Shiloh Snaps At YouTubers and People On Twitter (Onision’s “Patient Zero”)

Shiloh Snaps At YouTubers and People On Twitter (Onision’s “Patient Zero”)

“-If I go off and tell a fan or somebody
to k-ll themselves, regardless of how bad they are to me,
I’m still responsible for what I say. I’m responsible for how I react and
my response to those people.” “I literally want you to effing disappear.” You can also see her saying that
it would better the world. “-What in the h-ll were you thinking? What the h-ll did you think
this was going to accomplish?” Shiloh also said, “Just eliminate yourself.
No one wants you here.” “-You don’t make other content creators feel
maybe that they shouldn’t speak up because they don’t want to face the wrath either. I mean, there’s a familiarity there
and yeah, I just went there.” “-And I’d say about 80% of those
were telling me to k-ll myself.” “-You’d figure of all people, you’d know better.” Hey, everyone.
It’s your homeboy and I got receipts. Now, unfortunately, in today’s episode, they’re not the type of receipts that I’m happy to present to you but I’m not just gonna be going around making exceptions for someone just because they’re fighting the fight that I’m also fighting, you know what I mean? Basically, if you’re familiar with my Edwin’s Generation channel of which this is my smaller channel
so I would assume so, I recently made a couple videos on Onision. And recently this past weekend, Shiloh, who is one of his alleged victims and a woman speaking out against him, just really went off the rails on– on Twitter and I spoke out against her actions which she was doing on Twitter and a lot of people were very angry at me. Sometimes I feel like Twitter or maybe just people in general sometimes don’t seem to see the nuance and it’s almost, like, you’re either with us or
you’re against us so I just want to make it clear that because I will be focusing in on Shiloh,
I want to make it clear that I do support Shiloh. However, some of the things that she said on Twitter in the past couple days I can’t stand behind, you know, and that should be okay and it should be okay to kind of criticize someone and kind of give them a nudge, like, “hey, this– this isn’t it,” like, because I– I tweeted her
and I was very respectful but, before I get into that, I want to start from
the bottom so let’s start from the bottom. I know a lot of you guys don’t use Twitter.
I envy you, you are gonna be retaining your sanity for a lot longer than the rest of us
that do use Twitter. Now, with that being said, even if you do use Twitter, this like a weird mess that is really difficult to keep up with so I want to try to start from the
ground up and really just do my best to summarize it at least from my perspective
and be as fair as possible. “-Because I, as somebody who has
a growing social media following, I have to be responsible for what I say publicly.” So this all started when Sarah, the girl who was allegedly groomed by Onision and Kai, made a tweet saying, “I went to an FBI office in Michigan and dropped off my laptop and old phones. They’ll probably be keeping the laptop for quite a while so I’ll be needing a new one for school. Anything to help is greatly appreciate it but please don’t feel obligated,” and she shared a link to her Venmo. Now, when I saw this Venmo link, I immediately
retweeted it because I’ve had people ask me, like, “how can I help?” or whatever so I’m
like, “okay, let me– let me spread awareness,” and I myself donated a big chunk because I
promised that I would from the revenue that I’ve been making on the videos on this topic. I don’t find a problem but, of course, it is Twitter
so naturally there are gonna be people that are gonna have a problem with Sarah sharing her Venmo, like, she’s clearly not telling anybody “you have to donate, you have to do this,” you know?
I– I really don’t get how people are so bothered because that’s the thing, when a random stranger just shares their Venmo, nobody cares, you know? Nobody says anything but God forbid Sarah, a girl
that has gone through so much and works almost every day, has her own apartment, has a cat,
has a car– car loans, all these responsibilities and she’s setting time apart to go to the
FBI office and try to, like, give information, you know? She’s been seeing lawyers, setting
time apart, you know, so, like, I don’t find it unreasonable to– to be, like,
if anybody wants to donate, like, sure. Like, if it bothers you, I just don’t understand why people can’t just keep scrolling but anyways, I digress. One of the people that was questioning Sarah
was a YouTuber that goes by the name Josh Pescatore and he had quote tweeted her and
asked her several questions like, “hey, what about this and that? Whatever happened to you saying that you didn’t want money?” and asked her several questions. And there was another girl that asked her
like, “hey, where in Michigan do you live?” I don’t know if these people meant any ill intent,
like, I don’t want to assume that but I understand where Sarah’s coming from
and what I don’t understand is Shiloh’s reaction. We spoke shortly after this tweet and she was very emotionally distraught, she had just gone off of work and she saw all of this scrutiny so I completely empathize, I felt a lot of frustration myself,
I made my own tweet: “So many people have asked how they could help
Sarah and the moment she finally makes a tweet suggesting how they could help, other people
that never intended to support her feel the need to shame and interrogate her.
Not the move.” I know what I wasn’t gonna do was start a war with other commentary drama channels because that would only make the thing bigger. However, that’s the exact thing that
Shiloh went ahead and did. Okay, Shiloh’s initial reaction was: “Harass one of my girls? I’ll come at you FOREVER. No. Effing. Limits. Period!
Try me.” To which someone replied:
“Your girls? They are not your property…” Now, I understand that this is a misunderstanding, like– like, Shiloh’s saying, like, “these are my girls, like, these are my sisters,” you know?
Kind of like a bond thing, you know? And maybe this– this girl didn’t understand it but the way that Shiloh reacted is what I found to be a little bit… uh… I don’t know,
I– I…. See, I still feel nervous saying this because– and again,
I don’t– I don’t… I don’t want this to be black and white, I support Shiloh; I just don’t support the way
she lashes out at people. She blocked this girl but right before she blocked her, she sent her a private message and she said, “You’re a b-tch.” I feel like she could have just blocked if
it bothered her that much or– or ignored it but why is that the impression
that she wants to give off to people? Let’s– let’s keep going. These are the messages that Shiloh sent
to the drama news YouTuber Josh Pescatore: “You wanna handle this with someone your own age?
Or is that you want to be like Greg so badly you actually start doing things he’s done? Does harassing a 19-year-old girl who lives alone make you feel big?” and Josh says, “Asking questions isn’t harassment but publicly telling your following to report people is. I don’t care about this person, same as I don’t care about Greg. But the point stands. I ask questions to expose effery on the Internet. Got time to answer a couple from me and my team?
Because we got em.” And Shiloh says, “Oh yeah I got time for your team. Please send me an email contact for your ‘team’ so I can forward it to mine and Sarah’s lawyer. As it stands, you’re showing yourself
as being very much like Greg. You tried to find out the college location of a 19-year-old girl who lives alone… you realize how creepy that is? Send me an e-mail or address. I’ll gladly have you served. Or I can find it myself. Peace sign.” Then a minute later she said, “No? No time for that? Alrighty, I will find a contact myself, thanks.” Josh replied, “Ok, where do you want me to send me
and my team’s list of questions? And P.S. There’s no tweet of me asking for anything, ma’am. In fact, the tweet you’re referring to specifically states after my obvious jokes that
‘no can’t ask her what school it is.’ But where should I send the email? My name is Josh Pescatore, I’m an independent reporter on YouTube.” Shiloh says, “I didn’t ask for a list of questions.
I asked for an email for my lawyers to send you appropriate paperwork. It is fine, I already have one.
Take care, Josh, you won’t be much longer.” Then Josh sent her a link to a tweet and Shiloh says, “I saw that. Goodbye, I have a contact email for you now. Please no longer contact me. Mine and Sarah’s
lawyer will be in contact with you. Goodbye.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news but
Shiloh and Sarah don’t share a lawyer. So she just lied to this guy to intimidate him. One of the people that made Sarah uncomfortable was a Twitter user that goes by Angela and she said, “Anyone know what city in Michigan she’s in?
I’m sure we can figure it out. I’m also in Michigan and quite familiar with the schools.” Now, this is really creepy, okay? Like, I understand why Sarah might be creeped out
and I’ve spoken to this girl Angela, she showed me a direct message that
she sent to Sarah apologizing profusely and she also showed me that she donated to Sarah to
try to make it right and show that she felt bad. I know that emotions are high and
I spoke to Sarah and she was really upset so… [sighs] So was it creepy? Yes. Was it intentionally creepy? I don’t know. Now, the way that Shiloh responded to this tweet though; she said, “You’re really f-cking creepy and need to stop before I come by for a visit.” Uuhhh… Okay, okay, I get it, now, I get it, you know, like I said, I also was very angry because I had just heard
Sarah and I was very angry but I– I feel like targeting people like this in a public tweet
I don’t think that’s the way to use your social media and again, I don’t want to dictate how
people should use their social media at all but, like, Shiloh has spearheaded–
put herself voluntarily, put herself in this, like, “I am the face,” you know? No other victim is like
“I am the one, I’m speaking for everybody else,” so she has voluntarily
placed herself in this position of, like, “I– I will be the bigger sister, I will be the motherly figure,” you know? She has voluntarily done this for– for all “her girls.” After that tweet, Shiloh went ahead and encouraged her followers to report the girl Angela
but she wasn’t finished there. So after Shiloh put Angela on blast, she actually also sent her a DM and it said: “Are you effing stupid?” Angela then blocked Shiloh and Shiloh went
