Simple Way to Crush it as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

Simple Way to Crush it as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

hey there Rachel esli here and in this
video I’m gonna show you how to crush it as a clickfunnels affiliate if that is
what you’re trying to do so I’m gonna share my screen and show you what I’m
using it’s pretty cool so here is my funnel and I call it affiliate business
in a box and a lot of people well that the concept of it is you duplicate the
system and then you call it your own thing but you can also still call it the
affiliate business in a box and it’s a business in a box because it gives you
everything you need to start your affiliate business so let me show you
how this works this is the opt-in page and it’s like a free training free
system the only things that you pay for is the actual tools to run it which is
if you’re getting it through mine my affiliate links so it says on here the
headline sometimes I change it I update it I adapt it so if you like going on
here that looks different it’s just because I improved it even more because
I’m like always improving it and making it better but as of right now it says 1
of 3 ready to go online business with the prove proven potential to earn up to
four thousand one hundred twenty seven dollars per month or more I put that
number because that’s what I well it’s more out more now just because every day
it’s compounding $150 days at the moment on average it’s pretty cool so instant
download duplicatable website and system that takes under two hours to set up
you’re already good at click funnels and online marketing it will probably take
you less and if you are brand new or you haven’t used click funnels or you don’t
know much about like email marketing it might take you longer but it really
didn’t follow the videos 8 simple videos shouldn’t take you longer than two hours
so design for beginners step-by-step training video tutorials walk you
through exactly what to do and then bonus personal support so what you do
and what when you promote it to people what they’ll do put their name and put
their email and then that will go in there and then I’ll just open it right
here the preview it’ll then take them to the next page
Shh which is the steps and it’s just eight simple steps so
video one is how it works which is similar to like what I’m showing you in
this YouTube video but different and you don’t have to put your own videos in
there there I made the videos but it’s just my voice
over it I don’t show like my face in it like I’m doing here
so maybe eventually I want to make your own videos but for now you can use mine
so it’s quick video showing how it works step two is if they don’t have
clickfunnels they get it under your affiliate link I put switch out your
affiliate link here and then import the website template and it is a coffee
to share funnel link of this but we want them to get like yours your version of
it or you you actually just switch out your affiliate ID I show you exactly how
in the video it’s so easy get the site live step 3 this is it’s like okay it’s
a little more advanced because you have to hook up a domain and a G suite but
it’s like I made a video how to do it so you can just watch the video and it
shows you exactly how and if you already have a domain that’s really good and if
you already have like email marketing setup that’s cool but I show you how and
it’s not even the fact that I’m showing you how that’s valuable it’s the fact
that it’s going to be easy to show other people health so then they get on your
affiliate links I’m step 4 import the emails so I give you the emails to use
for the sequence and what’s so cool is if you are using the action etics
version of click bundles a version that I suggest on here then you could just
click this button and import it into your account it’s so cool and you just
have to do a little slight configuring which I show you in the video and your
emails are done if you are using a third party email or someone you refer is then
I also have a link to a Google Doc where they can copy and paste the emails by
this is the part where people like this is the part where you’re doing it
driving traffic and not everyone gets to this you might have people sign up and
get started but then they might stop at driving traffic because they’re like
scared or something I don’t know but I show you how to buy traffic from
something called solo ads which is kind of like renting cliques from other
people’s email lists that are interested in this type of stuff make money online
business opportunity niches so and then you put your affiliate link you’ll get
affiliate links off the traffic and then I give you the email to use that they’ll
send out and then step six is tracking I say you do the tracking after starting
to drive traffic because a lot of people will just get so hung up on the tracking
so just do that after it’s a really cool once you get into the tracking what I
love about this whole system is you’re learning something and it’s not get rich
overnight not get rich quick scheme you’d have to put in the work to put it
together and keep running traffic and tracking your stats and then you might
want to start testing things to improve it
but you’ll learn a lot on the way to and then you get a affiliate link for
clickmagick and then all these softwares – you get free trial so you won’t get
paid out right away because all these software’s they have a free trial and
then they have a billing cycle so you don’t get paid until the billing cycle
is over but so you just invest in the business in the beginning and you won’t
get the money right away but within like a couple months a few months that’s when
you should start seeing yourself getting more commissions and then it just can
compound and scale from there but you got to put in the work
step 7 10x your offers I give you even more email sequences promoting
clickfunnels stuff not just click on a subscription but the cool clip bundles
like books and programs and every all the so many click funnels packages that
you can get commissions awesome and right you can just copy and paste the
emails or import it straight into the account and I say do this later because
for the next you can start running traffic this part isn’t the priority the
priorities the order I put it in and then step 8 join the community and get
support you can do that right away actually free Facebook group but you
could switch it out with your Facebook group if you’re trying to grow a
Facebook group free strategy session with my peeps but you can also switch it
out and you might want to get on the phone with someone that signed up
because it’s worth the Commission’s it’s so worth it if they sign up for 297
click funnels that’s 118 dollars in commission a month and then also the
monthly income you’ll be getting from the click magic and hopefully weekly or
daily money that you would be getting in from then driving traffic so you might
actually eventually once you get the system you understand it more you want
to get on close with people and then finally this is daily commissions Club
this is my advanced program for people that want to learn even more ways to
drive traffic and get higher opt-in rates because the opt-in rates you
should get with this a lot of people are seeing around like thirty five percent
but I get like literally eighty five percent just because I’m doing other
things to drive traffic and it starts compounding each other and
working at like faster speed so in the beginning it’s slow but then you can
really ramp it up but anyway I teach that something here it’s a group program
coaching we’re all in it sharing our tops top things that we’re learning in
there and what’s super cool is ever you went in there is also an affiliate so
everyone in Daley Commission someone put their affiliate link in there and make
50 percent commissions of other people joining so it’s totally cool and even if
they don’t buy right then it cookies them and then I put the little video
about the clickfunnels dream car thing it’s cool so I will go
to affiliate business in a box comm I give you these little disclaimer things
to put in just switch out my name my website with yours and you know you
comment below on this video if you have questions but I made the system in such
a way where I try I really try to answer all the questions so maybe even the best
place to ask questions for it would be in the Facebook group after you get it
they still want to hear from you on in the comments so if you could let me know
what has how what have you given up before what kind of opportunity
affiliate marketing training thing have you started before and then it’s like
didn’t work or you gave up and like why I do want to know why I’d like to know
why people they get excited about these things they get started and then they
give up on them no not everyone that’s definitely not everyone not people in
daily Commission’s Club not mean I work closely with my colleagues we don’t give
up and we make money but I would love I just like to know the psychology of what
discourages you so leave that in the comments and subscribe to my channel and
notifications and check out the links join us on Facebook I do different
things on Facebook different things on YouTube just so much fun all the time is
a party


  1. I’m excited about this new affiliate journey. I’ve been in sales for years, and finally making everything digital.

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  6. Hi Rachel Your site address now directs to clickfunnels? so you re not offering your affiliatebusinessinabox any more? I am already a click funnels member

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  8. Rachel this is great I’m signing up for the $19 affiliate funnel in the morning than I’m going to take the One funnel away challenge! And start to make some some positive changes in my life and pass on my new knowledge to others and my other interests as well. Thanks and keep up the great work

  9. My affiliate journey would not be possible without your help. Thanks for making it possible, Rachel! Can't stop getting amazing bonuses and commissions!!!

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