The TRUTH about the Music Business

The TRUTH about the Music Business

yeah I started out as an engineer
obviously and then I kind of tripped on my way into production and I was blessed
to be able to have a lot of success in production bunch of plaques so I believe
just I want to give you guys a gift to be able to give you as much knowledge or
any questions you guys may have to do that transition or that’s what you’re
interested in or even staying as an engineer I’m here for you guys
any place you guys are an ax Rock the whole thing I’m not gonna wait to the
engines we only have an hour so get it all out SAE Miami and it’s amazing like it feels
like I wish I had this when I was coming up like this is like heaven to me just
walking around looking at these six Studios of them plus but quickly I can
be a ghost being super modest I’ll they kind of explain a little bit more but
for me you know we’re just here to uplift the music community from the
ground up and just help in any direction possible that’s all right about that’s
our mission it’s been about four years so far from Pittsburgh’s peace calm so
again that’s our mission it’s very simple learn how to make beats like the
pros and basically stomp pops up so anyway I want to DEA go ahead the real
star is root out my goodness I call them the plaque top producer I call them
Grammy shoddy no no like Diego he’s super kind super open like we
met through the strength of the friendship prism quantize podcast it’s
an Oracle Timbaland it’s like a big family at this point
but Diego is super kind super nice I could tell you sincere so like I could
see why he’s here right now coming to speak and share the gems with
you but every time he wins it feels like I’m winning like this guy works with
everybody in the urban industry it feels like he even works with WAP that 4,000
who else knows what that 4,000 well anyway what that 4,000 is like you know
an artist that I really want to work with I mean just I like his style so the
fact that Diego’s working with him I feel like I’m working with them so
excites me again in Diego were like really as in the trenches like works a
crazy mouth and he’s the definition of you know following a dream and sticking
to it with consistency and commitment you know beyond the struggles that may
come to life because we both struggle and you got so many stories but I want
to say the Hugh’s managed so modernized intro like I’m still looking up to this
man to my right and again he’s an inspiration you should yeah I can’t
there’s no bragging I continue to write day after day after day by day but he
started here well we Tracey sakru shoes on the world that’s simple I mean
there’s really nothing to grind we work with like razor
okay laptop disassembled so they’re like a five billion dollar company that’s
like our biggest bragging soon but it all makes sense you know we’re just
trying to work with the top companies in the industry
we’ve uplift our brothers like when you project love that’s all that come with
that so again like Diego said we want to make
sure we’re catering this matches for you because we could just talk at you all
day and he’s a real value greater so he’s worried about making sure we
deliver which I wanna hear how we can help you with your problems to give you
those real solutions so I don’t know where we can begin that’s why I said
like I would just start asking questions well well this I would say the last year
has been the biggest year of my career I think one plant a flag three or four
Plex there’s been a lot of success be able to show you what what tips I can
give you guys to do that transition front engineer to producer if that is
what you’re going for now I know this is a school for engineering so I mean I
also understand that world I’ve been here for years as well made a good
living off before you guys started producing first when I was like 14 and
then I came here because I was I honestly didn’t believe that was
– how to reach so I went to this school I was hoping like all right maybe I
could do something that’s more stable to still music and work a job certain house
we ended up being headed to one of the head engineers there at one point and I
got lucky enough to do that transition by playing my beats at the right time
for the right person I’m gonna add to that just like you said playing beats
for the right person you have to be around we spoke about this yeah put your
self with action this big swing it really is about like being around this
one producer who just happen to be in the studio and you’ve laid out a
baseline of course he’s like let me show you some meets and I’ll actually listen
to them and I want to work with that guy just off the show that him being there
so it’s about being around the right people that’s the key thing and then
being in the place where the right people are in Diego’s will living that
out like he lives where you live in LA now I used to I’m from Miami 92 my whole
life and I think when I was doing an engineering thing that’s when that’s
when Miami was at its peak I think it was twice that was a good era
to everybody right so you wanna who do you want to
Brooke who do you want to track to your company we don’t want to be you’re out
in the field so I keep telling people I want to be the variability of the
Christian world okay so I’m really interested in trying to fly through the
internet you know I think my question to is specifically because in the beginning
it’s hard to track everybody you know that’s it’s either cost a lot of money
or you’re gonna have to leverage a lot of relationships and value for them oh
so who do you plan to start with like focus on basketball singers got drummers
singers of these issues okay so that’s a big pool piece and I know okay yeah so
ninja here’s my question to you what value you’ve been offering initially it’s a great question because when I was
in the studio recording for example I had an engineer who turned into my
producer and I didn’t realize like oh he’s really just producing the record at
this point so how would you say what’s the difference between being like a
engineer for hire like running you know running Pro Tools and the cables and a
set of mic setup versus shifting the way a song is actually completed
what’s that difference I mean the difference is just that one opportunity
that does it for you because I mean you I think everybody is knowledge enough to
