What is affiliate marketing? (Part 1 of 22 with Declan Dunn of Dunndirectmedia.com

What is affiliate marketing? (Part 1 of 22 with Declan Dunn of Dunndirectmedia.com

Now affiliate program may sound like a nebulous
term to some of you, so let me make this simple for you. Affiliate is a word that means partnership,
joint venture, working with other people. At its core most people attribute affiliate
programs to Amazon, who adding more confusion call their affiliates “Associates”. Affiliates are independent businesses separate
from yours, who are working with you and generating sales or providing you people. You pay them
on performance, let me give you an example. I write a book in 1998 with a book called
“Winning the Affiliate Game”. I couldn’t go out there and buy ads, because I didn’t have
the money to buy the ads, and quite frankly, buying ads doesn’t work anyway unless you
are a genius. So I looked at the audience and said, well,
who does the audience know (like and trust?) Who are the people in front of them. So I went into the affiliate world, found
the 3 leading experts and approached them. I said, “Here’s my book, it’s a $97 book in
this case because it’s a business book, I’m going to pay the person who sells that book
a percentage of the sale. These (percentages) vary, ranging from 25-50
percent per sale of a book. So I went out and said to affiliates, if you offer my book
and somebody buys it, I’m going to pay you this commission 30 days later, based on sales
of the book. We’ll cover that (commissions) later. We went
out, promoted the book, sold 1,000 copies at $97, it was actually an e-book, a book
that is downloaded. One thousand people bought it, and at that
point I had never made that much money in my life (so quickly). ‘ That’s what an affiliate is, someone who is
eager to market my product and knows that they will only get paid when it performs,
when we make a sale. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Now if it doesn’t
make sales, then obviously those people won’t work with you because we are all looking,
and testing, what works. Just like you are. Some of you may not have a business, or product
or service…being an affiliate is an excellent idea. I suggest that it’s something you love,
something that you would not only buy, but you would like to hang out with a group of
people that bought it. Because it’s a shared interest, it’s a passion.
When you have that, you’ll understand how to make sales better than anything else. So an affiliate program is simply finding
out where people meet. So when I’m talking about affiliates, if you
are a business, you want to look for somebody who can promote your product or service. If
you don’t have a product or service, you might want to be an affiliate, and let me give you
a 3rd option. For those of you who are really smart and
would like something more akin to a job, affiliate manager is one of the the most lucrative careers
there is in this whole business. And there is an unbelievable demand for them….

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