on to her other account and she said to Angela: “I swear to God I’m already on it on
finding where the F you live.” Now, let’s not forget that Shiloh was calling out this girl Angela for being creepy as to try to find out where Sarah lives, right?
That was the impression and the way that Shiloh decided to
respond to this girl Angela what was by saying “I’m gonna find out where you live, I’m already on it”? That’s– that’s creepy in itself as well. I just don’t understand how Shiloh likes to stoop down to the same level in such an aggressive manner. Yeah, we can all agree that Angela
was saying something creepy but why do you have to one-up her, Shiloh? You already quote tweeted her several times and
then you also DM her on both of your accounts? At one point, Angela felt threatened and reported
some of Shiloh’s messages and one of them reads: “I literally want you to effing disappear.” You can also see her saying that it would “better the world.” Shiloh also said, “Just eliminate yourself.
No one wants you here.” I got to say, it’s a little bit disappointing
that people want to support the cause so bad that they’re willing to turn the other cheek
when people say things like this. Someone replied, “She did not say the words k-ll yourself. She said she didn’t want that person here, here as in their business.
Not here as in here on earth.” Are you seriously telling me that if someone with 35 thousand followers decided to publicly threatened you and then, after that, tell their entire following
to report your account and then, after that, tell you that they’re figuring out where you
live so you block them and then, after that, they tell you to “eliminate yourself” because
the world would be a better place, you really– are you serious? It’s– it’s honestly sad. I’m not sure if it’s because Shiloh has been a victim of Onision’s or if it’s because people just fail to see the nuance in that, you know, a victim of someone can also
do some pretty bad things, you know? It doesn’t have to be black and white. Victims are not perfect. Victims will not do everything that is holy, you should not protect everything that a victim does. That’s just not how it should work. And I completely understand making mistakes through the trauma, however, when you double down unapologetically the way Shiloh has it leads me to believe that she thinks she’s right
and she’s not making any mistakes. And the worst part of it all is that I’m inclined to think that Shiloh does not feel any remorse for her actions and the reason why I say this is because when I quote tweeted the screenshots of what she said, Repzion quote tweeted my tweet
also disavowing her actions. Following that, he also made a Twitter video emphasizing how important it is for us to take a responsibility for our own actions. And the way that Shiloh responded to this was by unfollowing Repzion but not before telling him off. Apparently she told him that he joined the “horde” against them and to keep her name out of his mouth all because he denounced Shiloh telling a
complete stranger to off themselves. Now, as you can see on Shiloh’s Twitter feed,
there’s a tweet there missing that says it is no longer available
because it violated Twitter’s rules. So what was the tweet? Well this is why I called the channel “Homeboys Got Receipts” because you know your homeboys got em. The deleted tweet was a quote tweet of someone
saying, “how about no on one of your ‘girls’ because she scammed me out of 50 bucks
so go F yourself.” Okay, that was kind of aggressive but Shiloh’s quote tweet said,
“Prove it. Weasel. Maybe don’t send money to people if you don’t want them to have it. No one scammed you, you’re just stupid. F this app, toxic BS. Good job taking
ALL the attention off the actual problem. THERE IS AN EFFING PED-PHILE ON YOUTUBE.” You don’t have to give the attention to this guy,
you have a huge following, you have a huge platform and you’re the one amplifying
this guy’s tweet for some reason. And this is not me saying that you
shouldn’t respond to this guy, of course not. This is me just kind of suggesting that if you want to respond to people that upset you, why not just @ reply them? Why do you have to put everybody on a quote tweet for everybody to see and everybody to shame, you know? That’s what I’m having trouble understanding. Shiloh also tweeted, “I’m definitely starting to lose my patience with catering to an online platform during a LEGAL INVESTIGATION.
Real life is happening outside of this. Onision is still a… Onision is still an ab-ser. Onision is still dangerous!” and then she quote tweeted the tweet
that violated Twitter’s rules. And this is what I mean, nobody is making
her cater to a social media platform. Why is she asking like people are forcing her
to tweet when there is a legal investigation? As she so very well puts it,
if there’s a legal investigation, what is– what is the purpose of her
roasting people publicly? Like, she could very well well @ reply these people. [sighs] D-mn it, I’m gonna come off too harsh
and I’m not– I’m not trying to be harsh, this is, like– This is one of the tweets that frustrated me that night, especially after hearing Sarah on the phone because, you know, the way it’s phrased
is obviously not in a kind way. Now, people on Twitter were saying that Nick was just asking a valid question and, I mean… yeah, okay, at the core it is a valid question,
he’s asking, “why do you suddenly need a new laptop?” but– but the phrasing, the word choice, I mean, come on. It’s obviously very, like, interrogative, you know? He’s like, “huh, why do you suddenly need a new laptop, huh? With an INFLUX of donations?” Now, I don’t think that he meant to hurt Sarah’s feelings, however, I do think that he was being rude and do-chy but, at least, unlike Shiloh,
he can acknowledge that. Nick: “-Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an -sshole.” “-There’s a lot of things you could call Nick, you could call Nick an -sshole, you can call him a ballbuster, you could even say that he gets a little aggressive
when he is sniffing into something.” N: “But I’m not wearing that badge of honor here.” It’s not the kindest method to get a response out of someone but it definitely can get a response
out of someone and it did get a response out of Shiloh. “Please report @Nicholas_DeOrio. Releasing private DMs and encouraging doxxing of a 19-year-old girl. #DeplatformPr-dators” Just like with the Angela girl, I don’t know if the move is to publicly roast someone and tell your entire following to report them, I don’t think that is the move. Initially, I wasn’t even sure if what she was saying was true or not because she didn’t provide any proof of it whatsoever. Not to mention adding in the “#DeplatformPr-dators” was really confusing to me because it’s, like, that didn’t really seem necessary. She didn’t put the hashtag with the Angela girl so why is she putting that in there, you know?
Some people took that as if she’s saying “this Nicholas guy is a pr-dator, deplatform him as well” so when you put that, like, police report, you started off with a police report and you end it with
“#DeplatformPr-dators,” of course, it’s not crazy to– to think that you’re
implying that this Nicholas guy is a pr-dator. And, as far as I could tell, there’s no implication of him even being a pr-dator, he’s just like a drama YouTuber, you know? Which is why I also think it’s so wrong that she
went after a drama YouTuber and guess what? Now there are several videos about
this entire issue because you just– you just don’t go after a drama YouTuber. N: “And she does this above the hashtag “#DeplatformPr-dators” which, in my opinion, clearly tries to paint me as a pr-dator.” And you’re gonna say that you–
you want the attention to be on Onision when you’re out here blasting a drama YouTuber
and keep trying to get him reported. The tweet right after the Nicholas DeOrio one was also “#DeplatformPr-dators” so that’s why I was also confused, like, wait,
she’s not trying to say that Nicholas is one, right? I don’t know if she tried to say that
Nicholas was one or not because it’s not clear, she’s just repeating the hashtag after that tweet and then the next tweet right after that
is also about Nicholas. She says, “You’re gross, and you can’t hide.” Now, first of all, none of these screenshots back up any of the reasons that Shiloh told her following to report Nicholas. The first part of the screenshot shows Nicholas being confused about the whole laptop story which, honestly, I don’t blame him for this because that whole story was a convoluted mess in part because of Chris Hansen and I think the part about Sarah asking for money is pretty nitpicky, you guys already know how I feel, I mean, yes, she did tell Billy that she didn’t want money
but that was in the context of her not telling her story for financial motives and she had said that
Repzion donated to her without asking. Plus, even if she didn’t want money from people a month ago and later realize that she could use some help, are we really crucifying hernfor changing
her mind about something so minuscule? Nicholas also didn’t like how Sarah chose Venmo over GoFundMe which is something he went over in his own video. N: “This was a bit sketchy on its own, right? Because a GoFundMe is an organized form of crowdfunding where you’re required to disclose
what you’re funding for and you could see how much people
have raised toward a specific goal.” Yeah, but it’s not like GoFundMe requires you to show a receipt once you hit your goal and, on top of that, GoFundMe does take a fee from your donations and, on top of that, plenty of GoFundMes go over their goal anyways. Isn’t that right, Shiloh? N: “If you slap a PayPal or a cash app or a Venmo, this is something that always makes me a bit skeptical.” And again, I might be biased because I’m in
touch with Sarah and I hear what’s going on behind the scenes a little bit more closely
here but I have no reason to feel sketched out by Sarah and I will call a spade a spade. I think that’s the expression. But I– if I see something sketchy, you know I’ll call out. The only tweet he posted that was actually disparaging towards Sarah out of all these was this one in which he called her an “e-beggar” and said she was a financially motivated clout chaser. And it’s important to note that Sarah wasn’t even tagged in this so it’s possible that she didn’t even see it. But he did say it so does the homie still feel this way? I reached out to him with this question and he said: “I wouldn’t say I think Sarah’s an ‘Ebeggar.’
