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  2. Love what you're saying. I selling products on Amazon. Passive income is REAL. But what that said, it does take a lot of work and its not a get rich quick business.

  3. Hi Roberto! I work just began a job that I REALLY don't like but I need the money. What I really want to do is bring my dreams to reality. I'd like to draw both traditionally and digitally as well as apparel design. I began my YouTube channel last year, trying to showcase my journey of becoming a better artist. I just found some courses and playlists that will help me learn these desires.

    Upon learning the drawing the proper way I'd like to sell my designs via Teespring. Then after that I'd do sewing videos, and hopefully earn income from Teespring so that I can sell my designs on my own website. Obviously I don't have an audience. I've been doing Google ads, sharing in facebook groups, twitter, tubebuddy (free), VIDiq (free) and Instagram but I only have 44 subscribers thus far. That's my plan but how do I get subscribers or an audience on social media? What's a legit company that can market me to the right audience?

    P.S. that illustration at the end is SO COOL lol!

  4. You are so awesome♥️Thank you for this heart felt, really sincere and great content. I really needed this info.

  5. Found this video in my suggested feed and I'm glad I clicked on it. I'm currently living that 9-5 life and want to do something greater while having passive income. Thanks for providing great content and I look forward to watching more videos like this one. I just started my YouTube channel for the sake of making memories I can look back on, sharing my adventures with loved ones abroad, and hopefully venturing out into sharing my passions like videography and product reviews. Thanks again for a great video Roberto!

  6. Do I need to have an established YouTube channel or standing stream of content before I can release a digital product?

  7. This was Fantastic and just what i was looking for, i love it when i learn some thing new, in the videos i watch, and i love your, informative, content, its really great, i have only just started watching, you, but now i know! that your' definately one to watch, out for. thank you, for sharing this. i liked your videos. Laura in Uk new subcriber,

  8. I just about to say you make a great radio personality. You speak vey well. Thank you! You are very informative! 🙂🇹🇹

  9. I just watched this video and I wanna thank you so much for just taking the time to talk about passive income, some of what you have done and suggests other people. My plan is to first make 5k a month and just go up from there to 6 figs leaving my 9 to 5 job.

  10. This is so rare . YouTubers sharing genuine content without trying to sell you something . Its 1 in a 1000 kind of thing you get to see . I am happy I subscribed.

  11. Hi Roberto. I just need a quick reply if you can to my question. Do you need to take a professional digital marketing course to do all this stuff? I am asking cuz I know nothing about it and there are courses going on all over my city . I am going to binge watch all your videos now and learn whatever I can but is it sufficient?

  12. @ Roberto I enjoy cleaning but am having a hard time trying to figure out how to make passive income from doing it. Any suggestions?

  13. Nice idea, but what do those of us do who aren't interesting or skilled in something people want to purchase digitally do?

  14. Im a new subscriber & thank you for posting this video Roberto, ill try to utilise your advice so that I can create a passive income and brake free from having to work a 9-5. Peace and love

  15. tnx for reply. Sometimes some guys find unecessary thinhs rather than main thin. they don,t give 100% sure way of earning

  16. First time I've watched a video from you. You have a great voice for radio. Thanks for the upload and time spent educated us

  17. thank you so much , this was very helpfull , im 24 years old , i live in tunisia its a country in north africa plus its a third world country , its very hard to find a job and even if you found a job its a shitty job with a shitty payment , iget paid 5$ for 10 hours of work for every fucking day and it fucking sucks , i tried BINARY OPTIONS and FOREX but i didnt gain any profit from it , but this video was an eye opener for me to see a new way to make money , so thank you and god bless you 🙂

  18. Another great video. I'll be watching more and soaking in the information. I love your laid-back style and appreciate that you know what you are talking about. btw you spoke about a Sonny…I'd like to check her out too. Can you provide a youtube page for her as well? I've been listening to Gillian Parker…she lead me to you, and that a good thing. Thanks

  19. Be wary of making otherwise perfectly reasonable goals unattainable because
    of stringent time frames. When you set a goal, you will most likely set
    times for achieving certain steps along your way to achieving your final
    goal. Even if you don't set the time frames formally, you will probably
    have a pretty good idea of how long you are giving yourself. It's wise to
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  20. Enlighten me kind sir I'm tired of these jobs Im I just turn 21 and always wanted to start my own business since I was in HS

  21. Thanks for another well-done value driven video with relevant content that I can learn from and become a better entrepreneur!

  22. What can I do?? I'm an Artist and a Musician, where can I focus my talents?? How can I advertise my talents??

    My Instagram is @0fanto

  23. I want to quit my job like right now! But damn! I need money to pay bills while I build a business since its not an instant gratification thing. I feel stuck.

  24. Hi +Roberto Blake Well honestly speaking..your videos are fantastic when it comes to being theoretical (Try It Yourself kind) however it would have been more helpful if you would explain the strategies with examples or practicals.

  25. Roberto I started using TransferWise for payments. Much cheaper than PP. Specially if you're getting payments from around the world. Check it out and see if you can mention it in 1 of your vids. Peace bro.

  26. This is a very helpful video and advice! Thank you, Roberto! It’s all about your mindset and I always find myself remembering this video when I need inspiration.

  27. Aloha Mr. Blake. I really love your style and passion. I have been making videos for years and I have 3.5k subscribers. My issue is I have completely ignored selling my own products and keywords. Do you have a video on video seo 101. I mean starting from zero?

    Anyway love what you do. Come visit HONOLULU soon. #Aloha

  28. I really liked this appлication. One of the advantages is that it does not take up much space in the phone's memory. Very colorful application with a functional and modern design. And with the interface to understand even teapots – a clear and functional menu. The withdrawal of money is fast enough and not problematic. The application has not caused any problem yet.

  29. Hey Roberto. My name is Tommy, I'm 30 years old, I'm in to fitness, bowhunting, and the outdoors. I used to do drugs, went to prison a few times in Minnesota, and finally sobered up. I've been clean almost 4 years. I am very driven now, and have great self discipline. I work a union job in a factory building city buses, and it pays the bills but I feel no satisfaction in my life. I know I am not living up to my full potential. I am very interested in all this that you are talking about. But I have no idea where to start and I'm not trying to run a YouTube channel. What do you recommend? I am very interested, and you seem genuine. Also I am interested in writing, I have strong reading and writing skills, also somewhat artistic.

  30. Idk if you've ever heard of ESO, the skyrim youtuber. But I can tell that he uses your thumbnail templates. And he has 1 million subs, so that's pretty cool!

  31. Your friend Sunny's story is relatable. When I started out I also didn't have a tripod or camera, I just used my smartphone. I used shoe boxes as my "tripod" to place my camera and phone to film. My channel is tech based and what I do for sliding/panning shots, I would place my camera on a TechDeck Fingerboard I bought for like $2 and slide it across a smooth shoebox to get the shots I needed.

    "It's not about how much resources you have, it's about how resourceful you are." -Tony Robbins

  32. OMG it work for me too I just confirmed $40,000 hack transfer from hilltophackers,wordpress,com just after i lost my job

  33. $160 a day is poor in California and Massachusetts. It's even kind of poor in Florida. I wouldn't work for less than $220 a day.

  34. I don't have a job right now, actually, but I'm in school and want to make more money than a 9 to 5 can offer me. Glad I came across this video.

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