The Future of Think Media… (Things are Changing)

The Future of Think Media… (Things are Changing)


  1. Question Of The Day ⚡ What is one of your reasons for wanting to build your influence, YouTube channel, and/or business online? Let us know! 👇 *** Watch the first episode of "The Think Marketing Show" on YouTube here 👉

  2. Sounds Like the new Channel is going to be a good one all the best with it . As for QOTD . I'd like to build my influence a little to Get My work out there ,Share my things I'm passionate about with like minds , Hopefully Educate and encourage ,Entertain and brighten someones day a little ,& if possible make some passive income Happy New Year Have a Blessed 2020

  3. Want to share bonding issues that I seen when fishing with family and to make a few Xtra bucks to supplement my retirement and thanxs for all the vids for this older man you have helped me a lot

  4. I want to teach people how to connect and I want to connect people…. funny I never thought of it like that. Thank You! Looking forward to the Think Marketing channel.

  5. Thank you so much Sean, my YouTube journey started 7 month ago with zero subscribers and zero Likes. Today I have about 2k subs and 1k watch hour. I learn a lot frik Think Media and please accept my big thanks. My desire to meet you in person. Thank you and Happy new year. 🌲🎄💐🎈

  6. Building an AUDIENCE and a COMMUNITY is one of those ASSETS that you can own without go to the STOCK MARKET… Keep GRINDING, Keep LEARNING…!!!

  7. Where I live, teenagers are highly overrated. I just want to bring out their talents into a global platform that doesn't care about the age, cuz Teen Age is the best era of life

  8. My faith is important to me as well but I also just want to make a difference whether it is small or large😁

  9. My wife and I are going Full Time RVing in mid to late 2020… We want to provide Knowledge and Entertainment for our viewers !

  10. I care about helping bring financial planning solutions normally reserved for the rich to the masses. Also help the Nonprofit I work with get social media conscious.

  11. Great question! I was influenced greatly by watching the lives of others. I want to do the same. YouTube seems to be the best way to do that. I am motivated by the quote, "You can't be what you cant see".

  12. Thanks to you guys! You have really made me find courage to launch my YouTube channel.. 😩
    I just put out my first video, I'd appreciate if y'all would check it out..🙏😊

  13. I want to launch my channel because I want to assist people with stepping out and launching that business and seeing how it's done. Almost in real time. Your channel has been such a great influence and I just want to say keep doing what you all do. I've become and Think Media sponge over the last 6 months.

  14. I want to use my YouTube channel to share my knowledge about how to find your family history. After 30+ years of doing this for my own family, I know the thrill of discovery. I also know the mistakes I've made and how to avoid them and want to help others. I would also like to potentially expand this out into books, a blog and even speaking engagements. Besides helping people, this will also (hopefully) help supplement my retirement income. I'm looking forward to the new channel, in addition to continuing to follow you here!

  15. I'm retired and I wanna travel and living in RV but at the same time I wanna be able to teach cooking and also cook for the homeless and for our veterans stay safe stay strong stay healthy god bless and enjoy life👨‍🍳🎅🥓🥩🌶🚌

  16. I want to help people who are disabled who have autoimmune diseases or other disabilities with food and chemical sensitivities get better by growing an organic garden with raised beds, trellising and containers plus help them prepare for life changing events like when my husband passed away 3 years ago. If I hadn't had money and food stored back for at least 6 months I don't know what would have happened to me. God keeps whispering in my ear for me to do this so here I am and if I manage to make money while doing this that will just be icing on the cake.

    So, with the help of Him whispering in my ear and me managing to help just 1 person to feel better then it'll be worth it. You and Benji have shown me how and what I need to do to get my channel going the right way starting out instead of starting out not knowing what to do so I want to say Thank you!!

  17. I want to build my online employees and business for two reasons mainly. My first reason is to share my faith and help others grow in their relationship with Jesus or to come to know Jesus for the first time. The second is to build an online business that will help us have an income to supply the needs of the ministry and to free my husband and I up for some other projects we are working on and eventually relocate out of the The United States so we can fund our own mission work. My biggest hurdle is making money from the ministry side of it how do you ask people to give without seeming like that’s all you care about. That’s why I was trying to separate the two I know we have plenty of value to provide but I’m just not sure how to work the two out together thank you for everything you both do and for what your team does I really appreciate if you can give some guidelines on this if it is appropriate. May God richly bless you both and your families and your team in 2020 and take you to the next level.

