Social Media Marketing World – Sponsoring a Booth #BoothBabes

Social Media Marketing World – Sponsoring a Booth #BoothBabes

It is day one of social media marketing
world I have on my two buddy apparel I’m really excited for the event today let’s
go! This is a beautiful city (San Diego). meeting with the entire TubeBuddy team!
are over there good morning but we are here at the TubeBuddy booth it’s looking
quite good everything is getting set up and including TubeBuddy silver playbutton! What yeah and I was hoping fed up looking good so Hannah and I are here at social media
marketing world Hannah how do you think it is going so far this morning I think
it’s great I am really loving getting to know these youtubers and getting to know
their channels everyone so unique and different and there’s a lot of
passionate people here now Hannah I have an important question
oh gosh what color shades do you recommend I don’t know I mean I feel
like pink is always really good especially if you have kids because I
mean all these little girls they are going crazy or pink shades but I would
say I’m a little more of a classic girl myself so I went with the black but red
is a little spicy even on the road yeah I feel like red is definitely something
that people are looking past but there’s some spicy shade so I don’t know let us
know in the comments below which shade would you get I’m personally red Hannah
you said the classic black let us know your personal preference social media marketing everyone is busy
filling a demo talking to the users anytime
make sure you know what you so you can quickly and I’m on YouTube at too many Calvin now to get to play to baby
and it has been a really great convention and another one we’ve had our first break here at social
media marketing world it has been jam-packed we’ve had constant people
there’s a lot of keynotes someone is giving a presentation now I’ve enjoyed a
lot of the boost there’s a lot of cool features here if there’s anything that’s
worthwhile of course I will include them here let me know what conventions have
you gone to and if you have never been able to mention what convention do you
want to go to let me know in the comments below so I just finished my
interview with Owen that will be coming to the channel ok great did you need me
for anything else I know we’re good ok all right I wanted to side-by you’re the
man thank you hello everyone I’m here with Dana I’ve
met her at a lot of conventions now and we tried to work together at midsummer
but never got around to it so I’d like to introduce everyone
Dana hello thank you for being in this video what do you tell everyone what you
do so I hope people get started and blow up on my video and that means like all
the way from the nuts and bolts of like what do you do how do you deal with the
camera how do you like get ready for your show how do you remember what to
say how do you engage the audience all the way the how do you start making
money from it how do you start getting three products sent to you in the mail
and even better how do you get sponsors how do you start with your brand and get
all expense paid trips to cool places all over just because you are a live
streamer and that is super valuable thank you so much you may have seen her
as well with nickname and how was that and I was just in Thailand for three
months and I was on Nick Newman show I think a couple different ways we
collaborated and I was sharing actually about live stream strategy and it was
fantastic if you have a chance to get out there and travel I highly recommend
it and if you can’t earn your business virtual included you can do this as a
live streamer you could stream from anywhere and have your income come from
live video and then you get to travel as much as you want all around the world
while making a living and doing what you love so it’s Brill Digital nomadism
check it out but it’s awesome where can people find you they can go to data
garrison got come and find me there you can actually get three classes on like
YouTube live streaming social media all free tactics but thing that I love is
that you can use all these free tactics and grow your social true so I’m even
weight classes on that as well as like starting businesses and stuff like that
so yeah come by be there say hi reach out in the contact form grab the
free classes thank you so much for your time enjoy your company thank you so
much their rooms is talking which means Hanna and Katie went over to
see him do a discussion it is winding down this last hour at social media
marketing world it has been a crazy convention out of all the conventions
we’ve gone to I’ve never given out all of my business cards we’ve never run out
of anything and this is the first one to do it for that alone it’s been
interesting I’ve met so many different channels so many different kinds of
people I’m really excited we will meet at what
is the break what is the brothers I am so tired but it has been worth it for those who don’t know yeah my dad
opened it about two years ago here in San Diego it’s awesome a great little
addition to the craft brew scene here yeah brothers Brewing Company calm or
bitter brothers screwing on all their social channels all the links will be in
the description so we are here at the – buddy Meetup it
is a lot of fun look at all these amazing people I’m gonna leave it here
sometimes at a convention you just need to live a little life
that’s what I’m doing let me know in the comments below what is your biggest
takeaway from any convention you’ve gone through I’m curious
thank you also with what you think you also have your time I hope you have a
great day you never know what you’re gonna get at these conventions every
live nephew a excellent work amanti – -20 – crowd b2b software and services
review say we’re right over there alright I’ll stop by each other rounds


  1. What color shades would you choose? Let us know! Want to see the whole convention experience? Check out the playlist:

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