STOP Using Facebook Ads – The Best Alternative Ad Platforms

STOP Using Facebook Ads – The Best Alternative Ad Platforms

– Facebook ads are getting
more and more expensive and more competitive. Yes, there is a huge ROI
from running Facebook ads, but that’s if you have amazing copy, good images, good videos, you figured out how to
target the right audience. And if you figured it all out, you should keep using Facebook Ads because those will make
you an arm and a leg. But, if you haven’t figured it out, don’t worry, because today,
I’m going to teach you the best alternative ad platforms that you can generate ROI from. (soft music) Before we get started,
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more content like this, you’ll get notified. So the first alternative I
have for you is YouTube ads. Much like Facebook, YouTube offers the same kind of audience segmentation that can put you in front
of the right people, at the right time with the right message. You can segment by gender, age, language, topics, keywords, it works at a cost per view basis and this can range from 10
cents to 30 cents per view. And depending what
country you’re targeting, it could even be less. If you’re marketing product or services that have a very huge
appeal, like let’s say e-commerce products, this could be an amazing channel for you, heck, even if you’re selling eBooks, it can do wonders for you. Now, here’s the big difference between YouTube ads and Facebook ads, we found that YouTube ads
are a bit more expensive than Facebook ads, usually
by around 10% to 15% but they also tend to
convert better as well, so it makes up for the difference in cost. The second alternative I
have for you, Instagram ads. Yes, Facebook owns Instagram,
but through Facebook ads, you can specifically
just target Instagram. Instagram has gone
through a massive growth over the last few years and now it has more than a billion
monthly active users. More than half of Instagram’s
users visit the platform at least once per day, so it’s definitely a
very active user base. Not only that, if you want
to expand internationally, you’ll be happy to know, as much as 80% of the platform’s user base lives outside of the United States. There’s one great think
about Instagram ads that you have to know about, right, it has the same ground
level of segmentation that Facebook ads offer. In other words, you can
get really nitty gritty with who you’re trying to target. Because Instagram ads are so image-focused and video-focused, you have to do an amazing
job at creating content, that creates that visual impact. If your ad doesn’t create
that visual impact, it’s not going to work. Now, these are ad
formats that you can use, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, story ads. If your ads have too much text, you won’t do well on Instagram and they’ll even notify you
when you’re uploading a ad and it has too much
text, their system knows and it tells in your in advance because they want you to succeed as well. The next alternative, Pinterest ads. According to Shopify, 93% of Pinterest’s 300 million active users are using Pinterest to
plan their purchases. The average order value of
sales coming from Pinterest coming from Pinterest is $50, that’s higher than any
other major social platform. Much like other platforms
I’m mentioning in this video, it helps you get traffic, awareness, video awareness, engagement in your pins and app installs, that means
you can accomplish a lot for your business goals through Pinterest, especially if you
content has visual appeal and you’re selling eCommerce products. The next platform, Twitter ads. If you think Twitter is dead, you may want to look at the facts again. Their growth has plateaued
over the recent years, but they still have over
330 million active users and 42% of Twitter users
access the app each day, sending hundreds and millions of tweets according to Pew Research. 24% of U.S. adults use Twitter, so it can be extremely helpful to reach your target audience. There’s several different objectives that you can optimize your
campaigns for on Twitter. App installs, followers, tweet engagement, promote video views, website
clicks or conversions, app re-engagement, end-stream video views, right pre-roll and awareness. Much like Facebook, it allows
you to pay for a click, for a view and website traffic, it’s a really good ad platform. The next alternative, LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn has over 660 million users. The cool thing about LinkedIn
is their user profile. Traditionally, it became
the leading social channel for professionals and B2B marketers and that’s why we all love it. According to Oktopost, 80%
of all B2B social media leads are generated through
LinkedIn, that’s a lot. Although LinkedIn ads tend
to be a bit more expensive, the customer acquisition cost for B2B and ticket value are generally higher. This extremely effective way for you to reach other businesses
and sell your solution. If you need help scaling up your ads, check out my ad agency, NP Digital. If you also enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell
other people about it, thank you for watching.


  1. Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and behaviour on every platform is different…
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  2. So many alternatives to choose from. I would say focus on one, master it and then go to another if it makes sense. Awesome video as always Neil.

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  5. Thanks for suggesting all these platforms. I find that these platforms can also be used in different stages of your marketing funnel. For example, you can use Youtube Ads for awareness, and with existing customers use IG/FB ads to re-target them for a new product release. It depends on what else you have lined up in your funnel and how your ideal repeat customer/advocate.

  6. What about TikTok? That's the platform which is growing quite fast and gave users from all over the world. I guess, in terms of cost it's also quite affordable.

  7. All social media. I'm not a social media fan, way too toxic of a snakepit with all the keyboard Rambo's and a time drain although I do enjoy YT but for learning useful information visually. Thx Neil but all these other social media platforms are not for us.

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    Thanks for this video, I will try to implement in my business.

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  18. Facebook Ads, as well as Google Ads, are the most expensive marketing channels.
    If you invest $1 – you might get your $1 back or even less.
    There is only one way to earn – advertise high-quality products that motivate people to buy many times and share with their friends.
    However, I don't recommend these channels because, according to numerous studies, content marketing costs significantly less and bring more customers.
    How to provide it?
    Publish a lot on social media valuable content that brings something new.
    It helps people, creates brand awareness and covers all the stages of a sales funnel.
    I'm talking a lot about this on my channel.

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