Super Human by Dave Asprey — Book Review and Summary of Dave’s Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward!

Super Human by Dave Asprey — Book Review and Summary of Dave’s Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward!

Are you ready for an amazing review of Super Human by Dave Asprey? This book has a lot of tips in it to maximize your health, reverse aging, and stay young. I found this book really helpful. I’ve read and listened to every single minute of the book on audio and I’ve produced this review in summary here to help you enjoy the value of it. I trust, if you find this helpful and you want some more videos from me every day, you’ll hit that subscribe button and turn those notifications on and I’d love to hear what you think or what you do as a result of this review and/or reading the book in a comment on the video. Are you ready? Let’s go through Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and maybe even live forever. If I had to put everything in a summary on one page, these are the 3 key takeaways from the book. #1 It’s all about your mindset in terms of aiming for a lifetime of health. A lot of us have this idea that we are only going to live 70 years old and we’re starting to expect that many of those years at the end of our life will be filled with sickness, illness, and lack of functionality. Dave shares how he intends to live 180 years in near-perfect health. Having a mindset like that regardless of how far we get in is a huge boost to our entire life and this is something I’ve been practicing for years now. I’ve been aiming at 120+ years old in perfect health the whole time for several years and I can tell you, it makes a fantastic difference in my life, health, and performance. Reading books like this just keep me on top of this vision and will help you with the same thing. The 2nd point here is to learn what you do that ages you. When we go through Dave’s book, we see that a lot of the things we do, the foods we eat, the environments we live in, the behaviors we engage in, we do things that age us a little bit at a time. Dave makes the point that aging is more like aging by a thousand cuts where we are consistently doing little things to age ourselves that make us a little bit older day by day. When you learn what you’re doing that is aging you, you can stop that and reverse it by adjusting your lifestyle, the food you eat, your sleep, and your stress levels. You can not only stop aging but you can even age backward as I’ve experienced myself and Dave has experienced himself as well. The key is to aim to stay young and age backward. There’s no reason you just have to get old, be sick, and die. These bodies are designed to feel good, look good, and live good. Wow! I need a patent trademark for that phrase. the entire time they are alive. You can get your deep sleep, take your supplements, reduce stress, eat right and then there are professionals that can help you reverse aging and to stay on top of your health game for the rest of your life. Dave Asprey’s story, I found very motivating which is how he got to writing this book. He was overweight and experiencing arthritis at just 14 years old. His life was one of chronic illness, mold exposure and lack of education on how to deal with it. In his 20s, he was pre-diabetic and the doctors told him that he was on pace to have a heart attack or a stroke before 30. Fortunately, he discovered the anti-aging community or anti-aging elders as he says and he has experimented on himself for the last 20 years to find what works the best so that he can help us and share with us what he does. He has a podcast, “The Bulletproof Podcast” at and that is where he communicates and carries this on a daily basis. With a book like this, it’s all about, “What actions did I take?” When you’re reading a book like this, if you just read it and you don’t adjust your approach to life at all or at least test some new things, you’ve missed the point. Here are the actions I took as a result of reading this book and I took these actions in the process of actually reading this book. My mom is sick with a ton of chronic illnesses. I recommended this book to mom specifically to research ozone treatments. She has a lot of illnesses that look like based on what I read in Dave’s book. They could respond to ozone treatments. I ordered some new supplements for the first time in quite a while and I ordered a “Gut and Blood” test for food sensitivity. I’m so excited about this. I’ll talk more about it in a minute. I’ve reduced my grain and sugar intake significantly and I tried a 36-hour fast as well i.e. the longest I’ve ever fasted in my whole life. The first 24 hours were pretty smooth. The last 12-hours were a bit uncomfortable and I intend to do some longer fasts again in my life. I will need to adjust my approach slightly. I did straight-up water fast, nothing else for 36 hours. I went from 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday to 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday. At