However I’m suspicious of the reaction that it caused. Maybe that hit closer to home
for Shiloh than it did Sarah. I think I questioned the wrong girl
at the end of the day haha.” Now, even though I disagree with the approach that Nicholas took throughout this whole thing or even the opinion that he had on Sarah, in no way would that make me want to report him or encourage my followers to report him. I– I believe that’s absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering that Sarah
wasn’t even tagged in these tweets. The last tweet from Nicholas was, “Gonna delete the tweets under the post specifically because I got all the screenshots I need and they are opening me up to being mass flagged the longer they stay there.” Now, the first part sounds a bit… uh, kind of sinister, like, “hehehe, I got
all the screenshots that I need for my video” or something like that, but the second one
did hold validity considering how Shiloh called for her followers to report Nick. And by the way, Nicholas’s video actually turned out to be pretty good, you know, like I said, the only things that I disagreed on are the whole Venmo/GoFundMe thing and his approach towards Sarah because I just don’t see what she did wrong
in this whole situation. And though I don’t blame Nicholas for being skeptical,
at the same time, Sarah doesn’t exactly owe random strangers an explanation
for everything that she does. Objectively speaking from everything
that I’ve picked up at least, Sarah’s not proven to be incredulous,
so far at least. Shiloh also tweeted, “And since everyone
is so butthurt about this crap, F it. Hate me.” and then she posted her own Venmo
which she has now deleted. I don’t know if it was supposed to be, like, a “I stand in solidarity with– with Sarah, donate to me as well,” I don’t know if– like, I don’t– I don’t know. N: “She put out a tweet saying that I apparently run smear campaigns on young girls for clicks and drama. Let me remind you this entire situation
is over a simple question that Sarah could have just ignored if she
felt uncomfortable answering it.” I gotta agree with Nick here because he knows that his way of information is informal and he could have been ignored
but Sarah took the bait. Okay,
F in the chat. But Shiloh– she turned this all into something bigger and frankly, I’m gonna be bold and say this: Shiloh owes Sarah an apology. Over the weekend, Sarah was stressed out and blaming
herself saying that it was all her fault for posting the Venmo link in the first place and I’m like, no, I mean, in theory, I guess the butterfly effect- – had she not done that this might’ve not happened, but that’s just not how I should work, you know? Shiloh blew this up. I mean, Shiloh made a GoFundMe for Sarah, she took it upon herself to create this for her “sister” and somehow didn’t have access to it and started flipping out on some other Twitter user, like, what is this about? There were a bunch of tweets that morning
and it was all really confusing to witness. Anyway, eventually Shiloh said that Sarah
had access to the GoFundMe and she said that she was leaving Twitter for today and that
she was exhausted… but she didn’t leave Twitter for today. She came back to Twitter and tweeted
at a guy called BongKing and said, “thanks for blocking me after I sent a screenshot
of your DM to someone I thought I could trust and they went and posted it publicly.
It’s cool, though. You’re welcome for the clout,” and this tweet just confused the h-ll out
of me so I tweeted her, you know, I said, “I’m having trouble understanding – the guy was upset at you for sharing DM exchanges you had with him so now you’re putting him on blast
and accusing him of wanting clout? I don’t mean any disrespect,
I’m just really confused at this.” How does this make sense, like, shouldn’t she be mad at the person that leaked this screenshot of this DM instead of the guy that
she leaked to DM of? Like, let me put this into perspective: if you and I have a DM and I’m going around taking a screenshot of our DM and I’m giving it to strangers because she gave it to at least two people that I’ve been in touch with, and I find out because a drama channel is like,
“yo, I recognize the icon of your face, what are you doing talking crap about Nicholas?” you know, because that was what the screenshot was,
it would be reasonable for– for the guy, BongKing, it would be reasonable for you to be upset, no? And– and I feel like it’s unreasonable for her to get upset at him instead of the person that
leaked this screenshot. That’s what– that’s what’s confusing to me. So when BongKing saw this tweet, obviously
he was upset and he confronted Shiloh and he said, “yo, why are you sharing our DMs?”
and then he blocked her because she didn’t reply straight away and he just didn’t want
to deal with it and then she went on to tweet this and it’s just confusing because, like,
what clout? Why– why is clout the first thing in your mind
and what clout are you giving him when he never made any public tweets about her at all. I don’t know, I don’t understand so, like, if I make a public tweet about someone and I’m dissing them, should I say “you’re welcome for the clout”? Also, I gotta be honest with you guys, when I wrote this tweet I literally contemplated for about an hour and I’m really embarrassed to admit this but that’s because the way that Shiloh just gave me this– this vibe of, like, walking on eggshells I did not want to anger her, I don’t want to say anything wrong, I wanted to be as respectful as possible, you know? I just didn’t really understand how she can say
“you’re welcome for the clout” for literally being rude to BongKing for no good reason that I could perceive so I wanted to understand, you know? I was, like, afraid, I didn’t want to get
blocked because I had seen other people say that they were being blocked and
DMing them rude things. I didn’t want to disrespect Shiloh, like, Shiloh is the one person that’s never interacted with me whatsoever, it’s possible that she doesn’t know I exist,
I don’t want to assume that but I’m in touch with a lot of girls, it’s just, like, I don’t know– I don’t know how to interact with them,
I’m very cautious, I try to be as respectful as possible
because I don’t have any ill intent. It took me a while because I really want to
understand where she’s coming from because of all the investment that I have
in this entire story, you know? I want– I want everybody to come out
of this in a safe way. I wish I could have had a civil discussion with her but I didn’t get any reply and it’s interesting
to me because with almost 300 likes on my tweet, there’s no way she didn’t see my tweet because she was DMing random people and blocking random people but she didn’t give Edwin any attention?!
Come on, girl! [laughs] “-You don’t make other content creators feel
maybe that they shouldn’t speak up because they don’t want to face the wrath either. I mean, there’s a familiarity there
and yeah, I just went there.” “-He– He sent a good bit of people after me, I woke up the next morning from him sending out his, like, final goodbye to me online and I had about 15 hundred
that I got through and I’d say about 80% of those
were telling me to k-ll myself.” “-You’d figure of all people, you’d know better. But no.” Naturally, I had people telling me “Can you
back off of Shiloh?” and I’m, like, dude, okay, I tried– I tried, I literally spent too long and trying to phrase that tweet the most careful way possible,
you know? I don’t mean any ill intent towards Shiloh and any
of her girls can vouch for me, like, I have spoken to most– most of them and I’ve always been respectful,
I’ve done the most diligent work I can on my videos. I don’t know, like,
I feel, like, it’s strange. And then this girl said, “I’m not sure why people are confused, anyone can slip up like this. But put it this way, you have two friends, you send a screenshot of a DM that’s just a discussion… to your other friends, trusting them. Then they pull a dog move and post it publicly, disrespecting both of them.” And that’s what I mean, Shiloh should be mad about this “friend” except it wasn’t a friend, this was a complete stranger. And let’s have a look at that DM
that she sent to this complete stranger: “How many girls does this type of crap need
to happen to before people stop protecting bullies, harassers, slander pages, hate pages, groomers, P’s and so on. This guy maybe isn’t SOME of those. But the fact you’re supporting him is gross.
Don’t support me if you’re gonna support him.” First of all, if you’re talking to someone in this manner, how could you feel so comfortable trusting them?
I mean, someone talk to me in this manner, I would likely feel inclined to share this DM and be like,
“yo, everybody look at the way that this woman is talking to me, this is so uncalled for” because Cecil never– never started anything with Shiloh. Shiloh just DMed Cecil out of nowhere and this is what she said. It seems a little bit uncalled for, it’s just so aggressive. Now, some people were saying that BongKing
was trolling her and the reason why I know that this is false is because Shiloh herself
actually went on to show the entire conversation DM that she had ever with BongKing in a–
in a now deleted tweet. But homeboy does have the receipt for this one,
I screen recorded that because why did she do that? That is so weird because just a day before she was
putting Nicholas on blast for releasing private DMs and encouraging doxxing, meanwhile she thinks it’s a good idea to show an entire screen capture of her entire DM conversation with BongKing? And I got in touch with BongKing and he told me that he was upset because, in the DM conversation, he told her where he lived in the town and everything and some private information that he didn’t want out in the public so, like, it’s like a– it’s really confusing that
she gets to lash out at him even though she exposed all this private info about him. And going back to Shiloh being upset a BongKing when I feel like she should have been upset at the person leaking the DMs, you know, if you expected it to stay private because you thought you trusted them, shouldn’t you be blasting that leaker, right? And I think it’s interesting because the person that leaked it was actually a YouTuber that has made some really good Onision videos but why isn’t she being put on blast? Why is BongKing being put on blast
when he’s simply upset? Furthermore, what BongKing was telling Shiloh