do it like I know there’s producers that I have that no one who knows about whom
probably killing my beats so it’s not really I mean yeah you gotta be good
adequate it’s just finding that opportunity which is gonna happen it’s
just a matter of putting yourself in it okay so where
I don’t know where what city at what place is really big ears yes I will just
say kind of engineer for the right person and when the time is right just there’s so many different ways out it
there’s not one way but that’s what works for me yeah but what I haven’t
purchased a large studio well you know your studio is a big plus because then
you can attract anything come to you as well use Instagram we just these people
to look at studio combined okay and just reach out to people okay that’s good I’d
say there’s two avenues that from experience there’s being an engineer get
your foot in the door automatically like automatically the guy they have to go to
but they have to record guitar they have to record vocals they have to listen bro
that’s real roads keys yeah you know so they have to go to you but that’s a
brand introducer you have to they don’t have to go to you so you have to create
this draw to where people want to work with you branding is like it takes time
okay there’s no overnight like branding thing where you attract people to you so
long story short here right the law of reciprocity says whatever you give you
receive okay so you have to give way more value than the talent you attract
you okay so just focus on what did they value this we all value different things
right and it’s not only money so always look at those like intangible it’s bad
again like even like Diego for example he’s a facilitator I didn’t know anyone
here in SAE yeah I didn’t know frankly that but I
didn’t know anyone here Diego invited me here as a facilitator I’m going to speak
with you and share value so that’s the now he’s offering me not like him pain
you know the strength of the facilitation is if you do something
different it’s automatically gonna attract anyone I love like me as a
producer and I’m trying to like work with other producers finding new
talented new artists I want something different everybody wants something
different that they haven’t heard yet as long as it works on it has to be able
to work with with what’s going on but still you know I’m saying still be left
that’s the best trick Pharrell is a great person to do that like this
everything he does works with what’s going on right now but it’s still super
different so everybody’s gonna attracts it automatically now to get your stuff
out yes there’s so many ways to go about it
there’s social media doing some shows even if I mean as a new artist a lot of
times you either have to pay to do show which is figuring out ways to get
yourself exposed and that’s the biggest key I would say to push yourself out I
did it I did it I actually I started as an intern I keep working my way up
I’m the ladder I start from the bottom I said I don’t care I don’t know anybody I
might just have to do it this way but some people know how connections I don’t
have those connections if you do then use every connection you can to the max
every connection is a window you can push I learned this from a guy who won
the what is called the Donald Trump show the where he fires furnace but the
apprentice thank you with the apprentice thanks boys he was
like he said people work with people they like and they’ll find a way to make
it work like even if they don’t have the skill set that’s how intense it is and
how important it is to know the right people so this is such a long answer but
there’s a horizontal networking which means you’re talking to your peers like
people who have the will translate it to Instagram like we moved the same amount
of followers as you you’re horizontally not networking that just means you’re
creating a product a micro product now when you create that micro product you
introduce it to a vertical relationship so Diego is working again works with
these huge artists like insane artists okay so he presents this micro product
from his horizontal network to these big vertical relationships and now they
decide to you leverage that vertical relationship and grow that way but
you’re saying about the sound thing it took me like four years to even try to
consider a new sound but here’s the quick answer combine two different
things and make a third thing so that’s all really is you know you have to
synthesize your own thing from two or three sources it two or three sources
synthesizing one thing like when we went to Anaheim we had Asian Mexican fusion
food I’ve never had that in my and it’s just nothing’s new Under the Sun but the
combinations of those things which are not new is a new like Facebook is a
bunch of stuff that already existed we all want to be in groups we all want to
communicate we all want to meet it’s just a matter of making it easy
to do that by combining different tools and systems and stuff so just merge
things together like for example when I successfully did track rock for the
first time going into a real studio engineer that is a very I’m looking to be from when you say
channels you want distribution channels or you want like you want to leverage
like media channels when I leverage assets like studio what are you trying
to get out of resources are you know I see so you’re saying that like it’s like
a YouTube partnership with these they’re called MC ends multi-channel networks
and this is why I’m leaving mine because they promise you all this stuff about
yeah well you know you’ll be able to collab with Chief Keef and all this like
dream stuff and then when you get onto their writable you’re like less priority
and all they’re doing is pushing the big guys but that made me realize why do I
need a partnership why do I need an MCN I have all the tools I can access the
same tools so I’m than 30% of like that well we’re
guys sorry we are you know we’re paying them 30%
for no reason for tools I can get for $50 a month but I’m paying 30% of like
10,000 bucks was that we’re in 3 grand a month with some I can
pay $50 for so it’s a realization that you don’t need some of these structures
but like the ego said at the same time it’s who you know but I’m not gonna lie
because of that pump you as messed up as it is now I met a lot of people and a
lot of good resources from it so I career it’s like I said but it’s media
