The secret to marketing and social media | Mel Robbins

The secret to marketing and social media | Mel Robbins

– One thing that I could definitely look forward to doing as well is… (mellow upbeat music) I’m Ahmed Aftab Naqvi,
co-founder and CEO Gozoop and such a pleasure to
meet Mel in the train. – He just saw me on the train. – I’ve been catching and
consuming her content for some time now. – And he’s got some advice for me, and you know how I feel about feedback which is like oh (beeping), but I have a feeling this is
gonna be incredible feedback that’s gonna help us hit the next level. First of all, by the
way, he started from zero now has 350 employees, they’re
in four different countries, he’s an engineer by background and he’s built this massive
marketing brand overseas, and now he’s got all the big boys wanting to buy him out,
but he’s holding strong, and they’re building their own network, so the fact that I have
the gift of getting to not only meet him, but get
his outside, inside advice, this is amazing. Alright, so tell me. – Sure, Mel, firstly a
really important aspect of content marketing is consistency. Right, and I’ve been
following your channels across the different platforms and I think consistency’s something that I’m used to now from her
brand, as an audience, but one thing that I could definitely look forward to doing as well, is possibly on a Monday or on a Wednesday, expecting a format of content, right, because there’s a lot
of content coming in, and I know I get a lot of content, but if I knew that on Friday evening I’m gonna have an Ask
Me Anything with you, and I’m gonna have it every Friday– – He’s a real fan. – Possibly your audience
would love it even more. – So what do you think the
opportunity is at least, well first of all, why do you follow me and what do you get out of it? – I, in fact, have been
following you because I was just fascinated to learn more about how some of the influencers
are creating content, and what are the
different types of content being created in different packages, so that’s one subtle objective. But beyond that with your
content is inspiring, right, and that made make me not unfollow you and keep on coming back for me. So that’s the larger picture to that. I saw a series of content which really struck a chord with me. – What was that? – I think during the new year, when the new year was starting, I think the kind of content that you packaged and shared with your audience I think it really came from the heart. There was lot of honesty in that. And you know, as an audience, you connected in a manner
that the person is not fluffing you, and not
just trying to package and sugarcoat an inspiring message. Because the audience in
social media is very smart. And they see through it if you’re just trying to rip off some
other content from someplace and repackage it, right? So very good part of what I see in your content is genuineness. I think it comes from the heart and that’s something that makes it more and more social
media friendly as such. – But the consistency in terms of the packaging of the content
so that you’re being, you have expectations that are being met. – Yeah, so if I open your Instagram page, and not on my newsfeed, and I just scroll through all the content, can I see a kind of a pattern there? – [Mel] No, you cannot. – Okay. (laughing) Is it visually capturing me at that time? Because it is more important
from the perspective of acquiring new followers. A lot of them would actually first go on your profile and that three seconds that you have to capture the imagination of a potential new
follower is all it takes. So I think that is something that possibly you could do better. You’re already doing great, I
think it can go to the next– – Is that something you can help me with? – Sure, of course. That’s something that I do for a living. I would love to share some perspectives and see how I could, you know, make your already great
content a tad bit better. – Wow, I love it. – Such a serendipity to meet you and just bump into you on the train. – See don’t you believe in that though? – Absolutely, totally. – I totally believe in that too, that the serendipity of those
things and seeing the signs and also having the courage to actually just be like, “Um, you don’t happen to “be that crazy, nerdy lady
that I follow, are you?” (laughing) – What are the odds of
me coming from India actually Babson to speak, and going to New York
and bumping into you. – And sitting on a train. – Incidentally on the
same, opposite seat, right? So the odds of it are… – [Mel] Impossible. – Very unlikely. And I just feel that there is a huge power in positive thinking and a
lot what you start thinking actually starts inspiring
to your newer life. Like why did I not meet
anyone else but you? – I totally believe in that, and I also think that it’s also both the positive thinking
and when you start to, when you really start to
allow yourself to think around possibility, one of the things that I think happen is there
are parts of your brain that open up that start looking for ways to make it happen. – Thank you so much. – Oh my God, we’re gonna definitely talk. You gotta give me your card. – Absolutely. (mellow music)


  1. Ok very nice video and I totally agree with Ahmed on the thing that makes him follow you (your genuine quality), but… on the "what are the odds…" part (minute 4:57), I'm afraid I need to disagree, the odds are actually pretty high. 1st of all you met on US soil (on a train between Boston and NYC, no less), you're from the area, he probably needs to visit the US quite often and goes to the urban centers, you are in the same space business-wise, if you guys were to sit down and write all the things you have in common, and then did the math, you'd actually find out that sooner or later you would INEVITABLY bump into each other. The fact that it was when it was, is just a statistic. No serendipity involved, sorry!