which point, my brain and body functions were severely diminished and I put some food in me and it took 24 hours or so to come back to feeling like I was at normal functioning. Therefore, some of these things you can test. Take things in moderation. Do not just order and do all this stuff at once. The idea is to test out and try a few things at a time over a period of time and get to your optimum health. I spent $211 ordering a “Blood and Gut” test from This is one of the things I’m most excited about from reading this book because I want to know what foods personally I am sensitive to based on my gut health from a stool sample and my blood health from a blood sample. I just sent in the gut test stool sample yesterday and they give you a personalized report saying, “These foods are really good for you. These foods you should minimize and these foods you should avoid because you’re sensitive to”. And that’s what I want to see because after reading this book, especially see there are foods that I’m eating that I’m sensitive to. Foods that are causing inflammation, bloating and discomfort my gut and I’m not even sure exactly what they are. They might be some beans. They might not be others. It might be coconut oil. I don’t know. I need some help figuring this out. Unfortunately, because of the success of Dave’s book, the Viome website says, “They are backed up 6 weeks for processing on the kits”. Therefore, you might want to wait a little bit before ordering one of these and the demand dies down a bit for them. I also went to Dave’s store at and ordered $88.90 of supplements. I got the bulletproof brain octane oil because you’ll see that its mentioned in several different chapters for benefits. And I also got the unflavored collagen protein to see if that makes a difference in the little tiny wrinkle lines showing up in my 35-year-old face and in my creaky knees. So far, I think it’s done a little bit and we’ll see as I do the rest of the jar. Let’s get in now to chapter 1 “The Four Killers”. What I’ll do is go through the first half of the book in detail and for the second half of the book, we will get into a more of a general summary of it. The first half is packed full of actionable information and the second half is really for enthusiastic. You want to get into every single detail basically and in my opinion, you want to master the first half. Then you can try some of the things in the second half and I’m still in the first half of the book. The key is starting with chapter one. We’re looking at “The Four Killers”. These are the things that are most likely to end your body’s life now. Now, you are an immortal soul. I am God and I’ve been in many bodies. Will be in many bodies. I am all that is the Alpha and Omega. That said, it’s taken a lot of time and energy to create this beautiful body and I intend to take care of it in the best shape as long as possible before my Godness moves on to a different body. My wife says that’s unnecessary to say that but I think it’s really helpful. The four killers, the things that end human bodies live in the United States at least where we live. I live, maybe not where you live. Where do you live? You can tell me in the comments where you live. I’m very interested to know that. The Four Killers: 23% chance of dying is by Heart Disease, 25% chance is by Diabetes, 10% by Alzheimer’s and 20% by Cancer. These do vary greatly by Geography. Thus, some places have almost no heart disease. Some have almost no diabetes but in the westernized world, these are pretty standard. These are the 4 things that are likely to take you out and therefore, you want to know what contributes to these to makes these worse and what you can do to help back off on these. I eat a whole plant vegan-based diet with some exceptions to vegetarianism. That works for me. Dave did not like the vegan diet himself. However, there are lots of things we agree on so to speak currently. I have changed my mind from time to time and he changes his I imagine too. The bottom line with The Four Killers is that you want to reduce stress and get good sleep. These are 2 things you can get to work on today totally for free. Reducing stress is mentioned throughout the book and repeatedly, not just in this book but in almost all the other books I’ve read about health. Stress is one of those huge things that taxes our entire body and immune system. Thus, anything we can do to reduce stress makes a huge difference in all the four killers as does getting good sleep. Getting good sleep helps our bodies regenerate, stay young and again go against all the four killers. If you are reliving a stressed-out life where you’re not getting good sleep and you’re not eating right, you’re asking for the four killers, especially if you’re in the middle of some toxins. The bottom line is the tips Dave gave specifically. He’s all about some Glucosamine for lots of different things, especially for joint pain and blood sugar regulation. Diabetes, especially