She Quit Med School To Make $100k+ On Amazon (In Under a Year)

She Quit Med School To Make $100k+ On Amazon (In Under a Year)

what’s up at bar builders JT Franco here
I got my Pikachu we’re joined today by very special guests a panda as you can
see it fan me why are we wearing onesies because why not right that’s the beauty
of the entrepreneurial life kind of do what you want when you want right and
they’re very soft exactly working comfort all right so this is Korea now
we’re gonna go into kind of the backstory she’s an Amazon seller
multiple six-figure Amazon seller correct yep so before we get into Amazon
let’s go and talk about what you’re doing before Amazon and kind of like how
that all happened how that transition got into that I was doing something
completely not related to anything to do with e-commerce so I was actually on the
way to go to medical school so I graduated from University of California
Irvine with a biology degree and I was working at a Medical Center it’s like a
surge of trauma wot surgery center like doing my application to go to medical
school and I was also simultaneously signed to a modeling agency in LA
because I live very close so I was doing that and then you know I kind of started
I had this vision of my life of where I wanted it to go the freedom and
traveling and just basically being fully in control of your time and then I
realized that the things that were doing in that moment were not giving me that
so I mean I was always kind of researching online and listening to
entrepreneurial things I’ve never tried anything ecommerce other than some like
a few sales a while back but that has like no relevance whatsoever and then I
just stumbled upon some Amazon FBA videos and instantly like it’s just
something that come like that same night I decided to do it so I stayed up till
like 4:00 a.m. binge watching Amazon YouTube videos really so so you already
had kind of like a level of success like you had a modeling contract and you were
you were doing med school so with Amazon FBA what was it that made you pick
Amazon over like any other online e-commerce model well it was the first
one that came up I knew about retail arbitrage and then I saw private label
and if at first I thought it would be something lame like you know you’d hear
those people making shampoo bottles in their basement and reselected that’s
what I thought private label was so it took me a few videos to actually
understand that this is a a great opportunity maybe buy three
videos it just it’s all dependent on how a person conveys the message right so
some just made it not sound very appealing where they explained it in a
way where it made me think that it was like a shampoo bottles hi business but
then I didn’t really know that passive income was the thing like you know you
see the top one two percent doing their thing and you just think okay I don’t
know how they got it but I didn’t know that there it’s possible to get sales
throughout the whole day or I didn’t even know that it was an opportunity
available to someone who had no experience in Amazon and then the number
one thing that attracted me as well is leveraging the traffic that Amazon
already has I think that was just a huge huge factor when I decided to go into it
right yeah that’s the big thing right Amazon itself so how long did it take
you from that night you you binge watch all those videos like for um how long
did it take you from that to becoming an actual animal seller and then you know
leaving kind of what you’re already doing
so I bit I think so I started researching like as soon as I found out
how to do it it was just non-stop I didn’t take any days off I just
immediately that same night like watching of course you have to get
educated first so that’s what I did and even to this day I keep educating myself
with because you know the Amazon business model changes very frequently
so you have to keep up with it so you have to always be in the know so I I
started doing that and then as soon as I found out how to do product research and
the general aspect of the model I started researching and it took me like
a few weeks to find the product and unfortunately it was around Chinese New
Year so I had that whole month of being like really annoyed because I mean I was
still talking to supplier so it was great that they were reply to me but you
know it kind of set me back a month right that’s pretty quick been from from
learning to actually taking action that’s one of the big things I see a lot
of people don’t you know they get they start doing research and they kind of
get that they got scared or they get that analysis paralysis right what would
you have would like any advice for the people watching to push through that
initial fear of like you know is this the right thing or am i spending this
money and what can happen is it really gonna you know work out for me honestly
I have found so many products since that day and I
we can get more into my story about like the actual products but like my first
product was actually a failure but since I had that gap of a month I launched a
second one I didn’t know it was gonna be a failure I thought it was gonna be a
product that gives me like 30 km month but then the second product that I got
was actually the success and I launched them almost simultaneously so the thing
is it’s like you can have a failed product you can have first five failed
products but ever since then obviously I’ve watched more successful products
and now that you kind of know the business model and you’re so much more
like in tune with product research you realize that there’s so many
opportunities within Amazon FBA and that it’s not a coincidence that someone just
