Vlog: Sooo…what shall I do when I graduate? | DIGITAL MARKETING

Vlog: Sooo…what shall I do when I graduate? | DIGITAL MARKETING

Hello there! My name is Maria and I go to
the University of Nottingham and last week I attended the Digital Academy Showcase. What is the Digital Academy Showcase? Basically we had two digital marketing
agencies from Nottingham, Impression and Hallam Internet,
as well as the University’s own marketing team, come and show us some of their digital
marketing campaigns, explain to us what it takes to be in digital marketing, and also
tell us how we can win a guaranteed insight day with one of the two companies. (More on that later.) They showed us how they use social media,
SEO and PPC to successfully deliver results for their clients. And as someone who is looking
to get into digital marketing after university this was a really really exciting opportunity to
meet the people working at those firms. So now, here are my 3 main takeaways about
digital marketing. One: it really doesn’t matter what degree
you’re doing. The founder of Impression told us that the degrees of his employees
range from Engineering and Economics to Geography and German. All they wanna see is that you
have real passion and an interest for the industry, and that you’re following along
with innovations and changes in this space. Two: there is a space in digital marketing
for everyone, regardless of their abilities and inclinations. If you’re a more logical
person then maybe something like PPC where you get to analyse data and look into
insights would be a better fit for you. However, if you’re more on the creative side
then SEO and social media would allow you to put your personal touch
on the campaigns that you work on. And three: digital marketing agencies are really
fun places to work at. Maybe it’s because the industry is so new, so the employees are
relatively young, and they need to foster creativity, but Impression has a ping-pong
table and a fussball table at their offices, and Hallam Internet has an office dog.
An office dog! How cool is that? So, if you’re thinking that a traditional corporate white
collar 9 to 5 job might not be the best fit for you, then have a look at digital marketing. Now it’s time to get serious. So how do you get your hands on one of
those guaranteed insight days? The process is quite straight forward. You need to finish 3 activities: complete
a Google Garage course, pass a Google Analytics or AdWords certification, and get some
practical experience. So first you will need to get your Google
Digital Garage certificate. Don’t worry, both the training and the certificate are
offered for free by Google. So just type that in, and go through the badges,
I think there is about 26 of them. But it is quite a simple course, it covers
just the very very basics that most people, especially our age that are used to computers and
the internet, will have no problem answering. Next you will need to get either your Google
Analytics or Google AdWords fundamentals certificate. Again, these are offered for free with the
training from Google. So just type that in
and go get your certificates. Last but not least, they would like to see
some kind of involvement with the digital space, whether that would be blogging, vlogging,
having a website, a social media presence, or e-commerce. Luckily for those that would like to get involved
but they don’t have at the moment any digital media platform, the University has provided
a safe space for us to blog. So you’ll be able to write one or two blogs to qualify
for the insight day, but no one else except you, the University, and the two companies would
be able to see it. To get access to this platform all you need to do is email Luke Lynch at this address saying that you would like to take part in the
Digital Marketing Academy. Now very important, the deadline for this
is 5pm December 15th. So by that time you need to email proof of all the three elements
to Luke Lynch at this email and you will qualify for a guaranteed insight day at either Hallam
Internet or Impression. Now I’m going to do my Google Digital Garage
certificate and I will see you at the insight day!

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  1. We had a great day, and thanks for coming along! You can learn more about working at Hallam here:


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