Tips On Making Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing

Tips On Making Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing

hey Guys, Emeka here, how’s it going? in
this video I’m going to talk about how you can make your first $1,000 a month
with Kindle publishing I decided to do this video on a whim I don’t have any
note I don’t have a script or anything I just got a couple thoughts of where I
want to take it with this video but this is what I’ve wanted to do for a while
you know as you may or may not know it I’ve been making over $1,000 a month
with Kindle for for quite a few months in a row now and you know I just wanted
to offer a couple of my thoughts and how I got there and share my experience with
you in the hopes in the hopes that goodbye be might by me doing this it
will do a few things for you one it will speed up your learning curve basically
it’ll help you make $1000 a month in a five in a faster period of time then you
might do it on your own to show you’re not alone that hey like I’m here others
are doing it yes it works you know it’s something lots of people have done for
you and less people continue to do after and three I don’t really know so let’s
just kind of dive into the goods of this video all right so making a your first
$1,000 with Kindle publishing exciting it is I remember when I hit that
threshold I hadn’t actually hit it I went from 500 to 2,000 but some are
longer I’m juror I was watching my royalties and they hit a thousand I was
like wow I can’t believe I’ve done it really really cool feeling and you’ll
get to experience it at one point if you haven’t but really the first thing that
I that I think of is it comes down to the same that in the actually the same
thing that takes you from a thousand five thousand or five thousand and ten
thousand it’s your mindset see having the right
mindset the mindset the the right mental attitude is is going to be the
determining factor on whether or not you’re going to make it in this business
or not see there’s many ways to to look at it when
you’re new you are no longer the if you were like the top dog in your field
you’re no longer the top dog you’re a little puppy in this you know in this
big kennel so to speak you’re you’re experiencing everything for the first
time you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to you know potentially
lose a few dollars you’re going to get frustrated you’re going to go through
all of those things that I’ve gone through and I continue to go through
from time to time that all successful publishers have gone through so your
mindset has to be the right one and the right one is this it’s knowing that
you’re going to commit to the process and you know what angle you want down
the road expecting to make a thousand dollars off your first book is
completely ridiculous your first book most likely will fail
and suck being straight up with you as much as you want it to succeed and you
do because my first book I wanted it to be the best and oh my gosh I wanted that
book to do so well and you will too and that’s good that’s what you should want
but it’s most likely not going to happen that’s reality because you know what
your first book is exactly that it’s your first book you have to pay the tax
now that you have to pay the the learning tax so to speak you have to
make mistakes you have to screw up you have to go through all of those
experiences first because every time you go through it you learn and you get
better and better so having a strong mental attitude having a strong mindset
is is is above anything else above anything else because you know I’ve
started to see it people who can follow me for a little while and you know
they’re they’re not as excited or whatever you know I’d be Hawking people
I’ve been working with and you have to understand that you’re your first book
most likely won’t be your money-making book
it is your first book to teach you the process so that when you do your second
book here it’s a little bit better and then that second book is purely designed
to teach you more things and more lessons so that when you publish your
third book is that much better and I may take you 4 bucks like it took me it may
take you 5 6 or 7 books but the important thing is is that you’re you
know where you’re at and that you’re improving each and every book they rule
of thumb each book you make should average about $100 in a cup so if you
wanted to how many books do I need to make to a thousand thousand dollars a
month well on average it’s ten books it most likely will take you less books if
you’re following a good program but things to keep in mind things to keep in
mind so having a strong mental attitude is is by far the most important most
important trait or whatever you want to call it their second thing is don’t be
don’t follow blindly number two don’t follow blindly what I mean by this is
not taking a couple Kindle courses and you know it’s I love just reading
comments of publishers and newbies and and whatnot and you know one you know
they come from one course go to another race first side and it’s totally okay
but but I can’t get over the amount of publishers that follow a course blindly
and not question anything and don’t get me wrong when I when I started and if I
was following the course and I was doing everything to the tee and I did that for
my first two bucks and I was like all right whatever yeah
but what I was doing on the side was I was learning from every single other
publishing blog I could and we kept learning because one course will not
teach you everything if anyone says that their course is the end-all and Beall
you should only follow their course I’d run in the opposite direction if
somebody who says that because that’s so not the right way of doing things right
because you know I’m so I did those first two books followed it and the
third book I was like hey let me let me try something else I don’t like how I
was doing all of this and using all my time to do this so I’m not going to do
that this time and I published my third book and lo and behold my results were
better and I did less effort so that really you know it was like huh okay I’m
kind of on to something there and you know I kept doing that with different
books even today I still publish books and I’ll try new things because the
Amazon it’s always evolving is always changing no one has all the answers so
you have to make sure that don’t be afraid to go out and try things now when
you’re new and money’s tight you know don’t spend money on more things limit
your budget okay in fact when you’re new you should be spending the zero money on
promotion you know except for when you’re doing your VA promotion with the
reviews but you shouldn’t be spending any money on promotion outside of that
so you need to make sure that you’re you follow things but you also question
things and don’t be afraid to try out other things you know I spoke about this
in another video I did the other day that Amazon pay-per-click ads right now
I’m getting some great results with someone like my ads and so many people
have told me that they don’t really work and they’re not that profitable well I’m
making money off them so because in reality is you know people who are who’s
designed of course is not saying anything wrong but they’re they design
it based on their experience right your experience can be totally different
right so some courses promote that social media is not a big it’s just
waste time my top-selling book be dead without social media promotion I
constantly involved in social media for that news my readers reach out to me
they invite me to events they you know I send a tweet out to buy a book to review
a book and I get reviews and sales right away because of that social media is
huge for that one niche I’m it so make sure that you question you follow that
you question you know wherever you’re getting your advice um I hope that I
hope that really makes sense because that seem like kind of a long-winded
answer so anyways so what are what are some other more tactical things that you
could be doing to to make your first thousand dollars as well understand that
you need to invest money and you know whether I whether or not you have 500
dollars to invest or a hundred dollars to invest it doesn’t matter but you do
need to invest money you have to invest money in books and good quality books
not five thousand words and none of that proper quality looks seventy five to ten
thousand minimum books and not word books on actual book books but you know
know that you have to invest a little bit of money because there’s not saying
it takes money to make money and this business is just like that you know you
have to spend money to make money and you know now I’m at the point I was just
doing some some of my reports and publishing cost last month for just
under one thousand dollars the highest endeavor but I’m doing that now because
I have a lot more money so I’m in the process right now it’s scaling up so I’m
spending more money knowing that that money will start coming in over the next
few weeks and months but when I was new hey I just I was just I was spending as
little as possible I was doing as much work myself as possible to keep costs
down and to keep you know my pocket my revenue and income as high as possible I
also kept you know I remember when I was coming up with my first little bit of
money you know I had some savings but then also every every paycheck I was
getting for my job I think I was just taking 10% of it right away before I did
anything else and I was just putting that in to my
Amazon business just 10% of every paycheck before I paid for anything it
was just 10% in to the Amazon business because that was my ticket out so I
wanted to make sure I filled that before our fueled anything else so but what
else so we have point number one I have a strong mindset
point number two don’t follow blindly don’t be afraid to try out new things
and point number three is be willing to invest a little bit of money you know
looking back on my experience on you know what it took me to make my first
thousand dollars is I guess the fourth point I talked about is be patient this
is key it’s something I still continue to work on today but patience is so key
understanding it’s going to take time it took me about four and a half months to
make my first thousand dollars you know I worked with somebody who you know the
book that if you are following my launch of the front row front row factor book
it made over a thousand dollars its first day so that individual is pretty
happy with that result but it takes patience it takes patience so just know
that you need to be in it for a slightly long it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme
right that the snobby Kindle publishing is it’s something that takes work and
you have to build it up the right way to start getting getting you know the
return on your investment so yeah that’s definitely a key one definitely a key
one for for new publishers number five here’s a good one here’s a good one
reach out to those more successful than you and get help I did that quite a bit
and you know I just I I Facebook message people and and you know I’m ever so
grateful for for them responding to me and I think
almost everyone responded to me and you know they were just people in other
Facebook groups and I was kind of reading and I saw they were making some
money so I was like I should ask that person you know question and I still do
that from time to time and I’m so grateful when I get a response from them
because you know it they’re coming you know give them back and know I’m like
that or you guys know with it if you’ve messaged me on Facebook or
send me an email and you know I respond and because I want to be able to kind of
give back and you know keep it all flowing so reach out to others who were
more successful than you you know whether it’s me or other people but
reach out to them because by doing that you shorten your learning curve right
learn from their mistakes so you don’t make them you know my my mentor for
example he was you know he was a guy that you know I knew he was successful
and you know I sent him a message in December I think it was and he’s like
hit me up in January and I knew that was a test because if I didn’t because I bet
a lot of people don’t right but if I get it and you know what if then he ensured
that I wasn’t wasting his time but I did it fold up again and again and again and
you know it’s had a huge impact on my business so make sure you reach out to
people who are more successful than you so anyways believe those are five tips
they’re those tips to help you make your first thousand dollars into publishing
obviously there’s more I’ll continue to do videos like this but hey let me call
you on it right now what’s one thing that you want some work on that you want
to work on in your publishing business today let me know in the comment section
below and I’ll see if I can help you out with that but other than that guys give
it a thumbs up to this video help should we do more of these tips tips videos let
me know if the thumbs up appreciate that and as always if you’re new hate nice to
meet you check out the other videos on my channel please consider so that
consider subscribing if you like what you’re seeing and till next time guys
take care point number two was a shut what was
point number two point number two all right