  18. I have a drumming channel with drum lessons, drum covers & drum vlogs where I hope to spread my testimony & bring people closer to CHRIST !!

  19. I’m a part time photographer based in Norway and I’d like you to make a video on what’s important and what’s not on how to grow a business. Do you really need a website and a youtube channel when you post your work on Instagram and Tik Tok and Social media in general? And how to reach or approach potential clients?

  20. I am dreaming to start a channel to share my music and the story of my life and the testimony to the love of God through my relationship with Jesus and how he has completely transformed my pain. I'm excited! But I know I have soooooo much to learn. I'm not concerned with making money but that would be a bonus for sure. My heart is to breath hope to hurting hearts all over the world. I have NO experience and no idea how the resources will come or how to start but I've got to believe this is my dream for reason larger than me and that the one who gave it to me will continue to give me all things.

  21. Can't wait for this marketing-focused content! I'm a digital marketer in my 9-5 and a YouTuber in my spare time so I think this content will be helpful and relevant in both spaces!

  22. I wanted to find a way to share my knowledge and passion with everyone( I had a slow grow gaming channel) so I decided to take what I learned to grow properly and share it

  23. Happy New Year 2020, Sean & Heather!… Looking forward to your expanded platform in the new channel as well. Jumping over now to subscribe & dive into your videos… Good fortune to you!… ✨😎✨

  24. My motivation for building an influence and my channel is to inspire and even educate others through my art. I really not in it for the fame or even the money really. But, I will not lie though, making enough money to live off of while at the same time creating projects that will entertain, inspire, and even in some ways educate others would be amazing.

  25. My main reason is to promote & preserve all things Indigenous. Our language, culture and here in Canada, our rights, are being targeted for termination. With YouTube allowing each person to have a SHOW (insert Sean’s tone 😁) I can shine a light on this and more.

  26. can you do a review of the Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens for the M50? How does it stack up to the nifty 50 + speed booster or other wide-angle options?

  27. Was up thinkmedia, I appreciate your content and am a subscriber ! I just launched my Christian channel and uploaded my first video on January 1st. Wanted to know any advice you would have being a Christian and having experience on YouTube. Thanks in advance for all your channel does and God bless broth in Christ!

  28. Wanting to grow my influence with my fishing channel cause it's been my biggest passion in life! I'm 37 now and I dont think its to late to try to make a career out of my passion. Looking for financial freedom to better support my wife and 4 kids and be independent and make my own money for me! Hope everyone has a great year of building their influence!

  29. Starting this year right by being a sponsor for a fishing tournament to get my name out there more to the fishing community. I will be supplying the tournament with some soft plastic baits that I personally make.

  30. Thank you so much for all the knowledge and courage to jump into 2020! I have learned so much from your videos and you convinced me it’s ok to just jump in and get started! Thank you looking forward to 2020 and the journey

  31. Excited to see where this goes. I have found very few channels sharing the ecommerce side of running an online business. I have had to collect the information from multiple sources to learn and apply it to my own brand and business. Excited to see what you guys do!

  32. Thanks for making 2 channels . I subscribed to the other one. Bc I need help growing my channel. Thanks to you guys I learned how to get started . I just need to do better quality video's and feel confident. I hope with my channel I can make other ppl feel comfortable about wearing the make up they want and know about harmful products and just not feel overwhelmed with the beauty community and new releases 💄💚

  33. Really looking forward to the new content! I love all that you have shared over the years and looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say on the Marketing side.

  34. We want to build our influence online to help people get out of debt, live financially stable lives, build their wealth and leave a legacy!

  35. I've always had a feeling you both are Christians!! What a great example you both are of His light shining through you without speaking a word. I appreciate your clean, friendly, super helpful content. I'm a homeschool mama too, Heather! And now an entrepreneur with a quickly growing ministry and a bonus baby just joined our family, which is crazy because our youngest (of 4!) children is already 14 and we even have a grandbaby. Needless to say, life is busy and time is valuable so I am so super excited about this new channel you are creating!! 🙌 Blessings, Nicki ❤️

  36. Hi Sean! I am learning a lot from your videos as I just started my own Youtube channel called JustUpright about physical therapy, fall prevention and mental health. Thank you for all the tips. Any support from ThinkMedia family will be greatly appreciated! GOD bless you all!

