Hi guys, there is already the first spectator first two spectators first live thanks Live today Guys the price was communicated of the online license for drones from March 5 next and now and now we talk about it let me fix it My toys well hello and but hello guys then a nice light who comes in a lot let me share the video link between live and then we can start Hello Sicily hello Thursday in 1992 you have already read the news of how much you forgive me guys I’m a bit a little so today you read how much the license for drones will cost and cites the news today get yourself a colored filter so a little nicer oh god not that the subject is the best, however, hello 83 less hello dj alex hello land hello everyone Hello hello plane hello stefania well one minute guys one minute only let me share the link please then tell you all there is to the pc has crashed What is going on because these guys who always freeze have recovered So let’s see I share it here Well I agree Ok and I also share on telegram I highly recommend guys if you are not on telegram enter it Ok Well well well well Ok guys here I am then what did you write hello carmine hello fabio hello to all pc with coronavirus e then we also talk about this then today sincerely did not know which video to release as I have already reviewed everything and I have to get it new products, however, you know that shipments have a little loose even with amazon for coronavirus so we have to wait better times hello bdm net no guys i don’t sell my drones i’m sorry even if i don’t use them i’m too tied up Hello gabbi gaby writes make laugh not registered comes a paid nothing then I will show you the article while it tells us how much the online license for drones costs I read it to you from drone zine Ok here we are around the camera So we all read together So well there is advertising something Here you have it here the online license will cost € 30 starts on March 5th it was boys The rights to issue the certificate will cost 30 euros reducing the current rate of 90 euros three times Well honestly I thought a lot a lot more online license allows you to fly up to 50 meters from the weight that from 50 while the strange people c150 from houses but in the city with drones up to 100 to 300 to 25 kg it is mandatory immediately for those who work also for mavs mini while hobbyists like us have time until July 2020 and in the meantime they can fly without it for mystical use only, the online license is not required if you fly with controni under 250 grams mandatory instead of 250 grams up ok Well then now let’s discuss it for a moment then I honestly thought it cost much much more guys instead is the c30 euro is quite honest anyway Unless something else comes out you know it as we are now say 30 euros then in July maybe they have become 300 you don’t know why there is a license in a flight school that costs you ten times as much 300 euros at least No it’s not good Giovanni no you need this then we hobbyists we who want to hobby with drones we should do it from July so now you don’t need to do it wait July then from July it will be compulsory to have a license online therefore license 30 euro I do not know from which site I honestly think from that of the enac you can repeat the exam as many times as you want so it is only the wrong two times you have to pay 30 euros again as it happens for the car license no pay 30 euros repeat it until you do it pass and at least so there is a moment of additional knowledge on the subject I think at least 30 euros affordable i think i’ll get it right away though we always remember that the first thing is to fly with the head is just the most important aspect guys 30 euros for the online exam, of course then also study for his own facts without taking any other course you register the exam just should be like this hello point of view hello pine so from July 1st with the mini also professionally there is no need right no professionally you must always do the license plus all the other things you need to fly professionally Because I always fly with drones guys sometimes it happens that you find maybe some some vigilante some policeman a little too rigid who asks them a thousand questions at least I fly near the city so better to have it immediately for me it’s nothing but if you want you can fly to isolated places wait quietly or do as the good gaby writes Payment with coin always knows me yes and then this coin and proposes crap guys because it is not even therefore billable I am afraid of the conclusions But be careful because there are many sites that sell alleged authorized courses to fly with the drones that is the official one will be only one and then I will tell you in a video which one will be guys No mark for now nothing is known we do not know anything about the material from which to study we will see if any will come out pdf online some virtual book