when you do things that spike your blood sugar is contributing to diabetes and Glucosamine I guess can help that. All of these recommendations I’m sharing are from Dave. These are Dave’s recommendations unless I have personally validated them. I have not taken any Glucosamine myself. Although, I’m considering it. More antioxidants seem to help against all the four killers to help the body get rid of purge toxins and stay at optimal functioning as we’ll see in the next chapter. Anti-aging often is contributed by things that shouldn’t be in the body toxins. When you take short periods of fasting which I do intermittent fasting almost every day where I eat during an 8 to 12-hour window or so to give my body a significant amount of time off of eating short periods of fasting. Maybe, even for longer can help your body balance out against all of the four killers You can also, if things are a total disaster or if you just want to take things to the highest level, you can get a functional review of your DNA also to help you see where you should specifically focus. After we look at the four killers and I recommend if you get excited about any of these topics, get the full book so you can really go into detail on these. The video already is 12-minutes long here and since it’s a review and summary, naturally I’m going over these things really quickly. Chapter 2: The 7 Pillars Of Aging The idea is when you know what these are and you can manage these, you can essentially stop or slow down your aging and even go backward. These seven things are the pillars that we associate with aging. •Shrinking Tissues •Mitochondrial Mutations •Zombie cells I like Zombie Cells. Zombie Cells are the cells that won’t die when they’re supposed to. They just keep hanging around and go on shrinking tissues where you once had a beautiful arm that was all tight and everything. The tissue shrink and that’s why you get hanging wrinkly old arms. Mitochondrial Mutations, these are things like cancer. These cells don’t copy correctly. •Cellular Straitjackets I forgot what that one is, honestly. •Extracellular Junk These are things like metals, toxins or things hanging around that don’t need to be there. •Junk Buildup Inside Cells & you have also got •Telomere Shortening. These are where the telomeres do an essential function in your cells. These get shortened up over time and then there are a lot of negative results from that. The bottom line with these things is, “What do you want to do to manage these 7 pillars of aging?” You want to kill off those zombie cells and there are lots of things Dave recommends to do that. You can consider some anti-aging drugs. This suggestion has made several times no fried grilled or charred meat. If you’re looking at these pillars of aging and you’re looking at the four killers, the key thing we can do is to not take in things that contribute to these pillars of aging specifically and the four killers. Sorry. No fried, grilled, or charred meat and again, manage stress. You can also supplement with vitamin D. A lot of Americans, especially are deficient in vitamin D and I do a vitamin D supplement every day. Take a few drops and it’s a huge bottle. One drop is enough and Dave recommends to take that with vitamin A and K also. Another thing you can do to help is to find foods that are not compatible with your body because each of our bodies has a different composition and this is why one diet can work for one person and another diet can work for the other person. Even when the diets are almost directly opposite to each other, one person can do great on a diet that would be bad for another person. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to get to know our unique biology. That’s why I’m excited and I ordered my tests to see what foods I specifically am sensitive to based on my gut health and blood sensitivity. Chapter 3: Food Is An Anti-Aging Drug The food you eat can age you forward or backward. I’ve experienced this firsthand. I used to weigh 240 pounds. I was coming up on a bunch of those four killers and in the middle of the seven pillars of Aging. Today, thanks to the interventions I’ve made on my diet from reading the books i.e. “How Not to Die, Whole” and several other books and documentaries including this book Super Human by Dave Asprey. The food you eat makes a massive difference in your body’s composition and how you age. Dave specifically recommends avoiding all conventionally grown grains, produce and, animal stuff. These are often loaded with toxins, hormones, and the things that mess our bodies up. By animal stuff, I mean animal products and animal meats. What I’ve noticed is some of the books and documentaries that talk about the value of being vegan, they often are not able to separate eating any of the conventionally-grown and produced animal products versus those that are not. Dave loves some butter and grass-fed cows. The one downside I would point out to this is these use a massive amount of resources to feed a cow