Top 5 Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

hello Rachel Leslie here and in this
video I’m gonna share with you my top five funnels that I use for my affiliate
marketing business I have recently become more and more of a minimalist in
my life in my surroundings and then also in my business cutting out tasks that
are just unnecessary and websites and funnels and methods that are unnecessary
because I realized that only 20% of my funnels that I had that I was driving
traffic to were resulting in eighty percent of the money that I was making
and everything else was just too much noise so I’m gonna share with you my top
five funnels and actually have a bonus in here for you and if you’re into this
kind of stuff affiliate marketing making money online be sure to like this video
and just to subscribe to the channel because that’s what we do here so let’s
dig into the five funnels that I use I’m gonna share my screen on here’s the
first one that works out really well for me the affiliate freedom funnel you can
go to affiliate freedom funnel dot-com and then it will forward to Rachel SV
calm slash affiliate freedom funnel this is one of the original funnels that I
use for my affiliate marketing business and I still continue to use is my number
one lead magnet it gets me the most emails email opt-ins and I get
commissions from it so it’s a free training with my affiliate links within
the funnel within the training so if people are going through the training
they sign up for the software’s and then I make commissions and then it teaches
you how you can put your affiliate links in there so we can even opt-in we can
opt-in once you’re opted in or the person is opted in then they’re gonna
get my email autoresponder and I have explainer videos so there’s the how it
works video I love this funnel let me move my
name my face I have a bot thingy on here too but I get people on my chat bot I
get them in my Facebook group I get them on clickfunnels
if I wanted to put a GoDaddy affiliate link I could I need to look more into
that um I get them on gee sweet I get them on a weber
i get them on udemy i get them on clickmagick
and i get people to buy my other programs or you can put your affiliate
link and make commissions on my programs that i’ve already created
hey Bobby hey Laurie so this one oh I’m just gonna make this short and sweet
silly it freedom funnel is like my top my number one top funnel my number two
top funnel that I suggest people have is a home page website this is a website
it’s just your name calm your name calm slash I just have slash high cuz you
have to put a path and click funnels and this funnel works out really well
because I have a link to affiliate freedom funnel a link to some other
pages and you can switch this up in the navigation you can explainer video about
like a video from your youtube and then this can send people to your YouTube
here is a opt-in to one of my lead magnets this is actually a lead magnet
I’m not even this would be like number six I don’t know I’m not even talking
about this one in this training it’s like a free cheat sheet that could be a
bonus number six free cheat sheet but you can put any offer in here you can
put your affiliate freedom funnel opt-in on here I have YouTube more YouTube
videos and then programs you could put whatever programs you’re an affiliate
for you can keep my programs and be an affiliate for it you can put someone
else’s courses there’s so many courses you can be an affiliate for high ticket
courses lower ticket courses courses that pay monthly recurring revenue
softwares so it’s just like a few here um this homepage funnel links to my
resources page my resources page is my third-favorite
funnel me refresh this and let me check the comment hey Aaron if you guys have
questions at any point just let me know can you guys see my screen yeah okay the
resources I just hopes to all my affiliate offers on here click funnels
convertkit Aweber click magic you deem each affiliate link affiliate link
affiliate link affiliate link so if I someone asked for affiliate link for
something I can just go to the resources page and grab them the link I don’t
remember all my links that’s why it’s so nice to have a homepage funnel to to
grab these things so my resource page has software’s and then I also put
trainings affiliate links for other trainings affiliate links for books
fully it links for more trainings and courses or for webinars or for one final
away challenge or you can even have links to your own programs so number
three is a resources page that would be attached to into your homepage funnel if
you guys want this affiliate freedom funnel and have this for yourself
just get it go to affiliate freedom funnel comm I’ll type it in here and
then on youtube I’ll put the links in the description hey James affiliate
freedom final comm this is the one I suggest getting started with okay it
works if you click it it’ll redirect I ever suggest getting started with it
because you’ll get set up with everything you’ll have a domain you’ll
have a funnel and a click funnels account you’ll have an email marketing
account and an autoresponder and you’ll want to have those things before you
make your homepage funnel and then you make your homepage funnel then you make
