Top Paying Affiliate Program Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Top Paying Affiliate Program Regal Assets Affiliate Program

alright guys welcome to today’s video in
this video I’m going to show you the number one website in the world for high
ticket commissions one-click can make you an incredible amount of money stick
around you’re gonna want to see this well right back here in just a moment
and we’ll get started on that right now all right it guys welcome back to the
video as I said before in this intro here we’re going to show you the number
one affiliate marketing website in the world that pays high ticket commissions
and the best thing about it is it’s all free doesn’t cost anything to sign up
and it works anywhere you’re at in the world all you need is a computer and an
internet connection or for that matter you could probably even do it on your
phone okay alright so my name is Kevin Lehner with freedom motivator comm and
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if you’re new to the video here to my channel what we do here is we do
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how-to videos general value videos and once in a while we’ll throw in a
motivational video as well okay all right let’s go ahead and jump right in
on this and get started anxious to show you this site one-click
all it takes is one click and you can generate a commission of 90 thousand
dollars up to 90 thousand dollars alright website I’m talking about where
you can sign up that is called wealth partners or by regal assets regal assets
wealth partners this is where you join at it to be an affiliate with this you
can either join as an affiliate or as a joint venture partner with other
companies if you have other companies you can sign up companies to this and
get a commission off of what they sell of their products through this website
are a wealth associates so what it says here’s a welcome to our wealth partners
were great investment products in high referral commissions meet our a wealth
partners in is regal assets official website network and JV portal for
financial professionals and marketers whether you want to promote regal acid
offers to your audience and earn healthy commissions or you want a joint venture
JV with regal assets and benefit from selling your financial products through
our proven system our a wealth partners experts will guide you every step of the
way to maximize your chance of success all right so what we’re interested in
though is the affiliate marketing side of this right now
so you can sign up as an affiliate partner here and it says this is an
ideal for this is ideal for financial advisors affiliate marketers and other
professionals who want to promote our products and earn a competitive
Commission for every qualified lead and sale they generate and so even if you
even if somebody just fills in the slot before their email address and password
or fills out the page you even get a commission for that I think it’s like
$30 or something like that and then if they buy a product or invest their money
with regal depending on how much they invest it could be up to 90 thousand
dollars just for one click amazing stuff that says the easily converting
investment products exclusive offers not found elsewhere high Commission’s custom
dashboard with traffic and leads to testings free mentor program access in
library of resources and creatives for marketing tools okay and also by the way
if you want to come to this website I’ll have the link down there in the
description for you right at the top there Joe all you got to do is just
click on it and it’ll bring you right over to this website right here and you
can if you want to sign up you can certainly do that like I said it doesn’t
cost any money or anything like that it’s all free okay anywhere in the world
all right and that’s they’ve some of the regal assets that’s been featured on
quite a few of these popular places here Forbes magazine with Chase Bank smart
market research market watch and seeking out for skimming and Reuters and their
mission is to become a premier destination for alternative assets in
the US and worldwide now this not only can you this is not a stock investing
website this is a gold or precious metals gold platinum palladium silver
these types of things and other metals and also in cryptocurrency as we know
cryptocurrency starting to become more and more popular in the world as it is
much easier to transport money over the internet through cryptocurrency and it’s
a lot safer okay that’s become very popular alright
so and diversify their portfolios and invest in non-traditional asset classes
for the past decade real assets and a very successful providing some of these
unique investments to investors and retirement account holders so if if you
have somebody that has an IRA or a 401 K or something like that through their
their company or the job and then they want to turn it into like invest it into
like gold or cryptocurrency and they could do it right here on this website
okay regal assets website not the affiliates out here but
on regal assets and and then it says investments that are usually reserved
for the elite hnw you nhw individuals are now going mainstream thanks to regal
assets and it’s regal massive wealth partners program so they say here why
would you want to join as an affiliate on this website well they have a hungry
