What is Digital Marketing | DM Labs Video

What is Digital Marketing | DM Labs Video

Hey, guys.. Okay.. From now on, I’ll make
videos like this more often. Yesterday, it was exciting,
since I got insights from FDG.. So, we conducted several
surveys in DM-Labs.. So, actually we invited
some members of DM-Labs… …to come to our office,
and discussing about… …what are the exciting
from DM-Labs,… …what things that necessarily
to be upgraded, and so on.. And turned out, many
people requested that… …I made more specific
videos about DM-Labs.. Okay, that’s a good thing.. Yesterday, I thought that the
materials were quite a lot.. But, turned out, many people
requested more videos about… …”Mindset”, and so
on, like “Overview”,.. So, what’s we call it?.. What is “Higher view” from
Digital Marketing like,.. Since, turned out, there are
plenty mis-conceptions.. So, I’ll make more videos in
form of vlogs like this,… …but for the members
of DM-Labs only.. Why “Vlogs?” Beause I can
do the shooting anytime.. While, if “Live-streaming”, must
be at 8 pm, for instance… …or this hour, this
day, and so on.. Meanwhile, making “vlog”
like this is flexible.. Anytime I have a chance, I will
able to make video like this.. So, it’s more convenient for me,
you, and the contents are varied.. Alright, first thing first, guys.. Welcome in DM-Labs.. For those of you who
just joined in, and… …haven’t seen my video before,… …though there are already
plenty videos before.. Anyway, plenty mis-conceptions
that Digital Marketing… …seemed very technical.. So, there were discussions
in Facebook Group that… …indeed, contained
of technical things.. While, Digital Marketing is not
about technical, at all… …actually,.. Yes, it’s
involving technical,… …because the
platform is Digital.. Since “Marketing” itself doesn’t
apply computerized technology,… But, “Digital Marketing”
means that… …”Marketing that
combined with “Digital”.. But to comprehend about
Digital Marketing itself,… …it’s not about Facebook
Ads, SEO, and so on,.. So, “DIgital Marketing”
is more like,… “You becoming a strategy expertise”.. “You becoming an architect
of your own business”.. So, before you entering to
“Digital Marketing” itself,… …more detailed like
Facebook Ads, and so on,.. My question for you, as always,
is, “What is your business?.. So, at first, determine
what your business is.. Then “Digital” helps you to.. It’s called “Digital Marketing”.. Marketing itself defines on how you
create interests and demands.. It’s how you create interests
and demands, so other people… …knowing your product,
interested in, and… …willing to use, buy, or else,
your products or services.. Remember!.. Products or Services.. Means,.. Not only Ali Express
drop shipping goods,… …but also everything that
excite other people… …to our products
or your products.. Hence, that concept will
be more exciting, then.. Whatever your business, whether
on-line or off-line,… …you may use “Digital
Marketing” approach.. For example, “How if my
business yet on-line, Den?”.. Doesn’t matter, guys. My
training is off-line. So, my workshop on this
10-11 is off-line.. You must go to Ayana Hotel.. I will be the speaker for 2-days
full, off-line services.. While I use the digital
approach for the marketing.. I have no the off-line marketing.. So, I just only use the
digital marketing. I don’t use radio, billborads,
newspapers, nor else.. I’d rather use Digital Marketing,
like Facebook, Google,… …Vlog, YouTube, Instagram,
and another digital platform.. So, the business is still off-line,
but I use the digital marketing.. So, that’s the concept, actually.. While other people held
a seminar and so on,… …but put the ads on newspapers,
you know, so conventional… …radio broaadcast, class-preview,
and invite to the workshop.. But for me, my business
is still off-line.. So, what I mean is, combining
off-line and digital.. So, I wanna open your mindset
first that actually,… …”Digital Marketing” itself is
not only just “Facebook Ads”.. Okay..?! And “Facebook Ads” itself, is not
just only about “Dropshipping”.. Because there once said, “Den,
I thought Facebook Ads… …is all about dropshipping only”. Man, it’s totally far from that.. It’s totally different.. So, “Digital Marketing” itself is
how you make interest and demand. I will illustrate it, so you
can have a clear picture.. I will not talk this too
detailed in my vlog… …since in my vlogs, the audiences
are the people that mostly… …yet comprehend about business,
a.k.a., common people,… …and sort of like,
more wider audience.. But since you joined in
DM-Labs, then I hope that… …all of you can get the
extraordinary things from DM-Labs.. Okay, let’s say this.. So, here’s your product, okay.. You must have Product, here.. Well, here, you have.. We have Product overthere.. You have Market, here..


  1. Salam hangat Ko Denny..Saya mau tanya gmn cara menggunakan digital marketing untuk mentargetkan business owner atau orang2 bagian purchasing di suatu perusahaan..Media digital apa yang paling sesuai kira2? Kata kunci/interest yg spesifik nya apa kira2? Karena produk yang ingin ditawarkan adalah untuk B2B untuk Horeca..Mohon pencerahannya yah..

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