The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following)

The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following)

– The problem with SEO is there’s way too much noise out there and you could be picking the wrong tactic. And you know what? If I had to put a dollar against this, I would bet that you actually are picking one of the wrong tactics. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you the worse SEO advice that
you could be following. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when I release more marketing and SEO tips like this, you’ll get notified. Question for you. Have you ever heard of the
saying content is king? If you have leave a
comment below with yes. If you haven’t leave a
comment below with no. Well can you guess what the worst SEO advice is that I’m
going to tell you about? It’s actually that content is king. They all say that the
more content you create, the better content you create, the better off you’re going to do. That’s a bunch of bologna. If you don’t believe me, go write 1,000 blog posts. Tell me what happens. I bet you what will happen
is your traffic will go up, but a very little amount and even if it does go up
more than you expected, I bet you very few of those visitors are going to even convert into sales. In other words, just writing content doesn’t guarantee success. Check out the Neil Patel blog. If you notice I only create one text based article per week, that’s it. You got it right. One text based article per week. You’re probably wondering Neil, why are you only releasing one a week? Well I know that there’s a
ton of content out there. There’s already a billion blogs. That’s roughly one blog
for every seven people. That’s too many blogs, that’s too much content. So instead of focusing on writing a ton of content like everyone else, I spend my time focusing
on promoting the content. Write one piece of content,
make sure it’s good, but spend majority of your time, the 80-20 rule. Take 80% of your time
promoting the content, 20% writing it. When you do that you’ll find that you get way more traction and if you look at my blog, I’m getting two million plus
unique visitors a month. Out of those two million visitors, they come back on average two times. I’m getting roughly four
million visits a month. And those four million visits are generating six million page views. And I’m doing all of that just by writing one piece of content per week. Sure, in the past I may
have created more content, but I’ve learned that content isn’t king. What’s king is promotion and the reason promotion is the king is there’s already too much content. If you look at Neil Patel, you’ll notice I’ve been doing
things like Uber Suggest. That’s my free marketing tool. Probably wondering wait, why am I spending so much money and time creating this free marketing tool? Well it’s because there is way too much competition in content generation. There’s not a ton of competition doing things like creating free marketing tools to get traffic or doing things like
creating marketing videos like I’m doing right now or doing things like creating podcasts like I do with Marketing School. In essence, yes, content is still great. But you should spend more time promoting and there’s other ways to get the traffic that are more scalable and more affordable in the long run. If you need help growing your traffic in other ways then just creating content, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. And of course if you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. If you have any questions or you’re struggling with how you can grow your traffic in other forms then just creating content, leave a comment below, I’ll answer it, and I’ll help you out. Thank you for watching.


  1. If you had on average 200 – 300 page views a month. What would be your number one tip to promote content?

  2. Thank you Neil for another great video! Promotion is king 👑 thats the only way I was able to grow my Youtube channel from 36 subscribers to over 90,000 in one year🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hey, Neil
    Please tell me am i right or wrong.

    I think all the data based blogs are going to end in future. Because, Google is showing all that on their search pages, itself

  4. I agree, I have to slow down with content creation and instead focus more on how I present the info to visitors so they stay longer and of course promote the content for more pageviews. Most of my traffic is coming from Pinterest (gardening/homesteading niche) but I am starting to see a slight increase in Google search traffic. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not giving me much.

    So Neil, what is your promotion strategy? What do you promote, how often and where?

  5. Thank you for giving a different perspective. Great advice. Putting extra effort into promoting is a great tip.

  6. Hi Neil thanks for the info, I sell my own brand of coffee on Amazon..should all of my promotion be to my website & from there direct customer to Amazon?

  7. Hi Neil. Let me give you a feedback. Maybe a little bit off-topic regarding to this video. I have been using ubersuggest for sometime. The other day I have filled up the form and contacted by somebody representing your brand (service). To tell the truth when I heard the words, "cool cool cool" or " yo kno whad I am saaaiinn" type of statements, those didn't sound professional. Secondly they were just trying to sell the products rather than what I want to achieve, or learn my budget, or what they can give me with my budget. My business in summer is pretty much slow. So they should offer something like maybe lets start working on towards the end of summer. (I can give some other example which I didn't find it very professional) I shouldn't be telling them about some business realities. I like your videos. I try to apply them on my business. I have some good impacts so far. But I don't think your name should be sold like this. Ok I am a small business.. But it is still a business.. Best regards..

