Trending Topics On YouTube – How to use SEO for them?! – Advanced YouTube SEO

Trending Topics On YouTube – How to use SEO for them?! – Advanced YouTube SEO

Here is one trending topic on YouTube
that you all can relate to: VidCon. As you can see here every year at the same
time when VidCon is happening the interest of people in VidCon searching
for that on YouTube is spiking. And if you publish a video for such a trend
then you can instantly grow your channel which is really powerful. And by the way
SEO can help you with that. Because that’s an SEO series we are currently
watching. But before we can dive into how you make the SEO happen, we have to think
about one important aspect and that is the timing. I once made a video that
explains the aspect of timing really well. Let’s roll that clip. If you are one
of my subscribers then you still remember the story of NoSlack making it
big by playing SimAirport. He had 300 subscribers before he started playing
SimAirport and two weeks later he was at 6000. What happened? Well, on the day
the game was released the search traffic spiked and NoSlack published his first
video on the very same day. Since at that time not many videos about SimAirport
were available, NoSlack got his fair share of search traffic. Out of the big
channels who are currently ranking high for SimAirport only Biffa – 150k subscribers – also published a video on the release day. The
other ones published later. CONFLICTNERD Dylan – 130k subs – two weeks
later and Skye Storme – 95k subs – four weeks later. You see there is a clear
window of opportunity even for a small youtuber. You have to publish something
for which the search traffic is spiking and at the same time there is not much
competition from the big channels. Timing is really important, right? The video
actually goes on where I also show an example where someone did not have the
right timing. It makes a huge difference. So having the ability to predict a trend
will help you with the timing immensely. So the idea is, just to sum it up, that
the timing, if you are publishing your video before everyone else
does then on YouTube will exist a competitive void so to say. At one point
when your video is published YouTube just doesn’t have other videos to rank
for this particular trend. So even if you are a small channel you can rank because
the bigger channels weren’t fast enough to rank their videos yet. So yours is at
the top. To get this timing right though you have to have a way to predict your
trend. And there are many different ways. I can recommend you to follow important
people in your niche or subscribe to blog articles that release new
information way before everyone else hears about it so that you can predict
what trend might be coming up. But also Google Trends actually is a really good
way in particular if you are looking for a trend that is repeating every year or
every season. For example the Oscars trend every year obviously if you have a
filming channel that is interesting. Or Comicon if you’re talking about manga
and all that related stuff. Or if you are into gaming the E3 convention is coming
up. In these cases obviously you know the date of the convention way in advance
and can plan accordingly so that your video is the first one once the
trend is spiking. And by spiking I mean actually people starting to search for
this particular topic. But also other trends are repeating all the time like
holidays, Christmas. We have every Christmas interest spiking obviously.
Black Friday. Every Black Friday same thing. But of course what I’m showing you
right now are the general topics. If you want to optimize your video and this is
where we go into the SEO part. I said the first part is the timing. So you have to
predict when the trend is coming up. But then once you know the date and prepare
your video, you have to optimize it so that you can make use of the trend,
rank high and ride the wave of the spiking search traffic so to say.
So what I show you here, Black Friday for example, this is nothing that
you would optimize your video for because something like “Black Friday”, just
this search term, is way too competitive for most channels. You would really need
to have a very big channel that could rank for this term. So you have to think
about, once you know which recurring trends are out there, which search terms
are people searching around this particular trend. And if we look at Black
Friday for example one particular search term is this one: “black friday tech deals”.
You see here again every Black Friday it is spiking as well. People are
interested in what new tech they can buy for Black Friday for a cheap price
obviously. So this would be a particular search term you could optimize your
video around. But there is a difference if you optimize your video for a
trending topic rather than an evergreen topic that we usually optimize our
videos around because evergreen topics in themselves are of interest to people
all the time. There are no spikes really going on. When you rank for this term you
will get views all the time, every day because people are interested in how to
fix something, how to do something, questions that they commonly ask all the
time. But for trending topics you know the interest only spikes at a certain time
and for that reason you have to think a little bit different when you do your
SEO. Let me show you. Again, here in the Morningfame keyword research tool – by the way
link in the description for and invite if you are interested – anyway, the idea
here for the search term, you see the competition is very high. I get bad
grades. I couldn’t rank for that term with my
channel because very large channels are ranking for this term already. But look
at that: They oftentimes write the date, the year into their title. The reason is
of course because people only want to see the latest tech deals that are
available right now for the current Black Friday. Obviously, right?
So it turns out if we are looking at the search terms that people do search – here
I entered “black friday tech deals” + space – and here we have the search bar
suggestions. This is in the Morningfame keyword research tool but you could
easily do that on YouTube’s search bar as well. It’s the same recommendations. So
here we see that “black friday tech deals 2019” is a search term that people
commonly use. The year before 2018 obviously as well. So for the next trend
it will be 2020 obviously. So we can in a sense predict which kind of search
terms people will be using when the next time this trend will be spiking.
Depending on the trend it is not necessarily about the year that they
type into the search bar as well, it could be a little bit different. But you
could look it up in this way and understand and predict which search term
they will be using around this trend. You not only predict the timing but you also
predict the search term that they will be using. Because if we look at the
search term “black friday tech deals 2020”, here we are, this is a search term that
people don’t search right now. I mean right now as of the recording the
next Black Friday is nine month or so, even longer in the future. So people
don’t search for that yet obviously. But they will certainly use this search term
once the next Black Friday occurs. More precisely by the way, when we look at the
“black friday tech deals” on Google Trends for YouTube search then we see the spike
here. Let me see… Here we go: November 18th for example,
November 17th. These are the dates that are shortly before the search traffic is
spiking so roughly a week before Black Friday is actually happening. That is
usually when the search traffic spikes and that is when you should
also release your video. But that would be shortly before people actually start
searching. So when we go back into the keyword research tool we see a red X
here which is basically telling you, well, do people actually search this? But the
tool doesn’t predict a trend, right? You know that the trend is coming up so you
have to ignore this kind of a warning sign here. Just for everyone else who
doesn’t use the Morningfame keyword research tool, we are talking about
search volume here basically. The red X is kind of a way to measure search
volume as well. The search volume at that point, before the trend is actually
starting, is basically zero. So whatever technique you are using for your keyword
research for trends, you have to know that the search volume is very low at
the beginning. Only because you can predict a trend, you can be sure that
there will be search volume in the future. So don’t let that throw you off because
the whole search volume thinking is for evergreen content. It’s not for trending
topics. This is the difference, that is the major difference when you optimize your
video for evergreen content or for trending topics. It’s the search volume.
You have to predict that it will be coming but all tools will tell you no
search volume yet. But don’t mind that because you are optimizing for a
trending topic. And besides that everything else is the same. The keyword
research process is exactly the same as for evergreen content. Except the search
volume everything else as I said is the same. So just go ahead like this, do a
proper timing that your video launches, gets published right before the search
traffic is spiking, and ideally if you are a little bit lucky of course, you
never know how the big other channels react, but ideally you are the first to
publish your video. If the search traffic already comes in at that point and
YouTube has mostly your video to rank because no other videos exist yet
and this way you can start surfing the search volume traffic that is created by
this trend. Alright, that is out-of-the-box thinking, right? We are
using keyword research quite in a different way this way. But it can be
immensely powerful. And since we are thinking about different ways, there’s
actually also one additional way we can think about keyword research. And that is
not only ranking our videos for YouTube but also it turns out that videos that
rank well for YouTube have it quite easy to rank on Google as well. As you know on
Google videos are displayed there as well when people search on Google
directly. So you can get additional search traffic there. And if you are
interested in the little changes you have to make for that as well then check
out this video and expand your horizon of what SEO can all do. Alright, I
hope this helped! Cheers my friends.


