The last Boris fan mail

The last Boris fan mail


  1. Прям слеза наворачиваются за этот канал, прям вся Россия в одном видео

  2. I'm from englandis and even with the very helpfully subtitles sometimes I cannot tell what your saying as always good video keep filming:)

  3. I feel as if I'm very late. You're absolutely fucking hilarious. I could not stop laughing. Thanks for the content, subscribing from here on out.

  4. I love how all the Americans send American money even though they damn well know that Boris can't use or spend the money..

  5. Боря скарался, даже тряпочку погладил. Только вопрос: НАХУЯ?

  6. Everybody: Estonian is the seventh hardest language in the world.

    Me: I am estonian and our language is very easy

  7. Suspicious ibaby phone will you sell it to American tourist ha ha
    I wouldn't keep it its probably to spy you better. Anyways Boris you're the greatest

  8. Pepper: millions of years of evolution to create poison that tricks your brain into thinking your mouth is on fire.

  9. Little bit of info: That korean noodle was not suppose to be soup, that is why you do not feel any salt in it.

  10. Me, a former mexican: Chocolate Abuelita is one of the most sacred drinks for the banda. It is absolutely beautiful and has reunited generations.

    Boris: Probably better with milk…

  11. You didn’t make the noodle properly you are supposed to eat the noodle without water and only noodle and power

  12. Boris: I don’t actualiteit have any Apple devices, so this is to no use for me.

    Timothy from California: Well now you do!

  13. This has slowly become an military MRE review… There are channels dedicated to reviewing military rations like this.

  14. For Samyang noodles you should eat it dry…take the water out before mix with the ingredients in…nice video btw…slav power

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