from which to draw it will also be necessary to see what kind of questions will be apart from the simplest ones obviously the maximum distance for drones the distance from the raccoon houses see what like overall Recommend me lab closet as drone writes king of motor yes a great drone is the lab santino I recommend it Then Francesco michele however forgive me from 5 March you can take the exam online but also register the blue and nemesis square cod and the electronic identifier now francesco one thing at a time for now we know that we can do it for 30 euros the online exam will then have to pay like if euro for each drone to register it these euros include the qr code then I don’t know for the transponder how it will work they didn’t say anything I know that some are rebelling have made a European demonstration because it is really a dirty thing to put the transponder on the drones we will see this part will probably be postponed I don’t know we’ll see later That is, 30 30 euros, that is, you pay only the exam Yes paolo there is nothing tv.it to look for answers online obviously I think there will be a pointer to give the answer I mean I don’t know how it works but it’s not up to anyone who controls you so you can very well look at answers from a computer e respond to its affected main Let’s see if it says anything else Instead guys who wants to therefore profession who makes videos for wedding shooting professionals etc. must take in addition to a license then take another type of license for critical operations we pay if euro per drone they have to pay like 90 euro per year per drone there is really a charge an absurd thing Luca luca writes I apologize oriented only now he has taken but rimini to check all the centers he waits he checks the boobs inhabited centers and a Sabbath for professional purposes I registered it on enac in December and it is insured you will have to get a license luca and then you need lots of permits to fly into the city anyway legally Usual Italian is you plus this is a European euro ta that is, at European level, unfortunately, the site I don’t know which I think will be the ENAC site my father is coming in ok will gab writes i will have my wedding in the middle of nowhere and i will make my homemade video okay you know how many there are that make videos random agent the question the question is aimed at this I pay 30 euros and I do the course I pay 6 euros and the seasonal and put that cod at this point I’m in order but I have to even flying in exact rules you must still comply with the legal rules as when you take the driving license of the car you take, however, you must respect the limits signs to respect road signs etc. without transponder as they check if he wants in order and I don’t know good question we will have to see what they will invent dear francesco hello michele let’s talk about mystical use because you immediately take the course of the exam while the cousins ​​ford first july it depends on you how much you use the young boys if you want to put me in order immediately do it immediately otherwise do it from July that is it is not people you don’t need it Hi motoblog what is the site that I am javier michele then tell me how updates from pc are made of what and so guys 30 euros to fly a nice haj who I recommend to this live if you like the stems itc sign up asks i just got things i got lost you missed the 30 euro of the online exam to get the license for drones the site to do the course I don’t know it will be that en.ap it may be enac puntoit such a thing then I will make a dedicated video today what day is today and 3 will be mandatory i.e. it will be optional from 5 for us March 5 mandatory from July so in the next few days I will make you a video in which I show how to take the exam if you want to do it now or if you want to do it later in July Updates for I for drones all right mike turn it as you are Andrea looks at the more palm trees I know they are resuming production now you know that in china there was the coronavirus issue the factories were blocked now in china the situation has improved factories are reopening and is getting worse here now now it goes back to the situation ENAC is going crazy if unfortunately yes but it is more and to san because it is ata and the european enac Exact day you have to stick to all the rules to fly legally then nobody forbids you to fly in the middle of the countryside where you want obviously using the head you have to be careful you then an interesting question from fabio Marrone the to beat him zino due will come to me in the next few days tra cbot tells me that now it is north somewhere north I don’t know where but they should deliver it to me by virus by the end of the week so as soon as it arrives I unbox the part santino 2 a nice flight classic of mine and then we analyze it in more detail video by video But what age can the