launched one successful product it is something that works if you know what
you’re doing and you understand the numbers so even if you fail one two
three infinite amount of times this is a something that works and like you’ve
seen you have so many successful students you know that this works so
they should just kind of relax a little bit because I know when you’re first
starting out it’s stressful there’s a bunch of numbers popping up with the
screen so you don’t really know what you’re doing but trust me if you
continue doing it you will find so many winning products and lose even if you
lose the money in the beginning that’s nothing compared to what you’re losing
like a lifetime of success and opportunity is like even losing like 10
grand when first starting this is nothing compared to losing the freedom
that this could potentially give you in the future
that’s so solid that’s such a solid advice so now that you’re kind of like
let’s go into what you where you’re at right now exactly with your current your sales
right now like where your Amazon business is at right now what kind of I
can’t even I can’t even think seriously what kind of sales are you seeing what
kind of and how long it take you to do that like a year right yeah well so I
actually scaled it to the first six figures in not a month as I’m talking
yearly sales and in the first month with like when I first started out so that
was really cool I was very excited about that and then ever since then like I
grew and I’m a several six figures right now my goal is to scale to seven figures
and I’m planning to do that in the next I mean as fast as
possible so to do that obviously I have implemented hiring people and
outsourcing tasks and now I have like full-time employees working for me so
it’s so much easier to scale that way because I’m just getting so much extra
help and I felt that I was kind of stuck because there was only so much I can do
especially when I ventured out onto YouTube and being kind of active more
active on there it’s very time consuming and like everything you do like major
respect because you’re you’re always consistently uploading and it’s all
high-quality and it does it takes a huge chunk of
time right so now that I have people working and kind of you train them to do
things it’s a lot easier to scale but of course you have to know how to do it
before you teach others exactly right so that’s a good point you brought on and
all people ask that question when is the right time to that you found we’re
actually transitioning from just being you know a sole entrepreneur to actually
bringing on people to your team okay first when you can afford it that’s
a big thing because you don’t want to be cutting too much into your profit
margins and then not being able to pay your bills and everything but you do
need to write you do need to invest in order to have your business grow and I
mean I would have done this sooner I just you you know like deep deep down
you know that it will help you but it’s just I would like with everything it’s
hard when you first start so I was kind of stuck in who do I hire how do I train
it’s gonna be so many hours to train them I just thought the would stop me is
just imaginary training people and I’m like man I’m gonna make all these videos
to try to explain to them how to do this and it’s gonna be a headache I might as
well just do it myself but I didn’t realize that investing that time upfront
would actually save me hours upon hours like further months down the road and
plus if you pay a little more you can actually afford someone with more
experience which is kind of the route I went so you can have someone with really
good experience and then you train them with any supplemental things that you
need so it’s a lot easier and I think you guys should probably start it sooner
than you think like as soon as you’re getting like a return and you know you
can pay your bills and you want to scale it all depends on your goals if you want
to stay at the place of like just having some side income and that’s fine but if
you want to make this a legitimate business model and continue to grow then
you should probably start hiring people right exactly that’s la people’s don’t
see that it it just frees up your time right your time is what you want to to
really drive the business forward right so now let’s got dive into kind of the
more Amazon specific cost up exactly so what was the top like when you’re
looking for your products how did you find that first product you know the
YouTube space I was like how do you find products this hack that hack right left
crazy like people over stress the hacks – that’s what I think it’s like go to
the side and it’s like through India their products in it’s so funny because
even now like like one of my recent products that I launched I’m not joking
it’s it got to page one without any reviews and like literally no reviews
getting sales sold out and this is a product I saw literally on like the
viral launch or drugless got product web app about a year ago when I first
research and then it was literally in a YouTube video and someone’s like oh
don’t do this product because it’s like it’s online now and everyone’s gonna see
it and I look this is literally a year later I’m like the market is literally
even better than when it was a year ago and now I’m on the first page so there’s
just even if you do the jungle Scout or a viral launch web app or if you do I
think one of the products I found it on like the best deals of Amazon you know
when you go into categories when you see like what’s the hot new upcoming
products but there’s just so many ways my favorite weight right now is I’m to
kind of like you know go into storefronts and that kind of go product