was to beware of Nicholas because Nicholas would share private DMS and that’s a reasonable warning because Nicholas did go on to share private DMs that
he had with Sarah with Tommy C. So BongKing got caught in a crossfire for what reason? He was warning Shiloh that Nicholas would share DMs and it happened and, for some reason,
he’s getting called out? Shiloh also tweeted: “At this point, if you aren’t here to support the victims and protect them and keep the attention on the problem which is that Onision is still walking free after grooming and ab-sing teens, you aren’t welcome here. From here on out, anyone
out of line gets blocked.” Especially coming after everything that
she just tweeted, this is what concerns me. That’s the kind of tweet that she makes that literally makes me shiver in my boots, you know, I get scared, I’m like, “oh, am I wording this right?” because, again, this is not the first time that she tweets this kind of thing. She also made a tweet actually
apologizing to Nick and she said, “I’m sorry Nick, I didn’t know the ‘good find’ comment was out of context,” and this is because Nick had said to somebody “good find” when they
had found a video of Sarah talking about how Sarah hadn’t asked for money, you know, at
that point in time. “I still agree you need to be reported for trying to harass a 19-year-old girl & joining in on the show and helping making it bigger when you stated how little
you actually knew. For that, I’m not sorry.” I feel like I have to go back to the whole
“why couldn’t she just @ reply him?” you know, and also she didn’t even tag him in this one. It doesn’t feel like a sincere apology, let’s just put it there. He needs to be reported
for harassing someone? Like, it wasn’t all that bad, like, some of thetweets that he was saying that Sarah was an e-beggar and stuff like that, Sarah wasn’t even tagged in though, so… And to say that Nicholas helped make it bigger?
Look, I don’t disagree that Nicholas was definitely fanning the flame, you know, like, making drama
out of nothing, I don’t disagree with that part. However, you were the one that was
helping make it bigger, okay? You– you– you’re making all these tweets public,
you’re giving him the attention. Why? [sighs] She also goes on to say, “I’m sorry BongKing for taking your message of warning and trusting it and also warning others with it, although it was cropped and all that could be seen was your profile picture. I do hope you could stop spreading needless lies.” This does not feel like an apology, she’s literally excusing everything that she just did– “although you could only see your face,” yeah,
but because someone recognized his face, they put him on blast and it was
a drama channel that put him on blast. Also, what needless lies did he spread? He was upset because you shared
your entire DM conversation with him. The thing that you called out Nicholas for doing,
you did to BongKing and, in those DM conversations, it clearly showed were BongKing resides and he was
not comfortable with that information being out. I don’t know how– I don’t know how you keep putting yourself on his pedestal, like, that is not an apology. And even though Shiloh publicly “apologized” to BongKing on her Twitter, she still felt the need to message him, however, since she was blocked, she logged into her other account and sent him these lovely messages: “LOVE how my abuse is funny to you
and you had to lie about so much.” Now, for context, somebody asks BongKing, “Okay bro, here’s the genuine question: are you pro bald Shiloh or anti bald Shiloh? Sometimes she looks like Tommy Pickles when she’s bald and it makes me giggle” and BongKing replied, “Now this is news! Hmm,
pro in the summer and anti in the winter.” Now, even though BongKing didn’t make the
joke, he did play along with it and it is in bad taste, however, it is important to note that this happened
after Shiloh had already leaked the messages. So just like people are willing to excuse
the way that Shiloh lashes out at people, I feel like it should be excused that he was emotionally angry and– and just played along with a dumb joke, you know, after finding out that she had leaked
private messages between her and him. But, of course, in no way am I justifying that interaction, I’m just saying the whole thing is messy to begin with,
I mean, Jesus. I just want to clarify everything and add all the context so you guys can make your own judgments. “You’re actually just a disgusting drunk creep
in small town Ontario who attached himself to a young pretty victim to make his own peen feel big.
I hate you and I hope you rot in hell with Greg, you creep. Peace emoji, laughing emoji. Effing weirdo.
Go smoke more and collect your OW cheque or work in your mundane -ss construction job
with your old frail -ss creepy self. FU, I have family where you live, have fun F face.
Post those, you dumb little mini Onision. Is it that you didn’t like I wouldn’t reply every time you called me sexy or beautiful? You effing weirdo,
you’re disgusting and everyone sees it. Keep roping yourself in with all the Greg stans,
you bandwagon little– You’re so effing lucky my dad isn’t alive,
you effed up little prick.” Shiloh eventually deleted her Twitter but one of her last tweets was one that said this: “I’ll just leave this here for those of you who
can’t seem to put things into perspective. If someone threatened to release your 19-year-old sister’s house & school address to millions of people, what would YOU do?” Ouh, she’s being hyperbolic here. “Hyperbowl”?
Hyperbole? I hate the fact check but that didn’t happen. Snowballing a little bit for dramatic effect, I guess. “Before you answer, don’t forget she lives alone,
has an online pr-dator watching her every move, lives in another state police won’t help
when you call in about doxxing. What would YOU do? Be honest. Peace sign.” Not to take away from the whole sister bond
but they’ve never met in person and I hope that my sister would not approve
of the way that Shiloh speaks to people for one. Ouof, this is– this is such an uncomfortable
position to be put in for– for Sarah, you know? It’s really not fair. And the whole emphasis of “she lives alone,” like, emphasizing that she’s vulnerable is also really concerning. One of the reasons why I think a video like
this is essential is to show that, hey, people that are against Onision aren’t just all, like, “well, we gotta ignore the people that are slipping up,” no, no, no, we got to put people in place,
we gotta put people in check, you know? Like, I would do this to anybody else and I would hope that if I’m slipping up as much as Shiloh just slipped up, I would hope that you guys would put me
in check just as well because guess what? Shiloh slipping up now, I guarantee you, it’s gonna be a part of the conversation between Keemstar and Onision. “Uhm, definitely talked about the Shiloh.” This is why I don’t like doing videos on
topics that are just happening because as they’re happening and they keep developing and then
I take forever to actually upload the videos. So it’s currently Wednesday the 26th and I actually filmed most of this video, probably about 70% of it,
last Friday. The clips in which you see me be more
anxious and nervous, that was on Friday. I’m now feeling a little bit
more better about this video, I don’t know what’ll happen but the reason why it took me so long is because well, as you saw, things kept developing and one last thing that
developed is that Shiloh messaged me and it was under the guise of her wanting to speak to me but I don’t think she actually wanted to because she really just lashed out at me– lashed out at me as well and then just kind of ghosted so it’s, like, okay, it was really bizarre
and I’m not exposing the DMs because maybe I misinterpreted it so, just in case I did, I’m still available to talk. Just, I don’t– I don’t know, I would have liked it if you treated me more human but it’s whatever. [laughs] [sighs] Another last minute update, this video keeps getting delayed because of this but it’s Thursday morning and I woke up to a plethora of
messages from Shiloh and… I don’t– I still don’t
want expose the messages but just to give you an idea, again, she reached out to me
under the pretense that she wanted to speak with me. Now, I say pretense because it
obviously proved to be untrue. Overall, I sent her seven messages. She reached out to me first and she sent me 32 messages throughout this whole thing, she just lashed out and lashed out at me and condescended me so much and the one thing that I really disagree with a lot
is that she spoke for a lot of, like, the girls in several instances and they were lies,
you know? Because I checked with them and they said it’s not true and I– it– Here’s the thing, even if there was an ounce of truth in these things, like, you don’t speak for other people like this, like, she’s trying to make me feel bad by saying like, “yeah, she thinks this about you” and it’s, like, I don’t know, I don’t really appreciate the–
try create the ripple of negative energy, you know? Like, why are you trying to create, like, infighting? I’ve been covering this story really respectfully, you know, like, I’m not– I’m not gonna be put down by that, like– this is not okay the way that she spoke
to me, the way she spoke to other people, this is not okay. I think overall there’s a lot of projecting with her, the one message I will read because she tweeted something similar was her saying, “You really need to stop living your little dream world before you start having a hard time separating reality from the tech in your hand.” Now, I– I feel like overall Shiloh, throughout all this, like, lashing out, I think that she’s done a lot projecting, this being one of those messages because I’m fine, girl, I’m fine. On the other hand, it seems like
you’re having a hard time and I hope that you can take a step back.
I sincerely hope, like, I like I said in my original tweet when I–
when I– when I talked about her, I said, “please take a step back,” you know, “take a– take a break from Twitter for sure.” The way you speak at people, that’s not– that’s not cool.
You speak to people, not at people, like, this is weird. But yeah, right, I– I– yeah… Anyways, this video was not fun to do, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s gonna get disliked
bombed but I hope that the real ones stick around and if not then whatever, it’s just
my side channel. [sighs] I was literally ready to start my video on Aaron Carter and then this whole thing happened. Alright, guys, see you in the next video
and thanks for the support. Cheers.