  1. This info is useful. I'll want to be ahead of trends. I'll have to go back and look again at phrases I previously passed up.

  2. Thank you for the knowledge!!…i appreciate your content… im a new youtuber and trying to grasp all the knowledge i can get so i can grow!…good luck to all new youtubers

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  5. This was top notch bro! Nobody breaks down the "algorithm science" for lack of better term better than you

  6. This video is awesome, confirmation I need to do an upcoming trend in my niche.
    I do have a question, unrelated to this particular video. I have been watching your videos over and over, trying to rewire my brain to do this right. My question is: Can I optimize a video with two search terms (phrases) or should I stick to just one?

  7. I believe that if you SEO around evergreen and trends you will be giving a few steps in the right direction, thank you Nico this is high level information 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Another very interesting video Nico. I think this speaks of being proactive not reactive. Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century" announcement last week was one of those topics planned in advance. I wish I could say I anticipated it, but alas I did not. But I think this video gives us the tools to begin to think ahead in our niche to do just that. Great food for thought. Thanks.

  9. Great information and video. I must get better researching my subjects . Yes I’m surprised not more put the year in there tittles.. thank you good reminders.👍🇨🇦

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  11. Hi Nico
    Im new user, and I just love but last 3 days i have a problem to acces website.
    I use Google Chrome browser, and last 3 days every time I try to acces site i got this message
    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    From mobile phone I can acces site, but not every time.
    Is it just me, or somebody else have same problem ?
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  12. Good advice Nico, been using this idea for my current run of videos, not for trending, but for general search terms

  13. Awesome insights Nico! I was aware of Google Trends, but to plan your video right before a trend is brilliant! Trends can be really powerful when clustered around the right topics at the right time and in combination with evergreen content! When you go through certain trends, you could technically plan some of your videos way ahead! – Wieder ein super Video! 🙂

  14. There is one thing that you can't consider in your strategy.
    It's impossible to consider beforehand.
    However, you can schedule your time to search for them.
    These are new trends.
    Trends are essential, especially, for social media.
    Add trends to your posts, articles, and other content.

  15. Thank you very much. This is exactly what I need. My channel indicators are good but I was on a niche and although I rank I don t get views. I will ride some trends. Thank you very much, Nico! Big fan.

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  17. Can you be too early? For example, What if you post six months before a game is released? Would you be better or worse off doing that than posting on the date of release (assuming you were still the first poster in either scenario)?

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