Start & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $10k/Mo In 90 days

Start & Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $10k/Mo In 90 days


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  2. Man this sound so easy, but I work for an Ad agency who’s been around for 30+ years and even they have trouble finding new clients. I’ve been cold calling and cold emailing, reaching out to my network for last 4 months and still no clients on retainer.

    So far from my experience dealing with Realtors is that the newbies don’t know where their next deal is coming from so we don’t get pass the “free trial”. The seasoned realtors turn their nose up because they feel they have it all covered and don’t need any extra marketing.

  3. Hey Jason how's it going buddy?
    I watched another yt video which mentioned about Facebook blocking or rejecting real estate ads and restricting these ads in many countries.
    What do you think buddy?

  4. Do you have funnels directed to higher paying clients other than Realestate ? What about Siding, roofing, window contractors, ever tried any of those ? I'm from that industry and one client could pay up to several thousand a month.. up to 8k a month for a large account. What about dentist, Chiropractors, etc? Just seems you would need a lot of realtors .. How many realtors needed to clear 10k a month?

  5. Hey Jason, what do i tell my client after the trial i offer is over and I've gotten them success? How do I ask if they want to hire me? How can I word what to say to get my first paying client. What do you tell clients after you've gotten them success and your trial is over? Can i say something like "Hey your trial has ended, would you be interested in continuing and hiring me on to run all of your lead generation and marketing? I charge $1000/per month…" How would you usually say it?

  6. When you get a client do they pay you the $1,000 up front? I’m asking because I’m super enthusiastic about starting an agency but don’t have the funds to pay the $300 a month yet for ArsenalMKG.

  7. Hey Brotha,
    For the initial setup of clients and maybe generating 5-6k a month would you need an LLC in order to continue? Are your personal assets risk of any legal action? Would love to see video on how you would setup a business license. Thanks and been lovin the content

  8. How much will you charge to make a FB and Instagram ad? And is the ad budget included with your fee or separate?

  9. Jason you said that they don't even have to know arsenal exist but don't they have to download the app and it is called aresenalmkg from the app store?

  10. Jason here’s what’s confusing me. Why would a real estate agent pay me $1000+ per month to basically run MKG for them? if they pay attention to what the app does they can do it all themselves if i’m correct? all the testimonials on the arsenal website are from real estate agents themselves, not necessarily the digital marketing agencies. i would appreciate clarification, because if i get a client and run this for them, i don’t want them to turn around and say “well why am i paying you $1000 per month when it’s so easily set up it’s basically plug and play”.

  11. If I sign up for Arsenal (as an agency owner) all I would need to do is tell my client to download the app on their phone in order for them to receive the lead info? And what if I have multiple clients. How does that work? I just want to understand how it works before I start prospecting. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Jason, I have taken a few different courses in digital marketing and I have decided I want to learn everything I can about the Real Estate niche. The previous job I worked as a lead generator for a Real Estate office cold calling and door knocking, I enjoyed it but now want to look into digital marketing to generate leads. My goal is to either become an Agent or to create a digital agency where I work with different Real Estate clients and get them leads in Australia. You seem to be a professional in this particular niche. Would your course be applicable in Australia? do you have any students from Australia that have done your course? thanks!

  13. I understand Niche markets and such and agree why they are easier to scale, also you have the knowledge already in place. However, one thing to me is what if there is a recession or some other industry event and all your eggs are in one basket? Say its 2008 again and boom, no real estate company will hire a digital marketer, let alone have homes to sell. Not sure but to me thats why diversity and different vertical markets would make sense, is that reasonable?

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