies which is open pinpong ….oh yes headphones speaking of headphones we were sent a bunch of headphones by this company called plantronics stuff that gets sent to us usually end up just putting videos I think i actually use these in a video I throw the trash away in a white board Yeah, you see him get at the track one second sorry I’m back we have a cool relationship with Disney so they always giving us random toys I had a short short cameo which is awesome In zootopia To clean this up later but I really am overwhelmed and So thankful for you for all your support Just watching videos of course you send me so many comments but actual physical fan mail is exciting i look forward to opening you know the pieces that i read every day so thank you guys If you do want to send fan mail we will always try to respond And least for the next year I’m gonna start cleaning this up and I’ll try to do this every every month Just a fan mail Friday review of what we got that month Alright peace


  1. Hi I'm from Florida and popularMMos reacts to your vids does he have your permission because every time he does one he gets a copyright strike and I don't know why

  2. Хехехе.. А я не американец.. А меня никто не понимает.. Хехехехе..

  3. I finish life time supplies by myself in like 3 days so life time supplies mean a few day supplies to me

  4. love from Indonesia here Zach king, i love all your magic video thats just awesome. aku suka semua videonyaaaa

  5. Hello Zach king! PLEASE respond to this I'm sending this from South Korea please, please respond thank you 😀 By the way I love your vids

  6. i am from bangladesh i think you heard about the country and you are cool zach king how lots of ideas of majick come in your head you are so brillient inteligent i think

  7. I want ask you at one video i sow company drink work in arabic states named nadek is'it in usa pls anser sorry i know just simple easy words

  8. I have tried that before my great grandma gave it to me she was Chinese so it was really good she gave me like packs of it

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