Top Video Email Marketing Strategies (2019)

Top Video Email Marketing Strategies (2019)

hello Dylan Sigley here and today’s
video we’re going to get into email marketing the best way to go about
optimizing for video I’ve been using an email marketing and specific strategy
that you should use sedusa before we get into the video ad don’t forget to
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strategies tactics and stories you’ll get notified video has an undeniable
effect on our ability to communicate our core message across all channels and
this remains true with email marketing but the email service providers haven’t
exactly made it easy for us and it’s still quite difficult to optimize with
video in emails it’s not really the most effective option to just put a link into
it there’s a lot of research that’s already being done showing that video
works really really well and email marketing I’ll put some of those on the
screen for this video but there’s so much more that can be done with it if
you really focus on optimizing for conversions over the long term using
with strategy I’m going to get into but the main thing I wanted to take away is
that video should be used in all email marketing no matter what strategy you
use even if you don’t use the one that I’ve described in this video anything is
better than nothing at the end of the day the first strategy is using a video
series to tell a story what you do is you pick engagement and get people
interested in watching more and more and expecting it to come through each week
rather than just producing one full five minute long piece you see them through a
multiple team second or thirty-second pieces overall days or weeks and that
way you get them tuning in to watch the next one if they were interested in the
first and then while you’re also not asking them to watch a full five minute
piece just asking them to watch ten to thirty seconds and then they’re much
more likely to do so and most of the research that we’ve seen and now
experience shows that you’re going to get a lot more engagement with a shorter
video in the short of the video the better especially when it comes to
colder and colder audiences if you have a captive audience for example the most
captive audience being a presentation.we their own person you can show a team in
a long video and people are going to watch I might not necessarily be engaged
whereas if you show a cold or leaves they’re advertising to a 10 second video
more likely to be engaged in if you show them a five minute video so the key
point I’m trying to make here with your email marketing and any video
marketing that you do is to keep it short and sweet focus on one problem and
one solution to that problem and make sure that you convey that solution to
the problem within ten to thirty seconds in as possible so you don’t want to
attach the video file to an email or attach a link to the email we’ve seen
lower deliverability rates doing that and lower click-through rates doing
they’re the most effective way to embed the video into your email is with an
image so you just need a credit image which could be the thumbnail from the
video and put a link in the image so when someone clicks on the image they
open up a new tab and then they can see the video and then you tap on your
landing page which is much more effective for your own analytics but
also much more likely to get a higher click-through rate because you have an
image with a call-to-action asking them to click to watch the video rather than
just a link links look more spammy and email service providers in the least
likely to be delivered so it doesn’t mean a too much percentage decrease
isn’t huge but it is much more effective in terms of click-through rate to have
an image with a link embedded rather than just a link the next thing to do is
let them know that there’s a video included in the email you want to have
that in the subject here’s a video you might want to check out for example was
a really effective subject that we’ve been using but they’re much more likely
to click on the email when they know there’s a video inside because we’re
more interested in looking at a video than reading another email we already
get thousands of those every day now I just support to the point before last
you want to keep your thumbnail engaging one thing that works really well is
having a real person smiling happily in the video and pointing at something
interesting by having an interesting headline calling out to the audience
that you’re trying to reach out to or mentioning the problem that you’re
trying to solve so all you want to do is keep things simple have a simple call to
action a simple headline reaching in the video and a simple call to action on the
thumbnail mentioning the video so they actually click on the image and open the
new tab to watch the video and have that little strategy overall as a part of a
long-term video series so they watch again again and again every email that
you seen through to them that’s the most effective email marketing strategy that
we’ve found using videos try it out for yourself and let me know
guys in the comments below important questions or concerns that you have
around anything that I said and I’ll make sure to join the discussion I’ll
talk to you soon


  1. Would you see this working with a cold email "spyhook" sales letter? Its silly estimating but I think it would be a lot more effective because 1. they are seeing me the actual person behind the brand 2. its video meaning its more easier to digest and 3. its probably faster than reading saving them time. What do you think?

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