  1. This video is chronicling the whole twitter mess from last thursday up until she messaged me and went off on me as well. TIMESTAMPS:
    00:47 Speech about nuance
    2:32 How it all started – Sarah asking for help and sharing her venmo
    4:51 Shiloh curses at random follower
    5:39 Shiloh legally threatens Josh Pescatore – also compares him to Onision based off of a tweet he didn't make, but responded to
    7:06 Angela's tweet about finding Sarah's school and Shiloh threatening to visit her/finding out where she lives. Also goes off on Repzion.
    12:45 Nicholas DeOrio's approach towards Sarah and Shiloh's calling for him to be reported
    18:22 Shiloh tweets her own Venmo and creates a GoFundMe for Sarah
    19:37 Shiloh goes off on BongKing publicly and releases her DMs with him
    and threatens him in DMs
    28:32 Shiloh DMs Bongking on her lyl doll account to threaten him
    30:07 Shiloh justifies her behavior through the Notes app
    31:41 Shiloh DMs me

  2. This whole affair really downplays the severity of the situation and makes it look like a bunch of poeple that never grew up having pathetic internet based fueds over nothing.

  3. Hey Edwin, not sure if you'll see this but just wanted to make sure that you're okay after Shiloh attacked you? You haven't been on socials since she went nuts and I'm worried about you. Anyway, just wanted to send you some love and hope that you are okay. 🙂

  4. Shiloh has been through a traumatic experience which has been brought into the light again. She probably has a whole lot of mental conditions that are pushing her to behave in this way. It doesn't seem like she has a support network who can advise her what not to say and talk her through the haters. I wouldn't be surprised if she has survivor's guilt in regards to Sarah, Billie, and to a certain degree Kai/Lainey, hence the over protective behaviour. She needs to step back from social media on all platforms and get professional help as onion boy has done a ridiculous amount of damage to her psyche. She is seeing all haters as potential predators. Yes her behaviour is wildly inappropriate but psychologically it's speaking volumes as to where she is mentally right now.
    She's fragile still whether she wants to admit it or not.

  5. A minute in and you just got yourself a new sub I respect the fuck outta you glad to see the world isnt completely closed minded

  6. I’ve always loved Shiloh since her music videos on Family channel, she’s why I was so into Onionion at a young age. But, I understand where she’s coming from. She’s been traumatized and probably has some form of PTSD or C-PTSD. This comes with a lot of anger and a lot of defensive and aggressive tendencies. But, online with a following of mostly women and supporters; she NEEDS to filter herself despite the anger and anguish within her. It is easy to do that online. It’s not like saying something in the heat of the moment. Online it’s much easier to choose your words more carefully, I don’t like this “my girls” mindset she’s in. It dilutes the other women’s issues with her empowerment. It makes them look weak. I love Shiloh. Just not liking this behaviour. I bet Gurgle is eating up the fact that one of his victims is being targeted for a hot minute rather than himself, though.

  7. She's immersed herself in the situation so deeply that it's consumed her. She needs to get off twitter and take a moment to heal from everything being brought back up again. I'm sure Onision is having a field day watching things unravel.

