Steve Jobs Marketing Strategy – Sell Your Ideas the Apple Way – Dan Lok

Steve Jobs Marketing Strategy – Sell Your Ideas the Apple Way – Dan Lok


  1. Thank  you Sir Dan.. I'm starting to work in a service provider like hospitality and maintenance. Can you provide me assistance in a way to have a simple marketing strategy in a hospitality and maintenance industry? God bless!

  2. Incorrect. The reason why people line up for Apple product launches is because deliberately understocks the items at all channel sales. Its done to make it look like the demand is insatiable. Its a poor management style that will not continue for much longer. Consumers are becoming more and more informed and understand business tactics. Sitting in a like for 5 hours gives them a lot of time to think.

  3. The more investment you are willing to put into making things right from the start, the smoother the sailing will be once you start.

  4. Great videos Dan. I simply love your enthusiasm and drive. I look forward to watching more of your Youtube videos.

  5. All Apple customers (most of them) are useful idiots, who stand in queue to buy an overpriced Iphone or Ipad Mini, specially the Iphone 4 was a terrible device and the Ipad Mini 1 horrible in my opinion . Very slow and buggy in my experience..

  6. If everybody knows that 80 % of what's the price is Apples profit then I can only regard the buyers as useful idiots.

  7. But I am not a Samsung fanboy either because their S5 is terribly complicated and very laggy.

  8. great video. but i hope the presentation (ppt) was also visible in the recording, not just focused on the presentor

  9. 1200 subscribers at the time of this video recorded and you have surpassed your commitment big time with almost 100K subscribers…wow….love you Shifu!

  10. You’re absolutely right about leveraging other people’s platforms… i found out about you through project life mastery… I enjoyed what you had to say so I subscribed

  11. Attention is the currency. Stand in front of the money. Build a personal media platform for the good of others.

  12. I now understand the power of making things simple for your clients after seeing you mention this in several videos. But at the same time, especially with the Apple example, it constricts the client. By not giving the customer many options you constrain their freedom in some kind of sense. I believe this might also be a very big reason why people either hate or love the iPhone.

    In your case, Sifu, you love the genius of simplicity and that it's "cool shit", etc. People might not like it though, because Apple only offers the "Apple way" of operating the iPhone, whereas Android phones can be operated in a lot of different and more or less "free" way.

  13. Congratulations, Dan. Two and a half years later, and 154 THOUSAND more subscribers. Be Somewhere indeed.

  14. Dan, Personal Media Platform: you had 1200 subscribers to this channel in 2015.
    I am watching in 2018, and it has 162K subscribers.
    Great work!!!

  15. Leveraging platforms really can catapult exposure if you are beginning. I think the constant self promotion keeps you on top of you're positioned right to dominate and be the authority. Great content sifu!

  16. at 41:55 Dan says "right now my Youtube channel has 1,200 subscribers, that's pathetic quite frankly…let's see a year later". This was in 2015, fast forward to today (May 2018) and he has 212,000 subscribers. Consistency with video uploads! wow.

  17. It is time to start using all we have just learned. Time is flying and money does not wait, pLus the banks will never ask about where the money comes from haha . Thanks Dan 🙂

  18. Wow from 1,200 to 320K+ subscribers in less than 3years. Testament to the power of consistently showing up

  19. Why not everybody buys Apple goods if they are so good ? I am going to Google it, I just would like to hear from people who use Microsoft, not Apple.

  20. I love the idea you gave of not being what you do. That is absolutely brilliant. I've spent way too much time and effort trying to build my brand into what I do, as per the conventional wisdom of branding….instead of simply embracing myself as the brand, and doing what my business is within that context.

  21. At 41:55 “my YouTube Channel has 1,200 subscribers”.

    It’s July 20th, 2018, and he has 404,000 subscribers!!! 😲

  22. Dan, you are bloody brilliant!!! 1200 is 512k today. You speak what you've done.
    You just proved me right to my partner, on why not to follow you! You just sold "Dan Lok" to another follower. Cheers man!!

  23. I have a question. You said to not be a guy who is only one thing(tech guy,real estate,etc).On the other hand you mention Bill Gates as a shiny example of the tech world and mention his name as the most successfull tech guy.I'm confused.What is the best thing?Striving for greatness and be innovative like Apple or be a guy who has multiple investments in different areas?

  24. Hello Dan, I am a young entrepreneur and currently building my team and have lost some leaders, I'm only 27 and running our business for the past 3 years.. What can you advice for me as a young entrepreneur whos aspiring to become a good leader and successful leader as well..

  25. "Don't be afraid of approaching the big tought guy or being irregular." That's my motto and methodology.
    But don't be suicidal either, it's a whole art!

  26. Awesome progress Sifu from 1,200 Subs to 1M today, on 14/12/2018. You proved your words man… example of turning words into execution and action! Bravo!! Digging the Biggest lessons in itself!

  27. Amazing , 1 million sub. now and is still just begin ! Sifu what you teach is what you do, every class you are saying that giving us proofs, always with real examples from your life . No fear , with confidence saying your new goals and you are making them true . Thats what the true teacher and lider do, you don't just motivate us, you make us to implement your teaching . Thank you (DoD )

  28. The exception to the rule is Ferrari and Lamborghini…..No promotion or commercials at all….although the fact celebrities and Kingpins are seen driving their products is all the advertising they need I guess

  29. Sounds like the type of game you're playing isn't using the Free-To-Play model, but the infamous Play-To-Win model. Those guys know what they're doing.
    – Ziro out.

  30. Dan , have been watching your videos from newer to older.. very happy moment of my Dan Lok "experience" was when you mentioned "Position Narrow…" phrase. well this was a HOLY SHIT MOMENT for me until i noticed some inconsistencies in this video regarding narrow positioning.. maybe its just me.

    other than that .. LOVE U !!!

  31. Steve Jobs was amazing. Very sad, that we lost him. I love Apple for the outstanding quality of their products. That's why am an iOS developer. 🙂

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