your resources page the next the force funnel that I use often is a bridge page
a bonus page just a simple thing simple landing page
bridge page I have like an explainer video this is my clickfunnels bonus page
so my affiliate link is in this button so I here I’m promoting clicks on those
and funnel builder secrets which is the high ticket thing so I can get people on
click funnels and get paid monthly or I get them on funnel builder secrets and
get a high ticket commission and I just explain what my bonuses are in here and
then I do this also for one funnel away let’s see my one funnel away bonuses it
looks pretty similar it’s just like an explainer video that I already had on
YouTube my affiliate link in the button instead of sending people straight to my
affiliate link I like to send them to the bridge page because then they get to
see what all my bonuses are I have this also for funnel builder secrets and an
explainer video and then the to funnel builder secrets options and then
affiliate link so this you could just use one template and switch it out for
whatever offer it is okay do you give out shares on the links for the other
funnels what a great question the high funnel so if you’re in daily commissions
Club which is my signature program my group coaching and course you get all my
courses everything in daily Commission’s Club you also get all of my funnels I’m
going to show you guys that let’s go to the fifth bundle and and I’ll show you
what’s in it the fifth funnel is to have a free course for people a free academy
you can have whatever landing page you want is just like an opt-in page that
says free course free Academy or I get people in this funnel through my bot
through a check but this is the back end it’s not like
the front facing what you see but basically I have a free course and in
the free course you go there’s a welcome video there’s a there’s a mindset video
I think it’s good to start courses off with the mindset video there’s a dream
car training business in a box which is the link I need to switch that its
affiliate freedom funnel actually now my cheat sheet which is another often get
people might top offers to promote funnel downloads in here in the funnel
downloads there are some I think the resources pages in here and some other
funnels but I don’t think the bridge page funnel or the like free membership
site funnel is not in there and the autoresponder training link
tracking training chatbot training and a value ladder training you guys can do
this you guys I suggest and I suggest this to all my students who are in daily
Commission’s club create a free course going click funnels make a membership
site and put trainings in there it you can model my trainings but it’s real
easy to put a mindset video put a let’s change this affiliate freedom funnel put
a cheat sheet if you have one funnel downloads if you have funnel downloads
you can give them funnel downloads make a training on the best email
autoresponders and talk about Aweber because it’s very friendly for affiliate
marketers so while you’re teaching for free in your free course this is how you
get Commission so that you get affiliate Commission’s because people learn here
I’ll open it up it’s pretty slow um wow I have a really freedom final can I
change your name Bobby you can change the name of the affiliate freedom funnel
but in the videos I’m in the videos and I’m talking about affiliate freedom
funnel so if you’re gonna change your name then you want to use that name use
it but the reason I made it affiliate freedom funnel is
change it used to be affiliate business in a box is that all these software
companies and the FTC they don’t really like business in a box so because it’s I
don’t know it’s just rules you know it’s not a free country so um Lori how much
is daily commissions Club well I’m gonna put the link in here daily Commission’s
club comm and you could see everything that comes with it um there’s at the
right now at the time of this it’s just six ninety seven for a lifetime ole pay
lifetime access there’s weekly coaching I have a coaching call today at six
o’clock where you all come in zoom and I coach you you get all my funnels and all
my trainings and then there’s also a payment plan okay let’s go back to this
it’s not living okay see use my video and then I have a fully linked to active
campaign affiliate link to convertkit affiliate link to a Weber and affiliate
link to action etics you guys can do this you guys can do this totally let’s
see what else is in the free course link tracking a video about how to use click
magic with my affiliate link to click magic chatbots no video about chat bots
with my affiliate links as somebody else’s chat bot course and then I value
latter video with an affiliate link to click funnels I’m going to move this
affiliate freedom funnel back up because I think this is something people should
do soon my membership site my free membership site it’s actually in the
same membership site as daily Commission’s Club let me show you why
this is really cool I’m going to open up the editor and click preview so we can
see what it looks like to a user anyone can access my free course but when they
again in the free course they’re still gonna see all this stuff they’re still
gonna see let me move this they’re still going to see all my paid offers would