automation tools email automation there’s a lot of tools I would need like
a specific Lane that you’re gonna do but I did further interview record real
quick about the deal thing it’s Warren Buffett talks about this he’s like what
he was the richest man in the world now Jeff Bezos to the spot where he talks
about time cost so sometimes it’s so complicated to
explain but sometimes you have to make deals with like bigger companies and
labels because you need their their distribution their reach but you have to
pay a cost of a percentage so you may be paying 30% upon your revenue from like
iTunes for example but if you think about it as a cost per customer
approach like if I have to pay $10 to get front of my customer and if I can
work with Diego he gets his customers that’s to say for three dollars so if I
can get in front of the same exact people I would be paying out $10 why not
work with Diego took in front of the same customers at $3 okay and that’s the
whole game of like time cost and equity costs and he’s leveraging you know
people he could probably never run into but that’s the cost you know that’s an
intangible cost you know it’s not always like dollars and cents so I would say at this point it’s about
how much control do you want how much revenue are you willing to spend for
this reach and change you know the priority are they gonna prioritize
because that’s the reality most of the time they’re not they’re gonna they’re
not gonna they’re not gonna make how do I get a manager how do I get someone
assignment you gotta meet yourself how do people find me because they offer
money and they also offer artists that you probably couldn’t get to have it not
been so long but I have to say this so one thing is that companies like to sign
people but it’s really acquiring the business they look at it like they’re
there it’s like the mob right if you have competition you buy out your
competition so they can’t compete against you so a lot of these deals are
really just people making sure they don’t have any competition yeah and like
down with these models like Diego said some models won’t work if you don’t know
they’re they’re agencies and you can’t book them no matter what you know any access to those girls again
yeah okay that’s a good so like I said I was working on this video and I was an
engineer for a big strong writer very big songwriter and and then one day he
pulled me to the side he said bro you’re such a good worker
you do your job so good I want to help you what is it that you do what do you
want to do I told him I played some tracks and I’d say a week after I got an
email like a publishing deal I have no idea what it was I just reached out to
my closest water which I’ve definitely overpaid them sign this deal or continue
on this lateral you know I’m saying not being successful what I really want to
do not be happy at what I want to do because I enjoyed engineering but after
a while I just knew it wasn’t for me well had I not signed it he wouldn’t
that writer would not have work with me so him working with me him writing to
all my records got me a bunch of placements so it was like sign the deal
or don’t work with me so I was like well Todd he’s one of the hottest dudes I’m
gonna sign this deal I’m he’s a businessman a lot of people are
businessmen today and I’m not gonna work with somebody if you don’t have the
business you trust me after your first million you’re like okay Wow
but it’s like you got a long way to go yeah
you got ten times like when you realize like how little $200,000 what’s it like
when you realize like that’s nothing in the scheme of life not even music like
life yeah you’re like I need to go 10,000 times harder
yeah period so I would say success is more about growth and contribution to
the world more than it’s a constant state it’s not like this now I have this
amount of dollars now I’m satisfied because there’s like you’re gonna get to
a point where like you have too much free time and you’re not going to do let
me tell you like for me it’s always like I said a bar for myself and when I get
to that bar I’m okay if I get to this bar I want to be successful and I get to
that bar on my alright dough I what’s next yeah that’s another boy there’s
like it’s never gonna end like you’re always gonna want more
more so success is not really about I mean it success the difference to
everybody to me success is like family happiness but in the work my job I never
knew I still can’t figure it out it’s fine I keep pushing that bar sir I took
a different approach and I create amount if people wouldn’t let me work with them
I forgot a different way to potentially work with it if the system blocked me up
well hey I’m creating my own path though so I’m just the story of literally
having nothing but a laptop of my mom’s extra bedroom with a broken mouse wheel
it was hot it was like hiding in the summer laptop just sweating on my lab
and I just had an idea a piece of paper and a pen and I said let me execute his
idea whatever it is like it doesn’t matter if it’s you want to be the next
male top model I don’t know whatever your dream is it’s about how to go from
0 to 1 yeah and that’s all that’s what I represent so I’m working with people I
can working now because the relationships like big lab like he’s
been so kind like really off the strength of another relationship with
drizzle I’m starting to realize the power of relationships and that’s really
what it comes down to so I know I didn’t answer your question specifically but
we’ve been trained economy we train music produces around the world that
circle and we get a lot of opportunities doing that yeah petite like J’s
apartment he’s my video genius like he’s the guy the reason I’m even down in
Miami so I don’t know but there’s a tool for a social media
automated posts it’s called buffer buffer you have to
like if the use social media don’t be used by it right so posted a lot a lot a
lot then offer something like for sale okay so post give a lot of value then I
got you back once so buffers that automated such media for you to want to
get something called to bunny it’s gonna help you look like all your YouTube tags
and like keep you know all the SEO stuff about YouTube all that stuff that we
don’t care about we just want to do a video and spit it out there’s two buddy
so you need an email who’s got autoresponder so something like
MailChimp in transit as well feel like they don’t risen this for the film but