license I don’t know I think from 16 years old there is not written I do not know unfortunately I think from 16 years Simone I write them from the ENAC I have seen things that you cannot even imagine there is Simon you are a spy ENAC you really work inside Oh my God I’m going down in the comments to lots of clothes for a moment sorry I need a cana no it’s not a sales office wait for the review if I fabio am curious to try it too this hub santino 2 some speak badly others good what the truth will surely be an unripe drone as it was unripe at the beginning lab santino 1 I remind you do not remember when shale odone guys is there I went home automatic and I was about to slice the head was was fantastic but then improved a lot and hopefully they will do the same with the 2 Thanks a lot mike hello marco how old are you gaby Next week of the pro’s bartender but the two own will be around a kilo 900 grams a kilo Tomorrow from 300 grams I recommend you absolutely lab closet Jonathan writes guys a nice light to support us I recommend you remember that the live we do are free there are some who make them pay I don’t know how they do it but here they are free a me like to support us jonathan mannequins at what price can i buy it for now you can’t buy it simply because I have already said before the production in china has been stopped for the corona corona and recently resumed i think it is for next month you will find it on amazon around 450 euros in a combo version concentrate on our telegram channel you will find on offer and always up to date how often then I direct it sincerely when I don’t know what video to do so to spend time with you I do the direct 13 years gabin I don’t know how you fly I think you should have someone next to you legally to fly safely, however, I don’t know I don’t mean stupid things If the private land then fly theoretically the malaria private land have so if in private land if using the radio-controlled car, however, as you get up, the air is no longer private, that is, it should be so Knowing usual Italian things no hello gianni hello daniele so I’m very curious to have the lab santino 2 obviously I have I paid for it I didn’t learn from gear best I took it from a guy who won it in a contest Of habshan in which they were giving away the best photo of the drones so I got this guy then when I do the unboxing I’ll explain everything in detail as the history of the home of the exact balconies motoblog is a mess there as if to say that by now they also make us pay for the air we breathe Thanks a lot 88 You want guys instead you’re flying that drones to truth think about buying a new drone or hanging your arturo drone So anyway to answer a question I want to take the online exam guys right away explain to you in a video how it works obviously if I do it I can explain to you how it works ie the questions they asked me is as how I have overcome it as I have not overcome it and therefore I sacrifice myself for you The car behind you this made the jonathan video if there is anyone on the channel Beason v2 find it this is a brushless motor reaches 100 km per hour is really a beast is meant more for The tricks in the air, not like on the dirt road you make it go over to the dunes to the ground you do you have a lot of fun Then I would like to buy vic mini gem wait miss chianese no please please don’t call me chianese michele when making a video about the challenge Mobile no I honestly don’t care much about these things gianni mi sorry i have two managers or tim eoo I’m okay like this a world that costs little or gasoline or the film at the back of the reviews always here on the youtube channel he asks me if conte makes sense to sell phantom 4 but vic pro 1 for maric pro2 depends on pulsa he wants to make it a transportable newspaper the husband 2 pro is the top of the absolute top I have it back and it really is fantastic hello peppe So guys waited to take sea bass two there wait a month wait for the summer at least May so that it will be less immature when you buy it there is the maric mira galaxy the other day i made a video with a rimini my last video if you haven’t seen yet go to see it he too has improved a lot unfortunately now we are in an age where kids come let yourself be released in beta testing that is, you buy it as soon as it is released and this cable of yours because it will surely have so many problems which are then arranged with with updates and everything else though at the exit when a new product comes out technological and always conscious it is so for drones for video machines who for anything Marco I parrot bebop two I came back from the weekend and the Salento and I took off some good satisfactions I’m thinking of switching to mavic mini in my opinion you would do well you would feel very well even if malick mini at least range of the parrot be bop two, however, if it does not go very far, it is