  2. 2:58 Good perspective about …
    Repacking someone else's 2nd hand knowledge and sugar coat it , for the audience
    …. VS…
    Creating Genuine (real experience) more valuable and useful to one's audience
    Excellent !!

  3. One of my favorite videos so far! His advice was excellent and I enjoyed this stimulating convo a ton. Offered valuable advice for a lot of us!

  4. Ahmed is so delightful and I love how you shared him with us on a spur of the moment!! Consistency is key! Mel, I am taking your new course!! Can’t wait to spend time with you!!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  5. Love that you mentioned the power of positive thinking. There’s definitely value in it, to make your brain find ways to your own goal – or what James Altucher calls the “idea muscle” 🙂

    Oh and I would definitely watch a weekly Q&A video of some sorts!

  6. I do like the ideas shared in this video but I also love the raw, spontaneous material that Mel posts. It makes her seem more real and easy to connect with. I don't like the idea of packaging her content too consistently (e.g. making all her Instagram posts look alike) because it will turn her into every other inspirational figure out there. Mel is different and I'd like to see her stay as relatable as possible! Nonetheless, thanks for sharing this video!

  7. I'd love to be a maths tutor. Trouble is I don't believe in myself enough. People around me say I'm incredibly talented and passionate about maths, and could do anything if I just believed in myself, but my social anxiety is 10/10, and my self confidence is -10/10. I get a buzz from learning, but I'm incredibly nervous around people I don't know, and don't think I could be successful like these guys. I know I have the talent, but there's no drive as my opinion of myself is that of someone who fails whatever he attempts, so why bother?

  8. been uploading youtube videos for three years now. every week, no breaks. sure, there are ups and downs, but the thing i can control is my consistency in producing. and that is what i focus on! consistency is key! 💪

  9. Most of his advice is on point. However, personally I hate highly curated Instagram content. It’s a complete turn off. One of the things I love about your Instagram account is that it’s not curated…. The genuineness of the posts are what keeps me following. And your life stuff is wonderful. Poor Mandy always being photographed and answering emails…… great video though. Feedback sucks. I got into a weird loop a few years ago where I was overcompensating in the corporate world and it led to me becoming completely inauthentic in my business relationships as I was becoming a chameleon. We did 360 degree feedback and every constructive feedback was different from the person before. Often contradictory. Feedback is useful if it resonates and you know it to be true. That’s insight and your inner voice talking. Even and maybe especially if it makes you angry…. 😂 great video!

  10. Great conversation, but I would actually agree with some other people who have posted about disliking curated content. Mel, I love that you speak on a bunch of different topics, all of which are interesting and useful to me. (Side note, I watched all three spring cleaning videos and LOVED them!) Frankly, the people I've unfollowed have been the people who harp on the same topic over and over again, even if they've updated the specific content.

  11. As for positive thinking, there's mathematically proved evidence that some people are literally more lucky than others. Those lucky one tend to be less in unlucky coincidences than others. So…..

  12. No no, things happen for a reason ! you were meant to meet AND I was meant to see this…. you are both inspiring AND positively energising and stimulating people. Wow !

  13. Wow! What cool serendipity! And I really liked the advice of consistency and authenticity. These are two elements that I am learning are important for me as I begin vlogging.

  14. I love your 54321 it’s my fixer instead of the Bloody Mary mixer lol one day I’ll get you to sign your book that a brag about .I love your passion
    Thank you

  15. This is definitely true, I just started promoting beats about 3-4 months ago and I already have about 50,000 views total with almost 500 videos uploaded , consistency really is the key keep up the work guys

  16. I look forward to meeting you both. Media is important. I am working on mine. Mel, I feel a kinship. Thank you.

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