  37. Thank you Think Media, just following the stuff you teach helped my channel slowly grow in the past 6 months. Looking forward to the marketing content that you guys will be producing for this year. More power to your team!!

  38. Doing it to share my best friend Jesus with the hiking and nature loving community! If I happen to make money one day, bonus! But that's not my drive. So cool to hear you both have the faith!

  39. I want to build my influence online so I can reach more people to make laugh and smile. My channel is taking a new direction and it's finally showing me for who I am

  40. To be honest, my church has a great story with an exciting history, but the average age is about 70 years old, so church attendance is down. I desire to help share our story, and social media is a way to share our exciting story.

  41. Being a financial institution, online influence is huge! People depend on us being reliable online, and having vital information ready for them as soon as possible.

  42. I activated the notification bell from this channel. Really useful tips and infos. Let's see if I will be notified everytime you upload videos…

  43. My reason for building my influence online is to uplift and motivate myself and others. Passing along gems that I’ve picked up along the way in life. If I can share what I know and save others from learning the same lesson the hard way I think that’s worth sharing 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  44. Stoked to see you launch the new channel! I learned SO MUCH about the business side of YouTube from your Mastermind in November, can't wait to see what you drop for us in 2020! Congrats on the new channel

  45. My reason for building my online business: to help everyone – ppl of every hue, background, etc. learn and enjoy golf. It’s hard to break in for a variety of reasons! Looking forward to checking out new channel!!

  46. Faith. Yes! I want to share what God has shown me to encourage His people. (not necessarily on this channel. I have another I started that has a total of 1 video from a year ago!) I also need to make money. I know I need to step out in Faith. Time to stop thinking media and start doing (more) media! I've been watching for years. I appreciate the tips and tricks and encouragement!

  47. So pumped for Think Marketing already getting insane value out of it. Thanks guys keep up the good work 👌

  48. I have a ministry and my heart is to share the message of salvation, healing and freedom in Christ. I have a youtube channel, and I am so un-techy. I want to believe that I can do this..Because, God led me to you and I need lots of help. I am going to invest in looking at your videos. They've encouraged me..You've been there and your expertise is truly helping others. I have been praying about this, and God has answered..:) Thanks again…Also, if I don't know how to edit, can I just create a video on my android and post it to youtube? I am a little intimidated by the apps…:)))Blessings…Phil 4:13…

  49. Thanks so much for offering this new channel and service! To answer your question, I want to help empower people to become all God created them to be! As a professor, author, humanitarian, and minister I believe it's time to scale our ministry and influence to the next level and I look forward to learning from you all! Thanks! Dr. Daniel Gilbert – EmPowered Living International Ministries! (needs a whole new upgrade). Thanks again and may 2020 be a Double-Double Year of Blessings!

  50. To help people think way above and beyond their self-bubble so that we can collaborate to meet some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through vehicles like – for example, if someone gets paid for making videos, it's easy to 'Buy-One, Give-One,' by paying it forward for someone to keep their vision. Eye drops is all it takes in some regions of the world.

  51. I want to keep practicing video shooting and editing and maybe in the future be able to shoot good videos and make a living out of action footage !

  52. Pretty much the same faith family legacy, I wanna make enough money that we can live and comfort even when we finally retire and then we can retire. I have a ministry and I want to help the people in Africa to have running water in their homes they finally have electricity they still won’t have any water most of them. And finally my children and my grandchildren I want to leave them a legacy I want to build something that they can continue on If they want to after I’m gone that will continue to make them money and give them a lifestyle that they love.

  53. Quick question. I want to buy a domain name and the .com .org & .net are all available. Should I buy all three or is the .com good enough? Thanks.

  54. I am actually in the process of creating online courses. I can't wait to see the information you put out on that topic!

  55. I am 70 years old and married for 46 years. My wife has lupus and I just had a heart bypass. We need a roadmap to this venture so we can retire from the church and stay home and work.

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