Signing Up for as an Affiliate Marketer

Signing Up for as an Affiliate Marketer

(musical flourish) – Hi, I’m Greg Hoffman with
Apogee, and I’m gonna do a quick run-through on how
to sign up as an Affiliate on the ShareASale network. So we’re here at,
I’m gonna go over to Affiliate sign up, and
I’ve already got a log-in, but I’m gonna create a
new one so I can show you. So we’re gonna get rid of that, it’s going to be gregtest1, and I’m gonna click Tab, and I’m going to add in my password, confirm it, and then choose the country that I live in, and that is
the United States of America. Move on to step two, and so there is my Affiliate ID, right there, and I’m not gonna save that, and I’m not gonna do that, so there’s my Affiliate ID, 1918846,
my username is gregtest1. Now I need to add in my website,
so I am going to add in, ah, let’s see, which one do I add in. I’m gonna add in, I don’t think we have one for that. Your website is written
in what language, English, and does your website
contain adult content or links to sites that no, and do you utilize sponsored links, and I’m gonna click no to all these, because I don’t, and I don’t have any of those. And then I’m gonna move on to step three, and I’m going to put in my email address. Yes, I will use an email
address with apgagency so that is gonna be the faster approval. So it’s going to be [email protected] Move on to step four. Moving on to step four,
it’s taking its time. Now let me jump in here
real quick with a test two, because the first one I
used an actual domain, so this time I’m gonna
use my Instagram address, and that is mrgreghoffman,
so I’m gonna see what happens when I do this. Your website is written in English, and I’m gonna say no, and
then click no, no, no, all the way down and move on to step three. So I’ve got my Instagram address in there, I still have an ID and yes,
I will use an email address with domain No, I’m not going to,
so I have to choose no, the email address I will
use not match the domain of the website I entered. So I’m going to have to
put in my email address. What email address am I gonna use? I’m gonna use [email protected], and I’m gonna move on to step four. It does take a second. So it did work. So, it’s the same
process, and there we are, so I’m gonna put in my
first name, Greg Hoffman, make check payable to Greg Hoffman. Let’s see, none of these are, I don’t need to do all of this right now, ’cause I don’t wanna give
up my personal information. The description, test from Greg Hoffman, and my incentive website, my site is not an incentive program. Domain ownership, I verify that
I own the domain apgagency. Okay, insufficient data,
all right, so anyway, I could fill all that in, let’s see, one, two, three, four I’m gonna try to figure out how many… (keys clicking) Georgia, Atlanta, Tennessee, sure. Alright, let’s see if that works. Move on to step five,
yes, it worked, okay. Step five, payment information. The final step is to let us know how you would like to be paid, um, well, I can choose it later. So, $50 minimum required
to receive payment, and you’ve got options of
send check via postal mail, send check via Federal
Express, or a direct deposit. I suggest direct deposit,
so then you’re gonna need your bank information, and
your transit routing number, all of that, but if you wanted
to choose later, you can. And then you click Complete
Sign Up, and that’s it. Thanks a lot for watching. If you have any questions,
we will answer everything here on our YouTube channel. Our job is to teach Affiliates
how to be better Affiliates, and how to promote the programs we manage. Please click the thumbs up on the video and subscribe to our channel. If you’re interested
in joining our programs on the ShareASale Network, click the link to visit our website.



  2. I fill out the form application as you show us in this video and waited 2 business days for their response back. I got decline because they stated only do accept actual url domain and not social media link like my Instagram account url. They want a real domain that shows Traffic coming to the site.

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