Talk Like A Pirate Day – Matter Solutions Digital Marketing Workshop

Talk Like A Pirate Day – Matter Solutions Digital Marketing Workshop

hi I’m Ben I’m the agency director here
at matter solutions and we’re today you’re going to do the Digital Marketing
workshop coupled with Talk Like a Pirate Day today was a great experience I feel like
it could be a little bit daunting at first if you don’t have that much to do
with marketing but it’s a whole huge world that Ben really gives us you a lot
of information on in the most precise way so I would recommend this for anyone
who thinks they’d remotely be interested it would be very very helpful my name is
Kimberly planner and I just started my business this year before today I knew a
little bit about total marketing definitely more confident now at least I
know how to approach my digital marketing strategy having briefing
workshop and a networking opportunity and with experts is such a good thing my
number one takeaway probably just talking to Victoria outside about
Facebook she’s an expert so it was really good talk to her about that the
digital marketing workshop was amazing I would 100% recommend it to anyone to
come along if you didn’t come to AI Talk Like a Pirate Day Digital Marketing
workshop then check out the link below it’s got the dates and times for the
next one

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  1. We host these regularly, and every time we donate all the proceeds to charity, this event raised $750 for Talk Like A Pirate Day, so check out our website to see if we are hosting in your city! You'll get a morning of breakfast and a full rundown of all things Digital Marketing, while helping out a good cause — >

    Check out our channel to see over 100 other digital marketing tutorials aimed at helping you to grow your knowledge. Channel Page ———>

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