a product to sell it to seller I think there’s a lot of opportunity there
especially when you find like a private label solo that has like 50 products and
you’re like let me check but I mean anyway you do it just as long
as you know what you’re looking for you I honestly I think you will find it if
you’re trying to do a hack if you’re trying to do web app if you’re just
looking at Amazon there’s just like millions and millions of products so any
literally any way you can find something so that’s the things like if you
overthink it right it’s just about consistency it’s
not about you know there’s a little tip as little loophole is just about
actually getting in there and doing it so you said you launch a product you got
the first page no reviews so how are you doing your launches so this is also very
specific to like categories and product types and I really tried to like stress
that in my videos too is that every product in every market is different so
you really really need to study the market I really like launching my
products with PPC for several reasons because you’re getting actual data it’s
cheaper and I mean it’s all organic and it kind of gives you like good evidence
if you’re not selling you probably have an issue going on with your product but
some markets can’t you can’t do it with PPC because it’s very expensive or it’s
very competitive and you need to drive a higher sales velocity and giveaways is
the only way to do it right so it kind of depends on your level and what your
goals are if you’re trying to go into a competitive market then you probably
will need to do giveaways if PPC is expensive but if your starters seller
and you want to do something with low risk then there’s definitely markets out
there that you can launch with just PPC people just need to know that it you
can’t it’s not a one cookie cutter formula for all products you just kind
of need to it’s like with this business model you learn to think and you learn
to innovate and think of solutions so you have to look at a market and be able
to know hey like where is this going to go how do I become successful at this
and that’s what’s cool about it yeah 1% so with your current products how many
products do you have right now I have seven and an eighth one coming in this
week eight one and the ninth one is I am talking to suppliers perfect
so is that all within one cohesive brand or are you doing separate like
individual products one I have a I have one brand in one account and then I have
I opened up a new seller account because I want to really like diversify
minimizer and then build other brands so it’s
several brands right now okay I see so for people starting out what would you
what advice would you give them in terms of that because we see that all the time
or who aren’t sure if you know they should start and try to brand right away
or just try to go for like high profit high revenue stuff that’s not even
connected you have like the best questions so centered for I think very
very helpful questions and I those are very very common questions I agree yeah
honestly like anything that makes you money in the beginning do with people
that this is just like the theme of this video I feel like it like people
overthink things they think that if they pick a product they’re going to need to
stick with it or they’re going to need to make it a brand but that’s not true
if you find a product and it doesn’t do well just kill it if you find it and it
does well and you see brand potential then do brand potential but first you
have to give yourself that boost of hate like I’m actually seeing success and if
people overthink it and they try to you know look for a product that’s in these
type parameters they’re going to be very discouraged very very fast and it’s
going to completely kill the whole experience so just lose the number one
goal if you’re starting out is just look for something that you know you’re
comfortable with you know you can get to the first page with that’s going to
actually give you revenue so you’re excited and then maybe you can build
that into your brand maybe not who knows but just do that and then go from there
but don’t like get stuck at every single step right micro analyzing I was called
out the confidence product product where you just do it first time so you get the
confidence and understand like what what is that is that you’re doing and you
kind of build off of that so what are some of the I’m sure we’ve all had them
what are some of the mistakes that you made that if you were to do it over
again and we would you know stay away stay away okay well one of them was
ordering too many units so for my first product that was a failure and I didn’t
know back in the day I was totally looking at an oversaturated market so
one of the things I didn’t do is like study the competition as well as I
should have I didn’t check how long they were selling that’s and that’s like one
of the main components I think people do not study their competition enough so
they don’t know how long the sellers have been in the market for they don’t
know where their sales are coming from maybe someone is
like one of the people in the market with some black hat guy who was just
like manipulating reviews and you crazy crazy stuff it really like black stuff
black hat stuff and I didn’t know I’m just like a newbie seller I’m like oh
look at the lease sales this is so much fun but the market was completely
oversaturated and it was new sellers getting recycled and refreshed and was
cannibalizing itself in the profit margin but I didn’t see these early
warning signs so I ordered a weight larger and my cue that I should have and
then I could not get into the first page who’s like anything because like and I
