Video Email – How to embed YouTube videos in any email program

Video Email – How to embed YouTube videos in any email program

using video email to drive traffic to your videos is a great tactic however sending a video email can be pretty tricky I didn’t even know you could do that but don’t worry cuz i’m going to show you exactly how to do it in any video email system this training is going to make you a superstar I’m Owen video Oh what up guys love to see you back on the channel I’m Owen video YouTube marketing coach broadcasting a new video email every week on the tools tips and tactics that you need to grow your business on youtube if that sounds like the kind of stuff that you’re into you may want to subscribe also want to give a huge shout out to jarhead fix my man jarhead 6 is a big fan of the channel he’s always liking our new videos commenting and just being a part of the community go check out jarhead 6 you’ve got an awesome channel on home defense but if you really want to see some guns today I’m going to show you how to get more views on your newly released videos by sending a video email when all said and done you’re going to have a fantastic email that will look something like this now isn’t it cool how the video appears to be playing in this message it’s important to know that this is not actually as a video it’s an image called an animated gifs when they click on the video they’ll go directly to the YouTube video where they can watch and engage first we’re going to make the animated gifs and then second we’re going to compose and send the email it’s as simple as that so let’s get started first we need the animation now you can do that using a website called online dash convert and going to the image converter or you can use the two buddy gif animator tool inside the tube buddy plugin now if you don’t already have two buddy I know a lot of you guys already do if you don’t already have two buddy you can check it out in the link in my description box too buddy is a plug-in designed to grow your YouTube channel so it’s an invaluable tool you can see here it’s installed in the channel I’ll click on that and click on animated gifs generator in here is their jiff animation tool and you can see that i can add layers to the animated jib and I’ve got you know like a start time and an end time here here’s the deal you can only use really it says 10 of 10 seconds use but you can really only use nine I would try to keep it at nine so what you’re going to do is sort of pull this red q out here and then pull the green went out and just sort of decide which 10 seconds of this video you want to use I like to use 10 seconds it explains what the video is so I’m going to I’m going to go with right here and then I’m going to shrink up the red point and I’m not even a look at where I’m just going to kind of go into the ten seconds and go into nine seconds and then I’ll hit preview and watch what happens and that’s pretty good and that’s that’s my loop now I could add text i’m not going to do that i have a whole nother video on how to really get into this ship animator if you want to check that out for now I’m just going to click generate jiff this process takes a little bit of time so we’re going to just kind of hurry through it with the editing we’ve successfully completed part 1 now what we’re going to do is go into our email marketing system create the email and send it out to our subscribers now I’m using an email system called get response I’ve used them for years and I think that they’re the best entry level email marketing system around so if you’re not married to your current provider or you don’t have a current provider go grab yourself a 30 day free trial of get response and try this out you could try to do this in gmail or yahoo or some other free provider but it’s going to send the animated gifs as an attachment it’s not going to embed it inside the email which is what I’m going to show you how to do right now so you’re going to log in to your email system whichever one you’re using and you’re going to come over here to create newsletter you’re going to go to the drag-and-drop email creator you’ll fill out some of this information here now the message name up here this is internal so your customers aren’t going to see this you always want your subject lines to be engaging it’s better for the subject line to create intrigue over the contents of the email than have the subject line be a preview for what’s in the email so I’m going to put something intriguing like they almost made it illegal they almost made it illegal it’s fun it’s like what what did they make you illegal and then we’ll go into it has nothing to do with the email guises just so that they’ll open it i’m going to start from scratch i’m going to pick this simple column right here and guys you want to have to do this every time this is only because we’re making this for the first time the first thing we’re going to do over here in the image section is we’re going to upload the jib so we’re going to upload it from the computer and once it’s uploaded we’re going to select it and we’ll see it appear right in here and there it is so we’re going to come in here and just shrink this up a little bit so a little bit more centered in there it’s got a nice little buffer at the bottom and we’re going to paste our copy here now hopefully what you’re doing to get your copy is you’re just coming into the video and you’re just going to take the copy that you’ve got in the description box you know you’re going to edit it up a little bit but you know for example you’ll click in here and you’ll take this introductory paragraph here copy that come back over we’ll just paste it in here something like this so change this headline to say you know like all right Jim want to do a Facebook live to personal yes I sure do okay and then what I want you to do is add like a little bit more here what I’m going to do is we’re going to move the text up we want the text to be on top we want the email down here and then we’re going to duplicate that i’m just going to duplicate this right here and then I’m going to drag it underneath I’m simply going to take the rest of what’s in the description box now of course you’re going to want to like edit up this copy a little bit and just make it a little bit more email e ok but then you’re going to come down here you know thanks for watching I’m going to sign your name on video now to come in here to add the video what we need to do is go back into YouTube get the link click on this image here click on link basic URL here ok and now you’ve got a great-looking email and over here I can see what it looks like on my mobile device when I come over here I can see what it looks like so we’ve got some introductory paragraph here to get them interested in the video we’ve got the video here that’s engaging and it’s moving and it’s like whoa how did they do that and then down here we have sort of an explanation of what’s going on you could even come down here and maybe added add the link in there too you can watch it here what I don’t want to get too complicated with it this is just you know as an added benefit so as they’re sort of watching and scrolling they can take advantage of that otherwise this is looking really good and I think you’re ready well maybe space test up a little bit here there now I think it’s looking really good and we’re ready to send it so we’re going to go into our next step where you can choose who you want to send it to and when you want to send it all of this kind of varies based on which system you’re using but at the end of the day no matter which system you use you’ll have a great written email and you can even test the message by sending a test message here it’ll go to your email it’ll send pretty much right away and then you can go into your inbox you check it you can see that it displays perfectly in my email it looks great high-impact I can click on that link now it opens it up in YouTube you want to post interviews on Facebook live now you’re ready to schedule and send it do this for every video that you want to give a huge boost to and if you really want a YouTube marketing super hack try this send the video out while it’s still unlisted tell your subscribers to watch now that they get a sneak peek before the video goes public hopefully drive some extra traffic to that video and then once you get some views and you get to watch time on that video make it public and that existing watch time will boost that video in the search rankings but wait there’s more that’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s time for another round of classic advertising trivia where we try to give you something to guess and you guessed it I’m still sort of working on that part in today’s classic trivia I’m going to give you a song from an old TV show you have to name the second part of that songs you got to fill in the blank okay ready go hey baby I hear the blues a call in toss salads and scrambled eggs birthday and maybe I seem a bit confused yeah maybe go ahead and leave your answers in the comments section below and we’ll give you a shout out on next week’s show thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial today if you want to geek out on more strategies tips and tricks to help you grow your business check out these videos up here if you’re ready to step it up a notch and you want to work with me personally check out this video down here more videos next week I hope to see you then I’m Owen video we’ll see you next time