risen I just didn’t think of MailChimp like commercial milchin chimp isn’t like
a chimp and MailChimp what is their buffer you too buddy and you need some
kind of e-commerce of some sort so you because you come from interviews
links yes you need like there’s WooCommerce or Shopify there’s a great
other ones Squarespace it has this thing which
other flowers like WooCommerce well those are this you know there’s the
couple tools okay then you can get started there’s a lot other things but
that’s like branding is people come to me because of my brand
the music is I swear the music is laughing I promise you the brand is
first dad just like I mean like for example you get your firm placement
let’s say you engineer something for the first time or you mix something for the
first time its release hello take pictures of it on it and then so
something behind it like swipe up use my t-shirts or something like open Brande
Brande Brande be so important like you saying some opportunities you get it
might not be paid but there’s an intangible value it’s called social
proof so like you’re working with the razor laptop I’m gonna get five billion
dollar graduating company they didn’t give me a billion dollar check or
anything good but you know we get to leverage their trust they have so much
trust that people gave them five billion dollars right but they believed in them social proof social proof yeah business
is really just about people trusting in your ideas that’s all it is like you
probably have a little bit of trust for me cuz Diego had built trust in this
institution you already had trust with the
institution so you’re more willing to listen to Diego app and then you’re more
willing to listen to me so everything ties around trust and the more and more
you focus on like lowering people’s requirement of trust down a little bit
you’re gonna get more and more business like he’s leveraging all like literally
every time he puts up a picture of his plaque so that he gets the well actually while I was here halfway
into my course my whole the year I was I got the internship Esther so I started
but I graduated I wasn’t really an assistant engineer at servos then group
compression lesson I said all my music to one group I said all my drums to one
group and that’s tax rate both of those another master this game stage gain
stage yeah how do you get to where you are now I was editing a short film and I
was working close with the director the director was close friend of Carlin and
when Carla reached out Kevin it’s like hey Kevin I know you’re in the film
industry he’s like I need a I need a video guy and so Kevin was like well I
don’t really do that but Jada is that and now yeah I mean I started doing like band
videos and then like my friends and my own bands stuff like that and then I
moved out to like short films I was like at working as an editor so with
different directors and stuff like that but I was shooting – oh it’s kind of
like getting better at shooting while I was already and so and so like you know
I invested in some new camera equipment and they’re like oh man it’s been a
blessing ever since trust me once echoes there when I say this like Kevin the
close-up best rain coming up in middle school high school so I have a lot of
what trust for Kevin yeah so any decision he makes
I automatically approve of it because of my friend and I just off the strength of
my trust for Kevin I trust the Jay in his vision and then I found out oh two
stars are about to collide and when two stars collide they become bigger so yeah you know one is well just how well do you know
the business is farther publishing royalties and all that you have to learn
that yet that so important to know oh I love that guy get yourself a good lawyer that’s all
yeah get yourself a good lawyer I’ll make sure the paperwork is right make
sure you get your production credit you had a question back there right because
one your handle brother like what do we know social order behind
this scene that make your work I’d say let me give you like a parable almost in
business the less you work the more you make but here’s why right it’s because
it’s because you use a lot more leverage when you do less work so I’m in Miami
it’s been in like four days away from my business I’m not doing any videos I’m
not doing any training but we the business is still running but the
problem is a lot of you don’t know how to set up my business to where you can
step away the business still goes when you leave and there’s a that’s a whole
science unto itself but you have to focus on leverage here’s my like quick
parable it’s like would you rather fish with one line throw that one line and
catch the one big fish and like have to do it again and then have to do it again
or would you rather just throw out one big net and capture three thousand
finish all at once you’re still using the same one thing
like you’re throwing out a net takes two hands you’re throwing out a line it
takes two hands but it’s a different approach to gathering things and it’s
leveraging so you need to look at like peoples influence you need to look at
that reach you need to look at one point that accounts for many so my mentor told
me you know when you say focus on the few not too many that’s because the view
can reach out to the many it’s kind of hard to explain this yeah the more and
more I’m talking yeah like a king has a Kingdom full of a hundred thousand
people talk to the King because his word is gonna reach 800 thousand people you
know instead of personally going to the hundred thousand people each like hey my
name is a my name is it takes forever so the less words you do then the more
you’re gonna gain but you have to learn leverage like like Diego is doing he’s
working people who insane reaches around the world so he’s multiplying his
influence through people who already had that trust built up that’s all
oh dude I own a music production training
company and we’re training music producers around the world and now I’m
starting to wrap and do all this stuff Swami’s closed like I do not come here
just like this music video with like a bunch of models it was fun J was there
I’m still excited about it and also like me I started doing this now and it’s not
post I try to get a good photographer get like some high quality pictures and
all that stuff makes a difference people so concise nice is concise you want to
be like someone working the hospital maybe be seen that the best thing you