fine or walter really gets to 100 hours and I made the video go to see Motoblog I honestly don’t cars I have never used radio controlled remote control even though they have always attracted me, but there is always something to do maintenance as if it were a real machine so I wouldn’t have the time to do it even if they attract me a lot maybe when I’m a little older However it is not necessarily a bad thing that the kids course is the online course because it is right that People know the basic rules for a little bit to fly because unfortunately there are a lot of people who want to fuck guys let’s face it today I read the news I don’t know where I believe in the north a 28 year old boy and my age will not consider him from Italy he was flying with the drone on the highway the drone crashed into the highway and he went into the highway I don’t know how to search for the drone what remained a bic pro and obviously they stopped it policemen reported him because because he is an idiot that is How much does the wicker cost 400 euros is enough 500 cobo gaby Emanuele should also serve the registration the license is for any drone guys any drone from July and will cost 30 euros the online exam Yes, however motoblog obviously this this commanded machine reaches 100 km per hour but it has no control then in the curves, that is, in the end if you accelerate only there is it is beautiful too going around corners with good speed security, that is, there is a world behind the app the radio-controlled cars Hi Luca I don’t know what a drone is What better ab standard santino If by chance a test type of the course well when it will surely come out there will be simulations online I’ll make a video in two or three days guys I promise you on the online course I’ll show you how it works in practice as long as they don’t put it off you know in Italy Dc motoblog also make up and go kart piaggio like a lot passed building a young man who rules I must respect building yourself a drone is a mess honestly that is, I don’t know how you would get permits Record the drone boh I don’t know Vector is here guys is always here next to me but now and download because I’ve played it so far there is me I love it vector by the way it is also finished on amazon you have finished all you guys have them buy them all now we will have to wait for new stocks Yes then guys in China the emergency is decreasing there were lowered the level of guard there are few infections per day now the problem and in europe it is no longer in china factories are also reopening in china so everything is returning to normal If you want the price of rimini has to do in the coming months I don’t think the maric dj is a bit like the apple Prices never go down Beautiful lay guys to support us I recommend Legally under 16 you can’t use a drone then the guys there is also the question is racing drones above you see one that is, if you Racing gifts are always illegal i.e. if you want to use a heresy gift a racing drone legally first of all you don’t have to use the viewers because legally you can have the drone only in eye contact without viewers if you want to use the video the viewer controne racing you must have a person with a qualified license at your side who controls the drone while you fly with the viewer it’s a mess Hello Marco Carmine are two excellent drones ab santino and maric mini if you want to spend take maric bini if ​​you want to save the busan zino you will be comfortable with both drones thank you very much francesco Hello it happens in for captain me who asks me hello like how the situation linda you Hi Phillip ok and luca if you want to send me the link by email the whirlwind of the channel info If roberto patentino and that queue and you’re in exact place year you must also register the drone on the site flight costs 6 euros and make future type insurance or zini and costs 20 euros per year Carmine why are you always doing the same question answered three times already so guys, wait a minute I want to check the video Then I also canceled the purchase of the v copter that day and with two propellers because I know a bit about it smells a bit guys so canceled it now I should have refunded or made a complaint to paypal because the shop does not respond therefore this thing it stinks even more Ok To fly regularly with the mini to have a license the cod that is to register the drone on the fly site and just think I can’t find my youtube channel where it ended up every now and then I miss the channel guys Here is the situation for you guys for the virus Tell me about the topics I am very curious about Because here you really see scenes absurd will he ever come to Milan’s manager and I don’t know if they invite me for some presentation and conference of other things surely I go to milan where I know it on instagram surely why don’t you put vector near his cube eh oh well I was