  1. Did you guess the answer to the trivia?? Write it in the comments below and don't forget to join my video marketing Facebook group here:

  2. but I got you pegged but I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs they're calling again.
    Thanks for the tip! Definitely going to try this out =)

  3. Extremely useful, another excellent video, thanks Owen.

    Oh and it's "but I got you pegged, but I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs they're calling again." for the Trivia

  4. Thanks for the tip. I need to start to build a email list, but don't have a free product to entice viewers to leave their email address, i don't know what i could offer as a movie news and review channel. Ah i still need to build a web site 🙂

  5. I have a question: I manage to bring in like 1k views from Facebook to my last video and have the stats from Tubebuddy: Engagement: 7,14 %, 133 FB shares, 92,9 % like ratio in les than the first 48h. But there is still no substantial traffic from suggested or Browse features views. My average view duration in 1:55 min from 3:45 min video. The stats are mutch better then my video whit 8,5k views so i would asue that this video should do a lot better. I hope you get around to my comment. THX 🙂

  6. just what i needed but for Facebook…:) i am in a group and want to post a private video first. pls help ty

  7. a question:
    any clue how to put a video that works instantly in the email ,even if it is a 10 seconds?
    is there a free tool or a non expensive paid one for this ?

  8. HELLO owen i have a question, everything goes ok, but when i send the test message, the video doesnt work neither the pictures. help me please

  9. This is NOT embedding. You've simply provided info on how to use an animated gif as a LINK to YouTube. I want the actual YouTube video to play within the email like I can get it to play within my webpage as an embedded object.

  10. All people had to do with the OLD youtube was click share and send an email. NOW if you want to send a video email you have to be a brain surgeon. Why on EARTH didn't youtube LEAVE IT the way it WAS? Quite annoying.

  11. Bro….i sign in just to Sub you and Dnt worry the bell I dint forgot….even if u forgot to mention in the Video….Keep it up…And Sharing your Video on few other Spaces…Cheers..

  12. It's GIF as in Graphics Interchange Format, not JIF as in WHAT??? Jraphics Interchange Format… Regardless of that, that made me mad everytime i heard it, thanks for the video, good one.

  13. Hi Owen I have downloaded Tubebuddy specifically to have access to the Gif generator as per your video but it is not listed in the tools menu on Tubebuddy. Any ideas?

  14. Great information, Thank you! But, each time you pronounce the word, "Gif", if makes me CRINGE, because you are pronouncing it WRONG. It's NOT pronounced "Jif", like the word "Jiffy". It is pronounced "Gif", like the word "GIFT". Thank you!

  15. Hey Owen, great vid and you now have a new subscriber. I noticed that Tube buddy requests the right to edit delete and essentially do what they want with ones vid. I can understand if it is an inappropriate vid, however, if not, it still allows total control by Tube Buddy. From your experience, is this of concern to the poster? Thanks in advance. Dave

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