The 3 Most Secure Email Providers | NordVPN

The 3 Most Secure Email  Providers | NordVPN

Which email service do you use? Are you sure your inbox is safe? We asked NordVPN developers and sys admins which email providers they use personally and what they could recommend you. ProtonMail This open-source email service provider uses end-to-end encryption. It also requires no personally identifiable information to sign up. Hushmail Hushmail keeps your emails secure with state-of-the-art encryption methods. With its convenient web interface, you can send encrypted messages from any device. Tutanota Tutanota is a free, end-to-end encrypted email service. If you send an encrypted message to someone who doesn’t use Tutanota, they get a temporary account and can only access it with a special password. For more information about online privacy, don’t forget to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.


  1. If you're using a VPN the email provider may ask for a phone number because they have to limit the number of signups on a single IP address.

  2. the nordvpn is spying its users. the setup file is infected with Trojan as result shown on VIRUSTOTAL. Guys Have a go and check yourself.

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