didn’t bundle my product I didn’t you thought I had like somewhat of a bundle
but it wasn’t strong enough right so um my advice is just to really study the
competition people just don’t do that enough that’s one mistake
those are big exciting competitions knowing the market right that’s the
biggest thing if you don’t realize they make the money before you order the
product right not afterwards so right yeah so as a FBA seller this is number
one thing we always see is Amazon FBA dead what’s your what’s your kind of
thoughts on that yeah we got a runaway luckily we have these these ones these
keep us cozy know um Amazon is very much alive I think it’s like more alive than
even when I started because now it’s it’s actually cool because it’s getting
slightly harder because Amazon keeps changing its policies with like reviews
launches and there’s all these third-party things coming on like mani
Chad and Facebook as of getting more advanced but it’s not that hard like
eventually when you start Amazon you convention to other things and
supplement your Amazon business and it’s going to make you stand out and people
are getting more and more lazy and they don’t want to do this so actually I
think the competition is getting lower for me personally just because things
are getting slightly harder not like so difficult that you can’t do it it’s it’s
all very easy you just have to learn it correctly right and I’m sure that’s how
you teach it in your course that’s like no matter what changes and I know you
guys keep updating it that’s why I love it it’s like any new change it’s updated
so everyone in it is already informed of what’s happening and they can just
adjust what they’re doing and still be successful right and that’s the things
like it’s getting Messier I would say that it’s getting Messier the
marketplace but those that are actually doing it properly it’s
getting easier right because the people that are the berry ventures getting
harder the berry of interesting hiring people that are just like looking for
your quick cash grab they’re gonna be done and gone right oh yeah right so
products like that die too if you’re if you’re doing like a quick product and
you don’t invest quality and your actual due diligence into it it’s going to be
maybe you’ll make a few grants but then it’s going to die and that’s just a
headache you don’t want to do that you’re gonna have to keep recycling
everything exactly it’s just like a flash in the pan and they don’t realize
that all right so for those of you that people I want to find where you’re at
and what you’re doing you know you mentioned it yet a huge channel where
can they find your work and they reach out to you so all my handles aren’t into
a milly like into a million dollars oh yeah yeah that’s my Instagram and
YouTube Facebook group or everything is if you just type that in it will show up
into Emilia all link it in the description of course do you have
anything you want to leave that everyone else with here um yeah just again going
with the theme don’t overthink it it’s it’s not as hard as you think everything
is harder when you 40 seems hard when you first start out like math algebra
everyone hates it but oh along the way if you learn if you’re getting like
right knowledge like for example from your course you have it very very laid
out so it’s very very easy that way you just need to kind of pay attention and
actually take action and don’t overthink it and day by day it’s it’s kind of like
a marathon right not like a short situation you just have to keep doing it
and then you will find success eventually I won’t actually touch on
that really quickly with courses what are your opinion on courses like do you
think people need courses or how do you feel about that I I definitely advise
courses a hundred and million ten thousand I mean it cuz I tried doing
like YouTube video I mean no it’s not like I try because I didn’t want to take
a course and I’ve taken your course so I can like 100% say it’s like top of the
top but it’s just you need to have good information in there if you’re just kind
of like scatterbrain all over YouTube you don’t know what you’re looking for
you’re typing and stuffing up oh I think I need to talk to suppliers now but I
don’t know and big people reach out to me and they ask me questions and I can
immediately tell that they haven’t been in a
because that’s not the right like process of thinking that’s not the next
logical step but if you’re in of course you get the general idea and then every
little step your walk through so it’s you minimize your mistakes by so little
and people might say like oh of course is so expensive like it’s a thousand
dollars or whatever but the amount of time you’re saving for yourself like
you’re literally saving yourself weeks of time because you would be on YouTube
trying to find the next step watching 10 videos to find like one
piece of information a while and of course literally like I’ve seen your
modules it’s like literally from A to Z all laid out
no missing links so you just sit down watch it implement it you’re done you
know it’s just it’s very very valuable and the mistakes you save too with like
the money if you were to invest in about product that’s not a good idea
exactly right no that’s perfect awesome save money save time and you know save
headache that’s what I like the most about I tell people right all right I
think that’s everything I think we’re cozy already great cause
it to go alright thank you so much for for your time again if you guys want to
find Karina links will be in the description I can reach out to her
thanks for having me 100% anytime


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