Unidev 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Unidev   2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Hi guys, my name is Ivan Tamelkov
I’m a digital marketing account manager here at Unidev and today I want to talk to
you guys about 2016 digital marketing trends. There’s five that I think you
guys need to pay attention to this year. The first one is digital storytelling.
Which entails when blogging content and building authority in the marketplace.
The second one is social media and you’re already aware of social media.
There’s two particular platforms you need to pay attention to. One is Snapchat
and the other one is Anchor, which is still fairly new. The third one is search,
SEO and PPC. SEO is like running the marathon and PPC is like running the
sprint. You need good companionship of both of them. And let’s not forget also
mobile optimization. Sixty-seven percent of consumers are inclined to purchase a
product or a service on a mobile friendly website. The fourth one is
marketing automation to help you be more effective in your marketing endeavors.
Consider platforms like Marketo, Hubspot and one of the newest ones is Power
Business Intelligence by Microsoft. And the fifth one, this is a pretty big one,
is Big Data. Help you create smart business decisions and better understand
the behavior of your customers. Guys, thanks for tuning in. We love your
comments below. Until next time, take care.

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