Secret Affiliate Machine Revealed – SAM Funnel Review and Tips

Secret Affiliate Machine Revealed – SAM Funnel Review and Tips

hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo
from moneymaker area dot com and in this video I want to share with you a funnel
that I literally start to test like two days ago well today’s my second day and
the funnel is the secret affiliate machine repeal this is a very first time
you hear about this chances are that you are not the only one this is a brand new
funnel if it’s actually amazing it is amazing it’s compare extremely well I
will show you more about it in a moment by the way if you want to give it a try
I’m gonna leave a link below so you can check it out once you ain’t you are in
there this is a very first website or the landing place it’s gonna be its have
a really amazing copywriting like how I make over 50,000 in passive income and
it’s for real and also you can get pay you can be an owner of your drink or
right it’s gonna be paid by the other one they have a really high quality
videos really well produced the copyright you know the text is amazing
the production is amazing I I really like it I really really really really
like it so if you’re ready to launch your machine I’m gonna let the link
below okay the very first step is you need to you know to capture people’s
information is gonna be your name your email really simple really simple by the
way if you are able to follow instructions you can make money with
this if you are a person who are just skipping steps you are not paying
attention to anything you’re not gonna get results okay I set it up it took me
an hour an hour and a half because you know I was putting pause paying
attention i watch the entire videos and after that I took action it’s always
safe Masek action I start promoted so on the second step
okay here they’re gonna let you know like okay what do you need to do or what
do you need to create if you want you know to run this funnel okay
this funnels run on the click funnels if you don’t know what clicks funnels is is
a funnel builder okay it is it’s a funnel builder by the way you do not
need to pay anything upfront you’re gonna get a 14-day free trial that’s
what you can create your free machine account the only link that you’re gonna
need to replace is this one and I’m gonna show you how you can easily do it
in a moment this is the only one that you’re gonna need to replace here on the
video they’re gonna teach you all the steps that you need to follow in order
to replace that link okay here with literally just one click just by
clicking here you’re gonna have that this same funnel in your account so
remember the only thing that you will need to create is the other one here
they’re explaining you how you can get your link okay really high-quality
videos and step-by-step training really easy really simple to follow okay next
on the fourth step this is art by the way this is just a five step funnel
they’re telling you how you can drive traffic okay this is how you can drive
traffic the idea is that if you want to go with paid traffic okay
you’re gonna put a dollar in and you’re gonna get a dollar fifty or two dollars
out there are people who are actually using this funnel and they’re selling
they’re telling that they are getting four or five dollars out which is
actually amazing it is actually really really really amazing the traffic source
that they suggest it’s for solo ads by the way this is not udemy this is
another solo ad provider it’s traffic for me really great really high quality
and the only thing that you need to copy is click here and you’re gonna have the
URL of your machine okay so really really really simple and
the last step okay once you finish everything and you start
you know sending traffic it’s this is something if you want to do it this is
not mandatory it is training this is training if you are promoting I don’t
know any kind of training you can put your link here and you can have another
source of income okay this is not mandatory to replace this is just in
case that you want to promote another training and if you want to get people
other resources let me show you how easy you can change the link by the way the
only one that I told you that you need to change is the one here in the second
step which is it can be eaten here or it can be this one free account so you’re
gonna click here where it says edit page okay now I’m here I’m step two I’m gonna
scroll down I just need to click here because this is the only link that I’m
gonna share that I’m gonna change right and the only thing that I need to do
right now is I need to click here where it says set action and here you’re gonna
paste your affiliate link that’s it really easy as I told you really simple
by the way just in case that you’re wondering like okay this is a video
let’s say that you have some experience building you know funnels running solo
ads doing that kind of stuff and you’re wondering like okay there is a beating
in the front page do I need to create another page do I need to do some
changes let me tell you no you don’t the funnel is converting extremely amazing
the up invade it’s really really really amazing it’s low in my mind to be honest
as you can see here my up in rate it’s 92 percent it is amazing I said told you
it’s blowing my mind because if you’re getting a 10 percent conversion rate
it’s okay if you’re getting 15 percent it’s amazing if you’re getting 25-30
percent it’s incredible but right now my up in rate is 92% so I for
if I’m sending you know a hundred people to this funnel 92 of them are gonna put
their name email so I can do follow-ups which I strongly suggest you to do to do
the follow ups by the way I use Aweber I’m gonna look for link below just in
case that you want to give it a try or you can use the one that is included
here on clicks funnels which is the the action etics by the way let me show you
a little bit more just in case that you’re wondering like hey is this is
working you know you’re not sending I haven’t sent that much traffic yet
because I was you know testing out as you can see I already have one people
who is testing this and my potential earning it’s a hundred and eighteen
dollars with eighty cents so this is definitely working this is definitely
working if you have some doubt if you are not sure if this is for you I can
tell you it is give it a try it’s gonna be a link below as I told you you do not
need to pay anything upfront because you can create a click funnels account
they’re gonna give you a forty day free trial and I can guarantee that you’re
gonna get results before that time also as I told you I’m gonna leave a link
below so you can test it out Aweber so you can do email follow-ups if you want
you know to follow up people and letting them know about this funnel also it’s
gonna be a 30 day for free so that means that you’re gonna have your secret
machine your cigarette filled machine for free you know making money for you
so if you have some questions if you have some comments living in the comment
area and I’d be more than happy to answer them my suggestion is to take
action right away this is brand new so that means that the market is not
saturated so you have a lot of time and a lot of potential
you know this have a lot of potential to make a huge amount of income and by the
way I haven’t mentioned this this is gonna be a mantra recurring income for
you okay this is gonna be a month or recurring
income so you’re gonna be experiencing this snowball effect well this is it for
this video guys I don’t want to take this any longer take action right now
click the link below and I see you inside


  1. Thanks .So the email collected on step 1 goes to your email responder? is that right? I thought it went to the SAM people?

  2. Why the SAM funnel link says Unpause your account to remove this banner. I have a account already can I still join?

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