can push down through the market in that making beats in your scrubs when when extension to that is like
Diego said a6 thinking ahead like Diego said working with these bigger companies
is a lot of politics because there’s over there competing against other
companies so when you decide to work with these big companies you have to
like not do certain things and it makes stagger your growth so you just got to
be careful like who you associate with on those vertical levels as it might
hinder your going through it and it was it’s tough it’s very political like egos
and perception is reality because that’s what reality is we’re just being some
perception I’m gonna be honest I saw you start to pitch well I do this and it’s
kind of messed up the light from somebody reaches out to work with me the
first thing I do is I look done this year you don’t consider Brandis so as
important is that like to now doing a producer artist engineer you have
Instagram like that’s that’s different it depends I know I’m good I know a lot
of people I work with good if someone’s so dope I’m like you know what I don’t
care I’ll figure it out later I need to work with this person you can
become that dope then you have the step ahead of everybody and I promise you
people are going to come to you you’re that door you
yeah and how many one one second fireman there’s three parts of the business
right is the first pillar which is like bringing people and getting their
attention traffic it’s called it’s like cars on a highway you know the bigger
highways you have a bunch of cars on them every single day that’s why the
huge cuz they have become an evolving traffic so the first step in business is
getting people’s attention period through also through all means public
relations social media whatever it’s getting people’s attention
the second pillar is with everybody focuses on as a producer which is we’re
producers so we create what products so we focus on the second pillar the whole
time we’re like why isn’t our business flourishing but we’re only doing the
second step which is the product and that’s to retain people’s attention so
you take people to get people’s attention you convert however many
percentage over to the next step step 2 now you retain their attention by
selling them a product or showing them that you can deliver value to the life
and then the third step is the follow up step how do you continue that
relationship and what percentage of people are going from step one and then
what percentage of people are some from step one in step 2 and what percentage
of people are going from step two to step three and how are you keeping their
attention like Facebook keeps us on their app how they figured out where our
eyes go in the head like what we’re worried about they do all these
algorithm things to keep us there and that’s the third step so let’s get the
attention retain their attention and then follow up and then constantly
bringing them back to the step two which is your product offer more value so this
is like dating again there’s no taking first look real quick this 100 it’s a
hundred girls for The Bachelor okay out of the hundred East the get rid of any
of them so he gets rid of 80 over he now has 20 in step two right The Bachelor
has 20 girls to choose from now he has to pick one because he’s to marry want
to propose so out of the twenty he gets run a 19 takes him to step 3 and that
builds marriage which is an ongoing life cycle of a follow up
you know it’s an ongoing relationship and it’s the same exact thing with your
business clients so this is three steps making money is simple but it’s not easy yeah last year we want to deliver values
so you know so the question thing what’s your biggest problem as in engineers or
we stand up if you’re an engineer like I don’t understand Jerry so let’s be two of the biggest problems
of engineer whether it’s transitioning from academia to reality of reality or
you know whether it’s just like real life problems in the studio you know
what’s something that we can take away to say okay here’s that one skill or one
thing you need to learn converted from academia over to the to be honest with
you know any pro tools like the back of your hand will get you a long way that’s
to me I think more important than or any kind of hostility anything else most
studios are gonna have an assistant engineer regardless but knowing Pro
Tools like being fast and cordial and thinking like a producer I think is the
biggest key to becoming a real engineer you don’t think that producer feel like
a producer but if I’m working with the artist and I’m talking to him on the
talkback and you’re at your engineer for me right next to me and I’m telling him
something and you look at me like I wouldn’t be doing this I just told the
artists like be in the session be involved think like a producer that’s me
is the biggest mistake that engineers do and then make producers not ever want to
work with them again I’ve seen it so many times and artists as well artists
be like hey what are you doing thinking of something else are you listen to the
song right now are they what do you want no I haven’t engineered for like four
years but um I will when I make beats I mix my with my own tracks you know I
don’t really trust people mixing my records in my beat anyone like that I
try to mix my own beats unless you know the song is done it gets mixing the
Augustine engineers get their final mixing engineers mix everything you know
I haven’t really touched mixing in a while but there’s times Roman sessions
and the label doesn’t want to bring the engineers so I got to do it I mean it’s
like some people are this is my job I want to mix this guy’s record for me
it’s like this is my life I want to make sure this is well it’s something that
the business oh yeah I mean there’s been a few times where I’m nervous but I’ve
got some mixes back that was released without me being able to approve it and
I was really really like all bummed out because I thought it was a big record
for me and the snare will beat all out for like they’ll put crazy reverb on on
the snap and I’m like I didn’t even do that why do I do that and just mess the
whole record for me so I try to be involved and do as much as I can before
the engineer touches all right so the artist is to do with me
yeah well first things I would try to get the earlier so I can actually make