you guys can get affiliate links for actually if you click promote these
products people are so gonna see this but if they
didn’t buy it or they’re not indeed leak emissions club they won’t have access to
it they will only have access to this bonus affiliate edge course where now we
have all the course content videos they’re short videos to their to the
point so while they’re in here going through the free stuff they might see
this other stuff and be like wow I want the email course I want the YouTube
course I want daily Commission’s Club and to get into the coaching but it’s
gonna they won’t be able to click on it like I can click on it right now because
I’m logged into my own account but if other people are in it they won’t be
able to click on it and it will say click to upgrade and then they buy so
this is how I also get sales of my programs but for you in the beginning um
just have your definitely have your free course this is how I started I actually
have my free course is how I started making affiliate commissions and then I
developed affiliate freedom funnel another thing ok let’s look what’s in
the funnel survival kit the funnel survival kit plus white label courses
you get this if you are in daily Commission’s Club you get the home page
funnel the resources page funnel the bridge page bonus funnel an affiliate
marketing course funnel download also a funnel course membership funnel download
so this free course this is like targeted towards affiliate marketers so
you can make Commission’s affiliate commissions teaching about affiliate
marketing but another strategy is also having a funnel course teaching about do
you make affiliate Commission’s make sure teaching about funnels and that
actually have another membership site and when you download this it comes in
and its own membership site and then I have some other funnels too like my
ultimate value ladder funnels that’s my sales page
funnels the templates that I use for my courses and for daily Commission’s club
and the insta panelist Instagram funnel it’s really cool so that’s also Angelica
missions club um oh no guys it’s pretty simple I guess the hard part is doing it
so here’s what I suggest for you do the affiliate freedom funnel affiliate
freedom funnel comm get it set up if you already have click funnels
because you’ve got to be even faster for you if you already have an email address
and the domain it’s gonna be even faster for you if you already have an email
autoresponder it’s gonna be even faster for you to set this up if you don’t have
the stuff this stuff set up yet it’s fine because I teach you how to do it
right in here the next thing I suggest to do I don’t know I do suggest join
daily Commission’s Club because then you get my home page template and you get my
resources template and it comes with all these offers already in here so all you
have to do is go grab your affiliate links and switch them out and if you go
do affiliate freedom funnel you’ll already have a clickfunnels link you’ll
already have any weber link you’ll already have a click magic link you’ll
already have AUD me link and you’ll be able to grab affiliate links for these
other things too um you’ll get the bonus pages in here you’ll want to put your
own bonuses but I teach you in DC see how to create your own bonuses and how
to create share files to giveaway and how to like create explainer videos all
you do is read up sales pages when I’m creating explainer videos this is an
explainer video right now I’m just explaining to you guys what’s on the
screen and also in daily Commission’s Club you get my templates for the free
courses my videos are in the free courses so sometimes some of them though
are like official company videos but so you’ll want to also work on that
creating your own videos and branding yourself but you don’t have to you can
still use my videos and switch out the affiliate links um James do I still promote builder all
I still get paid from builder all every single week I’m just have some youtube
videos about it I’m not going super hard on it but my YouTube videos rank and get
me commissions and Michael can I get support for someone help me no you
cannot you complain too much this remember tenure and daily
Commission’s Club right now this is how I coach people and daily commissions
Club want to call you out on this Michael I see you posting in groups
complaining that you need help you need to email support at clickfunnels comm or
I’m gonna ban you from the group I’m serious dude serious okay thanks
everyone for watching Michael love ya you’re good support her thank you all
for watching but you know we don’t be yes hear it we don’t think yes we don’t
be as we don’t be a sin daily commissions Club we get shit done you
know I don’t work eight-hour days I’ll work 16-hour days I rarely work at all
but I still get my stuff done make my content launch my funnels and then drive
traffic and then I trust show up for you guys and answer questions but most am i
showing up and helping people is in daily commissions Club through our
weekly coaching so the link is in the description in the comments you can join
us and I’ll see you in there thanks everyone for watching and until next
time bye


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