on grassland. Therefore, I suggest minimizing the grass-fed stuff also because it takes a huge amount of resources. That’s why animal products are conventionally raised & grown because it is cheaper and doesn’t use as much land. Again, no fried stuff ever. The second time directly mentioning that in the book summary. Apparently frying things and charred things put a bunch of toxins in your body and the idea is if you combine all this stuff together, it’s a big determinant of your result. If you eat some fried conventionally grown meat then it’s better if you eat some fried but not conventionally growing grass-fed meat. You see ideally, it wouldn’t be fried at all. Thus, these are an accumulative list of suggestions. It’s not that you have to ace the test and get a hundred. It’s that every one of these little things you put into practice as I’ve experienced myself can make a big difference and the more of them you do, the bigger difference that can make. Dave suggests eating enough protein for tissue repair plus grass-fed collagen. I am trying the grass-fed collagen supplement now. I’m surprised how many people around me are already on collagen supplements. I got a new suggestion that I’ve also never heard before in all the books I’ve read. It is to balance the fat ratios. Dave suggests about 50% saturated, 25% monounsaturated and the rest omega sixes and threes are undamaged. This is a big difference from recommendations I’ve seen elsewhere and a big difference from what I’m currently doing as I eat whole plant vegan which means there is hardly any saturated fat on anything. Therefore, this is something I’m in the process of researching further before I go apply it myself, for example, what vegan saturated fats are there? One of the only ones that I know of and that he mentioned is coconut one and then I go back to my test, “Does coconut oil agree with my biology specifically?” It’s quite a fun game to put all this together. Another suggestion is to limit eating to 8 to 10 hours a day. Instead of eating right before bed and as soon as you get up and the whole rest of the day, I generally limit my eating to approximately 8 a.m. to approximately 4:00 p.m. Therefore, most days I limit my eating window to 8 to 10 hours. I’ve been doing this now for years and I can say, this makes a big difference in my health. I’ve lost weight and maintain great energy levels by focusing my eating consistently during these limited hours. This gives my digestive system time off. Dave’s all about this metabolic flexibility with ketones in the blood and doing the eating in these smaller windows helps the body to be more metabolically flexible and not constantly depending on carbs or food that’s put in every minute to maintain. Dave encourages metabolic flexibility. You want to have ketones in the blood. He says you can do these from a ketogenic diet, fasting, avoiding carbs, and adding energy fats like the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil I bought to see if this helps. Now, with the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, make sure you read the directions about how much to have. I knocked down a tablespoon the first time I did it and it said to start with a teaspoon. I had a stomachache for several hours after that. I went back, read it and I said, “Oh”. You need to start with a small amount of the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and work your way up. Chapter 4: Sleep or Die Deep sleep is the key to healing and maintaining body health. I started reading an entire book about this and long story short, you need your sleep to regenerate. Now, Dave has a whole system he uses to sleep 6 hours a night and get at least 2 hours of deep sleep which is as much or more than a lot of people get in 8 hours of deep sleep. Dave is all about the deep sleep the key to maintaining the body and health. Sleep in the other book I read fixes so many things and maintain so many processes in the body. The worst most stressful times in my life have been when I was doing weird things with my sleep like working night shift as a police officer. The mental insanity and the decisions that go with that and all the coping mechanisms. I can attest you want to do a very good job with your sleep. It makes a huge difference in your health. Dave gives 2 specific resources. You can use the “Sonic Sleep Coach” app to track your sleep on your phone and you can get the very best tracking with the “Oura Ring”. I’m intending to buy one of these and test these out. However, I pace myself. I have already spent a few hundred dollars on the things I listed before. These are some of the things I’m considering trying next. Also, the suggestion I’ve not heard before, when you’re tracking your sleep, you can know if you’ve got a good night or a bad night of sleep. Make sure you exercise lighter. If you have a bad night of sleep and you wake up feeling groggy and not a hundred percent, going to work out really hard is a good recipe to stress your body and get