audience with government spending out-of-control trillions in debt and
paper money backed by nothing the world economic outlook is as bleak
as ever let’s take a look at see what the nation
debt of the United States is right now if you come over up in your browser you
can go to US debt spelling that right I’ll be in good shape here the US debt
clock org dot o-r-g been a long time since I’ve been here but I believe this
is the correct site we’ll see here yeah give it a moment to load here and this
is actual live I don’t know if you’ve ever been to this web site or before or
not but this is actual as it’s happening live numbers going on here as you can
see the numbers are moving so here is the u.s. national debt right here look
at this now see how haven’t been on this website in a while the last time I was
here the u.s. national debt was at believe it was that like 14 trillion I
think something like that and now you see it’s still rolling and climbing up
here it’s at 22 trillion dollars I don’t see how actually this country now I’m
just talking about the u.s. in general this country I don’t see how can stay in
business I mean usually when a business gets so far in debt what happens to it
they go out of business pretty quick actually how this country can stay in
debt I don’t know other than because the Federal Reserve just keeps printing more
and more paper worthless paper so it makes sense today to transform your
money into gold primary goal is very stable and or now cryptocurrency because
the cryptocurrency market is going up and up and up so you want to bet they
want to should it be able most people want to invest in something that’s
secure right their money is secure gold is probably one of those or anything
palladium actually was is a is a very strong metal to to invest it all right
now and you see down here well this is the national debt actually this is I’m
wrong this last time I look here at 11:00 tree and that’s been a while
back maybe about a year or so look at it now it’s doubled its twenty two trillion
here is the u.s. total debt down here you see where the mouse pointer is here
that’s us total debt that’s seventy three how many
I’m trying to look I don’t know if I can count this or not that’s one two three
four seventy three trillion dollars that’s the total debt that’s that’s not
the one you hear about on TV the one that you hear about on TV is usually the
national debt but the real one is the total debt of the United States and
there’s lots of other factors and you can see everything come this website you
can see it all I mean they literally have it all here you can see everything
that’s going on with this country right here live right before your eyes as it’s
counting all right but nevertheless that’s why people wouldn’t want to
invest in gold or Krypton says people are looking to looking to alternative
assets to protect their retirement from another meltdown like we saw in 2008 to
remember the market crash in 2008 were lots of people lost a lot of money and
so on and so forth well then that I can guarantee you that that’s gonna happen
again more than likely and the other reasons
huge commissions we offer the industry’s highest payouts by far including paper
lead paper call and rev-share for the life of the customer we have brand
partners earning over $100,000 per month and dozens more earning 10 to 50
thousand dollars per month the reason is variety of tools to
succeed as an affiliate as an affiliate you will get access to a cutting-edge
dashboard and several tracking tools to help you keep track of all your of all
traffic and leads through your dashboards you can also get access to
human various creatives and landing pages
and enroll in our free Mentor Program if you could have a mentor even help you
out here they have mentors people that are already earning these high numbers
are willing to help new affiliates okay just one moment I start to get a little
dried in the throat area now get access to cribs and Lanigan mentor but like I
said a mentor that will help guide you to success with this and who are our
affiliates our affiliate partners come from various walks of life the program
has been designed for anyone that has the ability to track to attract
potential investors to our office most of our affiliates fall in one of these
categories either online marketers financial planners and advisors hedge
fund managers sales experts wealth managers and offline marketers too you
can do this offline in with the brick and mortar as well – all right and then
affiliate success stories as you see here when it comes to earning potential
for affiliates the sky is the limit we won’t put any cap on earnings and our
results speak for themselves see some of our recent affiliate
partners successful earnings below and you see here these are actual affiliates
in fact some of these are mentors I noticed this guy here are a 95 he is a
mentor here that you can work with him and he’ll help guide you to success in
this if you want to become an affiliate here in sell these products and as you
can see that these this is some serious money these guys are making since you
get paid on both sales and leads so verified leads and hundred or up to $100
per verified email lead or per call so that’s pretty easy all you got to do you
get a hundred bucks for just having somebody fill out a capture page email
