SEO Mastermind Manchester – Synergy 1+1=3

SEO Mastermind Manchester – Synergy 1+1=3

(James Dooley): Hi guys, I’m James Dooley
from FatRank. I’ve just recently put together a Mastermind in Manchester for a meetup for
15 to 20 SEOs. Just basically show society that for someone to win, someone does not
have to lose. The old anatomy of synergy, one plus one equals three. Your network is
your net worth. This is the reason I wanted to put this video together and put the mastermind
together because if you go and get together 20 people, all talking about their businesses,
their pain points, how they scale, any tools that they can help to automate. (James Dooley): This massively, massively
helps your business to scale, to grow, frees up time then for yourself to spend more time
with your family, to go on holidays or to just put back into the business to look at
new websites you might want to build to improve your commercials. It is literally full of
value to go to these events. When you start going to these events, you’ll start to realize
that it transforms your business as a whole, transforms you as an individual. It transforms
your life in the way that you think, that actually you need to give back, you do need
to give value. The main reason why I wanted to do this because I started to read books
about a rising tidal of sold ships, and I don’t feel there’s enough people out there
that are trying to rise the tide. (James Dooley): If I can help raise the tide
and all the ships end up lifting, that means that all my friends, all my family, all the
SEO community, they all benefit. So, it’s going to be the first of many, there’s going
to be many conferences, seminars, meetups, mastermind sessions. People need to start
adapting this synergy of one plus one equals three. (Tom Phillips): Hey guys, it’s Tom here. I
just want to say how awesome the SEO Manchester meetup was the other day, the little Mastermind
that we had. Excellent group of guys from all walks of SEO. Just really, really helped
me lock down and focus on exactly what we need to be doing next. (Rafid Nassir): Hi, I’m Rafid Nassir from
Suso Digital. Yeah, that 15th of February SEO Mastermind session in Wilmslow, Manchester,
fantastic. 17, 20 guys, each successful, and have achieved some big things in their own
right, in their own way, each with their own experiences and advantages, with something
different to bring to the table. (Andy Gaugler): Hi guys, Andy from Wakota
here. Just got back from the promo SEO Mastermind up in Manchester. Just wanted to say a big
thank you to James Dooley for organizing it and to all the guys who attended. I’ve been
doing Masterminds for the past couple years now, and Facebook groups and forums are great
for what they are. But honestly, getting in a room full of guys who are just killing it
in their niches, the wealth of knowledge and expertise that was kind of brought to table
was just second to none. (Craig Campbell): Just want to say a big thanks
to Dooley, and for having us all down with him for the past couple of days. Amazing couple
of days and nights, nights was slightly longer than others. He did pour champagne down my
throat, and I think that was the key to me actually having to stay there for another
day, but it was worth it. Amazing day and amazing night, and a big thank you to Dooley
and everybody who attended. It was amazing, so cheers.


  1. Brilliant event, well worth attending. Highly recommend any in the UK to consider attending any future events

  2. Was great to take part of this – thanks for hosting, James! A lot to take from that day, not to mention the fact that we got to hang out with such awesome people.

  3. Wow thank you so much my friend it's really a great video about Manchester City

    I have benefited a lot from this video Thank you man

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