Spark Mail for Android – 2019 Review | Features, Pricing & Opinions

Spark Mail for Android – 2019 Review | Features, Pricing & Opinions

Okay, so here we are with the Android version of spark now and honestly It’s quite weird having this Edition in front of you because it’s been so readily available on iOS and Mac for a while Now that the Android version is just a lovely addition Now the Android version is free And as I mentioned is available on iOS Mac and Android it does have the core features like sin. Later follow-up reminders calendar integrations and quick replies I think what stands out on spot for Android is definitely the smart inbox function being able to sort out email based on bundles and Being able to clear them fairly easily is something that I know a lot of SPARC uses love Now it being available on Android makes it super attractive third party email Applications on Android are probably a little more harder to find than say iOS users now, of course There’s Edison there’s Newton protonmail and Gmail but there’s no longer Google inbox and this is where SPARC tries to fit the gap on Android Now in terms of the whole experience It was fairly easy to use pretty impressive in terms of stability and it worked really well And I definitely think Android users should check it out I liked how they sent later worked the follow-up reminders and even the ability to quick reply to items And of course more recently they’ve added more team abilities like delegation and more Now the real question is how does it compare with the other contenders in the space? I think a smart mail is a really well-respected placement for Android users I think it definitely challenges the likes of Edison takes on the likes of Newton a hundred percent and provides a good stable experience and especially for those who are Gmail office 365 users who want a brilliant way to Unify their inbox and Android. I think this is a great option now We really like how they release this as well because they actually release this with a video but Stephen Fry Narrating it which I was really impressed with. Here’s a short clip of that as writing long email replies over and over again Some of us go way too far to send an email at a perfect time. So if you’re looking for a stable Third-party application that does a little bit more than apps like Edison protonmail and Gmail I think you’re gonna go with spark now if you’re looking someone that competes with Newton I Think there’s a few features in spark mail like read receipts and other stuff such as that more detailed features that smart mail won’t be able to compete with But it being a free application It does a pretty good job And it’s a really respected amp on iOS and Mac so that really puts it in good contention for future development So guys I definitely recommend you should check this one out if you’re an Android user looking for a free Third-party application to unify your emails would send later abilities follow-up reminders and calendar and a few additional Integrations and if you guys let me know what I should be reviewing next Android, I’m slowly getting used to review in Android apps So, please do let me know in the comment below and every guys I will see you in the next future. Cheers, everyone


  1. It's a good app which can replace Gmail easily. But a zoom function is needed, often mails are unreadable small! A dark mode would be great and I found also a bug with wrong shortened long URLs. Afaik some features from the iOS app are missing but they are working on it. I use Spark since the release on Android. It's not perfect and needs some more updates and features but I would give it a try!

  2. Finally! In November 2016, I switched from iPhone to Samsung and Spark told me that the Android version was “coming soon. They kept telling me it was “coming soon” throughout 2017 and 2018.

    In December 2018, I switched back to iPhone. Now Spark releases Android version in April 2019. 2016 – 2019. That’s pretty “soon”, I guess.

  3. Have been using Spark since around last 2017 on iPhone. I switch back to to Android and missed it. It was a happy addition to see it on Android but was too late, I’m back with iOS.

  4. There's also Fastmail on Android… and I don't know why you think it's hard to find mail apps on Android – quick search shows there are around 240 (granted some are duplicates – ie, free vs paid).

    IMO – I switched my mail over to Fastmail about a month ago and couldn't be happier. I considered Proton, GMX and a few others — but Fastmail seems to strike the best balance, and has a few features you won't see anywhere else (like the ability to manage DNS entries, and free flat-file websites, and file storage).

  5. It seems Spark, as well as e.g. Airmail need to cache mail / save complete inboxes (?) / cache mail username and passwords to be able to send push notifications and do their magic features. What about that potential security issue? Could you maybe do a video about the security concerns with 3rd party mail clients with special features?

  6. Been using it a month even though I've a newton subscription that I will not be renewing considering they've done no further development

  7. We are using Spike – the conversational email platform, available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and web – check it out.

  8. Quite happy spark is in android. This means i can switch to android and keep my current spark/notion workflow.

  9. Spark looks heavy and foreign on Android – slow loading itself and opening emails (react native?), doesn't follow material design guides. I don't understand this behavior with cutting entire message.
    Absolutely useless search option, doesn't search accurate by Unicode text.

    While Newton is 10/10, Outlook 7/10, Spark is only 4.

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