What is Email Marketing – 3 Basics Every New Email Marketer Should Know

What is Email Marketing – 3 Basics Every New Email Marketer Should Know

– Hey there my friend, how you doing? It’s Chris Njigha here,
from chrisnjigha.com, and in this very exciting episode, we’re talking about,
what is email marketing. In other words, three
basic, simple fundamentals that I think every new email marketer, to be honest, every online
marketer who has a business, should know about email marketing. So we gon’ get right down into it. But, before we do, if you haven’t already, and you’re new to my channel, hey, definitely give this video a like. Definitely subscribe to the channel so you can be notified
whenever I release new videos on email marketing, marketing campaigns, and strategies, and tips of the like, to help get more leads for your business. Alright, so getting
down, right down to it. So you may be asking to yourself, what is email marketing? You probably have heard it
from a lot of online people, maybe some gurus, or
maybe you just heard it from one of your mentors and say, hey, you know you probably should start writing emails to your list, and you’re like, what is a list, and what is email marketing. Well I’m gonna dive into real quick, just to give you some insight on how I’ve learned why
it’s been so important. So the funny thing is that I didn’t think
it was that important, but it was because I didn’t understand the power of email marketing. So, in its basic sense,
what is email marketing essentially is, you or
someone sending an email to a group of people to basically
sell or promote something. That’s basically what it is, and you basically send an email, and the people on your list
or group of subscribers can read your email, click the link, and buy something that you’re
promoting, or join something, or do whatever it is
that you want them to do. That’s essentially all it is. But so why is email
marketing so important? I believe that the single
most important reason why email marketing is
important for your business is for followup. You’re like, Chris, followup? Yes, followup. Now, what do I mean by followup? Listen, here’s what I know,
okay, here’s what I know, and if you’ve been in an online business, and network marketing, in your online internet
marketing business, or eCommerce, or whatever the case may be for any certain amount of
time, you know this to be true, is that your business runs on customers, but customers, people
don’t buy immediately. You can show them something
like your product or service for the first time, and the majority of them, I
believe about 85% of them, will not buy in the beginning, they’re not gonna buy that first time. So in fact, data shows that
you have to expose people at least five to eight times before they’ll actually buy something. What does that mean? Most people are not just gonna
buy something off the top, all willy nilly anymore. We’re in that age of like
skepticism, and you should be, ’cause there’s a lot of
crap products out there and crap stuff, so you should be doing your due diligence and that’s what most people do. Like I know my wife,
before she buys anything, she’s got this strict list
of things that she’s doing. She’s going and researching
all the websites that have it, she’s looking for better
pricing, she’s going on Amazon, looking at all the reviews, seeing what people are saying about it, this, that, and the third, right. So you gotta think about the fact that most people are not gonna be ready to buy on the first bat, but you gotta be there to
continue following up with them, building relationships with them so that they begin to get to this point where they feel like they know you, they feel like they can trust your advice, and then eventually then buy from you. That is essentially
what email marketing is, and really it works best
because it’s a form of followup. And see what I learned is
that on your online business, as you’re promoting any business, it’s the followup, that
is the most powerful. Hey, Jim Rohn said it best,
the fortune is in the followup. But what makes email marketing
so interesting is that, in your followup you can
actually automate it, right, by using email marketing software tools that are called autoresponders. Basically all they do is
they automatically respond to someone for you who
has joined your list. Now they can join your
list in a number of ways, but as soon as they opt in
and subscribe to your list, these autoresponders
automatically send a pre-written, pre-done email, and it can send a series of emails, however many you decide to put together, that automatically welcomes
them to your community, welcomes them into your world, and then you can start to
develop these relationships with them over several days by sending them pre-written campaigns and pre-written emails. It’s pretty awesome. It’s exactly what any online
marketer, email marketer, network marketer, info
product marketer needs who’s promoting a product,
service, or business. So they have a lot of different types that you can get out there. I know that one of the
bigger ones is AWeber. AWeber’s been around for a long time, it’s a trusted resource, in terms of email marketing
software that you can use and has a great autoresponder,
that’s the one that I use. That can help you to get
all those things going in your business. So if you wanna check out
more information on that, I have a link on the bottom of
the description of the video so you can check that out. And then they got a whole
bunch of different ones too. They got Mail Chimp, and that’s known to be pretty good, and Constant Contact, and Get Response are another few popular ones out there. I plan on doing a quick
video in the near future that’s kind of going into details about the differences in them so you can decide which