  8. I really respect your style of reporting, throughout this video you remained unbiased and had a clear perspective on the facts. I think you’ve been more than respectful while covering this investigation and it’s truly upsetting to see Shiloh behave in this toxic manner. It’s evident that she is damaging her credibility with her rash and impulsive reactions online and it’s poisonous to the investigation. I think it would be more constructive for her to use her music as an outlet for all the emotions she must be dealing with right now instead of lashing out in anger online without thinking of the full spectrum of consequences that her actions may cause.

  9. Telling people you're gonna find out where they live, send fans to attack that person then DM them sounds like some shit onision would do. Ma'am i'ma need you to calm the fuck down, there's literally no need for all of that extra shit. This lawyer of yours should have told you not to engage with others with this investigation going on. Not sure if you were in your feelings that day but that still is no excuse to lash out on people that aggressively ESPECIALLY with this whole case & onision could easily use this out-burst against you if he wanted to. Suppose to be the victim here Shil, not the villain…

  10. Can we talk about how shiloh stole a sick baby's picture and tried to pass it off as her sick baby that died. Yea, she's bat shit. No doubt greg fucked with her head but shes bat shit and lies hardcore.

  11. the whole issue with this is, these girls are fighting a very public battle with almost no professional support and no media training, in high profile situations where women have spoken out eg. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, their accusers had teams around them to help weather the storm.

    when you speak out against someone who abused you, a lot of people aren't prepared for the emotions it'll bring up and the reliving of the abuse, and it's clear Shiloh and possibly some of the other girls simply weren't prepared and that's understandable, it seems like Shiloh hasn't processed, couldn't weather the storm of her emotions and has started lashing out and behaving poorly, it's unfortunate and something like this is hard to come back from

  12. Aside from this absolute clusterfuck of bullshit that Shiloh is partaking in, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the Aaron carter video lolol

  13. I am so glad i removed my Twitter account. I mean…also with I.G. …Why is it interesting if i just went to Starbucks, didn't get a parkingspace, went to a club…etc.
    On Twitter you only post to get people to react on a issue/problem/ question..
    Is that so important? That it's beeing retweeded, liked or shared…?. I rather live without…

  14. Where is the Aaron Carter video?
    Is it on the main channel but I'm just not seeing it?
    I'll look again 🖤

  15. Her behaviour just isn't really acceptable and that's the end of it. Being a victim shouldn't give you a pass to treat people in this way, i hope that you feel better from the messages and situation overall

  16. yikes, there is an investigation going on right now. the last thing these girls should be doing is getting involved in twitter drama.

  17. I hate that the word pédophile is synonymous with child toucher/moléster/predator and hebephile, like no that is not how paraphilic attractions work, not only that you don't have to be a pédophile nor hebephile to become a child prédator, some people get way too f^cking desperate for a mate that they go after an easy target, either that or they happen to take sadistic pleasure with harassing children.

    This misleading use of the word pédophile not only hurts the DSM-5 diagnosis but it hurts the scientific research around that particular paraphilia, the best results we have in the studies are from convicted séx offenders, yes it underlines none offenders for sure but it's not as widely studied in none offenders.

  18. Isn't this the guy that made fun of Melanie Martinez dressing like a "baby", meanwhile his model girlfriend dresses childlike as well? Also, Timothy Heller lied.

  19. I'm sorry, I try to stay away from the whole Onision drama, and he is an ass, but god damn, Shiloh was the crazy/abusive one back in the day. I'm sorry, she's obviously borderline and not full in the head. How about all the times years ago when she addmited to faking most of that shlit?
    If you want to bring Greg down, don't put all your eggs in a crazy persons baket.

  20. Holy shit stevie is still around?! Thought he quit yonks ago. Shilohs been through alot, I think its understandable shel go HAM over sensitive subjects. However she has very much lowered herself to Greg's pettiness and threatening ways. I can only imagine onions gonna do a hit piece on her cause of this

  21. I struggle with this because as someone that is a survivor and has ptsd, I can remember a lot of times where my ptsd caused me to act very heightened and aggressive when I felt unsafe or targeted. I never told anyone to go harm themselves but I can say I definitely had very heightened moments when people would speculate where I was living. People speculating where I lived would always terrify me because I was intentionally hiding myself. The scrutiny and constant criticism I would get for how heightened I would react would
    Send me in a spiral because I wish I could verbalize how intrusive and difficult ptsd is to manage once triggered. Not justifying Shiloh telling someone to kill themselves. Also not sure if she suffers ptsd. It’s just really rough cause I can emphasize to an extent and sometimes I wish people would consider the mental health aspect of these situations

  22. I think it's important to remember that Shiloh is not emotionally or mentally stable. She never has been. And the trauma she went through at such a young she seems to have stunted her emotional growth in the late teenage years. She was easily manipulated all those years ago, and she's still easy to manipulate and wind up. Best to take what she says with a grain of salt and block her if she gets nasty towards you. The only bearing she has on this criminal investigation, is that Greg traveled to Pennsylvania because he thought it was legal to have sex with her (which it wasn't). The FBI doesn't give a shit who throws a tantrum on Twitter or who forgets to take their Valium. They look at facts and proof and act accordingly. This is background noise to law enforcement. So if everyone could stop with the "this person is going to compromise the investigation!" bullshit, that'd probably be good. Too many people online are entirely too wrapped up in this when they will never have anything to do with the situation.

  23. Just because Shiloh is a victim doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes people are so willing to let it go u can still be called out for crappy behavior without minimizing the abuse they went through

  24. Shiloh is an example of why some people will go out of their way to denounce any sort of “victim” label

  25. To prefix this, me saying this doesn't mean I think that Greg is innocent!!!

    Shiloh definitely has BPD and what she is exhibiting is called "splitting". "If you're not 100% with me you're 100% against me" mentality. But those with BPD tend to be targets of malignant narcissists because of their emotional instability which is a vulnerability. The malignant narc sees this and uses their emotional instability against them. You can see this dynamic clearly playing out in Shiloh and Greg's relationship throughout all the videos he posted online. I don't doubt Shiloh has lied and manipulated but that does not negate the reality that Greg is an abusive monster. Shiloh definitely has anger management issues, which is a part of the diagnostic criteria for BPD, but so does Greg lol so… it's the pot calling the kettle black at this point. Just gotta remember though the lesser of two evils is definitely Shiloh cause she ain't no pedo. She is definitely someone I would personally stay away from because I have known many people like her in my life, even a cult leader I followed for a while. It's the same BPD personality type. Greg has it too… just so happens he is a pedo on top of the BPD which makes him 10 times fucking scarier.

  26. Truthfully, the way I took things given that Sarah was trying to get a new laptop for school, I think Angela was possibly trying to find her address as to maybe purchase a laptop as a gift and have it shipped to her directly?

  27. You weren't too harsh. Everyone needs to own up to their bad behavior even when they are a victim of abuse.

  28. Honestly, this now concerns me because Shiloh is showing some abusive behavior in my opinion. The fact that you sent 7 text messages in total, and she sent you 32, after ghosting you and insulting you, sounds to me like something Onision and other abusers would actually do. I've been in the situation similar to her where I was paranoid, didn't know how to set boundaries, and was very unhealthy and manipulative with my interactions with other people. Shiloh needs to go to therapy and work on boundaries and her somewhat manipulative behavior. I don't judge her, I've been there too, I just wish she'd make the right decisions and take a step back.

  29. More importantly, all this does is give Onision something to attack her character with, if this whole thing ever goes to court.

  30. Feels a little ehh asking people who you know will throw money at you for something like a laptop for school. You can cop one for pretty cheap because all it's for are documents and browsing the web. Either way I don't really care, and I probably only feel this way because I dislike people going to Twitter to ask for money already. But I'd assume this would be the reason anyone would feel ehh about it.

  31. All this shit makes me have so much more respect for Skye and her sister. They opened up and told their story, showed their support for the other girls, but had the maturity to not go beyond that and get involved in infighting drama. Billie also seems to be doing her own thing at this point. I wish the other girls had the self control and maturity to not essentially ruin their cases on Twitter.

