SendFox Review | Can It Replace MailChimp? [AppSumo 2019]

SendFox Review | Can It Replace MailChimp? [AppSumo 2019]


  1. Great review. I think I'll wait for Moosend, they're coming back with a second-round LTD for a limited time sometime in November (Black Friday.)

    You use Mautic? It seems to me that platform could seriously use some love with a round of tutorials from an expert user/ YouTuber. Gee, I wonder who we could get to do that? I can think of nobody more qualified than that guy from "that LTD life."

    Seriously, Mautic looks amazing and I've even dabbled a bit. But, this is one platform that has been majorly neglected in terms of good tutorials. You could probably make it a paid course and mention it (subtlety promote it,) during these LTD videos. My guess is a thorough course might sell pretty good (especially it focuses on hosting the proper way on a VPS, which would require some Linux Admin I suppose.)

  2. Looks very promising. Deliverability looks good. Features can easily be improved over time. They definitely need an API but all the other foundations are there. RSS features is killer!

  3. Do people on multiple lists count multiple times towards your limit? The point of tags is that they don't. I wonder how SF handles this? 🤔

  4. Thanks for the review, seems half-baked in most areas. I’ll skip on this one. Since you mentioned it, any chance you could run us through your maultic setup? I know it’s not an LTD Life thing but it’s something I’ve been looking at a while 😄

  5. Great video. How can I integrate with Elementor (designed form with Elementor). I'm guessing since they don't have an API key, I'll need to use the CSS/HTML – where exactly would I use it on the form designed on Elementor? Thank you

  6. I picked this up and might just keep it to use with sites where a simpler email system will do. I'm hoping for some of the same improvements you touched on. Nice review.

  7. I love watching your videos because of your expertise and honesty. I am planning to buy Sandfox, and I will buy it through your link because if I hadn't seen this video, surely I wouldn't buy it. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the review! I was on the fence about this one but I’m not sure if I can move past not being able to delete people from automations. Maybe it’s one to pick up and wait to mature.

  9. Newbie question on the deal. I'm willing to invest if I can use it for multiple sites. This way I can split between clients. If it's one site per code than I don't want to stack 3 and wait and hope for the best. Looking for added value to include with my web design clients.

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