The Secret to Winning with Cold Emails

The Secret to Winning with Cold Emails

– Today, we’re gonna talk
about the secret to winning with cold emails, so this is
gonna help you get more what? More sales, it’s gonna be great. Sales are gonna be great for your company, it’s gonna be great for your family. Everyone’s gonna like you more
because you have more sales. But, before we talk
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helps us spread the word. It’s gonna be super helpful. How do you get people’s attention
when you send cold emails? How do you make them really effective? By the way, I get so many emails now, and I’m sure a lot of you do, that you can just tell from a mile away, it smells like a sales email. What is really effective,
this actually comes from the popular marketer named Dean Jackson. He came up with this concept
called the 9-Word Email. And, the 9-Word Email is basically saying, Hey, Noah, we spoke a while
back about you buying a yacht. Are you still interested? It’s like a nine word email. You can see the simplicity in that, that’s just kind of a little bonus. But the headline, it might just be, hey, interested, question mark. Or, private podcast
interview, question mark. Or, speak at our conference,
question mark, right? Or, private webinar, question mark. I’ve seen open rates
of up to 60% on those, and when you give people something, you put something in
front of them that’s like, it really resonates with
them, like the fact that they visited, maybe they’re
interested in email marketing, you just send them this
email marketing webinar, and it’s a one-on-one webinar, that is a different type of
conversation you’re gonna have. By the way, SalesLoft
studied millions of emails, and they’re a sales email company. What they studied was that
the one-word subject lines tend to perform really well. When you start to add more and more words to the subject line, the
performance gets worse and worse. And when I say, like, interested, or webinar, for example, you can try that. You can also try AB
testing your subject lines, and doing Webinar for
Noah, right, the name. Or, just Webinar, and see
which performs better, right? It also depends on the
industry that you’re in. But, keep it simple, keep
the email very short, sweet, to the point. The more paragraphs you write,
the more you lose people. But the main thing is, are you
short, sweet, to the point? And does your offer actually make sense? Just imagine this, I’m
walking by you on the street, and you ask me to do a 30
minute meeting with you. That makes no sense at all. But, if you say, hey Eric,
by the way, I’m a big fan, like I check out your stuff,
I got this really cool thing that I think would add a lot of synergy, can we just chat for
five, 10 minutes or so, it’s gonna add a lot of value. Like, trust me, this interaction’s
gonna add a lot of value. I might consider it, that’s
a different type of thing. And there’s gonna be a subset of people that actually would do it. Human interactions, think about what people are interested in, that’s gonna take your
cold emails a long way. That’s how you get it to actually perform. Because, oftentimes, people
are posting all these oh, these are the cold
emails that work really well. There’s all these templates out there. But what happens is,
everyone starts to copy them. So, then they all start to
become less and less effective, and that’s not good for you. So you wanna be original, come
up with an offer that’s good, be useful, it’s gonna go a long way. So, let me know what you
think in the comments in terms of what you’re gonna
do to drive your emails, your sales emails performance higher. And, don’t forget, whatever
platform that you’re on, don’t forget to rate,
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check out the next video, and we’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. How are your cold emails going? Let us know in the comments if your cold emails are working, or not working!

  2. Eric,
    if we create more quality content then our competitors then our page size will increase and loading speed will automatically go down like backlinko his copywriting post is more than 20mb in size and loading speed is more than 20 sec how he is ranking in top of google even the low speed
    does quality is more than speed?
    When come to rankings

  3. The short title was an interesting insight.

    I think in most cases, knowing how to use length is one of those superpowers in our life. It applies to creating content, to sending emails, to subjects lines and many other things. And the funny thing is that using only one all the time is probably far from ideal.

  4. Thanks Eric πŸ™πŸ» how about using emoji in the subject titles? Like β€œπŸ‘‹ hey” versus just β€œhey” which works best πŸ€” I read somewhere that the emoji one works better. What’s your thoughts πŸ’­ πŸš€

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