1. Postal Carrier should be terminated from her position. Sorry, but since the Postal service said it "was a personnel problem", there is no room for INTOLERANT people like this in postal service.. So what did they do with her? Put her on another route and so she could maybe throw away or discard the mail of another Trump supporter while not being supervised? Or do the same while assigned inside the Post Office? No, this Trump supporter did NOTHING illegal. He even put a Trump sign INSIDE his garage. There is NO excuse to NOT deliver his mail. NONE!

  2. You people that are so quick to judge this mail carrier have no IDEA what it's like to do this job! When the reporter asked if she stopped delivery because of the Trump sign and she said, no, he moved his mailbox, that is what we are SUPPOSED to do when someone moves their box. Postal regulations state that a curbside box cannot be moved back to the house. As mail carriers we are pressured to move quickly. If a customer moves their box, that adds time to the route. It may seem trivial, but if that were permitted, and anybody could move their box whenever they wanted, then it would take us even longer to deliver our routes. It has NOTHING to do with politics!!!

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