injured. Therefore, Dave suggests when you’re tracking your sleep, you can make better decisions about how hard to work out As we’ll talk about in a minute, intense exercise is very important a few times a week to help maintain health also. We get more suggestions in improving sleep habits specifically blackout curtains to a nighttime routine to cool temperatures are all listed. I apply all of these myself. Blackout curtains are fantastically helpful because we live in this world that’s filled with light pollution. There’s light all over the place indiscriminately at least where I live. Huge bright street lights that shine in the windows and lights coming in are telling your body that it’s time to be awake. Our bodies are conditioned to be awake. When there’s light out and go to sleep. When it’s dark out and we’ve got these artificial lights on all the time. It’s telling our bodies to stay awake. One of the best sleep acts I’ve done over the years well is to get some blackout curtains in the bedroom. Knock the light down man, if you want to sleep well. When you got a bedroom that’s blacked-out really good and you have a good night time routine, you’d be amazed how much you can sleep. There are periods where I was behind on my sleep like after the birth of my first child and then we got her to the point where she was sleeping and man, We kept sleeping like 10 or 11 hours a night and that’s possible because we had our room blacked out really well and do good nighttime routines. Nighttime routines meaning you have kind of a set ritual you do before bedtime and that helps your body to condition itself. When I’m watching lost, I’m not eating anymore, I’m sitting in this chair in this room and cleaning around the house, this means we’re going to go to bed and it helps your body be prepared to fall asleep. So you’re not laying in bed thinking all night up and then waking up having a bad night’s sleep, facing the day, not at a hundred percent. Getting good sleep and several books I’ve read it is essential for top health and anti-aging. Dave also suggests that you can get some dimmer switches, change your light bulbs and get some blue light blocking glasses to help you if you can’t control the artificial lights in your environment. These things can help minimize the impact of it on you because having all these lights on with this blue light, all these lights at night can make it difficult to fall asleep and get really good sleep. While we’re talking about light, we get into chapter 5 “Light Superpowers”. There are some really cool things I’ve never heard of before in here like red or infrared therapy. Also, dave has some unique insights about sun exposure that I thought was really cool. When the sun first comes up, there’s a lot of red and infrared light and this apparently triggers your skin to be prepared for Sun later in the day and this eliminates or minimizes the need for a sunscreen which can often be a toxic substance to our skin. I’ve found, when I get out in the morning and get in the Sun along with the recommendations Dave makes in a book, when you get out to get some red infrared light exposure from the Sun every day, my body is much more resilient and less likely to be sunburned when I’m out in the heat of the day which is very important in Florida. Dave also emphasizes protecting yourself from junk light. You can change your light bulbs or your glasses. I’m becoming much more aware of this. As you can see in my big studio here, there’s a lot of junk light in here. And I go into the studio and I look at it. Like, I go in here, take a little bit of time to do something useful and then I step back out of here. I consistently get out and take breaks. You can also consider an infrared sauna for detox and mitochondria boost. I’m interested in trying this for detox and the mitochondria boost. Dave raves about the results himself that he’s experienced with infrared healing. I suggest researching red infrared and yellow light therapies. There have been some amazing results according to Dave from these therapies and I have not started researching them outside of his book yet myself. These could be things alternative healing that might be able to help you. Chapter 6: Age Backward This is where the things we’ve given up to this point are primarily just to slow down your aging and stay at optimal health but you can actually age backward. I’ve experienced this myself. I feel the best and look the best that I ever have in this body’s entire life. If you look at photos of me 10-years ago, I look much worse health-wise than I do now. I can attest that you can age backward as Dave can as well. One big thing you can do that’s consistently mentioned in the book. Keep your blood sugar stable by reducing sugar intake, especially added sugar and Dave says, you can also pair with fiber saturated fat. The reason for this is every time you spike your blood sugar, this puts off a bunch of radicals and free radicals in your body that can damage various systems and if you’re