the track I usually have my team I’ll call in like my favorite writers to work
with maybe the co-producer I’m going to work with and we just build them and we
have a song pretty much done before the artist gets there at least maybe a
couple ideas and then once they pull up the client form if they like it we tweak
it so maybe like if they’re a singer we would put it to the key that they’re
comfortable in or we’ll just make it custom made for them that comes in they don’t write the old
track you already have some doing some I’m making my jobs to do my research on
the artist before I work with them so if I know like for example I’m working with
a songwriter that now became an artist I’m not gonna really bring a songwriter
here if I think they’re an amazing songwriter you know so I kind of do my
research and know what I’m getting into and prepared for that all right so to be
honest with you collabing has been actually a big reason why I’ve gotten a
lot of these placements and it’s very important in the producers career to
know how to collaborate with other producers and writers like that’s a big
part of it’s part of your job learning the working thing like at first I didn’t
like it I was like man I know what I want this is writing one I think this is
how it should sound and this guys are always talking about but you have to
humble yourself and know and trust other people’s ears and learn to work with
other people if you know somebody’s good at drums let them do the drums lay back
and just you know let them do their thing if you know someone’s better than
you at keys let them do the keys know everything yeah you should be able to
know how to do everything as far as production so when you’re collabing you
can pull back and let somebody do let whoever doesn’t has their strength let
them do their strings no I’m saying like if I’m working with Timbo and I know I
could kill some drums you think I’m gonna do the drums no no everything’s
you can let people do what they’re good at that’s the good collaborator you’ll
get away more placements that way I think like a 90 percent my places he’s
been collaborations so that’s how important is to clap other producers cuz
you get you have your network of artists that you work with then if I work with
this producer now I have my is to try to pitch these records to be
more elaborating with someone like Timlin right all right how do you know
like honey I’ll go back and forth like you said he made the drums or something
and you make this a night hey berries man like sometimes I’ll pull up a sample
you notice that those samplers flip it let’s play some chords over it and then
we’ll do some drums over or I’ll say yo just do some drums up play some keys
over it and like I said earlier it depends on who you’re working with you
know who you’re working with and know their strengths and weaknesses and
accommodate that that was good strength and weakness it’s like a Pokemon team
you can’t have a full Pokemon team with just water Pokemon because in when the
what’s the weakness for water like lightning if a lightning Pokemon comes
in your whole squad is dead all the water you got it gonna have you’re gonna
have the ground Pokemon to absorb the light it’s like being a point guard to
like I try to be the point guard in the room as a producer so I know if I know
you can shoot the ball hopefully do the ball that you shoot it if I know you’re
missing all your shots and like sorry bro I need this place with me this
w-why did you place the room thank you it’s a release away sir yeah no where
would you release all that Oh reach out yeah I never do that it’s
usually like whoever is purchasing the record that’s on dentists to clear the
record they want it you just gotta know it’s a sample you don’t think they’ll
come around see you they asked you is there any sample – always a minute so
once you tell them exactly what sample is they go and they find the original
writers and they’ll clear please know those who you settled it in a unit you
don’t tell them you said what was it did they’re coming after you free like this
again yeah you’re gonna sell it looks like a mixtape long stay it’s a long
story about how to write the copyright of the book is like you know it’s like
people have a job based on copyright to go whenever you put something out
publicly is automatically copyrighted music the thing about music is that it’s
considered a highly creative work so when you sample a song it’s like not
like taking a picture of a corner of a street it’s like a very specific thing
so there are companies like track live who kind of alleviate that liability of
it’s called track live Li be who alleviate the sample clearance thing and
you can pay for license there are other websites delight sample clearances you
sample free bottom line yeah that’s bottom line just a wise why go with the
Hofstra girl make something sound like a sample it’s not that hard tract like TR s BK and then they still
tell you but it’s like a much smaller percentage ensure my first mentor is not
known like nobody knows his name is Michael Hollinger shout out
to Michael Hagen here’s my music teacher in the university he’s my first mentor
but when the learner what is it with the T with the teacher comes when the
learner is ready something like that somebody else’s degrees better than I do
my mentors are not only in music like add mentors in business like Frank Kern
like Jay Abraham Ben Pena Grant Cardone and so I go mentorship is really
descriptive study on there it doesn’t mean like you’re right next to Diego era
it just means we’re studying from his works so that’s why I have a lot of
mentees that I’ve never met in the world so they study from my material just like
your mentors could be the books you read like the smart people you know say their
best mentors are the people who wrote the books and they’re dead they’re not a
lot they’re not following them people the people around so I think it’s like a
mist representation of what mentorship really is now when you get to the
industry there you go have to tell you there are people who can navigate you
through the minefield and that may be an entertainment lawyer maybe a friend of a
record label it’s just random people who have experience in that field so when
you seek knowledge what is it ask seek knock so ask the questions first seek
Mentors and then not which means take action so
you know you gotta have multiple mentors from multiple industries that’s how