  32. The only thing I can see that would be used to justify these actions was maybe Shiloh thought Angela was one of Onision's accounts trying to get to Sarah as a form of paranoia and PTSD because Onision stalks the shit out of these poor girls, and has his followers doing the same.

    This is what I reckon HER justification would be. I, in no way, support what she's done and she's harmed the cause and the other victims so much by this.

  33. I've kept up with this drama since 2012. I'm part of the OG onision drama tumblr crew back when he was popular. Shiloh is my age. Onisiondrama back in the fetus era with Draculoh first popping into the picture has receipts of her odd behavior. I gave her the benefit of the doubt brushing it off as just being teenagers. Such a shame to see she is still unhinged. I was really proud of her before all this.

  34. Alright I got a theory here, by no means am I going to make excuses for someone's behavior but I do think this is a important part of what is going on here.
    From what we have seen so far we can see that Shiloh was and is saverly traumatized by this situation, we know that she had stress-induced seizures. I am no phycologest but I do know that is an extreme response. Now this is just speculation I don't know this for sure is the case with her but oftentimes with saver trauma it can result in PTSD or be a trigger point for mental illness to surface such as bipolar, boarder line, depression or at the very least put somebody's defense mechanisms on high alert. By choosing to step into the spotlight for herself and these girls it is very likely that at this moment she is being retraumatized and it may feel like the world is against her, it looks as though she's chosen fight over flight and in it's own right that's good but it could be hard to distinguish who should be on the other side of that.
    Were not putting people who have gone through normal circumstances under the microscope, we are watching very traumatized people in the middle of their fight with an abuser, we can't really expect them to react normally or in the way we deem appropriate. Not right now, and it's good to let them know that this isn't the best way to deal with their feelings but sadly this is very public and that doesn't lend a lot of safety and privacy for these girls to just feel what they need to.

  35. honestly i do not believe these girls should be on social media. after being abused and especially when it gets brought up to the public it causes distress. shiloh is responding the only way she knows how to bc she is protecting herself and girls who share her abuser. these girls are angry and hurt and constantly see their name next to their abuser’s and it seems like its causing them to stress tf out and feel constantly attacked. i think they should know that checking their social media isnt helping and only causing them more distress and theyre speaking through emotions not logic bc they are fearful.

  36. Being a victim doesn't suddenly absolve you of bad personality traits, the sooner people realize this the better. This conveniently ties into something I've wanted to say on the whole issue of Onision's former harem. If you think about it, none of the girls can really be that nice as people (case and point: Kai). They were all infatuated with Onision, who, abuse scandal aside, has never not been a cringeworthy asshole only likeable to edgy 13-15 year olds (I would know, I was one of these kids that part of my life feels like a fever dream at this point) who for the most part eventually grow out of him. If you still enjoy Onision as an older teen or young adult I'd have to seriously question your intellect, maturity, moral standing and social skills, which sort of is where I kinda stand with regards to the alleged victims. You can and in most cases should have sympathy for someone who's gone through something terrible, I'm not saying that, but I'm astounded at how people are so shocked when victims display bad behaviours themselves…could it be that, they're still human beings trauma aside, and should still be held accountable for their actions? Because as it is now we're just creating a get out of jail free card due to this double standard. Istg there'd be way less of this outcry culture if people stopped turning the other cheek when it's convenient and could see the bigger picture when it's right in front of them. Shitty actions should be called out, period. Great video.

  37. I must say after seeing Shiloh acting like this now I don't feel bad for laughing at her with a bald head like a dummy crying in that old video of her and Onion.

  38. I am questioning if what onision did to her is really even true. I stopped following the whole investigation it’s nonsense.

  39. Wow, so she’s one of those assholes.. no one should tell anyone NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES that they should kill themselves. It blows my mind that she is someone who went through being suicidal herself, she knows what that state of mind is like, yet she is telling others to do just that..
    I’m sorry, but I have ZERO respect for her now. I will never forget those feelings and I would NEVER wish such a thing into anyone, my biggest enemy included.. no one deserves to feel like that.
    Her true colors are shining through and she’s going to lose a lot of her supporters with her acting like this..
    she lost me because I absolutely DESPISE people like her..

  40. can you imagine being proud of that fact that you were the head abuse victim or onisions first victim as if she suffered worse than anyone else

  41. I hope Shiloh gets some help because she is coming off as an individual with an impulsive, quick and hot-tempered, hostile and abusive personality. Reading her dms to people gave me the same feeling that I got when I was being harassed by an angry flat mate who was acting out out of pain: fear/stress and constantly walking on eggshells. It’d be reasonable to think her behaviour now is due to her trauma but unfortunately that doesn’t give her a free pass to be abusive towards other people and gain victims of her own. I truly hope she gets the help she needs so her trauma doesn’t infect every other part of her.

  42. i really hope she steps away from the internet cause this is probably the result of her trauma. being a victim doesnt make u a good person

  43. I use to listen to her music all the time when I was 12. Always thought she was a weird, quirky person but boy was i wrong

  44. You are a responsible young man. Your videos are extremely well researched, empathetic, and kind. Stand your ground and don’t have doubts in your logic. I am a NYS certified psychologist and I am qualified, though I don’t know that any qualifications are really necessary to say Shiloh is a clear case of the abused becoming the abuser. She clearly has at a minimum at least one mental illness.

  45. I don't think the first few points so far was that bad lmao .

    But it did get a bit much messaging that girl on a second account!

  46. Pretty amazing like ratio for a video taking issue with an abuse victim. Goes to show how well thought of Edwin is, how well put together his arguments are and how trustworthy he is. Great job as usual my dude.

  47. I can kinda understand how you can lash out and try to scare creepy people away from your sister. Like I said under Shilohs tweet (where she asked what would you say to someone harassing your younger sister who is far away to scare them off) I would say anything nasty if thats what it takes. But it’s just such a bad look, how does she not understand that she willingly made herself the face of this investigation and she now gained a big following, you can’t just encourage same behavior from all of your followers. And also, why taking it so far? She told them off, they pissed off, stop with that maybe?

  48. Sarah is a Tim Burton character who's a witness to a repeated poltergiest, that being of Shiloh and Onision. Telling everybody he know where you live. Oh I mean. She know where you live. Sarah will come out stronger out of this haunting madness 🎉