playing with it so far let’s put it up here Too cute vector However I don’t know guys, this one accuses the virus crown in Italy I don’t know on the internet I have read about some who think it is another strain that it is spread from Italy because it has spread too quickly here in Italy there really is an absurd thing who knows what the truth is guys who knows if we will ever know what’s behind it Thanks 8 hello 86 roberto depends on the area of ​​bari where you go the troubled people are here too Excellent emanuele I am very happy with this They are new things there is an epidemic so it is normal that it is so I understood michele in my time there was already talk of online courses from school but they were I was still too much too premature thank you very much claudio when you want claudio no I have not heard French people who made French boys are made hi Gerald If Paolo is there but to whom it is strange that the virus has spread throughout northern Italy, no in southern Italy no, that is, now arriving from northern Italy, however, it has spread to northern Italy because there is the Chinese go both north and south widespread brands there here in the south I never understand what happened he knows the virus behind the virus or okay I understand nothing of these things guys so I avoid putting too much box With let me 4k video it takes license absolutely to be a very heavy drone wind blows from me it is also starting to get cold just the other day I made the video the warm season is coming and now the cold comes winter my mom Sims and French people who live made kids I missed a few steps Hello I’m charging canicattì canicattì is fortunately no but but Insurance you guys compulsory from July to July and don’t do it I will do it now to make you a video in which I explain how it works you obviously expect it THE filters filters are always useful guys, however, you have to know how to use filters like I don’t know how to use them and if I put a film claudio I just do it more crappy videos than I usually do but if you want to try filters try there because they give you a little more shades particular different depths and very pretty colony is near there is a lot of people hello gaby thanks thanks to you pixel viruses have teased us oh well we say that even in Italy it is not that we are doing very well as crops polluted lands so there you know no even here we are not we are champions of cleaning everything else Guys I will leave you in the meantime the link to enter our offer telegram channel if you want to enter it makes me very happy because public many offers every day But I don’t think it’s a bacteriological weapon that is why it is not very lethal surely a bacteriological weapon would be much more lethal no in theory I think Then I call you gaby so change your caged name As soon as I took the smart shop lock I was used for the gym for the gym’s czar it’s really very comfortable then I have it with the fingerprint no so in all to fly the whole 250 grams we should spend 66 euros about 30 euros license 6 euro of that kodo 20 euros the insurances and therefore if 63 64 euros approximately no the I have not used the cosmos more sincerely since it abandoned the cosmos both obviously everything will pass paolo obviously If you are also looking in the 1969 there was another epidemic in Italy coming from China in theory that killed like 5 thousand people in Italy then is something that unfortunately as already happened Thanks for the review of the s5 max taken as a robot to clean the house thanks to you you have tried it you like it 6 euros one-off for someone instead for those who use it professionally 90 euros per year I believe for the qr code The license narrated costs 30 euros and will be mandatory from July onwards guys a nice like but more take us I recommend Gabbi writes I’m doing homework with your voice underneath or my mom I’m honored by this you can make an auction with the things you don’t use, that is, guys then when I am I was younger like six years ago when the channel dealt with video games did a contest in which to try to give a game, that is, a fine coming on boys very salty for having done that thing, that is absurd you can’t even give away what on youtube because falls in the competitions of having notaries that is an absurd brothel you know usual Italian things No 6 euros for the quark or 6 euros for gavi 60 euros and the professional one Hello daniele good job Instead guys this is my facebook group here where I am also obviously there is also stefania let’s talk more and less about the technology tribunes if you want to enter I left him the link in chat However drones it takes some other drone under 250 grams guys because that little guy is still there on the loose, that is, it does what it takes, it takes some competitor to put them in a bit the breath on the neck because in my opinion if some competitors 8 