Tutoriel – Segments – Marketing Automation avec Mautic open source

Tutoriel – Segments – Marketing Automation avec Mautic open source

Welcome to this tutorial about Webmecanik Automation the first solution for “Mautic as a Service” My name is Norman, CMO at Webmecanik and I will show you today how to use the segments Segments are a critical aspect of your marketing automation campaigns they allow you to sort your target and buyer personas in the tool you will use them as a source for the automated campaigns it is therefore essential to set them up properly in order to implement consistent nurturing campaigns! You’ll find links in the video description all relevant info that I will present now You can also click on those link to jump to the related chapter In Webmecanik Automation, they are 2 different types of segment we have to understand what makes them different… 1. static segments: they are updated by a “voluntary action” 2. dynamic segments: updated automatically… Let start with the static segments… These segments are not based on the profile or behavior of a contact but only based on manual update or voluntary actions they are 6 different types of actions that can be used to update a contact in a static segment: 1. through campaigns: launch the builder and you’ll be able to add the action “modify contact segment” You can either add and/or delete a contact from a segment 2. you can also find the same action in forms Let’s edit a form Go to “form actions” And add the action “modify contact segment” As for the campaign action, you can add and/or remove a contact from a segment 3. you’ll find this action in the “point trigger” in case you want to implement a lead scoring strategy create a trigger according to a certain score and in the event, you’ll be able to update the contact’s segment 4. while importing contacts, you can also choose a segment Let’s give it a try: import data! select a csv file while mapping the fields, you are able to select the segment you want your contacts to be imported in 5. Directly on the contact profile, you can select the segments it belongs to Let’s go to my contact profile / preference here in “segments” and select them as you like 6. last option: for the dev’ you can change the contact through the API There is a link to the documentation in the video description To create a static segment, go to “segment” in the left bar menu click on “new” Give it a name and eventually a description Don’t add any filter! Let’s have a look now at the “dynamic segments” These are essential to properly start with automated campaigns… Let’s create one (left bar – then “new”) Give it a name and eventually a description Now go to “filters” And there you can choose the criteria to define your dynamic segment! All record matching your criteria will be automatically updated and set in the related segment be it today, tomorrow or in 6 months if your segment is still published You’ll find there all the contact-fields (like city for example) be it native or custom You’ll also find there all the company-fields again… be it native or custom Like the vertical of a company if you had previously created it Now you can fill in the segmentation criteria For example, leads from Lyon (city in France) And sector is “Agriculture” You also have filters based on the contact’s behavior Like “visit a specific URL” Or “opened an email” You’ll also find “submit a form” “download a ressource” Or a contact already belonging to an existing segment You can combine multiple filters and add “and / no” conditions according to how you wish to filter Keep in mind that they are some exceptions to the dynamic segment… A lead that is added to a segment through an action (as if it were for a static segment) These contacts will be added to a dynamic segment, even if they don’t match the criteria you’ve set! These records can go out of a segment only through an other action Now that you know how to create a segment You can use them as a contact source for your automated campaigns! To do that, go to the left bar “campaign” Create a new campaign – then launch the builder Select one or more segments with the lead you want to go in your campaign You can choose more than one segment for a single campaign Let’s have a look at the leads belonging to a specific segment… Go to “segment” in the left bar And in the right side of the segment line, you can see “view # contacts” Watch out: this number includes all contact, identified and anonymous! In case you’d like to have only identified leads in the segment, you can add a filter “email=not empty” Click on the button “view # contacts” and you access to the list with all the records in the segment Let’s have a look at how to export this segment simply click from this view on the top right little arrow and select “export” a csv file will then be downloaded with all contacts from this segment Thank you for watching this tutorial! you can access all the different chapters in the description Follow us on the social media to be updated for the coming video And you can also reach our knowledge base on https://support.webmecanik.com

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