  1. Great value Emeka. Thank you for your input!

    I'm in the phase of learning ALLOT from my first and 2nd book.

    I will keep on working hard and learning every step of the way, I enjoy the process a lot.

    Keep up the good work, your info is much appreciated!

  2. TL;DW

    (1) Have a strong mindset
    (2) Don’t follow blindly, don’t be afraid to try new things
    (3) Be willing to invest a little bit of money
    (4) Be patient
    (5) Reach out to those more successful than you and get help

    (If I missed anything let me know!)

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  8. inspiring i am an author on kindle and i am writing books about the spirituality I have a plan that in a few years that my business will help balance my work life i can leave my full-time job and be able to do reiki and spiritual work as a side line

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  12. I am very eager to reach that 1000 goal. The most I've made in one month was probably around 300.

  13. On don't follow blindly –

    There is a difference from learning the basics and joining coaching groups. I followed blindly when I was learning the mechanics of this thing, like outsourcing the writing, designing the cover, picking the niche and keywords, setting up my accounts (from Amazon to Reship and Payoneer), etc. Not a surprise, that one very first book is making money consistently for over 1 year now.

    Then, when you know all that and are in the business, you will likely join different coaching groups, meet a number of experts and gurus, that's when, in my view, you should not follow blindly. Because your winning strategy must match your personality, your feeling, your views, your disposition, etc. You'll end up mixing all that you have learned from them and design your own way to success.

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