Trucos para escribir el email de trabajo perfecto en inglés

Trucos para escribir el email de trabajo perfecto en inglés

hello everybody welcome back to another
video I’m Philip and this is Isabel in case you’re new here and do you use your
English and work I’ve got a feeling you might if you’re here well good news in
this video we’re going to look at some dos and don’ts for when it comes to
writing emails in English with these tips you’re gonna be killing it
yeah we’re gonna help you sound more professional so are you ready Mr Bartlett I’m ready let’s do it okay get your laptops out come on we’re
gonna write an email let’s write an email to Cambridge University Press okay
oh that’s a good idea yeah yeah so how are you gonna start Isabel okay to
pull it may concern that’s okay but I think we can do better than that
nobody’s gonna reply to you if you say to whom it may concern come on let’s get
on LinkedIn or on Google on Twitter let’s find out who is the marketing
director of Cambridge University Press just give me a minute okay oh I think I got him Joe Piper head of
product marketing at Cambridge University Press
that’s our man okay dear Dear Mr. Piper yes that sounds much better if you use their name you’re much more likely to get a response or if you already know them obviously you can use their first name first it’s nice to start with a little bit of small talk to warm up break the oh yeah that’s a good phrase I hope this email finds you well nice phrase you could also say I hope you are well I hope all is well in Cambridge or if you’ve previously spoken to the person you could say thank you for taking the
time to speak to me on the phone this morning perhaps do you like long emails oh no no nobody does so don’t beat about the bush too much okay okay let’s go straight to the point How can we do that without being rude you can say
I’m writing regarding or I’m writing in regards to write this down I’m writing
regarding a possible collaboration yes also if you’ve just spoken to that person on the phone you can say following up on our recent phone
call or if you want to ask for something I would like to ask you about your
grammar books for example but be careful, don’t make the mistake I often see I write you about my homework this is not correct in English, don’t say that you use the present continuous don’t you yes I’m writing I’m
writing this email to ask you for example ok. Write this down I’m writing regarding a possible collaboration maybe it would be better okay yeah let’s get down to the nitty- gritty the meat of the email so what are you gonna say Isabel Nice expression Ok let’s get started then so keep it short and sweet okay
we can cut this down nobody wants to hear your life story
okay so let’s summarize okay in a few sentences for example it has come to our
attention but you have recently published a new book we’d be delighted
to feature it on our channel in exchange for some free copies to give away to our
students perfect Mr Bartlett I’ve put my colleague Phillip on copy I’ve cc’d Phillip on this email please find document attached cool
let’s continue ah tell him that we can meet in Cambridge next week because there is a conference oh yes it’s true, we’re going to be there that sounds really formal doesn’t it do you
like it yeah that sounds good but and it’s better not to use the passive voice because you don’t you don’t usually mention who performs the action but I thought the passive voice was more formal wasn’t it yes but when writing email you need to be as clear as possible you’re not saying who’s holding the conference I’ve finished writing the email but now I’m in a bit of a rush how can I ask him to reply before Friday without being rude what would you write can you let me know before Friday could you let me know asap as soon as possible please get back to me by Friday whoa
whoa whoa whoa look this is all a bit too direct and informal it would be much better to say something like could you please get back to me by the end of this week I’d really appreciate it if you could let me
know by tomorrow or one a bit more formal I await your response at your
earliest convenience Oh I like that and some other useful phrases would be I’d appreciate your help in this matter please keep me informed of any updates and other more informal phrases please keep me posted let me know what you think okay cool let’s continue, I’m going to tell him to contact us if he has any questions what do you think Phillip don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions yeah
that’s the typical phrase isn’t it yeah that’s the typical phrase but I prefer
if you have any questions please let me know always positive never negative I like your thinking Mr Barlett or for example should you have any questions
please feel free to reach out or some a bit more informal if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help you drop
me a line if you have any questions drop me a line that’s a nice one
drop me a line ok perfect and there’s a phrasal verb that is often used at the end of emails yes yes
with the verb to look I’m sure you know which one it is what’s the mistake that you find many times in the emails you receive from your students many say I look forward to hear from you soon
where’s the mistake in this phrase Isabel I look forward to hear from you
soon I look forward to hearing from you soon
exactly or you could also say I’m I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon but you never use the infinitive do you no I look forward to hearing from you I look forward to working with you I look forward to seeing you next week I look forward to meeting you in person I look forward to your reply that’s a common one now I just have to write ‘atentamente’ ‘un cordial saludo’ so I’m going to risk it as it’s a formal email and I don’t know this person I’m going to write yours faithfully yours sincerely because we’ve written the name of the person yours faithfully is only used if you don’t know the name of that person If you start with dear sir or madam if you haven’t done your job yes These are for quite formal emails and for emails a bit less formal what options do we have kind regards best regards best wishes that’s my favorite best wishes that’s looks pretty good so no no no wait wait wait wait the golden rule you should always always reread your email
before you send it to check for mistakes so can you read it again spelling is
very important yeah that you missed it you missed a
t yeah don’t forget your attachments oh yeah
yeah happy with that yeah okay then good okay that was easy easy peasy piece of cake it’s not so difficult to send a formal email is it good job it just takes a bit of practice yeah If you want some extra practice why not write a short email in the comments below this video ok but keep it short keep it brief just practice using some of the phrases and that’ll help you remember okay will you be correcting any mistakes I will have a look yeah I’ll see if I can help a
little bit


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