you’re gonna grow not just music like you need business mentors relationship
mentors what else teachers teaching considered freedom of speech and that’s
the one way we can use music in your own way mr. Perry this is why a lot of we
probably wonder why a lot of people make those diss tracks and they get away with
it using the same beat because that’s considered a parody like you’re making
fun of another person on their own track and that’s why this tracks were so big
and they’re bought for a long time they were fifty sandwiches rip somebody’s
beat and or Lil Wayne or whoever had the radio your BMI is gonna cut you a nice
chair well here’s the thing go but if you do a remix that thing’s a little
different and that’s why you two will almost
instant content match system where it’s like if it sounds the same even closely
like I’ve had some people claim content matches that don’t even sound anything
like myself you’ll instantly get this thing like content match content warning
and then you have to go through the process of proving that you own it but
you’re not gonna they’re not gonna send you a cease and desist we’re like do
what you got to do but just be careful because you can always retro actively
even if they allow you to put the content up on your YouTube page they can
go back and say a lot of one in there and then you might get a copyright
strike this is what happened to me really I made an instrumental for Tom
Ford instrumental with the Jay Z beef they allowed it to be monetized but they
got all the brothers so I was fine because I’m going to use their getting
revenue but later Universal is like no we don’t want it out there so they just
cancel that agreement and basically I got a copyright I’ve seen people like
like and ours they’re always looking for new talent they find they find songs all
the time they find something love oh yeah if you have like what 300 views most writers I work with one or two
things we do their sides to a publishing company and the A&R suggested them to
work with me or they reach out to me and they’re like no I see what you’re doing
I want to do some top lines on your stuff and then just send with some beats
the top line and even to kind of back up what he’s saying James Fauntleroy
familiar yeah he was saying like he was like thank you to the document he
thought my song devil’s on YouTube because that got me the exposure I
needed to attract the clients who wanted to buy the song but at the end of the
day it comes down on diego Santas it’s much more than like the system stuff you
still got to do the social media business running stuff all the other
stuff that makes your brand powerful you and I would like to try to collab with
like collab with other writers there that’s got links to producers that are
getting placements try to like put yourself into the right rooms with the
right people and you meet those to Instagram or offer something that
somebody needs and it may not be beats it may not be your songwriting at the
moment but they will you will be able to get a chance to show them your music
once you offer something else they need like let’s say you know how to take
pictures and I’m gonna produce for me yo come by take some pictures and you keep
coming you can come like help you out you just putting some your stuff and
that’s from there yeah you gotta have a value dog but like you can ask Jay I
mean we literally met again the owner of an agency who knows the guy who’s in the
bike industry who knows you know superstar celebrity musicians I you
really don’t know who knows who but as long as you focus on people have greater
influence like you’re gonna multiply yours just by associating with that one
person so just like shift your focus not worried about your horizontal network so
much and focus on like people who are way in yeah I try to put like trying to
be in a group of in a circle or people that are other that’s what I always did
my whole career I was alright I’m gonna be in the right time rooms where people
are getting crazy placements I did that and after the art I want to get I want
to be the room people they’re getting number ones I did that as they are now I
want to be the room with Pharrell and a calm is my website I got my
sockets on there I believe you put student discount
everybody will get 25% off all my kids just stagnant student and I trust you
guys like I’m recording music videos to his almost they just came out busy work man I started with FL then I literally
tried every program I went to logic for like four years and then uh then I went
to Ableton I will be honest because you guys are like an engineering world stuff
and I had a big issue taking stuff Janos to my engineering studio when you export
tracks out of FL they can be like misaligned very easy and it’s like the
worst thing when it comes to the video studios it works in the big works on the
night when it doesn’t work work yeah like just I would wait so long story
short you gotta wait to that next update I’d say it’s just not really fully but you know some span so I just wanna
know is there anything else that we’ll probably need to know besides just being
editing is there anything else that you learn everyday like I rented a new piece
of equipment that I never used before this week you know I mean it’s like and
I lost time that’s going YouTube you know
do something else to do a wheel on YouTube and look but it’s like lots of
times you don’t know what you need to know until you realize you don’t know it
like you don’t know what you don’t know kind of thing I mean do you use cameras yeah I mean I mean like quite the
biggest thing is laying like lighting and sound probably like the big singing
sound is bad really big turn-off okay selling getting good audio helps people
will forgive a few expecially on YouTube the freaky I blink yes the video quality
isn’t quite as good if the audio is bad it’s like hard yeah yeah yeah simple
like you don’t because bullying in light lighting is huge right so like if you’re
if you’re like shooting some videos maybe we just get some like cheap lights
as long as they’re bright the other way like if you never they
tell you like the class you’re doing out here but it’s on YouTube and look at
Google and look at everything about to teach you so when you get to the class
you just know one thing I can guarantee about three
it’s a dedicated like learning online learning environment and these people
