Video Email Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents (GAIN MORE LEADS AND RETAIN MORE CUSTOMERS)

Video Email Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents (GAIN MORE LEADS AND RETAIN MORE CUSTOMERS)

Shawn Bell: Have you been wondering if there’s
a way to increase your engagement through email and get more people to respond to you? Then watch this video as I will share with
you some of my proven techniques to get more people responding to your email. Shawn Bell: Thank you so much for being here. For more tips on how to use technology in
real estate to grow your business, then please click on the subscribe button below and hit
the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Wednesday. Have you been sending lots of emails off to
leads, customers, whoever, and you feel like you’re just hearing the sound of crickets
all the time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re in
the right place. Shawn Bell: For years, I have been using this
strategy and because of it, I’ve been getting a lot more response from my current customers
and my response rate from leads has increased by 50%. All right, so here’s the problem. You get an email from a lead, what’s the first
thing you do? You respond to it. One question I have for you is how quickly
are you responding to it? Shawn Bell: Statistics show that you need
to be responding within the first five minutes at the very most, if not a lot sooner, respond
as quick as you can. If you’re not responding quicker, more than
likely they’re sending a few emails out. They’re going to have another realtor that’s
going to respond to them quicker than you and you’re going to lose out, so you want
to respond to them as quickly as possible. Just this one tip, I can’t count how many
customers I have gained because of this. My phone is literally always with me. It’s with me right now. If I get a message from somebody, I’m replying
to them right away and usually I get a response back saying, “Wow, I’m impressed how quickly
it got back to me.” And it just impresses them. They know that I’m serious. I’m there for them. They’re always going to be able to get ahold
of me, and because of that, I get a lot of customers. Shawn Bell: Now, I know there are certain
circumstances when you’ve got a family event or there’s just something serious going on
you can’t be on your phone. I get it. That happens and if that happens sometimes
it wasn’t meant to be, but for the majority of the time if you can have your phone with
you and just make sure to have it with you, respond quickly and trust me you do that and
you’re going to win. So my next question for you is how are you
responding to these emails? How do you think your competition is responding
to these emails and what can make you stand out above them? Shawn Bell: Now my guess is they’re probably
sending a text-based email, so for you to stand out, it is so simple. It sounds so easy, but it’s video-email. I myself have had amazing feedback and response
rates since starting video-email, is just something so simple that not many people want
to do or think it’s too easy, but you would not believe the amount of response you get
because not many people are doing it still. Everybody in a noisy world, so many people
are still getting text-based emails and you guys know your inbox is full. It is littered with emails every day and they
all look the same. So exact same thing when somebody’s putting
some information in there to get a response from you, 9 times out of 10 if not more, they’re
just getting back a text-based email. Shawn Bell: So what would stand out to more
you? If you’re on social media and you’re going
through and you see a bunch of texts, what catches you? If you see a video, of course it catches you
versus any other text. So imagine you’re opening your email and there
you go. There’s a video from the person that you sent
the email to. And I don’t care where you are, it’s so simple. Shawn Bell: You can be anywhere thanks to
this with apps technology, you can respond on here. So you could be at your kid’s sporting event
and get an email, quickly open it up, reply. “Thank you so much. As you can see, I’m at my kid’s soccer game
right now. So when I do get back to the office, I’ll
pull up the information for you and get right back to you. Thank you very much and we look forward to
speaking with you.” Shawn Bell: So, see how that easy that was,
you hit done, send, boom. And I’ve done that many times. And like I said, you would not believe the
people, they make a connection with you immediately because they know, “Oh he’s a family person.” Whatever events you’re at, and they just know
a little bit about you, they can hear your voice and it just makes more of a personal
connection versus those text-based ones. Shawn Bell: You’re real, you’re truthful and
you told them you are going to get back to them. You just can’t right now. And they’ll understand and they’ll be willing
to work with you because of it. So like I said, they’ve learned so much about
you now way more than they would have been a text-based email. It is so easy to do. We all know that video is the way to go out
there and we do it on social media, so why are we not utilizing it in our email? I even use this for my current listings as
well. I send every listing that I have a weekly
update and it depends on the day it was listed. So if I list a new house on a Tuesday, that