250 grams come out even dg rai wakes up a bit maybe it implements flight some more smart track it is resting a little too much on its laurels says it in my opinion Now there is the dream l’ubs that also takes the vector Perfect mister phil let me know you can also add the detergent if you search on amazon detergent stole get the one just for robot take that machines a few drops parts otherwise then sticky then put very little Yes enzo I have already talked about the 2m closet arrives these days maybe if I arrive for Friday Saturday Sunday I post unboxing and then we go flying together passionately Maybe it’s not easy to make money a 2008 of 250 grams yes but habshan and fine hi friends were already working however the virus slowed down unfortunately things should have come out in March but then I think that this point will arrive by May Yes motoblog I know I bucks 3 pro excellent drone to start I don’t know, he asks me, I don’t really know I wanted to do the other day see the pieces of the minimum in full hd at 60 but the tv said that you were not compatible and the tv was 4k and if instead it makes the 4k video the tv sees it Exactly francesco in my opinion there is something behind that they hide a little from us I have 2 will arrive in Italy I spoke with caution and unfortunately no guys will not arrive in Italy at least at the moment lauter ivo 2 instead should arrive the ski of or two boys os that god is really cool really beautiful I hope to try it as soon as possible today the minimum bike test has found that I cannot use the educational discount as possible I really can’t tell you what it sounds really strange Side motor without reason allowed brushless motors don’t need much cleaning though Then with a little compressed air an anto impunity to clean from the debris from the dust or it can simply be flawed, it is clear why it had to break Michele when the vector speaks Italian I don’t know maybe next month I’ll throw it there Sky god is called what they can do is the name of the drone Nice guys for this nail if you liked it I will try to make others in the future because I know you like them so I’m happy with this If you have something to offer to talk about, do it as well almost opens a couple of packages upstairs so they are thrown there let’s see what’s there Then the ski doo 2 yes let’s say that the most original drone on the market after so many years in which the only innovation of drones was that of of being foldable, that is, if you think about it, this is the only real innovation that drones have had since they came out from the time of the parrot to the remains he called what they sold to the gamestop I don’t know if you remember that blu ray guys to have a frigate though comes first drone commercial let’s say it sold a lot of time the styrene was controlled only with the smartphone it was 20 meters away from this Thanks captain miki an economic stabilizer Not take advantage of the g some place ricky the santino due app arrives to me these days so as soon as it arrives I make a video of it no no the bebop came out after before there was the Parrot has r that it was called so let me see you guys show yourself if he It parrot ar.drone is This Here it is, whoever remembers you guys on drone Then Hi db dj games this was really first commercial drone they sold To edit free video programs use davinci resolve oh well it is written so it is not pronounced so it is free and works well Let’s see guys we open a few packets come In the meantime, I’ll show you That here there are still packages to be opened, that is, for two years now there have been two minis air conditioners i don’t know if you saw my review conditioners The liquid one then there are other packages says something else we open this too not just those two but nothing special Let’s see what we find in these two packages boys Be a rough barry inside that cabin of b but it works very well they always update it so I feel good even movies now yes yes he is fine too Rich ricky sign up is true I saw it from gamestop made 1 100 euros the parrot if you think about it 400 euros a drone without gps with classic brush motors without autonomy there is now 400 euro they give you a dg rai that is how the world of drones has changed in a few years and technology is called that even if by phone and the same it’s the clone of the runway still thrown somewhere with a broken foot it works so it died there Girls feel how his stage stinks Oh well then let’s see what’s there I know why it stinks I know why it stinks this is the second version Of an an instrument to be placed in the foam refrigerator that removes bacteria and impurities we can not use it is dirty of a gaby you don’t say these things then I said let’s see this is of sony you put it in the refrigerator and saw all the moves smells and bacteria and it stinks a lot will be me is its stink that keeps bacteria away