Social Media Marketing For Every Business in 2020 | How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing For Every Business in 2020 | How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

hi my name is Austin Iuliano today
we’re gonna talk about your 2020 social media marketing strategy what we’re
going to do is cover very fundamentals of social media marketing that are
universal across all platforms that you need to know to be successful but then
we’re gonna jump right into what has changed and what you need to do moving
into 2020 to get the optimal results we’re gonna talk about the main
platforms which ones you should be on based off of your business goals and how
to grow on each and every single one of them because there are different
strategies you need for each one to grow plus some of my favorite tools and
strategies to get the maximum amount of results for the least amount of time and
energy the fundamentals of social media marketing now this section we’re gonna
go through briefly because a lot of this information may be something you already
know but if you have questions about anything make sure you ask them in the
comment section below I’ll be happy to answer them
social media marketing should not be your only mechanism for generating leads
and sales in your business it’s just one part of a greater whole and a thing I
see often is people expect social media marketing to make them sales right away
this is a long-term game really look at measuring your success in 3 6 12 months
from today when you start and you have to be consistent about it
social media marketing also is best for generating awareness for your brands
versus going directly for those sales if you want to focus on sales you 100% need
to be investing in email marketing there are awesome resources like MailChimp
which is free up to 2,000 email subscribers I believe it is the tool I
use is called convertkit I love it it’s a fantastic tool it’s paid there is
benefits to having paid when it comes to social media marketing you’re gonna want
to make sure you have a marketing funnel there’s a lot of people who talk about
it but very simply a marketing funnel is a system for getting people who don’t
know anything about you to somehow be able to communicate with them on a
one-on-one fashion and then eventually lead to a sale now a simple marketing
funnel that you’ve probably seen on websites is you can sign up to their
email list and they something away for free like a workbook
or a video course this is called an opt-in and in exchange for your name and
your email address you get this resource and then they send you email blasts
after email blast after email us talking about the problems that are in that
industry giving value and nurturing that relationship and then eventually there’s
some sort of sale or a flash deal or some reason to make a purchase that’s a
very simple marketing funnel there are more complex ones your business you need
to just build a funnel and from there you start looking at metrics and seeing
what works and what doesn’t work and we’re gonna get heavily into metrics in
a little bit here 100 percent have to be creating video content if you are not
creating video content you are already behind there are so many people vying
for attention that it means you have to be so much better than everybody else
every single major social media is now video first because those platforms want
their audiences to stay on it as long as possible
the longer you’re on a platform the more money that platform makes therefore the
most important metric for your social media marketing is watch time his views
is how long you are keeping somebody on that site when it comes to creating
viral video content there are four different categories you need to be
thinking about when you create your content those four categories are
entertainment evergreen trend jacking and motivation entertainment is grabbing
people’s attention and keeping them to watch all the way through the second one
is evergreen these are pieces of content that will last for a long time how to
articles the opposite end of that is trend jacking which is this is not going
to last there’s lots of interests there are lots of searches how do I create a
piece of content that captures that energy and excitement that’s on the
internet right now and ride that wave and finally motivation there are two
different ways you can motivate you can do the inspirational motivational video
that you see on YouTube where it gets you all excited but the other way you
motivate is you actually break something down and show people the path to achieve
a goal so easily so successfully that they feel inspired to go and take action
every viral video you’re going to see in 2020 at least in two of these categories
more than likely three and if it hits all four it’s a hundred percent a viral
hit motivation slash inspiration evergreen trend jacking entertainment
those are the four categories you want to try and fit your piece of content
into and go for two or three let’s talk about planning your content for social
media marketing for the next three to six months what I do when planning my
social media content is I start by thinking of concepts that make sense for
my audience we’ve all heard the idea of a niche it’s one area of focus this is
extremely important in 2020 because it’s not just your audience that’s important
anymore for you determining your niche it’s also the algorithms every single
one of these platforms has so much data on us it is scary AF but the good thing
behind this is it is smart it understands what type of content you’re
creating and it serves that type of content to the people who are most
likely to appreciate it which allows you and easier time attracting in the right
clientele the right audience if you are creating multiple different niches of
content on a single platform the algorithm gets confused and then what I
do is I break it down all of the potential content into three different
categories those three categories are awareness consideration and conversion
awareness is what type of content do I create that just makes my audience aware
that they have a problem it the whole idea of building a brand is you’re
solving a need maybe that need is you need to laugh and you’re just trying to
be a comedian maybe that need is your business that
the surface okay what are those frequently asked questions maybe you are
selling a product they are shoes or a cup what is the need it’s not just
holding a glass of water there’s something more to it that you have to
identify for your audience understand what their needs are and start writing
out content that would make sense in that awareness stage the consideration
stage is what makes me unique and different compared to all the
competition out there there are a hundred thousand graphic designers
living in the United States right now and every single one of them is
competing for that money that attention trying to get that business so what
makes you different as a graphic designer
maybe it’s your style if you’ve got a unique style and nobody else can
replicate maybe it’s your reputation maybe it’s your process for designing
there are so many different things that can make you unique and different but
you need to identify what those are and start creating content that helps people
make a smarter decision the worst thing you can try and do is try and force a
sale nobody is going to be forced into giving you money unless you have a gun
to their head the best thing you can do is educate your potential customer on
why you are the right or maybe not the right fit for their particularly need by
educating why somebody else is better than you are in a particular area but
this is the one area you Excel actually makes you stronger in your marketing you
want to narrow down who you’re trying to market to so that consideration stage is
the perfect place to do it and then finally is the conversion stage which is
how do I get somebody to act and say yes do I have a promotion that’s going on is
there a holiday is there some sort of event that would make sense for them to
say hell yes this is so much value I absolutely need to move forward on this
awareness consideration conversion this is the baseline you’ve probably seen a
marketing funnel that talks about this from there once I’ve identified all the
different headlines for example of the pieces of content I can create and I’ve
put them in their awareness consideration conversion buckets I start
looking at those four categories of types of content to create motivational
trend jackin evergreen entertainment and determine which two of those I can
utilize designing my piece of content after I design out each bucket awareness
consideration conversion and I kind of have an idea of the type of content I
want to make then it’s just as simple as plopping it into a calendar and saying
this is the data I want to publish this article this video this piece of content
then I need to schedule a few days before that to have the finalized
version review it make any minor edits and then you look at your promotion
strategy where can I go to do promotion

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