  8. Hey Niel i have been a user of your websites since a year now , it boggles my mind how those sites are free but still better than any paid site.

    How do you manage to do this?

    Thanx a lot bro its only for you i am able to save a lot of time in my day , I dont understand why youtube dont promote your videos more .
    I am so sad for this.

  9. Promotion is the king… wow you open my mind. Thanks Neil… i love you 😊😊😊😊😊

  10. Thanks for your helpful videos. I’m about to embark on your 12 week growth strategy to increase traffic on a tight budget. My business partner and I recently launched our new wp website and are trying to SEO it. I’m a sports medicine physician attempting to build a niche specializing in the lower extremity.

  11. Your tool Ubersuggest is good. Be it free forever… I thought that after you get lots of fans, you will put some price for this tool.

  12. HI Neil,

    Very useful information. I have a confusion. I have a website which is 3 years old. but was not updated long time ago. I have revamp my website but I lost my old posts. So can you tell me whether I can again improve ranking of my old domain by adding new contents and posts and do seo or it will not get up and I need to buy a new domain and work from start

  13. That right.. more content create will stuck overload.. carefull.. to much content worried about all content become to much fake content new

  14. Sir, suppose I want to rank a keyword 'x' that search volume suppose globally 1900, in USA 300 , actually search volume is low but if I search this 'x' keyword, high competitive site comes the first page on Google then will I be able to rank? Please sir inform me, those who my competitors how much their DA, PA , Back links stay their site, then should I try or not,?

  15. Just out of curiosity, have you tried writing multiple articles per week (3-5) and promoting less to test content vs promotion?

  16. Thanks for the effort. The botrome line as you said is slaes. I wonder how many of this 4kk visitors a month, you mentioned, eventualy converted to sales or other business goals… can you share that with us?

  17. Yes, I hear it all of the time. I do this. I try to write 2k to 4K per week that creates a 30 minute horror fiction short story. So I put it out on the podcast, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. The podcast goes out on iheartradio, itunes/apple podcasts, spotify, etc. I get about 500 to 4K downlaods per day on the podcast and only about 30 hits per day on the website. YouTube gets a whopping 40 to 100 views (lol). I get ads from the podcast, but I'd like to see more Patreon subscribers and other kinds of sales like maybe t-shirts, cups, etc. but it doesn't seem to happen. It's hard to get people to click on these things.

  18. Neil you're the King 🙂 Thank you for all the tips!
    P.S. please look directly to the lens while you're talking it'll make your videos even better 😉

  19. Where would you suggest I promote my recipe and time management blog? Pinterest has gotten me to 16,000 page views but I am not get past that.

  20. Neil, I believe Content is King because I think of text, images, and videos as Content. So Content is King! I agree with you that YES it is important to promote it! When I write a BLOG I repurpose it as all sorts of content. I believe that my Bizniversity Bytes Emails (which are a little bit of content from my blogs) drive traffic to my website and they keep getting open because of the valuable Content (videos, images, and text!) I promote. Thanks Neil!

  21. When I do a blog post, I share it on facebook and instagram, but still have very few visitors or people who contact me. Yes, I'm creating content to help people out in my industry, but it doesn't matter and I've dropped from 3rd place on page one to page 2 for my key words. So frustrating.

  22. Hi Neil, I follow your advice all the time and I love it. But this one… No. Where I live, simply creating stacks of content really is the real deal. Why? Because many regional business often only of have one or two competitors for their branch. They very often don't even have any content framework or poor (meaning no) SEO at all. To those people I always say, and it always works: First create 10x more content then before. After that, optimize, adjust, research and repeat. To me it's like this: Content is king, but a content frame work is emperor.

  23. But when you talk about promotion, how is it done. Is it by creating backlinks for that content??

    Nice video, I love your work

  24. I was doing the opposite thing. 80% of time creating content and 20% promotion. And no wonder that I am not getting much traffic. But it's time to change the plan. Thanks for creating yet another value-packed video. By the way, love your hand gesture man.