an address phone number of that type of thing and also on sales you get 3% up to
3% of total investment amount average sale is about 65,000 which will give you
almost $2,000 here in in Commission and he gets second tier additional 1 to 2%
on all sales referred by a brand partner that you sign up or that could also be
an affiliate that signs up underneath you as well alright here’s the total
business referred they’ve been in business I think since 2009 regal assets
has three hundred and eight million dollars business has been referred to
them and the Commission’s that they’ve paid out is ten million dollars here in
almost eleven million you see that that’s some pretty pretty rockin money
right there that’s some pretty rockin stuff there here’s an example right here
you can see here’s an example for sales that resulted in a ninety thousand
dollar commission this is what I was telling you about one click one sale 90
thousand dollars this is an actual check here this person invested three million
dollars in gold or cryptocurrency it doesn’t say but it’s one of those two
because this site does not deal with stocks or any kind of mutual funds or
anything like that to do with the stock market this is all precious metals and
cryptocurrency three million dollars invested will get you a ninety thousand
dollar commission that’s one click one sale and there you go $90,000 that’s the
highest commissioned affiliate marketing commission website in the world no doubt
about you’ve come here and join us in the fill out like I said it’s all free
and they have a joint venture program and it says why join as a JV partner of
other businesses you were to sign up another like for example someone else
that wanted to invest money through you through your affiliate and not only will
they become your partner if they decide they want to sell their products on this
website but you’ll get a benefit from that as well thanks for 1 to 2 percent I
think it’s set up here wasn’t something like that yeah two percent one to two
percent on all sales okay and it says in 2019 we were launching our new JV
partner program so that’s new to this which is designed for alternative
investment companies and professionals that want to sell their investment
products through their ecosystem and then it tells why join as an affiliate
or JV partner joint venture partner tell us a little bit about that hair and who
qualifies and so on and so forth here’s some prominent people famous
people Dennis Miller I believe he’s a comedian he’s endorsed regal assets
Laura Ingraham I think she’s on what is it Fox News or something like that she’s
endorsed it and lars Larson I’ve heard of him I’m not real sure what he is
involved in on or wonder what he is famous for but he endorses it as well
regal assets you see down here some of the things that they partner up with the
number one rated company in the industry that’s throughout the past decade real
assets grew to become the top-rated company in the alternative investment
industry and you can see the reviews they’ve got other thirteen hundred and
two positive reviews 118 thousand likes on Facebook
38,000 on Twitter they’re rated number 20 in the US by Inc 500 magazine got an
A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Triple A rating with the BCA
or the BCA which I’m not quite sure what that is something come commissions
Association something like that not real sure I’d have to look that up but
you can look that up so yeah if you want to join this site you certainly want to
come here and sign up to be an affiliate the link will be down there in the video
at the top of my description there just recenter click the link and you can come
over here and sign up with me and be an affiliate with me and we’ll rock this
thing together okay all right guys that’s what I had for you today I wanted
to show you this awesome affiliate marketing website and also don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel don’t forget to click the bell and give me a thumbs
up if you would too if you like this video and also you want to check out my
number one affiliate marketing business which is also high-ticket not near as
high as this though but you can get anywhere from a thousand to twenty five
hundred dollars in sales on that alright reach down there below hit word says
mentor with keV calm and the description down below if you can read that
paragraph above it and see what you get for checking that out okay alrighty guys
I’ll let you go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on
the next video all right you guys take care and have a great day okay


  1. Hey Kevin, Are you an approved affiliate for this program? How difficult was it to get approved? I've heard they're very stringent on their approval process….

  2. What’s up man I just barely signed up for this affiliate program a few days ago just gonna start running traffic to it now. However this video you made when it goes into depth is something I never seen so I want to thank you for taking the time for providing this value. You have you a new subscriber. Have a good day

  3. That's good video Kevin. Can you do in depth video on regal assets affiliate programs on how to promote and get traffic. And how will Regal assets will pay us? While signing up they didn't ask for any banking details could u please tell us how will they pay? Thank you for your time!

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