– Website and digital marketing franchise – Success story – Website and digital marketing franchise – Success story

it’seeze Hull’s a web design company
run by myself and Sarah, we’re based in Hull and we work with businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire creating bespoke websites to help them stand out from
their competitors. Nick and Sarah have been working with us for around about a
year on our current site, they’re a local company that can offer us fantastic
backup support, our site needed refreshing, our web site is a window into
what we do. Editing, uploading information news, pictures, it’s all very very
straightforward with them. I’ve had previous experience working with other
web designers in the city, and I wanted something with the design expertise but
with technical backup as well. In terms of website design I’m not the expert, you
have an idea of what you might want but actually, I had very little input on
the design, and I think that’s testament to the design skills and the team. It’s
exactly what I wanted. When you’ve got a business to run that’s what you need
really. We needed to update our website the website that we had was some what out of date. it’seeze was recommend to us. We needed someone that could not only design it, but also host it for us, and
do all the infrastructure behind that. The feedbacks been very good, I think
most people feel it’s a bit more real, we wanted something where people could
really see what we’re about. People buy from people, we don’t have to worry about
two or three thousand pound outlay up front at the start of the website. We just pay a
monthly subscription, any issues that we have, any updating that we have, it’s just
handled, and that really does give us peace of mind. What was important to me
about the first website was that it was simple and easy to navigate, and not
overly complicated, it is a brochure site but it was important that it gave the
right impression and conveyed the brand and the quality of the service that we
provide, and it does that. The company offered everything that we wanted, price
was very attractive to us, I would recommend them highly. They work
brilliantly as a team, there are a lot of website designers that wouldn’t,
perhaps, try and get the head round what that business is and then get the
flavor through to the website, I don’t think they realise how good they are.

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