  25. So what exacly do you do to promote your content? Some concrete examples rather than theory? Good video btw, I kinda knew this, but good to get an expert affirmation on it.

  26. Yes, content is still king because if you promote crap, nobody will come back. However, you are correct with the 80-20 rule about promotion. This is where email systems that integrate with your content are valuable. I'm using MailChimp right now. Constant Contact is another popular email system. It's all about starting and keeping a relationship with potential customers. It's like dating. You have to warm people up, build trust, give them a reason for staying in the relationship, and then get them to convert. Long term customers spend a lot more than once-and-done customers.

  27. No matter if it is good or worse but because following your suggestions really works for me I got total 50K visitors in 1.5 year 😂 which is smaller for you due to sone mistakes in beginning but very much bigger for me.🙆

  28. Hi Neil, really appreciate your videos. I have to say your content is KING! Simple and easy to the ears. Love your down to earth approach to issues we are facing with our businesses. Keep up the great work.

  29. Totally disagree. I've just focused on content that I don't think others can match and I rank #1 on Google for a few keywords and in the top 4-5 search results for others on a blog that is only 5 months old. I do ZERO promotion and don't use any social media. Content is ultimately still important.

  30. However that doesn't mean that we don't focus on content and instead go aggressive on marketing. We need an audience to market and if it's a company who is a newbie into the digital space it is extremely impractical to neglect the quality of content. If one has a database of people who they can target through marketing then content need not be king

  31. It is not wrost advice bro. First we need to Create best content which at least fulfill the complete knowledge about that nich then should think about spending time to promote content.

    You are right when after all essential articles are published to explain your nich sufficiently then we can write less And promote more

  32. Sorry but everything covered in this isn't correct, that strategy will only work if you have already built an audience. Also, some people may make money through affiliates rather than selling a service or product, therefore, the content will remain king. For people starting out writing high-quality content will ALWAYS outperform promoting. Especially if you don't already have a following. Using PPC, email marketing, push notifications, social media marketing, etc

    isn't a viable option if you haven't already grown an audience but all of the above will work if you have existing content and existing visitors.
    To anyone NEW
    to blogging then the content is KING and will remain king until you've hit 5k subs/month then growing an email list, using push notification, social media will follow. But pushing your content to you 10 followers will be a total waste of time and effort.

  33. Don't agree, maybe this method works for you because you have big following but not for people just starting out…

  34. Question: What kind of promotion do you recommend doing that is low risk in order to avoid potential slaps from Google? You could make a whole new info product teaching "safe" promotion techniques that bring more traffic without jeopardizing organic traffic.

  35. That is so true! You've got people like Income School telling people to write 3,000 word blog posts. I am an SEO writer, and I write articles for websites every day. Every day I research keywords (big keywords) that have like 400 words for the top 3.

    For example, Google Exterior Painting, and you'll see thta the #1 result is 489 words, and the second and third are about the same. I see this all the time. Links are the most important thing.

  36. Good point Neil! Do you have any videos on best ways to promote content ? Right now I am doing YouTube videos (with blog post )

  37. For the first time, I don't agree with you. This is such misinformation. You spend your time creating content like crazy. You have blog articles, podcasts, YouTube videos. Maybe what you want to say is that don't work on just text articles. Content is King and you know it otherwise why would you be producing so much content across multiple channels?

  38. Good advice, but still I think content is everything, it's a pure SEO technique. Promoting content (specially with paid ads) is a great idea too, but it's more like marketing strategy, not pure SEO strategy 🙂

  39. Don't agree at all. Ran a blog with over 3 millions visitors per year. Promoted it and every post by sharing on social media and YouTube consistently. When I shut the website down. Social media and promotion referrals only accounted for 0.70% of total traffic. Write great content and the traffic will come. The worst advice I've ever heard you give.

  40. אודי לישא עיסוי בירושלים, המומחה שלך says:

    Content is not the king,
    Quality content is.
    SEO is – Creating the most helpful content where it's needed.

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