and also reflective fantastic wonderful how many things of xiaomi you find for sale Angelo the drone to learn and certainly a last mgx house Bella is that the guys at the live I recommend Then in here instead I mean this is the neat guy two years ago guys and the slingshot they sold on gear best for one euro with tourniquets and it says so that is fantastic I will use it to throw the paper balls against stefania I mean I’ve always wanted a baby boy sling then I put the videos instead with both live it remains on the channel and once it comes out you can also comment on it as it does on the classic video What I was saying I forgot There is this then These are the things that stefania wants to buy because you know that stefania definitely has some disturbance it gives you meaning though and chewy how many sucks no and like a roma to be erased, however, to the very pretty shape Almost almost today I shoot this with the stefania slingshot also the right shape These are the crap that sells of asbest at 50 cents type I mean I have no words, guys, that is, I have no words non so nemmeno se li vende ancora gear west prova cercare se dietro l’opera ebbe la morbida e ragazzino quella consistenza e lo metto qui sulla telecamera sera mi bloccano il video per Adesso uno dei Chiamano questi sono gli vengono pure di poti poi disney store capitano però questa è una forma più più eclatante Quando era box non la uso più perché ora il cabinato quindi non ho voluto più uno smartwatch ragazzi ma questo basco di quando Cioè ragazzi questo pacco mi è arrivato il 15 aprile 2014 cioè è quasi un anno che stataliste opaco pensate uno smartwatch dentro Sicuramente ha fatto vecchio smartwatch Ciao marsica si paga la cia a ice cliché ti chiamo lo scrisse grande di b si vede che tu sia esperto di questi corsi è bravo bravo Ok c’è uno smartwatch I ragazzi non so ti piacerebbe se provassi a regalarmelo in un video fatemelo sapere con un bel anche un commento se vi interessa Ok ragazzi dai un bel lycra live vediamo se avete scritto altro No Ciao carmine Questi sicuramente li metterò in foto sul mio cane installano stupendi davvero stupendi ragazzi Spettacolari Allora antonio ciao mi chiedo acquistato in prevendita al kini palm non ho più ricevuto notizie guarda settimane questa settimana di ernest area aperto quindi dovrebbe ricominciare a spedirli Questi giorni perdonatemi sono digerendo il pranzo ragazze quindi penso che entro metà marzo dovreste averlo Altro contest altra volta il mio drone preferito rimarrà per sempre lui lab zanacca 501 s il 2 con cui io ho imparato a volare c’è in realtà no però è uno di quelli che mi è rimasto più nel cuore Ciao claudio e non lo ragazzi allora mi è molto piaciuta questa laives per ora sia piaciuta anche a voi fatemelo sapere nulla se avete domande fatemelo sapere poi quando il video live uscirà come video mivogliobene ragazzi un bel laica ancora sono avete ancora fatto e ci vediamo in un prossimo video credo con l’ab sandrino 2 ciao belli


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  9. Ma se voglio studiare da me come faccio? ci sono dei manuali reperibili online?, come quando vendono i libri per fare la patente.

  10. Il patentino online è meglio non farlo! Ci vuole un istruttore che ti insegni il calcolo del rischio sembra una banalità ma è un veiviolo e io parlo da pilota SAPR.

  11. Ciao Michele. Sempre aggiornato e sul pezzo. Ho appena comprato un Mavic2 zoom e sono davvero impressionato. Vengo dallo Zino,ottimo rapporto qualità/ prezzo..ma qui è un altra cosa.. Dji è davanti a tutti di 2000km..

  12. Ciao , bella live , un consiglio vorrei acquistare in fimi x8 se ma vedo tempi di consegna lunghissimi mi puoi consigliare qualche rivenditore veloce ? Poi domanda da un milione di dollari conviene ancora comperare il Mavic 2 adesso ? O conviene aspettare il Mavic 3 . Ciao grazie

  13. Ciao Michele, € 30 per l’esame è un prezzo decisamente onesto..sinceramente pensavo molto di più…a prescindere dal fatto che al momento ho dei Droni tutti al di sotto dei 250 gr, l’esame online lo farei per testare il mio grado di preparazione…sempre ad uso Hobbistico…Bravo come sempre e Grazie per tutte le info…saluti da Brindisi 😎👍🏻🛸

  14. Michele, ma come so io, il patentino piccolo da 30€ e solo per droni fino a 899 grammi! Ma a partire da 900 grammi serve la patente grande da 300€ con esame da fare di persona in un ente ufficiale! Almeno così e per la categoria C2 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. 90 euro a drone per uno che ci lavora è niente, un fotografo ti chiede dai 1500 ai 2000 per un book fotografico del matrimonio, 18 anni fa io affittavo il mio proiettore a 500€ al giorno, si guadagna come videomaker se hai il giro giusto vedi VRM video che è un mio caro amico ha lavorato per Rai Mediaset National Geographic, sarà da 14 anni in su.

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