WHAT IS A VSL? Video Sales Letter Funnels [ClickFunnels Templates]

WHAT IS A VSL? Video Sales Letter Funnels [ClickFunnels Templates]

well it’s actually not a disease it
actually stands for a video sales a letter so if you’re wondering how to
create a video sales letter what is a sales letter funnel and this is the
video for you my name is Stacia Kennedy and I am an online marketing coach I’ve
been teaching and training entrepreneurs how to generate more leads and sales
online and I love doing videos like this about sales funnels online marketing
tools tricks motivation all that kind of stuff so if you’d like that kind of
stuff make sure to LIKE and subscribe to this video I also have a playlist this
is one of the video series of different types of funnel so if you missed the
last video make sure to click the link in the description or somewhere right
around here we’ll share with you all of the other type of funnels so that you
can understand what kind of funnel you need four to grow your business there’s
lots of different types of funnels so today let’s talk about sales letter
funnels sometimes they come with a video so that’s where the VSL comes in and
sometimes they come in a form of just long form like a letter version so back
in the day people actually maybe even still do this send out direct sales mail
where you actually get a letter of a sales letter actually selling you some
product or information and giving you a story because you know facts tell what
stories sell and that’s why I love doing video type sales letters because you’re
actually can share a video that’s why I’m doing a video right now because I
like to build more relationships and have you seen me on camera
you know I this is me real you might hear my daughter talking in the
background I probably filmed this video like a hundred times because she’s
making noises and she likes to talk when I talk it starts playing with other toys
that make noise you know toy makers noise makers so video sales letters are
a really great way to kinda tell your story and intertwine and build
relationships and build a connection with your audience that really helps
them relate I’ve been so many times I’ve purchased things on emotion or I’ve
watched a video and I’m like I’m just like that person I’m just like her I’m
just like you know that I’ve parades that and really in that helps me
you know make a buying decision whether or not that product or service or that
person is the right coach for me so a sale letter funnel is important if you
you know want to sell things using videos I actually have a script where
that I’ve got from one of my mentors that I’ll be willing to give to you if
you decide to buy click funnels coz click funnels is actually the software
that helps me create the actual page with the video but you also have to
create the video you know you have to create the video to have the script so
one of the bonuses of getting click funnels using my link which I am a
affiliate of click funnels which is a sales funnel builder I’m going to show
you examples that of templates that you can grab for me as well as this script
so that you can create any of your video sales letters or BS helps so let’s go to
the screen is the sales letter funnels here is an example you get all these
templates so all you need to do is click the link in the description
get your 14-day trial of click funnels email me and I’ll give you access to
these funnels these are great you see if you take a look at any of these these
are so cool like I said facts tell story sells so let me just pull up one of
these things and you basically put a headline in there and you can create
your video put your video in there it’ll download it right into your click
funnels account you can switch out the colors add your picture as your branding
and this is a great way to do some selling I love doing videos so a lot of
my pages when I sell a program are me expanding you know what the program is
telling the story about why I created the program why best for you who it’s
for who it’s not for and and you know what they what’s included so I give you
an actual script that follows that you can follow through and plug-and-play
what your product or service is you create the video simply put it out on
YouTube or Vimeo create a funnel a sales letter funnel and
all using clickfunnels and you’re ready to rock so let me show you an example
real quick so that you can see what it looks like and this is just one of the
templates there’s so many templates in here clickfunnels has a great onboarding
process so you can learn how to use it I have video tutorials as well that you
get as a bonus if you buy click funnels from me you click on few funnel so I run
all my programs in here I take payments through click funnels I create you know
build my list through click funnels like I literally it’s like the number one
tool that I use and if your subscriber to my youtube channel for any mod time
there’s lots of other tools that I talked about but I talk about click
funnels probably the most so you click on edit page and here this is a great
one for you real estate people it actually puts in an example for real
estate the secret strategy you can use to sell your home for seven percent more
than market value it’s a great headline and if you need help with headlines
click funnels also has a great product called funnel scripts that you can check
out and the script the link will be in the description for that too but
literally you plug and play what your product and your who your target market
is and it comes out with scripts for you on what to put on your sales pages your
landing pages any other funnel types this funnel and again shows there’s also
a playlist of all the different types of funnels that I’ve been doing this video
series on sorry it’s so slow so did you guys know what a vesl was
before I want it I want I’m curious so anyways I was trying to kill time
literally you just go on here and change out the text you just click on any of
this text and you can change out what it says here
maybe we are not in real estate maybe you’re a makeup artist maybe you are a I
do so much stuff with real estate so happens that this template is a real
estate one you can change out your photo put in what they’re going to learn
headline I just did another webinar with a friend of mine which is another type
of funnel that you can do a webinar funnel put in testimonials change out
their picture and then put in what they’re gonna get in the program and
it’s a two-step funnel so they actually have to click on here and you know the
foot they put in their information and put it in their credit card information
and by I like this funnel I’m gonna use it so that is what a video sales letter
is a vesl if you have any questions on how to if you have any questions at all
just let me know you know where to find me click the link in the description and
get your 14 key trial of click funnels and we’ll see you on the inside
much love and aloha


  1. “It’s actually not a disease”
    Lol that was funny. I’m sure most people new to the marketing world were wondering what a VSL was.

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