  49. I think Shiloh is really hurt and is lashing out because of extreme stress. Frankly, I feel sorry for her and will continue to defend her. Do I agree with all her actions? No. Do I agree with all my actions and messages that I MYSELF have ever sent in a time of emotional turmoil? Nope. I'm gonna state the obvious here and say that nothing is black and white and nobody is perfect. Shiloh actually lived this ordeal, and now that it's coming into her life again after she put it in all in her past (and come out a strong and beautiful queen for it) she is feeling seriously dehumanized and is falling into dangerous mental terrain. Journalists need to consider this before "making another video". Everyone who is trying to insert themselves into this space are causing her to lash out in ways that may go so far as to damage ALL of the victims' credibility in this situation. If you think her actions seem crazy and unhinged, why provoke her further? I do think everyone has a right to stand up for themselves, but sometimes it's best to just stand down in situations that are this delicate and delve so deeply into someone's personal horror. Remember that this situation has forced the victims into places so dark that they are, in the past and the present, experiencing legitimately suicidal ideations. That said, I would like to point out that her behavior is basically a litmus test for how badly Onionfucktard has damaged these girls, and how dangerous of a person he really is. Her recent erratic conduct is very indicative of someone who is on the edge of their mental tether, and personally I think it's best to be very careful here, regardless of how "hypocritical", "crazy", or "cruel" she may seem. I don't wanna come off as overreaching or polarized, but I think everyone needs to back off and let emotions cool down before they feel the need to blindly defend themselves or "report the news". This isn't merely news. These are people's lives. I get feeling offended, but Shiloh ACTUALLY. LIVED. THIS. HELL. She has to find a way to cope with videos of her, that literally MILLIONS of people have watched, having a seizure and losing her memory. Miscarrying her child. Crying and suicidal with Onionboy taunting her in front of the police. Imagine how heavy of a weight this is for her to bear. What if it was you in her place? Do you think you would be able to hold it all together without cracking? I beg of you to not pile more weight onto someone who has already been torn down and broken. Shiloh is only human. This is her (and the other girls Onion abused) story to tell, and her defensiveness and territorial behavior suggests that she feels as if people are reaching too far into the personal hell that she lived and people on the outside merely observed for cheap entertainment. Take into consideration how terribly exploited she must feel at this point. Are her replies a bit heavy handed? Of course. Anyone who lived through something so emotionally crippling would have a severe reaction when it is dragged back out into the public eye for people to pick apart and muse over. Even those wanting to help have reposted clips of her that nobody should have seen (and even I feel ashamed to have watched myself). She's been violated over and over and over again while everyone is screaming at her to "keep it together". Every time someone watches those clips: another violation. In the end, everyone she's snapped at (in twitter DMs of all trivial fucking things) has only had to experience her sending some scathing messages because she feels as if they're trespassing onto ground that is, to put it bluntly, HER TERRITORY. I'd take her defensive behavior with a lot of grains of salt right now and let it be. TREAD LIGHTLY. Don't instigate and further infringe upon her boundaries. Please ask yourself: "Is it really worth it?" Putting someone who has gone through what she has back into "that place" to defend the comparatively slight dents to your dignity is not a wise or ethical path to take. Sorry to come off as an asshole, but these are people's real lives that hang in the balance. This is important above all else.

  50. I’m so glad you made this video it’s a perfect example of objective journalism and if you don’t call out everyone doing things wrong in the situation it would come off as bias and if anything that appearance of bias would be what would give onision ammunition to keep saying everyone is just coming after him with a “horde” mentality and ignoring everything other people have done wrong

  51. Is it me or does Shiloh project Greg's predatory behaviour onto basically every man who interacts with her?

  52. Ummm… when is everyone going to wake up & see she's as big a psycho as he is, huh? Times a gunna tell y'all… thanks for the vid.

  53. Screw Shiloh she is using her platform and her issues to make excuses for her actions. She can come "see me" anytime. Guarentee It wont stop. 😘

    Adult to an adult. Her threatening kids on the internet makes her now just as bad as internet bullies. "Speak against me and I'll out you." The moment she shows up at someone's house she can be arrested. Her platform wont save her.

  54. To be fair about Angela asking where she goes to school, there is context as to why she ask it that makes me less creepy. She was also skeptical about Sarah’s needing money for laptop . Sarah said she needed it then because school starts back up in September and I guess she was skeptical about that. So she asked what city her school was in so she could check if she was telling the truth about school starting in September. Doesn’t make me not creepy but it makes a lot less creepy imo

  55. Honestly it’s sad you have to feel the need to clarify constantly and/or be scared/hesitant to share your opinion on all this. (Not sad on your part but sad on the people who’ll get mad/attack you because you spoke against Shilo)

  56. nicholas is a prick so ,, no sympathy there but that does not excuse abusing her platform. not gonna say she owes nicholas an apology bc nah, but she does absolutely owe sarah an apology.

  57. i would’ve said she owed bongking an apology until that bald joke. that kinda shows his true colors. not excusing shiloh’s part at all, but making fun of abuse is definitely worse than sending someone a screenshot of a dm. i would say it’s safe to assume he did know that the shaved head was part of her abuse because if you know about her part in all of this onision business, it’s somewhat commonly known? especially if they were on good terms and kind of friendship. but yeah, sarah doesn’t deserve all this extra drama and tension.

  58. Shiloh is standing up for her abused friends…
    Shes upset n been abused..

    Edwin, I'm so sick of ur drama n shit….no wonder cyr kicked u out

  59. Do y'all forget she has some serious mental health issues? That doesn't excuse someones actions but still. It's not that surprising her responses are so "in your face." When you go through trauma, have brain damage, etc, it effects you.

  60. Shiloh probably shouldn't have reacted the way she did, maybe taken a minute before she responded to anything, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand her overreaction. Nicholas DeOrio doesn't sound like a predator, but he does sound like a massive douche, and I feel like he said the things he said to bait a reaction like this out of someone. I don't know, but I will say, constantly pointing out that various tweets etc can just "be ignored" isn't the move anymore than threats and false accusations. Should've been handled differently, absolutely, but I've been where Shiloh is re trauma and publicly lashing out on a smaller scale, and I think that gives me an insight into Shiloh's situation that other people might not have. Doesn't make it okay, definitely makes me sad.

  61. By Shiloh acting in the same/similar way(s) as she's stated Greg has towards her & others, she's guna end up making this a REALLY REALLY bad situation smh it saddens me…

  62. Dude what the fuck do you think this is? This is typical behavior from a traumatized person. You are NOT fighting her fight internally, and this is an AWFUL video that allows for the spread of disinfo and invalidation of mental health issues. And if you are going to make these videos, uou had damn better well take that into account FIRST. which clearly you did not. Just lefave her alone, ffs. I am so done with you emotionally ignorant men turning human experience into fucking drama. If you're going to be part of this narrative, you need to shape up and start considering the VERY REAL issues these victims are dealing with before you make these videos, and if you don't understand it? WORK HARDER TO DO SO or DON'T post these videos at all. Period. Unbelievable.

  63. Jesus Christ you are SO IGNORANT. You have NOT been through the trauma she has, which has VERY REAL IMPACT on brain function and behavior. It's not hard to learn about it. You claiming "i don't get it" is lazy and godawful. these are real people who went through SERIOUS TRAUMA that obviously you have not. I can't even, Edwin.

  64. May I also remind you that you are NOT a victim, and YOU don't get to determine what is and isn't ok for people who ARE. take a damned seat.

  65. First off let me say I know people deal with things in different ways. I just find the way she’s acting extremely immature. I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for almost 10 years. (I actually still have to deal with this person because I e have two children). I did carry a bit of baggage after, trust issues etc. I did not start abusing the other people. I find people that deal with PTSD don’t like tell everyone. My partner has been in the military for 15 years and also has PTSD. He doesn’t like to talk about it or let anyone know. She’s being extremely manipulative and gaslighty….most people struggling also don’t throw their mental health status around or use it as manipulation. I’m not saying what happened to her by Greg wasn’t wrong, but I think they BOTH had issues, and these issues were there before Greg. I feel she’s putting all of it on him. I’m not sticking up for him at all. If you watch her videos with him you can see something isn’t right and she has always lied and used things like pregnancies and miscarriage as emotional manipulation. I feel very bad for the other girls….she’s drowning them out and making herself sound like she isn’t someone that can be trusted. She seems to be very immature. Faking seizures etc. I don’t believe for a second those were real. I think she needs to take a good look in the mirror and get a good therapist and work through these things because she’s projecting, lying, lashing out…just a mess. She also needs to realize many things can be true at the same time. Greg can be a piece of shit, and Shiloh can also be manipulative. Her being a victim does not give her the right to walk around treating others badly….as me being physically abused doesn’t give me a pass to walk around putting my hands on people. Mental illness isn’t something to wave around like a flag. Being around many military families and people with PTSD….it’s not something they really talk about. It’s private and close to them…again. I know people react differently to different things…..but I think now that she’s looked at as a poor victim of Greg’s she’s really enjoying that attention, just as she enjoyed the attention when she lied about pregnancies and miscarriages.

  66. No one is denying that what she went through isn’t horrible. But she’s taking this too far. Fuck doxxers and fuck her too.

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