Tai Lopez Scam | Social Media Marketing Course Review

Tai Lopez Scam | Social Media Marketing Course Review

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
media innovation and today we’re going to talk about Tai Lopez’s social media
marketing agency his entire course and I’m gonna be 100% transparent with you
guys and fully upfront honest and we’re going to expose him you know for the
service and how the course actually was so stay tuned for that but that being
said let’s just jump right in all right guys so before I actually give you the
lowdown on the entire course and whether or not I feel like it actually worked or
didn’t whether it was you know a success or a failure actually implementing the
strategies you know if you’re interested in any of the digital marketing content
not just social media marketing but anything digital marketing or e-commerce
go ahead and hit that subscribe button you know I’m uploading videos daily
there’s so many tutorials tips tricks insights on you know platforms across
the board whether you’re into email marketing affiliate marketing Amazon FBA
you know drop shipping we do it all here I cover it all
I have anecdotal experience in all of it so now getting to the point we’re
actually gonna get straight to it because I know you guys want to know is
Tai Lopez a scammer and we’re gonna expose Tai Lopez for being a genuinely
good dude now I say that not just kind of watching his videos on YouTube but
actually taking his course and you know I don’t follow him to too much
hardcore anymore or anything like that but I did watch a bunch of his videos
back in the day I helped kind of you know take in his mindset the way he
approached problems and the way he approached the world and I can genuinely
say from following him for awhile and paying 995 for his course and going
through it that it was great investment in my future and basically in you know
just just marketing in general gave me a lot of different you know insights into
how people that are successful in that social media marketing realm approached
different problems and different clients and while I did have a successful social
media marketing business I know no longer active actively actually practice
social media marketing I had two clients one of them was 1500 a month and one of
them was 995 or I think it was it was like it might have been like nine eighty
nine or something like that and I ended up outsourcing the the one and I
completely gave the other one away to my friend if you follow any of my courses
and I actually have a course on social media marketing that kind of piggybacks
off of high scores don’t worry about this will be linked in the description
but it’s not 200 bucks and the description link is actually ten dollars
for my my youtube subscribers so obviously shameless plug there that’ll
be in the description but you don’t have to pay the full price for it it’s a
discount link only ten bucks so this basically goes into everything
that you learn in the course you know you don’t have to pay nine ninety five
because while I do think that investing in your future investing in knowledge is
a great investment regardless of the price you know I would have gladly paid
five thousand dollars somebody would have taught me how to drop ship right
and and you know basically promise me the success that I saw you know but
there’s no way of knowing that obviously so I definitely think investing in your
knowledge and in your future is a great investment regardless of the price that
you pay but I do you know in that situation understand why people believe
that nine ninety five might be overpriced this is ten bucks you don’t
have to pay that much for it you get all the stuff that comes in in his course
practically and you get the you know the anecdotal experience of how to actually
approach clients because I did it I was there I I approached them physically I
approached them online I share all that with you and how you can do it and how
you can land clients I have I want to say twenty to thirty people that I know
of that are all successful doing this I’ve conversed with them through email
they all ask me questions and they continue to do it today so I know it
works I know I’m teaching people to do it if you’re interested in still trying
to start social media marketing go ahead and grab that course in the description
also if you guys want I have to tile up as a social media marketing agency
course now I think it’s phenomenal it’s a bit long I forget how long it actually
is but it might be like a full day’s worth of content for you to consume so
it’s a lot I remember taking copious notes on it and then I basically put all
those notes into this course which is briefer so if you want to take my course
it’s a lot more to the point I’m gonna stop plugging my courses now this is
about basically I just wanted to go over and give you know some some full-hearted
you know transparent feedback on it great course there’s a lot to learn in
it he teaches a lot of great stuff and I actually have the entire course if
anybody’s interested in the course drop your email down in the comment section
and I’ll just send you it like I’ll just literally email it to you I have it in
my Dropbox I’ll share it with you it’s not a big deal I genuinely think that
that course can help people it can help entrepreneurs and I’m all about helping
entrepreneurs you know make it online my entire youtube channel everything I’m
doing you know content creation wise all of my courses that I make are basically
geared around you know helping aspiring entrepreneurs I do have a you know
obviously a big course coming out about branding yourself which is basically
what I’m doing and that’s coming out relatively soon within a month or two so
I’m still working on that it’s a lot of great stuff involved in there but you
can either get my course for ten bucks or you can simply ask for you know his
course for free and I’ll just send it to you it’s not a big deal I’m trying to
help people out I think that you know I want to get the this type of information
in the hands of entrepreneurs so that they can take action on it because I
think there’s a lot of great stuff to learn and that’s the key guys you can
take in the information all day you can watch the course you can watch the
videos but if you don’t actually you know man up or woman up or you know have
the balls to approach a client you’re never gonna sign anybody you’re never
gonna see success I don’t care if it’s with the social media marketing drop
shipping you know email marketing whatever it is Amazon FBA you have to
have the balls to pull the trigger and be okay with making mistakes and seeing
failure because when you see failure you learn and then you’re able to adjust and
then you might fail again but you adjust again and eventually you will succeed
it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when and so I just kind of wanted to
part impart that on you that’s my you know that’s all the cheese I have for
today um so yeah guys though it’s a great course check it out if you don’t
want to pay for it simply drop your email down in the comments and awesome
I’ll literally just email it to you through Dropbox no big deal
I hope you guys liked the video if you liked the video please like the video it
obviously helps the channel grow comment and subscribe I hope you enjoyed it and
I will see you guys tomorrow


  1. So you basically click baited by saying you are exposing Tai Lopez and for the majority of the video you talked about your course, and how it is only 10 bucks compared to Tai. Jesus chrsit!!

  2. Thumbs down! for click bait! your terrible at marketing if you have to do click bait. Clearly you lack marketing skills!

  3. Social media marketing is dying to the point you have to use Tai Lopez name to promote your course which in itself “marketing” you’re not doing anything different then the other 1,000’s of entrepreneurs preaching financial freedom now buy my course that relatively iterates the same point like every other course being pushed in your face. Give it up

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