in a habit of chronically spiking your blood sugar all the time, this contributes to the four killers and contributes to all the seven pillars of Aging. You can reduce your blood sugar instability or keep your blood sugar stable by reducing that sugar intake. Now, that said, there’s a delicate balance between enjoying life and applying these principles. I don’t have candy that often and yet Halloween’s coming up as I’m filming this and there’s lots of Halloween candy. If you can have a smaller amount of candy, that can make a big difference. Like a bite of a chocolate bar instead of the whole chocolate bar, that can make a big difference. Less is more. You also can develop metabolic flexibility with a cyclical ketosis diet. The only way I’ve done that so far is to do the fast for 36 hours. You want the ketones present in your blood to age backward. You want your metabolic flexibility also so that your body can switch between essentially the normal carb-burning that most of us run on and switch over into burning fat for energy. This requires a big difference in the body and you want your flexibility as associated with life and the rigidity is associated with morbidity and death. Therefore, you want your metabolic flexibility as much as possible and you can use the Brain Octane Oil to keep ketones present in the blood even when you are not on a ketosis diet. You can also look into neurofeedback treatment for reversing trauma, depression, and anxiety. Dave had some very interesting results doing neurofeedback treatment on himself within his life. There’s lots of information in this chapter about cognitive enhancers like curcumin. Some of these apparently can significantly boost your brain function. I personally am not using any of the ones and have not used any cognitive enhancers. I am open to learning more and the one hesitation I have is if my brain works much better than it is now. I might just get some superpowers. Actually, that sounds pretty good. Well, think about that. Chapter 7: Metal Bashing Metal Bashing things like mercury, led, heavy metals that are not supposed to be in your body can cause a lot of problems. They can stay in your body for a long time. Up your antioxidant levels. Then you can detox these metals anything from sweat to just flushing them out through normal methods like going to the bathroom. Things like glutathione and vitamin C can help with this. You can also take activated charcoal little bits of it with meals to help bind to the metals as you’re consuming them, for example, Dave likes to do this eating fish which often have high levels of mercury. A little bit of activated charcoal binds some mercury. If you can reduce the metals you’re taking in, then any of your body’s detoxification efforts can kick more out. If you think you’ve had high levels of heavy metal exposure, you can get a test from a functional medicine doctor to see what your metal levels are and see how much you need to detox. I am interested in learning about my heavy metal levels. Heavy metal levels can cause a whole bunch of problems in the body single-handedly. Therefore, that test could be a big breakthrough for some of us. Chapter 8 is something cool. I’ve never heard about Ozone treatments and this is what I suggested to my mom. Dave talks about Ozone. Now, Ozone by itself is not handled by professionals. It can be a very dangerous substance. Just breathing it in can cause permanent lung damage. Please make sure if you want to do anything with this, you thoroughly research it and get professional help. Ozone can help with serious health problems such as COPD. However, I’ve also seen some literature online saying that it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. I recommended my mom learn about ozone treatments because she’s got a ton of chronic illnesses and this looked like it is promising, especially in Dave’s book for this. You also can get prolozone injections for arthritis and sore joints. Dave says you can up your NAD+ levels to boost your mitochondrial function all naturally if you’d like to. Chapter 9 and we’re almost finished with the book review in summary here. Chapter 9: Fertility=Longevity Your body when it’s fertile is saying, “Yes, things are working so good. We can reproduce and make more little Me’s”. When your body loses its fertility, that’s often a big correlation with aging like, “Well, this thing’s too old to reproduce. Who needs it anymore?” What you can do is maintain hormone levels and everything related to fertility for ideal health that’s circulation. I have a friend who’s watching a movie called “The Game Changer” which is all about how men’s fertility functions. How important it is to have good cardiovascular system health? One specific recommendation that I’ve been applying now for 6 months to get intense exercise 2 to 3 times a week to raise testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are good for men and women. Both men and women have testosterone, estrogen, and a lot of other