Tools – Import and Export – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

Tools – Import and Export – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

We’re going to the Import and Export settings
page of the Tools section of Yoast SEO. On this Import and Export page, you can do
a lot of things, and they all have to do, funnily enough, with importing and exporting. First of all, you can import the settings
from another site, where you have exported the settings for Yoast SEO. So what you can do here, is you can export
the settings for your site, and then on another site, you can import them, if you want those
settings to be exactly the same. You can also import from other SEO plugins. You might have been using another SEO plugin
in the past and you might want to go to Yoast SEO. In that case, select the plugin that you were
using in the past here, click ‘Import’, and verify whether all the data has been properly
imported. This will import post titles and meta descriptions
that you might have set in the other plugin, things like that. If it’s all done right, select it again,
and check this box, and then run ‘Import’ again. This will not actually import the data twice,
but it will make sure that the old data from the old plugin is deleted, so you don’t
have the data twice in your database. You can also import redirects if you’re
using Yoast SEO Premium. You can import redirects from other redirect
plugins, or you can import them from a CSV file or from .htaccess. All of these allow you to do simple things,
like importing, but if you have a very complex .htaccess file, the import function will probably
not work. So you can import clean, simple redirects,
but you can’t really do all the tricky things that you can do in .htaccess. You can also export your own redirects and
then import them on another site, should you have moved your site or something else. Lastly, if you are using Premium, you can
export your keywords, and you can export things like your SEO title and meta description,
if you want to work on these in another location. So, you can export all of these fields into
one long CSV file, which you can later on import in things like Excel or Google Sheets or Numbers,
if you’re a Mac user.

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  1. Hi, presention and tools looks nice but I have question. My client already have live site, and that site is moved to our dev server seo is disabled. In meantime on live server are added new SEO things. Now I must move dev site to live and replace existing site and here is problem. Can export all SEO settings from live site and then later import it on site which will be migrated from dev server to live?

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