one is the best for you. And then the number two
thing you need to know about email marketing, and what it is, and why it’s so important, is that it’s one of those
things that allows you to be able to create
leverage in your business. We kind hinted on this a
little bit in the first one, but it creates leverage. Imagine having to follow up
with a person traditionally, you would have to get on the
phone, and call that person, and talk to ’em, and see
how things are going, this, that, and the third, right, you’re essentially having, and then if you wanna
talk to the next person, you hang up, and you gotta call
and talk to the next person. I got nothing against the
phone, I like the phone, but think about the leverage that you get with email marketing, where you simply type one email, and the system has a way to set it up so that the names are interchanged, and it directs the name to the
exact person that you want, so that when you type
one email and click send, you literally are now talking to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, however big your list is, right, and you’re talking to them
all instantly at one time. That’s pretty amazing
if you think about it. And what a lot of people call
one to many conversations, so it’s you’re not just doing
one to one conversations, which is important and good, but you’re also utilizing
strategies, like email marketing, to like conversate one to many, so that you can be creating relationships in a leveraged way, developing relationships with
tons of people all at one time by literally writing
one email at one time. And then the third thing you need to know about email marketing, what
it is, and why it’s important, is that, shoot, it’s part of
your list building strategy. If you’re not building a list
for your business right now, I gotta tell you, shame on you. Come on! That is one of the few things
you actually own online, so you should definitely
be building a list. What do I mean by a list? Well a list of subscribers, people who have opted
into your lead magnets, into your content, and
who are now on your list, your subscriber list within
your email marketing software, that you can simply sit
down, write one email to, and then boom, they get your email. Your goal for your email list is to create a community of
die-hard fans who just love you, who just are waiting to hear
from you each and every day about whatever is going on, and that are happy and
willing to buy from you each and every day. That’s your goal for your list as you promote, and build,
and nurture your list in your email marketing campaign. And to be honest, I feel like
you should treat your list like they’re your close friends. I mean, what do you do
with your close friends? Hey, you try to stay in
contact with them pretty often. In other words, you should consider emailing your list every day. Now, do I do that every day? I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t do that every day yet. It’s tough, it’s tough, so I know that it’s tough. But at least keeping them in the loop, probably at least a few times a week, is probably a good idea. Number two, you’re straight with them, you’re honest with your friends. So you should be honest
with your list, too. You should be just transparent. Hey, tell ’em or let them know
who you are and what you are, and that hey, you may not be
the most successful person so far making lots of money online, that’s okay though, most people aren’t. Be real, be transparent and tell ’em hey, I ain’t got it all yet, but guess what though, I’m
getting there, and I’m learning, and whatever I learn,
imma share it with you. And then number three, usually
you try to help your friends, you try to help them,
give them valuable tips, and strategies, and
things that you’re doing, that you’ve heard of, or
that’s working for you. Essentially, that’s how you
build that relationship. That’s how, all of a sudden,
you’re cool with your list, you’re cool with your people,
because you do these things. And so that is part of the biggest things that I enjoy the most
from email marketing. So that’s it, my friend. I hope you enjoyed it, hope
that makes sense, alright. So these were some tips on
how, what is email marketing, and why it’s so important
for every new email marketer to know these three things about it. Email marketing is part of
your followup strategies, part of the most important
part of your business is following up. The fortune is in the followup. And then number two, it’s part of your list building strategy. You gotta be building that list. And number three, it’s your leverage. Hey, automated followup emails being sent, and being able to talk
one to many conversations, can’t beat it. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, hey, definitely
give the video a like, alright, definitely subscribe to the channel, and oh, by the way, if you wanna know or learn more about how you can set up
your entire email campaign from start to finish, and everything that goes into
that, building that list, and start generating leads
and sales from your emails, you may wanna check out the link, alright. So check out the information
and system that I’m using that’s been working great for me, and it just might work
for you too, alright. So that’s it, my friend. Until next time. This video has been on
what is email marketing, and how you can make it work for you, and three basic things
that every email marketer should know, alright. ‘Til next time, be blessed
and stay hungry out there. Bye now.


  1. If you have email marketing running in your business, you are lightyears ahead of other people. Thanks for this explanation of email marketing.

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