hormones. I’ve consistently seen across all the books I’ve read about the value of exercise. Intense exercise is very helpful for your body to stay young, feel healthy and be in ideal health. I have a personal trainer I see twice a week in st. Petersburg Florida. If you want to get to know her and train with her, I will put a link to her video in the description. I did without intense exercise for a couple of years and I’ve seen a massive boost in my health, energy, overall wellness, and muscle composition. I am extremely grateful that I got a personal trainer and I’m back in applying this suggestion myself which Dave suggests also. 1 to 3 intense workouts a week preferably on days where you’ve got good sleep. You can also get a full workup from a functional health doctor. If you want to really look at your hormone levels and if you’ve got some dysfunctions, this can be really helpful. Things like hair loss can be directly attributed to hormone levels and increased bioidentical hormones can help you do things like grow hair. I’m grateful, that’s not an issue for me today. You can also consider supplements that can boost your hormone levels. In addition to keeping your hormones as we’ve seen a significantly recommended in the book is replace sugar but this is also a little different and refined carbs in soy with saturated fats. Dave likes his grass-fed butter and grass-fed meats. You can also check your vitamin D levels and if you’re low, you can supplement. Make sure to include vitamin A, K, Zinc, and L-tyrosine according to Dave’s research and suggestions. Again, I take a vitamin D supplement every day and my vitamin D levels last I had them tested was looking good. They might have been a bit low before that but I’ve been supplementing and got them back up by the time the test was there. You also can avoid personal care products with these 2 listed. I did not realize the importance of doing this before. These have hormones in them and just rubbing the hormones on your skin can make a big negative difference. Dave’s got a lot of interesting stories in this section also. You will like to hear that. I’ll leave for you to enjoy. Now, we’re towards the last slide here, the last slider or two. The rest of the book to me is more hardcore. If you have already mastered the beginning of the book, you’ve got all this stuff down, you really want to push the limit, you have some extenuating circumstances or some more alternatives, to me, the bottom line is to research the alternatives. Super Human by Dave Asprey is a great place to start to learn about all the different possible things you can do from stem-cell treatments to things like massages, supplements and just getting time outside, getting your dental health squared away. Even your jaw alignment can impact your nervous system and your pain. My mother has a lot of teeth and jaw problems and she also suffers from chronic pain. Dave has a whole chapter on dental health about how your teeth are your window to the nervous system and if you’ve got teeth problems, these are just asking for a lot of other nervous system problems. I recommend if you’ve loved and enjoyed what I’ve done here, I think you’ve got a very good shot at enjoying Super Human by Dave Asprey. I’m grateful for the chance to summarize and review this book today as I found this book on Audible. I just felt the desire to read it and share it here with you. I trust if you found this helpful and somehow you’re not subscribed and you have watched the whole thing, you’ll hit that subscribe button and make sure to turn those notifications on so you actually see new videos that I make. I’d love to know what exactly you’ve done as a result of watching this review or listening to the summary on my podcast or reading it as a blog post on my website. All the discussions on YouTube, please leave a comment on YouTube to let me know exactly what you’ve done as a result of reading or listening to either this or the book itself, I’d love to hear it. Thank you very much for watching or listening all the way to the end. Please let me know if you listen all the way to the end also. That makes a big difference. I love you. You are awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I hope this video has been helpful for you.


  1. I saw some latest interviews with Dave Asprey while he is promoting his new book, so did I watch some interviews with David Sinclair who wrote the book "lifespan" on ageing and now I take daily 30mg PQQ and 200mg Q10 + 600mg Trans-Resveratrol. I ordered them here in europe from german companies, because the stuff Dave Asprey sells ist just way overpriced. I reduced white sugar and processed foods too, and I do every second day intermittent fasting (16h fasting 8 eating) + I try to eat every week 25 different types(its easier as it sounds) of vegetables and fruits to have a balanced gut flora

  2. Would you like to read the blog post made from this video because you will enjoy it?

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