Top 5 Books For Starting an Online Marketing Agency

Top 5 Books For Starting an Online Marketing Agency

that I won’t quote here. But I’m a big advocate for reading books. I started reading books, I read my first self-help
book when I was 14 years old, again, in that same period. – Good age to start, yeah. – Good age to start reading books, I would advise anyone, but it doesn’t matter, whatever age it is, just start reading books today. And at this point, when the
business started doing well, I had probably read, I don’t know exactly but probably 75 books about self-help and business. So including some books
about copyrighting, some books about selling, and whatever. So I had a good foundation. – What are the two favorite
books that you read back then? – So the first book that
really impacted me was a book called The Education of
Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg, which is a brilliant book. I’ve read it probably
more than any other book. And I’ve read a lot of books many times. So that’s saying something. It’s a brilliant book and
it basically talks about how do you teach yourself
to become a millionaire. And that I think is brilliant. Probably the other book, I would have to say, probably The Millionaire Fastlane. It’s a very good book by MJ DeMarco. I don’t know if I had read it at the time, but definitely in my all-time list, these two would be pretty high. – And which copyrighting books? – So copyrighting books, there’s a lot of old school
sort of copyrighting books. I personally recommend a book called The Advertising
Solution by Brian Kurtz, which, basically, what this book does, and I think it was published
in 2017, I believe. But what this book does is it summarizes all of the books about copyrighting, the old-school, classic books, and it also references them. So what I would tell anyone
interested in this is, buy and read The Advertising Solution. And if you wanna go deeper into it, you wanna get better at
it, then read all the books that are talked about in
The Advertising Solution. – So at this point, you basically had your little
publishing business behind you ’cause it stopped making
money for whatever– – Close to zero. – It was close to zero
at that point, yeah. So then you decided, I’m going to go into a new business model. So I need to find a new way to make money online, otherwise I’m just another
17, almost 18-year-old who is gonna have to get
a job someday very soon or go study somewhere, or whatever. But I guess you ended
up quitting high school about a year later, is that correct? – Correct. So what ended up happening at the time, first of all, you were saying, I never really stressed out about oh, I’m gonna have to get a job. I always had this sort of really weird, now looking back, it was really weird, but this just undestroyable, indestructible belief that things were gonna go exactly
the way I planned them to. For example, at this age, a lot of people start worrying about getting a driving
license and things like that. That’s a weird example, I know. And I never worried about
getting my driving license. And people always asked me, but Emmanuel, you need to
get your driving license. And I always told them, well, I’m not gonna need to ’cause I’m gonna have a private driver. And people would always
look at me like I was crazy. – Wow, that’s cocky, how
dare you be so cocky? How dare you be special? – And I remember talking
with also other people who were like, oh, I need
to get my summer internship or my summer job. And I never worried about those things. Or another example was I had my parents and some adult
friends of my parents who were joking around because I’m not a very manual,
practical kind of person. I’m more like a thinker, or whatever, and they were making fun that I would probably have
to get a job making fries or working in some supermarket. And I always told them
no, it’s not gonna happen. And the thing that’s important to mention, I always had this indestructible belief that things were gonna go a
certain way in every aspect. I saw it very clearly. I would have bet, quite
frankly, my life on it that it would work out that way. So that’s the first thing. Now, getting back to the story, I am 16 years old, turned 17, I would say around the
time when I turned 17 is when I started thinking, okay, things are not going the
way they’re supposed to go. Before I was on track, I
was doing my little thing. Now, it’s going down, I’m getting closer and
closer to that thing where I’m not making any more income. And it was a big crisis, to be honest, because my identity up to this point was– – Entrepreneur. – Yeah, the entrepreneur. I was known for that and
people respected me for that. I didn’t have much of a social life because I didn’t care very
much about it, to be honest. But then at this point, it’s like,


  1. super interesting and crazy good insights. I love MJ's The Millionaire Fastlane and just bought The Education of Millionaires. I'm thrilled to see more.

  2. btw, why is it called "top 5 books" when he only mentions 3 books? (feel free to delete this comment if you should change it)

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