are certified to teach whatever information that’s it that they’re
teaching on group three so you are pretty much guaranteed to get good
information whereas in YouTube and make it a little bit hit or miss you know
there’s some people that may not know but you know they’re trying to get more
than usual whereas group three is a more instructors of people that have actually you know you don’t necessarily get a
complete lesson you know you get like this in pieces that’s why like if you’re
doing like that goes to you and you’re like busy work so start at the beginning
whereas YouTube you just like yeah we train like a music production in general
else to do busy working huh you want to learn
everything from sound design earlier just I was a Googler but like chances
are you’ll find us naturally anyway like if you’re looking for something nice
you’re actually working on a really dope online course – it’s gonna be crazy so
stay tuned for that there you go man every time you get to
the wind I feel like I’m winning I talk excited I’m gonna be around but you can
do it you got to write stuff down writing so importantly I still read
sometimes I forget like you send this to this person when you build a team you
gotta you can’t create high value I’m trying to give you like this
because you might have to wear they you can just be like I I and then on to oh for sure because create $500 with a
value in an hour you can’t do the $5 an hour work so you have to hand off the by
ballot our way to focus on the 500 on our but we have such big egos we want to
do everything like and always have that control and that’s the hard part about
building a team and like thinking on that level of time cost so another thing
is for your days prioritize your day with like a focus so that everything is
focused on that one thing like whether it’s customer support or getting traffic
step 1 or step to building products or step 3
I’m going to focus on follow-up systems so it have that priority list I just
gave the next one out sorry have that focus the next one is the priority that
my mentor told me this a B and C priorities you have a bunch of tasks you
wanted like take a shower brush – it’s brushing your teeth more important than
creating a product pack in making $5,000 a month
recurring for that same hour no brushing your teeth is not that important so you
move that way ahead of brushing your teeth for that day so instead of
thinking of tasks and like okay I need to do this at this time but oh yeah do
it like party a B and C you’re the things you have to get done today for
the maximum value the next level of stuff if you have extra time that’s the
B stuff and see stuff is like okay you know take a shower right why do you hang
out with Mike no really have to because like some stuffs
gonna take you way longer than you expect it starts with likes just having
a good lawyer than devalues someone that’s on your team the help the manager
pitch the records is slowly building i’m you’ll be that will be like somebody
that I’ve known for a while recommended then I’ve been loving like yeah but I’ve
tried so many different lawyers so many different managers is just you’ll find
it’ll come to you a sec plenty of girlfriend bro that’s why I’ll be coming
from people in the business we’re all the same entire people back because I’m
from here like all my friends like you’re doing the only thing I’m trying yeah it is but here’s the thing though
it’s also your job to network so you have to make it your job to know how to
speak to people and still be like cool that’s a but I know when I’m gonna I’m
gonna vent where I’m meeting people running like a session that I turn it
off I’m just like yeah what’s up bro oh you like this me – look I find what they
like and I try to relate to him times we come to Friday because my end of the day
be you guys friends with these people like I got fresh with the artists that
were texting all the time that’s the best way to like be in with the people
like one through and ours going to Magic School book when you build a
relationship with somebody a relationship will take you so far I play basketball right so let’s say
you’re like I love water football with me in the playing ball you can take more
every day yo music like you don’t say I use mine a
common common ground more deeply look up this guy named Dan
yeah he’s gonna teach you like the highest level team-building which is
like racing billions to start companies it’s ban and a PE and the end with the
Indians yeah they got the motivate people to want to work with you whether
it’s equity at the end of the day it’s money like people need value out of work
so it’s you then you’re paying them a lot per month or whatever or you’re
paying them through like a percentage of your company time waiting by the time oh
they’re yeah they’re investing there or you’re putting investing energy into the
deal and then take out the property yeah like this is how a lot of people get
rich in the real estate they don’t own anything in real estate they just make
me pull the buyers and sellers together they make it interactive all through and
they offer everybody else the money they just get a percentage of that so it’s
your team is like a network of but look up in and he says it way better
you have something called the di SC profile for when you’re hiring employees
but there’s like when you’re finding lawyers and accounts and all this you
should go there interviewing them not like feeling like they’re doing you a
favor even back there so that’s like high level stuff but he
says that way man you also the tickets of consideration to you may find a
manager who’s like let’s save manages Metro boomin there’s a tool somebody
who’s super popular you got understand they’re good that’s
gonna be their priority so you’re gonna be – they’re not gonna focus on you as
much as someone si that doesn’t manage any producer they just imagine you one
of the artists I will take that any day over so under manages the biggest
producers I’m not trying to be in somebody’s back burger


  1. Hello sir
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    I'm song writer and music producer I have basic studio set up in my bedroom,
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  3. Who made a comment as soon as they learned the importance of relationships. Thanks @busyworksbeats for this informative upload🙌💪

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