customer knows every Tuesday they’re getting a video from me and I can share my screen
through the app I use, which is BombBomb, and I can go through and show them the views
that they are getting everyday on their home. Shawn Bell: I can look at the competition,
see what was newly listed, newly sold and I just give them a quick one minute video. That’s all. It doesn’t take much time at all. Send that off to them and you would not believe
the response. No longer do I ever get that dreaded text-email
call that I know you all get where it says, “Hey, what’s happening with my house? What’s going on?” I know you don’t get like getting that. So I’ve done this now sending it to them,
they’re hearing from me before I hear from them. They’re getting the information and they know,
okay, he’s looking into it, he’s knows what’s going on. And if there’s any adjustments need to be
made, I give them that suggestion and they do so. Just doing this for my customers alone. Shawn Bell: Again, the video is so powerful,
especially when I can share my screen and show them exactly the views that they’re getting
online. Do you currently use video in your email? If so, let me know by commenting below. So now you know two things, you need to respond
quickly to your emails and you need to have video in your email. So now you’re asking me how do I go about
doing this. There is a bunch of numerous different ways,
a bunch of companies that offer video-emails so you can go to Google, do a simple search
for that, research all the different ones, see what’s going to work best for you. You can even get some free ones if you just
want to get started out. If you use Chrome on your browser, there’s
some free add-ons so you can just send that from your computer. Shawn Bell: If you want to get more in depth
with using apps so you can send it from your phone, do things what I talked about like
screen sharing where you can record your screen. You can do other things like scheduling, for
that I use a program that is called BombBomb. Yes, you’re right. I said it before BombBomb. You heard me correctly. How can you forget a name like that? They are kind of one of the first, the pioneers
for it, works very well. Lots of cool features. They even do have tracking built into it,
so anything you do send will get tracked. So even if you send a text-based email, it’s
going to track it through BombBomb. So pretty cool feature. It’s like another add-on that some people
pay for just for a standalone program, BombBomb has that included. Shawn Bell: And like I said, it does integrate
with Gmail. So if you’re not on Gmail, I’d highly recommend
moving over. They do integrate with that and Gmail just
has a load of so many other features and integrations with other programs. I find Gmail is the best in my opinion. So if you’re not on Gmail, I highly recommend
migrate over to it. Shawn Bell: All right, so I’m going to quickly
run you through an example and show you just how easy it is to use this. On the left you can see I’ve got a couple
options here where I can compose, send a video or record my screen. Even if I’m in compose, when I’m going to
new email in Gmail, you’ll see this little wheel here and it gives you a bunch of different
options, there’s the tracking. You can reply with video, you can schedule
your video, you can do reminders, you can even upload certain videos that you have or
do snippets where if you do have predetermined emails you can send those as well. Shawn Bell: So pretty cool. Or you just click on the button here to record
a video. So if I do click on send video that opens
up my screen here and you will see there I am right there so I can record my video, send
it how I want it. Or if I had hit record screen here or when
I’m in here, I can do it too, hit record and just give it a moment. It’ll load it right up. So there you can see I’m in the little bubble
here. There we go. So you can see it and it just gives me a view
of I can either switch to camera mode, so it’s just me. I can talk. Say, “Hey, it’s me. We’re going to run over your weekly stats
here.” I click on the button down below, switches
me back, and now they’re seeing everything on my screen. So pretty cool feature. Shawn Bell: Once you’re done, it automatically
will put that video into this email. Right here you put in everything else like
you normally would, hit send, and like I said, it tracks it from there. Shawn Bell: Now that you know how to use video
in your email, you’re going to want to maybe find some other cool apps to help you as well. You’re going to want to download the guide
in the description below and that is my free guide for all the apps that I’ve used that
have five times my leads. If you liked this video, please let me know
by liking it, commenting and subscribing or sharing with someone you may find this beneficial
for. Also, if you have any comments or questions
about BombBomb, please leave them in the comments below. When you’re done here, please be sure to check
out my prior videos that I’ve done on filming tips for realtors and real estate video marketing
ideas. Thank you.


  1. Really great video…time sensitivity is HUGE for people in real estate… someone who has bought and sold, I can totally say with confidence that an agent that is fast is a winner in my book!!

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