Toofan Mail | Episode 3 – Meeting His Crush

Toofan Mail | Episode 3 – Meeting His Crush

There is something on your face. Where? here here? Ya..ya hmm…Pa is calling. Hello… Yes. Hmm… But Kevin is here… How can I ask him? Oh.. Hmm… Hmm… Will try and come. Hmm… Ok..Bye What is it? Appa is gone to meet his old crush, and he wants us to join. Eazy… Ya…Ya It’s… He had a crush on her, That was back in school… and you
wouldn’t have known if he didn’t tell you.. Listen, I love my mom. What has that got to do with this man? You won’t understand.During their times, crush meant… commitment, marriage, children, and… He ended up with my mother. You are psycho analysing things right now Ammu… You are saying if your kids, in future meet me, it’ll be wierd. We never dated Kevin… Neither did they… He had a crush, and that’s all I’m saying. Ok? You need to grow up Ammu… Shut up! You are coming with me right? No…I don’t know them. I’m not going alone, And you might end up being his groomsman…so, move your ass… Are you going to be a bitch? I might not, if you leave now. You won’t take long right? I might because, I’m my mother’s reflection, and I want that lady to know that, she was pretty… And… Ok…Ok… I’ll be outside. Ya… Thank you. Hi… Hello… You look so pretty! Come in… Come…sit. Hello Hi…
Hello Hello I’ll get you a drink. Harsh… Mathew’s daughter is here. Ya…Ya… I’ll call you back. Did you drink? Mathew, what is she doing to you? Hi uncle… She thinks I had a few drinks… She does that always. Thank you aunty. Thank you. There is something here. Ya…here… it’s gone? Ya
it’s gone? It’s gone? Hello… By the way, I had a good time. And… I’m sorry. Why? Hmmm… Just like that. Anyway… She found someone who looks like you, right? You guys were very serious? Shut up! Thought of having babies? Goodnight…Go sleep. We are here, celebrating Pa’s retirement What time is her flight?


  1. Archu i just keep falling a little more in love with this series every time a new episode comes up seriously woman loving it!

  2. It was nice but I guess 2nd episode was much exciting… U must bring that kind of thought to change the minds of youngsters

  3. How many malayalies are here…I think most of the viewers were malayalees…So it will be more interesting if it's fully malayalam.

  4. It's super Archana like all other episodes, and you made me you follower in a first video. Thanks for your efforts and sleepless nights to makes such a videos

  5. ഭാസിമച്ചാൻ എക്കെ സൂപ്പർ……But നുമ്മ മലയാളികൾ ആണെടോ…

  6. Why not malayalam? ഉണ്ടാക്കുമ്പോ മലയാളത്തി ഒണ്ടാക്കികൂടെ?

  7. Ivide Kure per Malayalam aayikoode ennokke paranju comment ittirikunadu kandu ….athu avarku Malayalathinodu Sneham kondonnum alla….tharakedu illandu English arengilum parayunnadu kelkumbol chilavanmarku bhayangara chorichilla.

  8. It's nice to talk in English but its too nice to talk in malayalam also so make sure the next video may be in manglish

  9. Sreenath bhasiiii…. ❤️… this vedio also help me to learn english other than fun 🤣😅😂

  10. She did a few Malayalam films doesn't mean she should make short films in Malayalam. It's for indian audience , not for mallus alone. I came here after watching meenaviyal.. Both are so beautifully written… The main attraction is the language itself.

  11. Ithenda Malayalam aano English ano
    Archana Kavi othiri over aanu.malayalaam ariyathe pole
    Enna pinne ivark ith Malayalam show akkunnath endina……

  12. The web series is really good…But I have a doubt…Is this an English series??.. y there is only a very very little malayalam…Is there any malayali who will use English this much inside there home? I really doubt ….

  13. I liked the previous episodes but not this one.
    പിന്നെ മലയാളത്തിൽ ചെയ്യാൻ പറഞ്ഞു രോദിക്കാതെ പിള്ളേരേ.. അർച്ചന കവി ഒന്ന് രണ്ട് മലയാളം പടത്തിൽ അഭിനയിച്ചു എന്ന് കരുതി മലയാളം മാത്രമേ പറയാവൂ എന്ന് നിയമം ഒന്നുമില്ല.

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