1. No no no, James!! Don't be fooled! The wife didn't poison the food, she anticipated that you would think that! And then she anticipated the anticipation, then anticipated your evaluation and prepared a way to debunk every last anticipation you've ever had in order to confuse you (which has obviously worked) but fear not!!! The answer was actually quite simple!!!! The wife – after consorting with the devil – concocted THE most ingenious, THE most cunning and YET the most ridiculously OBVIOUS plan imaginable!!!!!! ………………………. [Takes a deep breath] ………………………. she poisoned the silverware!!!!!!!

    Don't Lick The FORK!!!!!!!


  2. The on-screen dialogue says “we missed work quickly”, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to say “we mist work quickly” (a typo of “we must work quickly”)

  3. What happened to scamalot? Never saw any more episodes in years. Did I miss like a final episode or is it somewhere else now? I clicked the link in the description and it just took me to the Mashable website no scamalot playlist 🙁

  4. I Don't Know About BOTH Plates…. My Ex Would Feed HER Leftovers To Our Cats But Freaks Out And Wouldn't Let Me Give ANY Of MY Leftovers To Them… Grabs My Plate "Don't Feed Your Leftovers To My Cats..!" I Don't Get It….

  5. Dear James Veitch

    I am starting a charity to spread awareness of cancer of the lever. Please submit £1500 via western union to make a donation to this worthy cause.


    John Kelly.

  6. They say everybody is a critic. I feel you missed the opportunity to "reveal" that you were either the wife herself or the lover of the wife and follow up with that.

  7. I don’t need the extra effects. I just want him standing on stage with a single PowerPoint screen and just listen to his creative words.

  8. The people that fall for these scams are the same people that fall for the "do you know the difference between a blow job and a big mac" bit..

  9. James Veitch, you're quite clearly English, Why then the incorrect spellings? (not including the ones in the mails) And 'parking lot' You mean car park?

  10. Too bad, he should contacting me first i sell him the best of Canadian weeds, its prevent n preserved n pre order, just pay the shipping only.

  11. You should have told them to just deduct the $900 from the millions you were getting….LOL. Do people really fall for shit like this? I cannot imagine how dumb someone must be to actually fall for crap like this.

  12. You fail to remember, Mr. Veitch, that given how wicked his second wife sounds, she may have had a stay in Australia (which, as we all know, is entirely populated with criminals), and may have both studied all poisons and gotten an immunity to them, and so poisoned both plates of food, anticipating the idea that John would be confused as to whether or not he should switch the plates.

  13. what's your email i can be a scammer just so i can talk to you and thank you for the knowledge you've given me so far i was referred here by a friend after i was contacted by a scammer so i did what you do and i admit IT IS QUITE FUN

  14. Nice smart comics! But the video and the audio are going toooooooooooo fast. We need a pause so we can laugh before we hit the next funny milestone.

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